Which Fitbit Tracker is Right for You?


So you’ve made the decision to step up your commitment to healthy living with a Fitbit tracker. Good for you! According to our research, 91% of Fitbit users believe their tracker keeps them aware of their activity level so they can reach their health and fitness goals. 

Now here comes the fun part: choosing the best Fitbit tracker for you. As you’ve probably noticed, you have multiple devices to choose from—seven in fact—and each one is different.

But don’t freak out—the decision tree below will help make finding the perfect wearable simple and fun. Just start at the top, with the first question, and work your way down. Each answer provides insight into your style, schedule, and fitness preferences, narrowing down the product choices until you’re left with the Fitbit tracker that’s right for you—in other words, one present you won’t have to return. High five!


Now that you’ve found your fit, here’s a little holiday cheer: Fitbit trackers and accessories are on sale for five days starting Thursday, November 24! Check out the Black Friday deals!

Still on the fence? Compare specific features and specs and/or get a second opinion by taking a quick quiz at Fitbit.com/compare.

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  • I think it would be possible to identify Pulmonary Embolism and similar issues from heart rate data (feel free to check my data from last sunday 13th) and it would be good to be able to change mode from “Fitbit” to “Unfit-bit” on the app to change its role

  • I need a waterproof tracker but want more information on my wrist than what the Flex2 provides. Any plans to make the Blaze or Charge 2 waterproof?

    • Thanks for your interest in Fitbit, Britt! Blaze and Charge 2 were not designed to be swim-proof and we don’t have plans to add this capability to them. However, future products may be considered to include a swim-proof design. To stay in the loop and receive a notification for future news about a new swim-proof tracker and more, sign up here. If you have any other questions. please don’t hesitate to ask!

  • I have a Fitbit Alta. Which I love ❤️. But I have scratched the face of it which upsets me ? But I also drive a truck most of the day and I have discovered that the vibrations from the truck are adding steps to my total steps of the day. Is there a better option?

    • Hi Barbara. Fitbit Tracker have been tested against driving, buses, trains, and other public transportation and should not give you extra steps when you’re traveling under normal conditions. On bumpy roads or in a car with a stiff transmission you may get extra steps. Though a few extra steps won’t affect your trends, if it’s bothersome, its possible to log a Driving activity and remove the steps from your account totals. For more information see How do I delete data?.

    • I also drive truck and had to give up on my fitbit. Yes, I can go back in and delete the time I’m driving, but it’s 10 minutes here 15 minutes there. . .It was a crazy inconvenience for me. I really wish it would have worked.

  • I have the surge but it is very bulky IMO and I was thinking about getting the charge 2 as an upgrade. Any thoughts?

  • I work as a cashier or in an office where I am constantly moving hands and arms without actually taking that many steps. I love my fitbit but I have noticed that it counts steps just by moving your arm, is there a way to prevent that?

    • Hi Valerie! Fitbit trackers have a finely tuned algorithm for step counting. The algorithm is designed to look for intensity and motion patterns that are most indicative of people walking and running. When working at a desk, cooking, or doing other arm movements, a tracker on your wrist can pick up some extra steps if it thinks you’re walking. Many of these situations—such as working or cooking—do include a few steps in-between stationary periods so the tracker tries to give you credit for those steps. For the vast majority of customers, the amount of stray steps accumulated is negligible when compared to the entire day.

      For a more technical explanation, see How does my tracker count steps?. If you need more help with this, please reach out to our support via our other support channels.

  • I used a fit bit charge for about six months, I was really motivated with it, then the battery didn’t hold its charge, it only lasted 3-4 hours. I don’t want to spend my money on another one

  • Is there any chance that you guys will adjust your policy to allow replacement trackers to be switched among the others (i.e. surge to a blaze, but pay any cost difference, if it costs more we pay the difference, if it costs less, we don’t get anything back)? I am on my 5th Surge as the band keeps breaking and I am fed up. at this point i only want the Blaze, but I am not willing to spend additional money to buy a second tracker when I only need . If I have to buy a second tracker then I will switch companies all together to one who has higher quality products that do not break so consistently and easily as well have waterproof products.

    • Thanks for your feedback Michelle! At this time, we don’t have an exchange program in place. There is an idea on our Feature Suggestions Board similar to your suggestion. If you have time, check it out here and vote to support the idea. For issues with your current Fitbit, please reach out to us via email/chat/phone if you have not done so already.

  • I have a charge and I like the small screen I can still scroll through, because I work a job where a bigger screen can was My get smashed.

  • can 2 people living in the same house have fitbits that will connect to each person’s cellphone and not create confusion in reporting events?

    • Thanks for asking, Ken! You shouldn’t have any issues with data issues. As long as you both have your own separate accounts, The app can decipher the tracker that is paired to the account and sync the correct tracker. Let us know of you have any other questions!

  • I cannot wear a watch because it stops working within two days.
    Will I have the same trouble with a Fitbit?
    I don’t want to invest money in a great concept of it will not work for me.
    Thank you for your time!

  • I got the Fitbit Alta for Christmas. I found it very difficult to get on with the odd closure. I couldn’t find any buckle bands at my local Walmart and I don’t order online. I figured the accessories would have been available since Walmart sold the Fitbit. I also found it very uncomfortable. It left marks on my arm. When I’d try to tap the display sometimes it would acknowledge it other times no. It was also very inaccurate in calculating my steps. Every time you move your arm it counts it as a step….even while your setting down. Poor product in my opinion. Not worth the cost to me.

  • I have a HR fitbit since approx. last July. Disappointed that the strap seems to be coming away from the display screen. Is there a way to fix it?

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