Fitbit + Flipboard: Share What Inspires You For a Chance to Win a Trip to San Francisco

Fitbit + Flipboard: Win a Fitbit Versa and more

The Fitbit blog is now available on Flipboard, an award-winning curation platform that collects the world’s stories so you can stay informed and inspired about the things that matter most to you. This exciting collaboration comes with an added perk: Between now and July 13, Fitbit and Flipboard are giving away 16 Fitbit Versa watches, a trip to San Francisco, and a whole lot of inspiration. Keep reading to learn more about this cool collaboration.

Fitbit on Flipboard

Share What Inspires You for a Chance to Win

Like Fitbit, Flipboard is passionate about helping you invest in yourself and live your best life. So for the next month, Fitbit and Flipboard are teaming up to create a place where you can get and share inspiration and interact with wellness experts—like Fitbit Local Ambassador Caroline Jordan—as well as other health-focused people.

Visit FlipHeartGo to join the board. Then share inspiring stories—anything that motivates or inspires you is game (think: fitness hacks, healthy snacks, and mindfulness tips). Or, heart (<3) stories other people have posted.

When you flip or like content in the group, you’ll be automatically entered to win a prize. Fitbit and Flipboard are giving away a Fitbit Versa to three lucky winners every week and, at the end of the month, a grand prize trip to Fitbit’s HQ in San Francisco, CA to train with Jordan herself. (Full rules here. Questions? Email

Flipboard + Fitbit ambassador Caroline Jordan

The community is already active, so head over to Flipboard now to flip, heart, and live your healthiest life.

Get the Latest Fitbit Blog Stories on Flipboard

Want to stay abreast of the latest health, fitness, and Fitbit news? Follow Fitbit on Flipboard. If you’re not already using Flipboard, you can create a free account online or via their mobile app. Then just search for @Fitbit and click or tap “Follow.” Fitbit blog articles will show up in your Flipboard along with any other stories that match your selected interests. (Questions? Read this beginner’s guide to Flipboard.)

If you own a Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic, the Fitbit blog is now also the default news source on Flipboard for those devices (you can change this in your settings). To add Flipboard to your watch, tap the Account icon in the Fitbit mobile app, tap the tile with your watch (ie: Versa or Ionic), and then tap “Apps.” Choose “All Apps” and then scroll down. You should see Flipboard under News & Finance. Tap it and then select “Install.”

The Fitbit blog on the Flipboard app for Fitbit Versa

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    • What make me want to work out, is that i would like to look my best the day I get marry, i want to look like a princess in my wedding dress, i want to loose 40 lbs, and Fitbit is a great tool

  • Since I joined My Peak Challenge, it has been the members, trainers, coaches and of course Mr. Sam Heughan, who started it all.

  • Loved when my Fitbit worked but now it won’t sync and get no help from Co. Sorry, but $300.00 for a ‘paperweight’ is a bit much! Did enjoy it for the 2 weeks it worked…

  • What inspires me is to live a longer healthier life than my ancestors. My Grandfather on one side died of a heart attack at 70. My other Grand Father died at 67 two years after retiring. I use my Fitbit to track what I do and to push me to do more because I want a healthier, happier life and retirement.

  • What inspires me is the ease of tracking, food/fluid intake, exercise and sleep.
    I recommend it to my patients/clients/students for the same! Thank you! (But I have an older, not up to date FITBIT and would love to upgrade!)

  • I love my Fitbit! I love that I can check at anytime the calories I have burned and do I need to amp up my walking.

  • I am inspired by relationships and the perception of same. I eat better, workout harder and best of alk I am more giving, lastly appreciative of my life.

  • My children and my health inspire me! I want to be the healthiest person I can be to live a beautiful life with my two boys. Looks like a lot of T-ball and football in my future so I need to keep getting my steps in daily! 🙂

  • I am inspired when notified that I have just completed walking the equivalent miles of the distance across another country i.e., Italy, New Zealand, Japan etc.

  • Having retired from the U.S. Air Force following more than 22 years active duty service, felt it imperative to maintain good, active, physical conditioning as best to my abilities.

    At age 73 (74 in August), I strive to maintain a good appearance, physically and mentally. I don’t miss a day of vigorous exercise to include walking, ‘jogging’ on my mini-trampoline (indoors), riding my stationary bike, and using 3 to 8# weights to ‘tone’ my body. Each day consists of some 4, or more hours of exercise. Why not? What else does one of my age have to do, that is, other than play golf, do routine household requirements, etc. Although my FITBIT goal is set at about 17,500 steps daily I probably average more than 30,000 steps daily. At this time I write I’m at 26,896 steps for today, to equal some 13.3 miles. At about 6′ tall, I maintain a weight of about 175# and eat what I want to eat …… most of the time. Oh, I LOVE JUNK FOODS, such as, chips, chocolates, bakery …… I thoroughly enjoy my sweets so I’m probably motivated a bit more to additional exercise just so I can enjoy these food passions of mine.

    Now, for my physical health, I’m not without my health issues, past or present. I’ve battled with bladder cancer, 5 by-pass health surgery during 2002, full shoulder replacement, and a host of other related health issues that I’ll refrain to mention. I have the strongest of family support, a wife second to none, children the same, a belief in Our Lord above, strong work ethic ……. LIFE IS GOOD ! To others out there, maintaining good physical health takes work, good discipline, and desire to achieve what it is you set your goals at. My doctors tell me I’m sound of mind (love to read), and have the physical shape of one much younger my age. Intend to continue to keep it that way, and Lord willing for many years to come.

  • Literally, physically Fitbit has changed my life. The alerts to get up and move and do something is Amazing. I love knowing how many steps and mlIes I do in a day. My goal is 13,000 for every day, most days I’m way over. I’m losing weight and feeling great. Fitbit is my motivational exercise coach. “Walking is my drug, Fitbit is my dealer.”

  • I have a Fitbit hr had surgery in March and have been walking with a cans Spence may of last year was hoping to get off it but as of now it hasn’t happened but am going to keep on pushing and get those steps going if I cann do it at 76 I’ll sure everyone can get out and walk. Enjoy I have been wanting a Versa hoping I will win one

  • What inspires me is the life lived by my fathers friend. He was a WWII survivor. He lost both of his legs and instead of being depressed and withdrawing, he devoted his free time to teach other vets, with his type of injuries, how to swim, ice skate and do other activities. When I got so sick as a child, it was his example that inspired my recovery. His name was Jack Wack.

  • The thing that inspires me is when I wear my bathing suits with knee socks, and stand in front of a full length mirror.

  • I have had a Fitbit Change 2 for a year and love it. My twin sister and most of my friends have bought one too. I have never had a watch that I have enjoyed more. The Fitbit Versa is my Dream watch. It provides everything I have now plus more. It is something that I will wear every day enjoying every feature. I will be the envy of my family and friends with the Versa. I am very dependent on my watch to incentivize my weight loss. It shows me messages and alerts me of calls. I want more!!

  • Hi when it was giving to me for birthday gift, I said to friends this gift is to track their mother, but I enjoy my Fitbit the color every morning it go on at 6:00 am oh and love when I awarded when reach my number thanks Fitbit!!!!

  • I live in a Senior Apartment Building and every day I see men and women in the halls with their wheelchairs and walkers and I don’t what to be one of them until I 100 or more.

  • What inspires me!…. Good conversation with awesome people, hearing the good and bad opinions of others I try and take the positive from the good, and I turn and analysis the bad, and take the most from it and turn it into something positive. I love to exercise as often as I can, and try my best to overcome my fairs….That pretty well sums it up, I truly hope you all have a great evening, god bless!

  • do you answer here ? i guess what inspires me is the Badges and losing weight the badges really do Gamify the experience i started in late March at 270 and i’m now 248 and all i’ve done really is increase my daily steps by 5 then 10 now 20,000 steps a day reaching daily average of 25000 on days i have my son over 30 when i don’t max so far is 60,399 in one day that was a looong sore day haha but ya i love it 😀

  • When I got my Fitbit Flex, it was a novelty. It was less than two months later I upgraded to a Charge HR which I still have. I watch my progress with its ups and downs. A year ago I decided I needed to get serious about my physical shape. I was about 20 pounds over my comfortable weight, I had a beer gut and generally did not feel great with myself. I wanted to run. My wife told me I needed to see a doctor before she would agree. I am 56 years old, my Dad passed away of a heart attack and my Mom has high blood pressure. My doctor sent me for a cardio fitness test and bloodwork. Yup, high blood pressure. Not serious, but of concern. He saw the running program I wanted to use and he agreed, as long as I tweaked my lifestyle toward the healthy side. Just this morning, after six weeks of progress, I did my first 5 kilometre run, non stop. I’ve lost about 30% of the weight that I set as my target and my resting heart beat has gone fro 62 down to 53 – 55. I plan on keeping up with running. The beauty of this is my eating. I still eat what I love most of the time. I have just reduced my portions, carbs and eat whole grain bread instead of white. Owning and wearing a Fitbit has helped me focus on what I do and has given me incentive to push myself harder. I only compete against myself and don’t compare me with anyone else. I really love the ability to track my running, walking and cycling as I link it with my smartphone. It’s cool to look at the map and see my route as well as my times per kilometre.

  • I received a Fitbit Blaze for Father’s Day last year. It was great until about two months ago. It will not work anymore and I have tried to get something done about it. I was told my warranty was out of date and they would give me 25% off on a new one. The one I had didn’t last a year why would I want another one. I have two $10.00 watches I have had for over 8 years. They still work fine. I would not recommend a Fitbit watch to anyone. Sorry but this product is not worth the money.

  • The concept of fitness and being fit, healthy and achieving whatever goal one has set aside is great. Whether it’s a Fitbit or another device is being used doesn’t matter as long as one is moving. I have issues and concerns with the support or lack of for issues that arise. It shouldn’t take months & months to fix. If Fitbit truly wants this to be an awesome experience then maybe someone should consider fixing the issues around customer support & fixing those on going issues.

  • What motivates me to workout is setting goals on my Fitbit and then seeing when I have completed them. It is so satisfying. Also the TIU girls. I watch their videos on Youtube and they are great.

If you have questions about a Fitbit tracker, product availability, or the status of your order, contact our Support Team or search the Fitbit Community for answers.

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