6 Fun Ways To Get Your Nature Fix In Winter

When most people think of spending time in the great outdoors, they imagine sunny days with beautiful, warm weather. But there’s no need to hibernate until spring! Winter is a great time to surround yourself with nature. Sure, it’s a little chillier outside, but it’s also the perfect time to hit the slopes, head into the woods, and fly down the tallest hill you can find. Need a little icy inspiration? Here are six activities perfect to squeeze in before springtime comes around. 

Skiing and snowboarding. These two super popular winter sports can be intimidating if you’ve never tried them before, but that’s what lessons are for! Every ski resort has amazing instructors and beginner-friendly runs to make sure you don’t get too far out of your comfort zone. Not much of an adrenaline junkie? Cross country skiing is an amazing workout and there are no steep mountains to worry about.

Sledding and snow tubing. Tap into your inner child, because it doesn’t get more fun than zooming down a hill on a sled. And the walk back up to the top is sure to get your heart going. Want to up your speed a little? Swap out the sled for an innertube (or find a tubing place near you). The inflatable doughnuts fly over the snow, sending you soaring over bumps on your way down.

 Hiking. Most people think of trekking through the woods as a warm-weather activity, but it’s also wonderful to do when the air is brisk. Popular paths tend to be a lot less traveled, so you’re able to really enjoy the solitude and sounds of the forest.

Snowshoeing. If you’ve never gone on a walk in the snow with shoes that look like tennis rackets strapped to your feet, you’re missing out. The snowshoes help you stay on top of the snow, so it’s easier to get around and explore off-road areas that are otherwise hard to get to.

Ice skating. You can find indoor rinks everywhere, but people lucky enough to live in one of the northern states can often track down an outdoor rink (or frozen-over pond). Strap on your skates and practice your jumps and spins (or, you know, just not falling down).

Enjoy a snow day. You don’t need to be a kid to make a huge snowman, build a snow fort, or start a snowball fight with your neighbors. As long as you’re out in the sun with a smile on your face, you’re doing it right. The best part is that when you’re frozen all the way through, you can head indoors for a delicious warm beverage.

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