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Women's Health

Everyone can benefit from some basic health education, but women specifically have a lot to think about. From menstruation to pregnancy to menopause (and all the things before, beyond, and in-between), women face unique experiences that significantly affect their physical and psychological health. But just because these experiences are common doesn’t mean they’re straightforward; women’s bodies can be majorly confusing and downright complicated.

“A woman’s awareness of the intricacies of her complex but amazing physiology is an important step in empowering her to make health-conscious decisions,” says Larry Tiglao, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group in Los Gatos, CA. “Decisions that can influence the growth, health, and ultimately, longevity of her family and community,”.

To help you stay informed and in control of your body, Fitbit teamed up with leading women’s health experts to create educational articles you won’t need a medical degree to understand. Each one incorporates essential facts, expert insights, and pro tips so you can step up your self-care with the help of Fitbit.

Woman looking at her menstrual cycle in the Fitbit app

Your Menstrual Cycle Explained: The Periods Facts You Never Knew You Never Knew

The menstrual cycle is complicated—period. Even if Aunt Flo has paid you monthly visits for years, you still may be confused. In this article, experts break down the basics and answer your top period questions.



Ovulation, Fertility, and Pregnancy: What It Really Takes To Make a Baby
You probably know where babies come from, but do you know all the intricacies of ovulation and fertility? Whether you’re trying to conceive or trying not to, this article will help you better understand your body and some of the factors that can affect fertility.


couple discussing an ovulation calculator
Do Ovulation Calculators Actually Work? Get The Facts on Fertility
Every menstrual cycle is different—even from month to month. While working with your doctor is the best way to plan or prevent pregnancy, getting to know your body’s natural patterns can provide useful insight. Here are some basic tips for understanding fertility awareness.


Woman looking at her Fitbit period tracker
Female Health Tracking May Be Key to Keeping All Your Health Goals on Track. Here’s Why
Fitbit helps you log workouts, track macros, and improve your sleep, but did you know you can also use your account to make sense of your menstrual cycle? Understanding how your cycle can affects your health can help you make more informed choices so you feel your best all month long.


couple that uses birth control
Pills, IUDs, Patches, and More: Get to Know Your Birth Control Options
Between pills, patches, rings, and IUDs, you might be feeling a little lost when it comes to decoding birth control. Don’t worry, Fitbit’s got your back. Learn basic facts about the different forms of contraception so you can feel prepared to talk through options with your doctor and make a choice that’s right for you.


woman laughing about exercise-related period myths
4 All-Too-Common Period Myths—Debunked
Is it okay to exercise during your period? And what’s the deal with period sex anyway? Separate fact from fiction with this menstrual myth-busting guide.  


emergency contraception
Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Contraception
Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. But if becoming a parent is not in your immediate plans, you have options. Learn how the morning after pill and the copper IUD can come in handy as emergency contraception.  


Pregnant? Congrats! Here’s What to Expect From Your Period Postpartum
It’s no secret that things change during pregnancy, but have you ever wondered what carrying a baby does to your menstrual cycle? Learn the ways your period can change after baby (and why it disappears during pregnancy).


Woman reading during PMS
Everything You Need to Know About PMS And How to Cope
If cramps, bloating, and major moodiness all seem like monthly occurrences, you’re not alone. A lot of women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But in some cases, making the right lifestyle tweaks may help you better manage symptoms and get relief.


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! What to Expect During Perimenopause and Menopause
From acne to unpredictable periods, the symptoms of menopause can make some women feel like they’re going through puberty all over again. Learn more about this stage of life so you’re ready to practice the best self-care possible when the time comes.

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  • I am so glad you have added this feature!
    Is there anyway to have a switch to turn off the fertility tracker. I am not trying to get pregnant, nor should it be possible my husband has had a vasectomy. I really could care less if my ovulation days show up on my calendar. It would be great if there was a switch to turn off ovulation/fertility days.. maybe have a warning under it that says be aware that even if this switch is changed to off, you will still ovulate and may become pregnant. LOL

    Thanks for your time!

  • I’m also excited for the cycle tracking feature! At this time, I don’t get periods as I’m using a LARC, but I still want to track symptoms. Is there any talk of increasing the amount of options in the symptoms area or mood changes? Great work!

      • hi my name is jane orringer when i get my period and 2 much cramps because i have a hernia is open and i can feel it and when i have pms i get very emotional and mad 2 much mood swings and i just not do anything at all

  • Hi! I am hoping that Fitbit is able to add more symptoms to the menstrual cycle app like the other period apps! That way I can track everything on my Fitbit. Thanks!

  • How do I tell it I’m pregnant? It currently says my cycle lengths are 125 days. I find it hard to believe that Fitbit would overlook this when setting up fertility tracking. What am I missing?

  • What a great feature to include female health tracking! I’m currently pregnant so I have no need to track periods or ovalution right now 🙂 I hope there’s a pregnancy feature soon, and I look forward to using the period tracker after the baby arrives!

  • How do you change the start date of your period? I’m trying to change the date on last months and can’t

    • Hold the pencil then press the date your trying to change and drag your finger to the correct date then press save x

    • Just hold your finger on the first date and draw it across to your actual start date. You may feel your phone vibrate for a second.

  • This feature looks like it’s going to be a great feature, way better than the health app on iPhones. My question is, will there be a way to add in additional symptoms such as bloating, back pain, irritability, etc. or to personalize the illness part (sinus infection vs flu). It would be nice to have a spot for “write ins”

  • Why cap the maximum period at 10 days? Fitbit won’t replace my current tracker, as I use this information (including 127 consecutive days of bleeding) to bring with me to doctors appointments. Annoying to go 10 days, miss a day, another 10 days, etc. Not to mention how this will mess up the predictions.

  • I’ve been in menopause for around a decade (sailed through, no hot flashes, no emotional roller coaster, no pesky symptoms I’ve heard about from others although I admit I don’t run as fast as I used to. I notice there is nothing in this new feature that applies to me and no way to just signal that. Hmm..Female Health…maybe those of us who no longer cycle are no longer considered female?

  • I am really glad this feature was added. I think a lot of women and teens can benefit from this.

  • It would be good to be able to add more symptoms. I never cramp but have terrible back pain that sometimes lasts 2 weeks. It’s limited me to
    Do many things. I’ve already kept track in my regular calendar but this new feature in Fitbit is awesome. Just wish there were more symptoms.

  • Sorry, I’m 72 and last had a period 18 years ago, and have just input my details, very tongue-in-cheek, to see at what stage the software would pick it up*. Mea culpa! But seriously, this is a fantastic development – I wish it had been around when I needed it, particularly through the unpredictable perimenopausal years. Not only useful and informative, but one more step in killing the taboo!

    *Answer: it didn’t!

  • Please work on (German) translations in this new feature. „Cycle day“ has been translated as „bicycle day“. :/ human translators would solve these embarrassing issues.

  • I love that this tile was added, but why when I open it does the calendar always start in January 2010? I have to scroll through to get to May of 2018 Is there a way to fix this?

  • Love the addition to the app! I’m disappointed that you don’t even mention natural family planning (NFP) as a natural birth control option. Women need to be informed of all her options. What can be more healthy for us then to get us off artificial hormones if we don’t need to be! We go out of our way to eat foods that do not contain these things but never stop to think about what we’re doing here. Ladies talk to your doctor and get the facts! Fitbit- please update to add info.

  • This feature needs more work. I keep trying to add a period day but it will not open for the day I want. Where is the pencil ?

  • I’m glad you’ve added this feature, but like others have said, it would be good to have other common symptoms like irritability, mood swings, headaches/migraine, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, sleeplessness, and back pain. I imagine that some women have never connected these to their menstrual cycle and it would be helpful to track.

    • Yes I would love to see additional symptoms also…I swear my depression is worse during hormonal swings during ovolation.

  • I am 74 years old and do not require this function. I want it off my tracking. How do I opt out of this?

  • I love that you have this, but you need an other for symptoms that are specific to each of us; things we want to track but not discuss or at least a notes section

  • What if you don’t get your period anymore and you had a partial histrionic has would that work for this app

  • Over 60, which Fitbit knows as it has my birthdate. Being female is a lifetime cycle and varies extensively. Symptoms still need tracking after the blood stops flowing. I used a notebook for privacy when I was younger. How is this very private part of being female protected? Could this be used against a woman? For example in date rape?

  • Great new feature but I dont see that it accounts for nursing mothers like me. My menstrual cycle literally depends heavily on when I try to wean my son (please note he is my 4th child. Jack is 3 and I’ve never had trouble weaning any if my kids by 1 like I’ve had with him. Just needed to explain because I feel like I must – my issue. He still breast feeds. He may be autistic. Regardless) I am still breast feeding at 40 which my OBGYN states makes me mimic symptoms of menopause. I think breast feeding a child should be listed as an altering event along with the morning after pill.

    • It’s in birth control options. good for you, btw. If you’re healthy and can continue. Lovely for comforting your baby.

  • I’m loving the new feature. But wish there were more symptoms available. Eg dizzy, faint, back pain etc to get a more thorough picture. It needs to cater for more menopausal symptoms.

  • Can you add Back Pain to symptoms, please? I get back pain a day or two before my cycle starts- before cramps start. This is an option on another tracker I had.

  • I’m a 35-year-old woman who’s doctors have told me that I am more than healthy and yet I have not had my period in a little over a year now and I was wondering if I should consider this a serious issue or if it’s normal for woman to go without there period for a significant amount of time without it being a problem. I show no signs of PMS or any kind of period related Issues such as the normal back pain, irritability, the normal ups and downs that come with periods. So I guess my main question is am I in serious danger not having my period in over a year or should I come to expect this since I’ve been taking psychotropic medication since I was 14years old and was wondering if maybe that could be an issue of why I have lacked in having my period I’ve had an irregular period since the age of 14years old, please help in clearing this up.

    • Irregular is irregular. Your period will come when it comes. You have nothing to worry about, especially if your doctor is saying you are perfectly healthy.

    • There’s no danger. Yes your drugs can affect the cycle. You’ve been like this for years too, and it’s really normal. Don’t worry

  • My symptoms don’t save, so each time I open the app the information I stored from the previous day is gone, any ideas?

    • Took me a while to figure this out. There is an option to save on the symptom tracker screen that you have to hit before you close the window. It doesn’t save automatically. Hope that helps.

  • Really like this idea but 10 days max for a period isn’t always true! Being on the implant I’m on day 15… why can’t you add the days you want to?

  • I add symptoms, but the next day they are gone. Why aren’t they being saved long term? It would be nice to be able to go back and review what symptoms are happening and when. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Thank you Fitbit. This is a very useful addition, I was using another tracking app but was keen to see how my periods effect other things such as weight, rate rate, motivation to exercise, sleep..
    it would be very good if you could link the info together to see if there is any correlation between changes in other areas.
    Also as others have mentioned would be good to track pmt symptoms such as mood swings etc.. and reasons why you might not be having a period any more I.e pregnancy or contraception
    Over all great but keep developing it. Ps my previous app was clue would be great if they would integrate

  • How to pause tracking for pregnancy? This is a basic feature in any period tracking app, how could this have been overlooked?

  • You need to have periods be allowed to be as long as they want. When women have irregular bleeding they need to be able to go to their doctor and tell them exactly how long their cycles have been and constricting the period to 10 days does not allow women to show that their bleeding has been prolonged. Also, add plenty more sympto.s to your period tracker as the few you do have are helpful, but not enough. Maybe check out other period trackers and find ways to make it grow from there. I would really love to have everything on my Fitbit, but if I cant track things easily and properly, it will not be able to be my go to for my cycle.

  • Great feature! I’m with others who would like to track all symptoms. Would you kindly suggest to the developers to add a “custom” symptom option in the future. Thank you.

  • I really like this feature.. thank you for adding it! It really is a much overlooked indicator of women’s overall health… But I would really like to see more symptoms added for tracking purposes (eg -fatigue, irritability, mood variance, etc). This would be helpful to know if these symptoms are just a cyclical occurrence or if further medical review is required. Thanks!

  • After years of miscarriages, I had myself sterilized. Like other women here, I like the ability to predict and track my periods, but would prefer not to see anything related to my non-existent fertility window other than my ovulation date. How can we remove the fertility window and questions about protected / unprotected sex for those of us who are specially active but not interested in the mechanics of making babies?

  • I like tracking my periods as they are WAY irregular. However I think you need to extend how many days a women can have her period on there. It only goes up to 10 days but me and a bunch of women I know sometimes have 3 week periods!

  • This is a great feature. I’ve noticed that my resting heart rate peaks about a week before my period and normalizes just as it begins. I’d be interested to know if FitBit has any plans to tie in heart rate to female health tracking?

  • I think this is a fab feature but I don’t think it would help to accurately track my cycles etc as the option to enter the length of a period is capped at 10 days. I usually have one for 14 days

  • Great feature but I wish the symptoms were customizable. I have GAD and I find the anxiety gets worse a day or two before my period and being able to mark these mood changes would be super helpful. Good start to tracking this though!

  • I’m so excited for cycle tracking, and I’m already using it with great gusto. It would be great to have more symptoms on the symptom tracker though, including a custom option. Sometimes we get weird and wonderful things that are well worth logging. I have spent all day just loving my mood swings, and was surprised to see that wasn’t an option for something worth logging.

  • I’m not trying too get pregnant but I’m tracking my period on my Fitbit. When it says fertile are you more likely too get pregnant on these days ??

  • Is it possible to add a condition? I would like to be able to track when during my cycle I’m bloated.

  • I’ll admit I’m intrigued by the option to log when I’ve had sex. I’m a lesbian, so that kind of just feels like bragging rights. Is there any purpose other than fertility?

  • Considering how other people have various other symptoms (not listed in the app currently) related to menstruation, it would be awesome to add a feature where were can save recurring custom symptoms and have the app predict those as well.

  • You should add “bloating” and “sharp cramps” or maybe some time of notes section so women can add specific symptoms that are not defaulted daily.

  • Been using other apps for this because I’m dealing with Adenomyosis. Would like to see tracking of a few more thing like levels of pain and adding a few things for me to track myself. Right now I have to use Clue and Kindara as well. But I’m glad to see this new feature and will shift over so I only need to use the Fitbit. (Now, I’ll be super happy once you can start to text back at people…)

  • Been using other apps for this because I’m dealing with Adenomyosis. Would like to see tracking of a few more thing like levels of pain and adding a few things for me to track myself. Right now I have to use Clue and Kindara as well. But I’m glad to see this new feature and will shift over so I only need to use the Fitbit. (Now, I’ll be super happy once you can start to text back at people…)

  • Great App for the younger. Im menopausal so not dure it works but a big thumbs up for my daughter who uses it

  • I like that you have added this feature, but as a “woman of a certain age” I note that there are some important aspects of menstrual health that aren’t addressed. For those of us who are past child-bearing and are not interested in preganancy but are heading into menopause, your app is not as helpful. At my last meeting with my doctor, we discussed tracking symptoms so that we would be better equipped to decide just where I am in perimenopause, and use that info to make decisions about hormone therapy, eliminating birth control, etc. It would be soooooo helpful to the other millions of women like me if you would add a “hot flash” button to help us track, as that is an important indicator of perimenopause & menopause.

  • Would you be able to implement a few more physical symptoms or even mental/emotional symptoms? Or notes? I hope that is something that can come with time.

  • I think that last comment is me too, I was just putting my Personal period dates in and mine are all over, could do with it adjusting to us women who are going through older changes as I’m 49 yrs and feel I need something more to help me please or I will have to find something else.

  • Great discussion! I could have used this 30 years ago. More symptom tracking and a notes option would help. I don’t appreciate morning after pill and copper wire abortifacients being promoted. Otherwise, very helpful. It’s sad that girls in school still don’t get the information they need about their cycles. I make sure that my daughters are informed.

  • I currently work in an OBGYN office. I am wondering why we can not also track menopause symptoms. There are those of us who want to stay fit and healthy as we age.

  • It would be nice to have the option to not show the fertility window on the calendar. It also would be helpful to include diarrhea as well as fatigue on the symptom tracker.

  • We need more symptoms. There as so many more symptoms to a women’s cycle. Like Bloated or Back ache.

  • I love this feature! It’s so nice to be able to track everything in one place. However, I’d love it even more if it didn’t cap the maximum period days at 10. Thanks to my pal PCOS I regularly exceed 10 days and need to be able to accurately track it for my Dr.

  • It would be great to use this tool as a useful one. Calendar Method isn’t a save tracking method. It does not make any sense, because the first half of a Women’s cycle is variable and there can be cycles without an ovulation. It is also not possible to track the exact ovulation day, it is only possible to say which days around a peek day are possible.

  • I know longer need any of this…I had a hysterectomy and need it to track my hot flashes, etc. that have to do with those types of symptoms. When I have a hot flash I would like to know the extra calories are counted, see the rise in temperature, etc. thanks.

  • Is there any way to turn off fertile days for people who do not ovulate due to infertility or birth control? I understand the possibility to ovulate is still there, but it doesn’t make sense for some people. Thanks!

  • It would be helpful to add other PMS symptoms such as the emotional effects (highly irritable/ easily cry/etc) …just an emotional icon would be of great assistance. Thank you.

  • This is great, however I agree that more symptoms would be great, even if you could write them in. I always get back pain just before it hits so I would love to be able to track this.

  • I am disgusted Fitbit has included this on my dashboard I had a hysterectomy at 35 and asking about my menstrual cycle when I never had or will have children to ask these questions is disbicable, devastated

  • I love this feature. I know my period varies in heaviness daily. It may be heavy in the morning and by the afternoon or evening it may be medium or light. There needs to be a way to track both of these. Right now, it’s either one or the other, not both.

    Oh and the cravings you have at times. A way to track what type of craving it is would be great.

    Hot flashes/Cold flashes

    I know for me, my fasting blood sugar always goes high right before I get my period. Otherwise they stay between 60-90. For me, it’s really the only way I can tell if it’s coming. Will there be a way possible to incorporate a way to track your blood glucose number. I also have to track it before and after I do any walks/runs, because I’ve learned I’ve had to adjust my pre walk and post walk snacks according to my blood sugar.

  • I like this new feature, but it would be nice to expand some of the icons to track how you feel – like heavy or light cramping and one for nausea that’s different than the generic sick.

  • How do I track or indicate a missed period? That’s as important (maybe even more so) than tracking my month to month

  • Love it so far! Some suggestions though. Can you all add more options for what ladies go through? Like I get SUPER MUNCHIES, no I am not high ha ha. Or more more options for discharge, mood swings, sleepiness, intensity of cramps, Etc…. Maybe make like a random arrangements of “emojis” that ladies can choose from either with names or ones that we can name ourselves. Just suggestions. Otherwise it’s pretty user friendly

  • Trying to conceive and just had a miscarriage but there isn’t an option on female health tracker for pregnant or miscarriage as this has upset my regular period pattern needs an update

  • I really like that you can track symptoms but it’s only limited to a few… I personally get killer backaches …. if y’all can add more symptoms to track that would really be great…. and if there was a way to turn off the prediction dates… it’s not always accurate for me… thanks

  • This is good but can you please create a way for a person to customise or add other symptoms, eg PMS

  • Can you please create a way for a person to add more specific details and add other important symptoms, eg PMS

  • This is a good start. But I won’t be giving up my other apps just yet. Because my other apps have options such as alcohol, stress and feeling frisky lol All those are important factors too, that aren’t featured on the FitBit app.

  • Please please update the app to add the choice of predicting menstruation only. As it stands the app is clunky and inappropriate for woman who menstruate but who are not trying or are unable to conceive.

  • The app really really needs a toggle option for predict menstruation only. Infertile women and women who do not want to get pregnant do still want to predict their period without needing to be reminded of their (in)fertile days.

  • I wish you would add surgical procedures and a feature to add comments. I have a lot of issues and would like to keep a record for any major events such as a D&C.

  • I’m very glad this was added to the app, but it is very limited. 1) I have long periods and I’m unable to in put longer periods than 10 days. If my periods we completely standard, I’d have less reason for needing to track them. So some more flexible basic variables would be helpful. 2) I’m done have kids and my husband has a vasectomy, so I could get behind turning off the fertility tracker. 3) There are some obvious missing conditions/symptoms…like you had a man make list these or something. Where are irritability and exhaustion??? I’m sorry, but I have my period 7 days, like clock work after a day or two of bone weariness and it’s missing, so not trackable on this app.

    Come on now!!

  • I’m with the others saying that the option for period length shouldn’t be capped. Also you should be able to edit or turn off the fertile window without turning off predictions. And the option to tell it when you’re pregnant I would have thought to be an obvious need. I have pmdd so I don’t usually track my symptoms, they’d be too numerous!

  • Hi, I was wondering if there is any way that I can increase the number of days of my period. My period lasts on average 10-14 days with an occasional one lasting up to 21 days. At the moment it doesn’t allow me to increase this which means I can’t track my cycle properly. We are all different and our cycles reflect this, just because the standard says 5-10 days doesn’t mean we all fit in that category. I’m 49 and I’d be lucky to have 1 period a year that fits neatly into it.

  • I’d love to add a feature that tracks emotional or mood changes. Your app has helped me monitor my hormonal cycle to adjust my life to cope with my PMDD, but being able to add nausea, anxiety attack (minor, anxiety attack (major) would be awesome. Or an ‘edit symotor ’ feature, where I could mark in my night time teeth grinding ‍♀️ Honestly, thanks for adding female menstrual health to the app. It has HUGE benefits!

  • Depending on the time of month, my weight (I’m sure it’s the same for others) fluctuates… Could you please look in to a dashboard / graph that shows weight correlating with my cycle?

  • I’ve LOVED this feature! It’s been immensely helpful!
    But I just had a hysterectomy 2 days ago.
    I will still be ovulating, so I still want to track that portion left of my cycle, but how do I notate this major change and remove the menstruation portion?

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