Wrist Tracking and More with Fitbit Flex

We are so thrilled to be announcing Fitbit Flex to everyone. For many years, we managed to keep our research team very busy developing the technology to make Fitbit Flex, our first wristband product, work the way we want it to work. We wanted to make sure we captured actual steps taken without capturing “steps” from everyday hand motions, like typing, gesturing, or even eating.

One big challenge we faced was that while we managed to not calculate steps from these sitting activities (eating), and avoid steps from driving, we wanted to capture steps when you’re walking but your hands are held still. When would this happen? Well, walking with a stroller of course! It’s actually a common complaint among wrist tracker users. To determine the right algorithms to sense and capture these steps required lots of development and testing.  If you have been near our office in San Francisco, you would have seen many researchers running up and down the street with strollers, wired with all these gadgets to see how we can capture those movements.

Additionally, we waited until now to launch a wristband because we wanted to be able to offer wireless syncing with Android phones as well as iPhones, iPads, and iPods with Bluetooth 4.0. We’re very excited to announce that our products will start syncing with the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Note 2 in late January/early February, and more devices will follow soon! Viva la mobile!

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    • you guys should definitely create a windows 8 application for fitbit for the people out there that have windows 8 divices this would come in handy for y people

  • Was really hoping for a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 announcement. Numbers are there to support. I hope these are top of your list for “more devices to follow”.

  • Will there be a page to compare FitBit models and their features? I’ve had an Ultra, upgraded to One, but I’d love to know what the difference is between the One and Flex (besides the wristband).

  • Still waiting to buy one for my dad and one for father in law but the Linux version the folks at openyou on github are working is still not ready for them to use.
    And there is no way Im putting them on any other OS ever again.

    So the wait continues….

  • Dang I really want the Flex! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for after buying, being unhappy with, and returning the Nike Fuelband and Larklife. Please tell me it will be available really soon. Like by the end of January! If not, can you provide at least a hint as to when we can expect it?

  • Yay! I have a Fitbit One, but am really excited for the wristband. I was wondering, though, how small is the small? Because my wrists are teeny tiny.

  • I have your fitbit ultra and I Love, Love, Love it. Please make your Android program backwards compatible with the Samsung Galaxy II . I travel a lot and more than 5 days at a time. Would really like to be able to upload my stats on the go and sync as if I was home.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  • Please consider the Android flagships first (Google’s Nexus Line e.g. Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus phone…) since they are pure unadulterated Android software.

    I dont expect to see my bionic supported soon, but if I can see your gadget on my Nexus tablet, I’m buying!

  • I am very excited that fitbit will be able to sync with Android devices. I have been waiting to buy this product because I am an Android user. I can’t wait!

  • Can you please let me know when Fitbit Flex is scheduled to be available in Australia? Even to purchase online for delivery in/to Australia?
    Many thanks.

  • Ooooh… please hurry on the Bluetooth syncing via Android thing! I’ve only had my Fitbit for three weeks, but I love it (have lost 8.5 pounds already). I just got rid of my iPhone 5 in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and literally my ONLY issue is that I can’t use it to sync my Fitbit. Soooo glad this is going to be rectified soon. Hurry, guys, hurry!!!

  • Hello!

    This is great – I was wondering when it will be released in the UK? I am in the market for one, but will now wait for this I think, instead of the fitbit one – the wristband seems like a much better form factor.


  • I have the same question about stairs. I’m trying to decide which would work better for me. I live in SF, and climbing stairs is a constant activity, so I’m trying to decide whether to get The One, or wait until the Flex is out. Any thoughts you might have would help. Thanks.

  • I have a windows phone 8. But I think for Fitbit to sync it needs Bluetooth 4.0 which is not available on windows phone as yet.

  • Looking forward to Android expansion. Hoping you’ll support many of the bluetooth 4.0 models, especially the RAZR series. Enjoying my FB One experience so far.

  • It’s been really exciting to watch the development and growth of the company the last few years. I feel thrilled to have been a loyal user since receiving my first fitbit back in December 2009. Now I’ve preordered the flex and am anxiously awaiting its arrival just like I did for my original bit. Just hope it’s not 9 months again. Haha. Would love to be a beat tester if any are needed. Best wishes for another successful launch.

  • When in “Spring” is the Flex coming out. It seems like forever since I pre-ordered. I love my One – but managed to lose the charging cable and it is on back order, so my One is dead and I’m going through FitBit withdrawal!

  • I was wondering how the flex wristband would capture steps while walking on a treadmill and holding the side or top front rails (vs swinging arms freely). Will it be handled the same as pushing a stroller? Because I am considering the Flex for exercise & sleep tracking, not calorie counting – use Wt Watchers points for diet… Thx. Eager to see what comes out.

  • I gave the Fitbit One to my husband and sister for christmas and am now buying the flex for my mother! I love it especially because I can see how many steps she is taking a day to make sure she’s staying active. The scale is great and so easy to use what a wonderful addition!! Are there any future plans to have bar code scanning for food tracking? It seems to be the only thing missing!!

  • Will the “FLEX” be released in bigger sizes or with an extension bit? It needs to go bigger than 8.2in as the current max size!

    Not everyone has tiny wrists 😉

  • hi,
    I love my Flex. I started using a fitbit about 18 months ago with the clip on version. what’s great about Flex is the bluetooth sync.
    There are days that I would prefer to have my fitbit attached somewhere to my clothing rather than on my wrist. Do you anticipate there will be a clip-on holder for the Fitbit Flex?

  • I love my flex. I own all 3 trackers you make but I love the flex! I kept losing the other ones. The only thing I cant get to work is the stair tracker. It wont record anything. What can I do to fix this?

  • I would give up my cell phone before I would ever give up my Fitbit. I have had both models and chose the wrist band. It never comes off except to be charged.

  • I am enjoying the flex. At the present time it tracks all the activity (or lack of) that I need. Being an engineer myself, I anxiously await all new and useful technology.

  • For those of you who have trouble putting on the Fitbit Flex, try applying a small dab of hand cream on the clasp. It pops right on and stays on without any trouble at all.

  • I really like the idea of the flex and I want to purchase it but it would be nice for those who already own fitbits to have a trade in program or just a loyalty discount for purchasing new or additional fitbits. I love my fitbit one but I am very tired of misplacing and losing it for weeks at a time! Just a suggestion/idea.

  • I just got my FitBit Flex yesterday. I absolutely love the sleep feature – this is a first for me. I have tried other tracking devices and this is by far the best ever – even after just one day. The fact that you can sleep, shower and wear all day is great. You never forget to put it on. I really like the calorie tracking feature – calories out vs. calories in. I finally feel like I have the all-in-one device I have been looking for.

    • Hi!

      I’m really interested in the sleep feature of theFitbit Flex, but how well does it work? Is it accurate? And what about the no sound wake up alarm?

  • I love having the flexbit much better than the fit bit one tracker. I always know it is there. I just wish there was a fancy band to look more like a watch band or an evening piece of jewelry. I wear it all the time but wish that I had more band options. I did purchase the 3 color bands and the pink band also. Now I have a spare flex bit but I wanted to have the pink band really bad. Obsessed I guess.

  • I am recovering from a pylon fracture of my right ankle. Have been going to the gym almost daily to use arc machine, elliptical, and treadmill. Need to use machines as I still have impaired balance and must hold on when walking, stepping, gliding. I suspect my flex isn’t accurately tracking all these steps. Any suggestions?

  • I am the proverbial “couch potato” due to retirement (aging), chronic pain in my feet and not having a plan. Being a retired Registered Nurse, I know better. I am not practicing what I am preaching. I am thrilled to get my Fitbit Flex today. I plan to “get with the program” and cut calories and increase my activity. I can already tell that just by wearing the band, it is reminding me to move more and watch what I am eating. I’m a little funny about fashion too, so I can see me ordering colors. Hey, how about leopard or zebra??

    • I just purchased my Fitbit Flex today. I too am an RN, just not yet retired. 34 years down and 10 to go. I am looking for someone who might be a support/friend to me who also uses the Fitbit. I haven’t seen one before now, and don’t know anyone that has one. What do you think?

    • I hope it has worked as well for you as for me. I had lots of pain in my legs and feet. Got the fit bit Force in November 2013 and now am up to 20,000 steps a day. And, I walk outdoors and live in upstate New York, its cold, dark, snowy and I don’t want to go out at time, but push myself to keep my numbers up in the on line communities. Love this thing.

  • My husband and I each installed the Fitbit Flex today, and it couldn’t have been simpler. We are looking forward to our using these devices as a tool to increasing our physical activity in retirement.

  • I first started reading about the Fit-bit and the Fit -bit Flex bands last year and was sold on the technology and the whole idea of health & fitness. I waited until the Fit Bit Flex went public this Summer and ordered one just recently. Fantastic Item! I like it so much I am going to give one to my sister for Xmas this year. Thank you and keep making the improvements. Michael (-:

  • Great job on the Flex Wristband ! I waited, didn’t want the Belt Clip. Just bought two, one for my wife and I. Just ordered the scale. Thank you !

  • My son gave me the Fitbit Flex for Christmas. So far, I am loving it! I like the ability to track not only activity, food, and calorie intake, but also sleep patterns. I have never had a tracking device before, but as a 66 year-young female, I will use this device to improve my health and overall well-being. I had a slight issue syncing my device at first, but received an almost instant reply to my email request for help. Thank you for running a company that actually cares about the people who are using its products!

  • I am thoroughly enjoying the tracking and logging functions of my Flex. Just what I need to motivate me! Have there been any thoughts about a Fitbit/Flex watch? I would buy it!!

  • I have a Fitbit Flex and its doing a great job in tracking steps and activities, with the exception of horseback riding. I rode (walk/trot) for an hour and a half and my Fitbit Flex was convinced I’d walked 8000 steps … nope, it was the horse walking and she’s got 4 legs!

    I don’t know how you’d get around this, as the wristband is receiving jolts as I move with the horse, but thought you’d want to know.

  • Can anybody tell me how reliable the sleep patters are? Any research on the sensitive vs normal setting accuracy? Would it show anything special for somebody with serious apnea? All in all, I love my Fitbit, gave it to my son, to my daughter and so on. Thank you.

  • I got the nifty Flex in April/2014 and only take it off to charge. I’ve become comfortable with the accuracy. The little fellow even knows when I get up, @ night, for the bathroom!! I work @ Lowe’s and my early morning task is to walk all the aisles, finding vacant holes on the shelves for inventory. Flex says this task involves 4 to 6 miles of walking and the latest “badge” was for 750 miles!! Not bad for a 71 yr. old. Maybe I’ll sale my car!!!!!

    Thanks, Fitbit, for your commitment to helpful technology.

    Tex Prater

  • I am glad that you are looking at how to track steps for when the wrist that the fit flex is not as active. I often am carrying something at work with that arm and wonder if all of my steps are being tracked. What I also find interesting is when I am using gym equipment I am unsure if the flex is accurate. For example, if I am working out on an elliptical machine I can see that the machine states that I have done 5 miles, but when I sync it only shows 4.

    I am also looking forward to a flex that is waterproof. I often am swimming for exercise and would like the tracking of that activity. I understand that you can enter into the dashboard your activity, but a waterproof flex would be a welcome addition. Also, can you make it so that it also tracks bike riding? Perhaps a flex that can convert to an ankle bracelet for some activities? I don’t think that I would want an ankle bracelet for during ordinary activities, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one for certain activities, i.e. biking, swimming . . .


  • Love the Flex but wonder if it records activity such as when on a static bike in the gym or if the unit could work in this mode if it also came with a clip that could be attached to gym socks – just a thought ????

  • Hey! I just got the Fitbit Flex a couple weeks ago and my husband says I’m obsessed! (I pretty much am!) The only thing I find slightly inconvenient (and its really not that big of a deal) is that with the Flex I have to constantly check my phone to see my stats. My friend has the new One and can see everything right on her device. Any plans to do the same with the Flex? That would be amazing and make it absolutely PERFECT!!! Thanks again, I love it! 🙂

  • I like the Fitbit One only because it includes statistics for stairs and has a display, but also like the flex. A couple of suggestions for upgrades. Please consider adding stairs to the Fitbit I also agree with a previous comment that it would be nice to have a display on the flex. Also it would be nice to include a wrist band for the Fitbit one that allows the display to be visible, then you would have the best of both worlds. 🙂

  • My Flex doesn’t count my steps when I’m pushing a cart or stroller. I’ve propped my phone with the app open to see if the steps progress and it just doesn’t work, at all. I struggle to make myself more active and knowing that all of my steps are not being recorded is very demotivating. I love the sleep tracking but I’m disappointed that all of my steps aren’t being recorded. I had a Zip that I really loved and that recorded every step, but I lost it. I decided the wrist option would be best for me, but wonder why the Flex isn’t recording my steps when my arm is not full swing.

    • We’re sorry to hear this! Because Flex is a wrist-based motion sensor, your step count may be slightly lower when your body is moving but hands are not. For more on accuracy and how best to improve it, click here. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

  • I just wondered, if you have the window on your left hand and facing the outside of your body if you were to have the band with the window facing your shirt pocket if it would pick up steps?( It’s way easier to get it on That way!)

  • I received a Fitbit flex for Christmas and I love it. But my problem is when I walk 2 miles on my treadmill and then clean house for the rest of the day my flex shows that I’ve walked 1.88 miles. What’s up with that!

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