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You all have been busy

Hi all,

It’s been a while since our last blog post. Since then, we’ve been busy shipping units, but we’re still behind in fulfilling demand. A large portion of that has been due to one of our suppliers falling behind in delivering printed circuit boards in sufficient quality and quantity to meet our needs. To that extent, we’ve spent a lot of time finding a simultaneous second supplier of boards and we are bringing them onboard very shortly. A lot more of you should start to see your orders being fulfilled.

In any case, we need to make this blog more up-to-date. In order to make that happen, we’ve brought on someone who will be dedicated to customer communications, which will include this blog. Her name is Amy and she’ll be making a lot more posts and tweets to keep you all in the loop.

I also follow the forums and our customer support emails very regularly and it’s been very rewarding to see what a positive impact the Fitbit has made in many of your lives. We’ve only been shipping for 5 months and a few have you have already lost 50 lbs (!). Here’s a chart that you all might be interested in:

This chart is based on data from a random sample of 3000 Fitbit owners. It shows that for Fitbit users who start off living a sedentary lifestyle (<4000 steps/day), these users increase their activity levels by 50% at end of 12 weeks of using the Fitbit. You all are doing great!

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  • This is great! I have been going nuts as I ordered mine and December and just want to put a Fitbit into my workout already. I thank y’all so much for the blog post as this is exactly what I needed and what I have been waiting for! =]

  • I know most of the comments are only positive, but I really would like some way to download the data to my own spreadsheet. So, please don’t just concentrate on the hardware/web, but think about how to offer your data in a future-friendly way. Look how well twitter’s API did in building up their community!

  • Please know that you have folks in Europe (and I am sure elsewhere too) eagerly awaiting the release of Fitbit internationally! I think that the high demand that you are currently experiencing is only the tip of the iceberg and that there is a real need to gear up the production process. I can see gyms offering Fitbit as a joining incentive (covered by the contract fees) – win-win situation as the user has all the benefits of Fitbit and the gym can demonstrate the effectiveness of its programs – maybe something to discuss with your marketing department. I am strongly considering getting a US colleague to order a few for me and send them over…

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