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The Fitbit Public API has arrived.

Fitbit is more than just a gadget – it’s a platform for wellness and awareness. Tracking steps, activities, food, sleep and a whole range of attributes about your life allows insights into how you can change your life and improve your well-being.  But so far you’ve been limited to using Fitbit’s website for what you can do with that data.  Well today all that changes.

Developers, start your engines.

The Fitbit Public API gives developers the ability to pull and push data into the Fitbit platform, extending what users can do with their Fitbit data. This is an early BETA release, so expect there to be some bumps in the road. We look forward to working closely with developers as we improve the service and help you create applications that improve people’s lives.

To get started with the API and to learn more about its current capabilities, head over to or join us on the Fitbit API Developer Group.  We’re excited to see what you dream up.

What does this mean if you don’t write code?

A wider selection of awesome ways to engage with wellness in your life!  By having a Public API, developers can create a whole universe of cool applications and services.  What kind of stuff?  Well hard to say, but we’re hoping to see things like visualization tools, cool logging services and ways to import data from other sources into Fitibt.

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