New Fitbit Flyer Headphones Deliver Premium Sound, a Secure Fit, and Up to 6 Hours of Workout Motivation

Fitbit Flyer

The benefits of workout music are undeniable, but finding a pair of headphones to reliably play that music—come sprints or squats or surprise spring showers? That’s not so cut and dry.

And this year, with the ability to store music on the all new Fitbit Ionic, and the upcoming launch of Audio Coaching, using a pair of sub-par headphones just isn’t going to cut it. So Fitbit engineers created a fitness-focused pair that bucks the trend.

Introducing Fitbit Flyer, a sleek set of sweatproof, wireless headphones that deliver consistent, clear sound, and a customizable fit. And that’s only the beginning.

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Fitbit Flyer

They sound amazing: Flyer has been precision engineered to offer passive noise-isolation, an audio technology that creates an in-ear seal to help block outside noise and deliver clearer sound. They’re also the first headphones to incorporate Waves MaxxAudio—used for audio production in hit records, major motion pictures, and video games—to amplify bass. For this high-fidelity sound experience, simply switch from Signature to Power Boost mode.

They’re durable and stay put: Flyer is made with a durable hydrophobic nano-coating that is rain, splash, and sweatproof. The unique, low-profile design also accommodates a set of interchangeable ear tips, wings, and fins (multiple sizes included with purchase), allowing you to customize the shape to fit seamlessly inside your ear.

Fitbit Flyer Accessories
They hold a serious charge: How many times have you tossed your headphones into your bag only to get to the gym and realize the batteries were dead? With Fitbit Flyer, you get up to six hours of playtime*, meaning you’ll likely tire out before the headphones do. But if you do find yourself in a pinch, a 15-minute quick charge is all you’ll need to recharge them for an extra hour.

They give you a ton of control: Easily adjust the volume, pause your music, and change songs on the go using a streamlined three-button control box. Expecting a call? Audio prompts will let you know when one’s coming in (as well as the battery life, song volume, and more). Flyer even features a dual microphone that reduces external noises so you can take a hands-free phone call in any environment. Or, just outsource the extra work. You can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth devices to Flyer at once, making it easy to summon your digital assistant (“Hey, Siri, what’s a good workout recovery snack?”) in the middle of an Audio Coaching session. Best of all? They sync seamlessly to Fitbit Ionic for hands-free, phone-free music, and more.

Fitbit Flyer in Lunar Grey

Get Your Hands on a Pair

Fitbit Flyer is available in two colors, lunar gray or nightfall blue, for presale today on and select online retailers tomorrow for $129.95. Flyer will be available in stores worldwide in October 2017 and at major North American retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Nordstrom and Target.

*Battery life varies with use and other factors.

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  • Im just curious as to whether the fitbit flyer pairs with the fitbit surge, or is this new amazing looking product only linked with the new fitbit iconic..?
    Im all up for updates, but im extremely happy with my surge as the blaze gave my mother nothing but problems..
    Can anyone assist with my enquiry please? I look forward to hopefully purchasing the flyer 😉

  • I have an issue with the Flyer only having the ability to have the mic on the right ear side. I prefer it on the left and there is no way of changing this. Any chance of having a bi-directional mic in the future?

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