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Fitbit at Work with ESPN’s John Buccigross

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Fitbit at Work with John Buccigross

Manning an anchor desk for a top-rated sports show seems like a cake walk. But John Buccigross of ESPN’s SportsCenter proves it takes energy and athleticism to make it look so easy. A father of three nearly-adult kids, Buccigross is also an avid hockey fan, a force on the golf course, and really into logging steps with Fitbit. Here, he answers a few questions about his day job, and more.

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5 Tricks to Enjoy a Summer BBQ (& Still Feel Good the Next Day)

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I’m certainly not here to convince you that hotdogs and brownies are tickets to feeling fit, but still, I don’t know why barbeques rattle so many of my food-conscious clients. After all, there are far worse food scenarios than grilling. Just keep these 5 tricks in mind, and you can enjoy the event without feeling any diet remorse later.

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5 Kettlebell Exercises for Runners

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Kettlebells can be intimidating. They look heavy and the exercises are odd. But here’s a little secret—they’re actually easier to lift than dumbbells and work multiple muscles at once.

Kettlebells have gained popularity over the years and for good reason: They are effective and efficient. You can burn up to 20 calories per minute. So a 20-minute workout could be a 400-calorie scorcher while challenging multiple muscles at once, especially your core.

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7 Reasons You Need HIIT in Your Life

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Reasons you need HIIT in your life

Today’s post is written by fitness pro and cool mom, Judi Brown. 

Summer is here and we’re all trying to maintain our fitness routines. This means hours and hours of cardio, right? Ugh. Not only does that seem overwhelming, time-consuming, and difficult to stick with, but what if there was a way to burn more calories, lose more fat, and improve your cardiovascular fitness level while spending less time in the gym? We are desperate for a way to get fitter, faster. Enter high intensity interval training (also known as high intensity training or HIIT)!

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How Dancing at Work Blasts Stress & Burns Calories

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At-work dance routines

You’re in the home stretch of the work week, but there’s a deadline looming, a day full of meetings, and the emails won’t stop flooding your inbox. Guess that post-work cycling class will have to wait until the weekend… But there’s still a way to get in a quick activity sesh! Take a deep breath, stand up, and burn a few calories with some cardio dancing. Here are 3 reasons to get your jazz hands going now.

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Skipping Meals Can Sabotage Your Weight

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Skipping meals can sabotage weight loss goals

At Foodtrainers, we’re huge fans of the food log. Especially for self-described “healthy eaters,” the devil (or weight loss) is in the details. And with many of our clients, I can see from their journals they’re already making decent choices. Many of our clients have slashed excess sugar and “white” carbs. But what I do find is evidence of underfueling, or eating too little. And underfueling leads to over fueling, which can ultimately sabotage your weight loss goal.

I suspect underfueling when clients say “I do so well during the day, it’s at night when I have problems with self-control.” Sound familiar? If you come home from work and turn into a snack monster, keep reading.

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Good News: Extra Steps Can Offset Sitting


Extra steps can offset walking

You’ve likely seen articles and news reports claiming, “Sitting is the New Smoking.” And while it’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, there is some truth to the shocking headlines. Cumulative sitting (we’re talking couch- and desk-surfing combined) has been linked to an increased risk of colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. So experts everywhere are recommending you get up.

Swapping TV time for gym time is easy, but unless you’re, say, Meb Keflezighi, and paid to run marathons for a living, chances are there are times when your backside has to be glued to a chair. Luckily, new research suggests you can offset some of that sitting by walking more.

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Thank You for Supporting Fitbit!


By now, you may have heard the news that Wall Street just got fit. Fitbit has officially been listed as FIT on the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s a huge milestone for us. One that we wouldn’t be celebrating without you.

Since the start of the company over eight years ago, our mission has been to help people lead healthier, more active lives. Our journey to this moment has been so similar to the journey you take in fitness. It doesn’t matter if you’re running your first 5K or building a company—it all starts with a goal.

Along that journey, you celebrate your milestones, even when there’s still a long way to go. You look for people to support you on the way and end up with an entire community of people who believe in you. And whether it takes weeks or months or years, if you stay focused, all the little things add up to something big.

So, thank you for being our community. Thank you for supporting our dream and for helping us reach this goal. We are more committed than ever to creating the products, services and features you need to reach yours.

You’ve been with us every step of the way, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

—James Park, CEO & Co-Founder of Fitbit


**This blog post shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.**


Long Live Dad! 4 Ways You Can Support His Heart Health

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4 ways you can support dad's heart health

Great news: According to a study from Stanford University you’ve been helping Dad stay heart-healthy since the day you were born! Researchers tracked 135,000 men over a ten year period and found fathers are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than childless men. Want to make sure dear old Dad’s heart continues to stay in tip-top shape? How about the non-dads in your life? Here are 4 ways you can support any man’s ticker.

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Vacation Eating Do’s and Don’ts

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**This month we’re getting #vacationfit. Whether you’re headed to some tropical locale or turning the backyard into your own personal oasis, you’ll find tips and advice to help you reach your health and fitness goals.**

Vacation eating do's and don'ts

Going on vacation offers a welcome break from your regular routine—so long 30-minute car commute to work, hello healthy walk to saltwater and sunshine! But without your everyday habits to anchor healthy choices, it can sometimes become easy to overindulge. (Why not stay up late sipping creamy piña coladas by the pool? It’s not like you have to wake up early to catch your carpool.) Still, you don’t have to restrict yourself to crudité and bottled water. Just keep these do’s and don’ts in mind and you won’t return home with an unwanted souvenir—extra weight. read more