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Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Leftovers


One of the best things about the Thanksgiving feast is being able to count on all the leftovers. It can mean days of reliving the festivities as you work your way through a fridge full of post-holiday sides. And re-imagining ways to serve up those remaining dishes is an art in and of itself. But not every recipe deserves a sequel. This year, skip...

What Will Your Thanksgiving Plate Look Like?


Thanksgiving is around the corner and with it marks the official onset of the party season, filled with celebrating, socializing, and good cheer. Unfortunately, excessive eating, drinking, and less time to exercise often comes along with all that merriment. But you don’t have to completely ignore your healthy eating goals during all the...

This Speed Workout Helped Sara Hall Rock the Chicago Marathon


Written by Sara Hall Although I’ve been racing the marathon lately, the longest distance in track and field, it wasn’t too long ago that I was participating in mile races. I will always be a miler at heart, because I love the lactic acid burn of a fast run—which explains why I look forward to my weekly speed workouts. During my training for...

How to Hack Your Office Kitchen


More often than not, office kitchens are crowded with hungry coworkers and cluttered with food, dishes, lunch bags, and more. It’s not exactly a relaxing haven to enjoy a break. But instead of feeling like you need to avoid the micro kitchen altogether, follow these tips to conquer it like a pro! Pack with Purpose Brought a nutritious lunch...