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5 Ways To Stretch It Out At Your Desk

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5 Ways to Stretch at Your Desk

It’s no secret, sitting at a desk all day is tough on your health. That’s why it’s so important to add in a daily dose of standing and stretching. But if you have an office job, it can be tricky to take those breaks. The solution: Set a calendar alert for yourself as a reminder to stand for one to three minutes every half hour. Better yet, mix things up with various stretches to ease the tension from sitting. Here are five ideas you can do right at your work station.


Stretch your Shoulders out

  • Place one hand under your opposite elbow.
  • Lift your elbow and stretch it across your chest while keeping the rest of your body still.
  • Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Repeat with the other arm.


Lift those Legs

  • Sitting in your chair, hold on to the armrests, engage your core, and extend both of your legs off the ground.
  • Alternate between flexing and pointing your toes five times.
  • Release your legs and repeat until you feel the burn—even in your abs!


Talk to the Hand

  • Extend one arm out in front of you with your palm facing outward (like you’re saying, “talk to the hand”).
  • Use your other hand to pull your fingers back toward you and hold for five breaths.
  • Next, point your fingers toward the ground, push your fingers toward you, and hold.
  • Repeat with the other hand.


The Bobblehead

  • Face straight ahead and tilt your head towards your ear, making sure not to move your shoulder.
  • Hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds, then return your head to the starting position and relax.
  • Repeat on the other side.


Do the Twist

  • Sit up straight and place your right hand on the back of your chair.
  • Twist your body to the right and hold.
  • Now, do the same on the left side and hold.


Got a desk-friendly stretching idea? Share it with us in the comments!


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Top 10 Teas: A User’s Guide

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Today’s guest post comes from Lauren Slayton, the author of The Little Book of Thin and creator of the Foodtrainers blog.

Your guide to healthy teas

I am not exaggerating when I say tea can solve all your problems. To prove it, I’ve divided my top 10 teas into categories so you know how to best use them. And even if there are a couple of things tea cannot eradicate, few rituals provide more comfort than a cup of tea.

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Get Race-Ready with Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes’ Training Tips

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Get race training tips from Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes

If you’re preparing for your first race, start from the ground up by investing in a good pair of shoes. Then, begin tracking your progress using some of the great technology available today (i.e., Fitbit Charge or Surge). Mix up your routine by going hard one day, and easy the next. Try to do a couple longer training runs on the weekend.

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Thanks for stepping up on Fitbit Goal Day!

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Congrats to everyone who stepped up for Fitbit Goal Day! It was our first-ever Goal Day celebration, and we couldn’t be more proud of how everyone did.

Check out the infographic to see how much we accomplished last Saturday:  read more

How to Step Up on Fitbit Goal Day


Step goal or bust

This Saturday, May 16th, is Fitbit Goal Day, and we’re not just asking you to beat your personal best step day – we’re asking you to crush it. So in between you getting out there and getting in steps however you’ve planned to, here are just a few ways to up your count just a little more.

  1. Park further away. Hopefully you’ll be walking instead of driving as much as possible, but if you do take the car, park further away than you normally would. You’ll be giving yourself some extra steps AND saving yourself the stress of circling the parking lot, trying to find a convenient spot.
  2. Step while doing chores. There are a lot of ways to turn housework into exercise. You can get more steps in by putting laundry or dishes away one at a time, stepping in place while you dust or cook, or simply deciding it’s time to vacuum instead of taking a break.
  3.  Take a longer route to the bathroom. Whether you’re out at the mall or home relaxing after a long day of walking, take a detour during bathroom breaks to add in a few extra steps.
  4. Walk/run in place while watching TV. We all need time to relax, but rather than stay on the couch during TV time, get up this Saturday and walk in place while you catch up on your favorite show. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, run in place during the commercials.
  5. Take the stairs. Rather than wait for an elevator, go and look for the stairs instead. You’ll get more steps while looking for them as well as going up. If no stairs are in sight, you can walk up an escalator instead and get more steps than you otherwise would have.
  6. Pace the room at the end of the day. If you’re close to reaching your goal but not quite there, don’t give up! Get up and start pacing until you have enough steps, and don’t let yourself sit down until you do.

Let us know what your plans are for Saturday – and how many of the above you already do on a regular basis – in the comments!

Good news for Strava athletes and Fitbit lovers

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You can now connect your Fitbit account to Strava!

Strava and Fitbit are excited to be partnering to make it even easier for our members to track all day activity, track exercise and maximize workouts. You can now connect your Fitbit account with Strava, which means your workouts logged in Fitbit will automatically sync to Strava, and your Strava workouts will sync to Fitbit!

You can use Strava for the times when you’re pushing hard cycling or running, and Fitbit for all-day health and fitness tracking and stats, for insights into your overall health.

If you’re a Fitbit Surge user, heart rate and GPS-based exercise data, including routes, distance, elevation and pace, will sync to Strava – whether you track a run or use our new biking feature! MobileRun users with any Fitbit device will also be able to view their GPS data in Strava.

You can find more ways to gauge progress and achieve your goals by tracking your workouts with Fitbit and using Strava’s performance analytics tools, while competing with a global community of athletes including professionals, friends, teammates and clubs for added daily motivation and inspiration.

Get started today by connecting your accounts, then get moving to view your exercise in either app! The Strava app is available on Apple iTunes and Google Play.


Join us for Fitbit Goal Day!


Join us on Saturday, May 16th for Fitbit Goal Day!

With 365 days in the year, you have to wonder which ones end up being the most active. Last year, our highest daily step count per person* came on the third Saturday of May. And since Fitbit is all about setting goals, we’ve got a new one for 2015: to blow our previous record out of the water.

So, on Saturday, May 16, we’re introducing the first-ever Fitbit Goal Day, and challenging each and every Fitbit user to beat their best step day. Whether you walk 7,000 steps or 30,000, we want to see you go the distance and help us make this year the highest average step day in Fitbit history.

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All Four Weeks of Fitbit Healthy Habits


Find all 4 weeks of Fitbit Healthy Habits

Over the past four weeks, we’ve been asking you to make small changes every day in order to build up healthy habits over time. We don’t have any new Fitbit Healthy Habits challenges for you, but we hope that some of the small changes you’ve been making lead you to continue living a healthier life.

If you missed any weeks – or want to start the whole thing over – you can find all four of the checklists here. Print them out or save them to your phone or computer to keep things going! Or pick and choose the habits you most want to work on and create your own checklists. You can also find the individual four weeks here:

The key to creating sustainable habits is to not take on too much at once, so by breaking things down into small, healthy decisions you can make every day, you’ll be working towards a healthier lifestyle over time.

Which healthy habits will you be keeping up in the months to come? Let us know in the comments.

Fit 30: Try a 30-Minute Workout Today

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Try this 30-minute workout

For today’s #HealthyHabits challenge, we asked everyone to complete a 30-minute workout. What you do for those 30 minutes is entirely up to you, but if you’re struggling to come up with a workout, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re recommending you try out the FitStar Strava 26.2 workout. It combines all kinds of different moves that require no fancy equipment, so you can easily complete it at home, and it will take just about 30 minutes to complete. There are a number of FitStar Personal Trainer workouts that clock in around 30 minutes, so if this workout doesn’t sound like it’s for you there are other options for various fitness levels. You can use FitStar Personal Trainer either with their iOS app, or right on your desktop.

By working your way up to longer workouts and trying to complete small things each day, you’ll be working on making these workouts a habit.

Let us know how you did with today’s challenge in the comments!

5 Tips to Creating a Fitness Habit


How to create a fitness habit

This week’s #HealthyHabits challenge is all about taking small steps to create a fitness habit. But sometimes, the intention to work out doesn’t quite last when you’re trying to wake up early to hit the gym, or do that yoga session after a long day.

So here are our tips on making sure you get in that workout you promised yourself you’d do:

  • Prepare the night before. By laying out or packing up your workout gear the night before, you have everything you need to make it easy to get out the door in the morning.
  • Tell someone you’re working out. Adding a level of accountability can help motivate you to get moving, even if you don’t want to. Who knows, maybe they’ll even want to join you!
  • Keep easy meals on hand. If you’re rushing out the door in the morning, or aren’t looking forward to a lengthy cooking process after working out at night, prepare ahead of time by keeping some easy-to-make meals around for workout days, like smoothies or pre-made dinners.
  • Work out before you sit down. If you prefer working out at the end of the day, make sure you get your exercise in before you start to relax. Heading to the gym on your way home from work or only stopping by home long enough to change into workout gear will help you keep your momentum going.
  • Pay for a fitness class. If you can’t make fitness work on your own, give yourself the incentive of having spent money on it. Having to pay for a fitness class ahead of time may help you get there often enough to kick-start your fitness habit.


And as a bonus, here’s Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes’ challenge to help you get out the door:

Sometimes the hardest part about going for a run is just getting out the door. Once you’re out the door and moving everything comes together. Here’s a challenge to automate the process.

Set a stopwatch for a 5-minute countdown. Push start & GO! Your challenge is to get all your running gear on, shoes laced and out the door in a race to beat the clock.

Having a challenge and a tight deadline before you can be tremendously motivating and energizing.

What do you do to get yourself to work out when you don’t want to? Let us know in the comments!