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How Megan K. Dropped 100 Pounds—One Step at a Time!

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Megan K., 38, a kindergarten teacher in Philadelphia, PA, had tried to lose weight before, but nothing seemed to work. “I’ve struggled with my weight on and off throughout my life,” says Megan. “And I had always been interested in fitness, but I was never able to stick with it.” So when Megan learned about Fitbit from a friend last spring, her husband took note. “He bought me a Fitbit for my birthday,” says Megan, “and it was love at first sight.”

“I was instantly motivated by having a step goal,” she says. “Once I saw I could regularly hit 10,000 steps, I was unstoppable.” Megan spent the summer working out in the mornings, going for a walk or to the gym, and reaching her step goal by daybreak. And soon tracking steps became a family activity—Megan’s son began joining her on daily walks. “It’s really important to me to be a good example to my son,” she says.

When she returned to school in the fall, Megan was 40 pounds lighter and her co-workers were impressed. “A lot of people were asking how I did it,” she says. Megan was more than happy to share her secret. She managed to convince the school’s human resources department to purchase 10 Fitbits for employees to “check out,” and use to compete against each other in monthly challenges. The other teachers love the program. “There are always 10 people using the ones from the school, and at the end of the check-out period a lot of them end up buying their own Fitbits!” says Megan.

Today, Megan and several of her co-workers spend their free periods and lunches walking together, and the group of 10 has grown to over 30 teachers. “It really changed the culture of our work environment—even the students notice it,” says Megan. “We push each other to be more active, and I’ve increased my goal to 15,000 steps a day now,” she adds.

Adding more steps to her daily routine was a good start, but Megan knew if she really wanted to improve her health she wouldn’t get there with a fitness-only approach. She also made an effort to make better food choices. “Being active and eating well go hand in hand,” she says. “Once you start doing one, the other catches up.”

Her one-step-at-a-time approach is ultimately what helped Megan lose all of her extra weight. “It can be overwhelming to try to do 10,000 steps all at once,” she says. “But it’s really surprising how quickly it can all add up.” And after losing 100 pounds, it has certainly has added up!

Megan’s initial goal to simply walk 10,000 steps a day has also lead her to try new workouts and activities. These days Megan can be found running, swimming, and biking, too. “My Fitbit has changed my life,” she says, “I’m more active than I’ve ever been, and Fitbit has made it so easy for me to get here.”

Megan’s advice for others:

Rack Up the Steps All Day
“Trying to do 10,000 steps at once didn’t always fit into my schedule, and seemed hard to do,” says Megan. “But going on a little walk in the morning, and another after lunch helped my steps add up.”

Set Goals that Work for YOU
“I know some of my coworkers are hitting 30,000 steps on a regular basis, and it’s tempting to compete with that—I really hate losing,” Megan says. “So sometimes I have to remind myself that’s a lot of steps, and that number isn’t always realistic for me on a daily basis. 15,000 is what works for me, and that’s still super active.”

Believe It’s Possible!
“Even if you’re someone who struggles with fitness, or if being active doesn’t come naturally to you, you can do it—and it can all be done with walking,” says Megan. “You don’t have to go out and kill yourself every day, just set your Fitbit goal and ease into it.”


What’s helping you reach your health and fitness goals? Offer your tips and advice in the comments below, and share your success story with us! 


Why Men Should Do Yoga

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Why men should do yoga

Today’s post is by Quentin Vennie, a wellness advocate and yoga guru in New York City.

In recent years there has been a large influx of yoga enthusiasts and practitioners nationwide. These days you can find a yoga class almost anywhere, from your classic yoga studios to local libraries and YMCAs. Even fitness chains have started to catch on, with many of them offering a wide range of yoga classes as an added benefit to their members.

The fact is, yoga is everywhere!

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If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re in tired company. According to a survey conducted by YouGov, 45 percent of Americans sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night feel tired or poorly rested up to three times a week. 54 percent of people who clock six or fewer hours say they wake up feeling tired 4 or more days per week. Clearly, the Zzzzombie apocalypse is here!

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4 Rut-Busting Workout Ideas to Try Now

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Doing the same workout day-in and day-out is more than just mind numbing—it can also create a fitness plateau. “When you do the same thing over and over, your body is going to get used to it and you’ll reach a point where you no longer see improvement or change,” says Lacey Stone, a personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA.

“That’s when you’ll notice all those moves that once seemed hard now feel easy, the numbers on the scale might stop moving the way you’d like them to, and it’s suddenly a lot easier to hit snooze instead of jumping out of bed for a morning workout,” she says.

Sound familiar? It’s time to shake up your routine! “Increase the number of days per week you exercise or the length of time you’re doing it, amp up your intensity level, or try a completely new activity!” suggests Stone. Here are four rut-busting workout ideas to try now.

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Water seems so harmless, but, trust me, people tend to have strong feelings about drinking it. The way I see it, there are three categories of consumers: water braggers, fitful drinkers, and water haters (why do there always have to be haters?). But no matter what your relationship is with water, it’s essential that you drink enough. A good rule of thumb: aim to drink half the number of pounds you see on a body-weight scale in  ounces every day (for example, a 140-pound person should sip 70 ounces of water).

Knowing which category you fall in, and arming yourself with a few tips and tricks, can make a big difference when it comes to staying hydrated this season.

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2 Ways to Prevent Pesky Joint Pain


Prevent pesky joint pain

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When runners work to prevent injury, it is often the muscles we think first to protect, stretch and roll out at the end of a long day out on the roads or trails. Though we should always focus on being proactive and protecting our hard-working muscles, there is another part of the body that we may not be focused on enough: our joints.

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When it comes to staying fit, astronauts are up against some tough physical challenges. Spending a significant amount of time in a zero-gravity environment can lead to muscle weakening, bone loss, and decreased cardio conditioning. (Your body actually needs the resistance of gravity to stay healthy!) That’s why researchers recently studied exercises that would keep astronauts in shape. The winning routine: high intensity interval training (a.k.a. HIIT) combined with weightlifting.

You can benefit from bursts of cardio and weight-bearing exercises here on Earth, too. Here’s how to train like a rocket man!

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