What is Fitbit Health Coaching?

Congratulations on signing up for Fitbit Health Coaching! By taking this step, you are saying, “I am prioritizing my health and wellbeing, and I am ready to take the steps to achieve my goals.” We’re grateful you’re trusting us to join you on this journey, and look forward to providing support and guidance along the way. 

Keep reading for more on how the program works, what you can expect from your health coach, and what is expected of you in return. 

How do we approach Health Coaching at Fitbit?

Changing your behavior isn’t easy, especially when those behaviors are rooted in years of habits and experience. We know you lead a busy life, managing competing priorities and needs of others, and you possess values, strengths, desires and motivations that are unique to you. That’s why we prioritize YOU by getting to know who you are and what matters to you. Building this connection with you creates a strong foundation for our partnership, and at any time you can ask questions of your coach along the way.

Consider your Fitbit Health Coach your guide in the journey to change, breaking your lofty goals into bite-sized, manageable, motivating, and fun actions. We first focus on where you have the greatest motivation to change, and co-create goals that meet you where you are and fit seamlessly into your life. We believe that taking a start small approach will help you experience progress and confidence early on. Over time, these small changes create big wins!

What path can you expect to take with your coach? 

Understand. Your coach will first prioritize getting to know you, reviewing your responses to the Personal Assessment and asking additional questions. We aim to understand your desires, motivations, values, strengths, and prior experiences—both what has worked well, and what hasn’t worked so well. The more you share, the more your coach will be able to create a more personalized plan with you.

Plan. With the shared understanding of where you are now, and where you want to go, you and your coach will partner to set your goal and create a personalized plan of action to get there. This plan will consist of bite-sized actions that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound), and able to be achieved within a week.

Act. With your new plan in place, it’s your time to shine! As you engage with your plan, mark your actions complete in the Fitbit app. Your coach will be able to see your progress, and provide feedback and guidance accordingly.

Reflect. Your coach will regularly check in with you to reflect on progress, challenges, and successes. As you create new habits, achieve small wins, and brainstorm solutions to barriers, you and your coach will make adjustments to your plan together.

What can you expect from your coach?

When people are changing for their own reasons and on their own terms, rather than being told what to do, they are more likely to succeed in reaching their goals. That is why we don’t prescribe a “one size fits all” plan. Instead, we work with you to create a realistic plan that is personalized to your desires, interests, experiences, and motivations. 

You can expect the following from your coach:

  • Shares educational resources and tools as needed.
  • Recommends relevant Fitbit programs and tools, like workouts, meditations, and recipes.
  • Provides feedback based on your Fitbit data.
  • Acts as an accountability partner to your goals and actions.
  • Offers support and guidance when you’re feeling stuck or wish to challenge yourself.
  • Helps you notice and celebrate your wins!

What is expected from you, the participant

We want you to get the most out of your health coaching experience! Here are a few tips to help you do that.

  • Be open, honest, and creative with your coach.
  • Come prepared to share what matters to you, what you want to change, and why that change is important.
  • Take on a mindset of experimentation. This is about finding what does AND what doesn’t work for you!
  • Share feedback when you want yourself or your coach to take a different approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I talk to my coach? As much as you want! Your coach will proactively check in with you at least a few times per week, however, we encourage you to send your coach a message whenever you have a question, idea, or update. Your coach will always respond within one business day, often sooner. If you’d like to change how and when you communicate, simply send your coach a message with your preferences. Your coach will adapt to meet your needs as best they can.

What kinds of things can I work on with my coach? Fitbit Health Coaches can work on a variety of health and wellness-related topics that are of interest to you. This can include but is not limited to activity, nutrition, sleep, stress or weight management, and how to incorporate guidance from other healthcare professionals into your goals when managing a chronic illness or disease. You will collaborate with your coach on a personalized plan that best suits your needs.

What data does my coach have access to? After you are matched with your coach, your coach will be able to see the following information for you, so long as it is available in your account. 

  • Demographic information, including your name, age, and gender
  • Your current time
  • All messages shared between you and your coach
  • Fitbit data, including: Steps, Active Minutes, Weight, Time Asleep, Resting Heart Rate, Food logging, Participation within Fitbit Premium Programs
  • Action plan completion rate

What else do you do with my Fitbit data? Your coach will review data that is relevant to your goals and interests to provide personalized feedback and guidance, and to help you stay accountable to your plan.  To learn more about how we protect your data, visit our Privacy Policy.

What are the credentials for Fitbit Health Coaches? All coaches have health coaching, clinical, or social work experience and training. They include, but are not limited to, certified health coaches, RNs, CDEs, RDs, LICSWs, and more. They are extensively trained in digital health coaching and Fitbit behavior change methodologies. You can learn more about your coach and their background by clicking on their profile picture in the Fitbit app.

Ready to start your journey with a certified Fitbit health coach? Click here and get working towards your best self today.

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