Get Moving With Fitbit’s New Premium Challenges

Seeking some more friendly competition? Try kicking Fitbit Challenges up a notch with the new Premium Challenges. Unlike the standard Challenges already available on the Fitbit app, Premium Challenges allows you to set goals and track distance and active minutes in addition to steps. 

Premium Challenges will not only help to motivate you on your fitness journey, but they also allow you to support your friends and community too! Plus, it introduces a fun and unique way to spike your heart rate. So, what are you waiting for? Invite any Fitbit friends, Premium and non-Premium Fitbit users to compete in a variety of special, all-levels challenges.

How To Access

Access these Premium Challenges by tapping Challenges & Adventures under the Discover tab in your Fitbit app. 

Premium Games And Challenges 

All For One. Collaborate instead of competing with friends and family (up to 31 participants) to reach a common activity goal! Choose whether to focus on steps, distance, or active minutes with the duration of one hour or up to 30 days.

Custom Challenge. Put a personal spin on the competition by creating your own step, distance, or active minute challenge. Then compete with friends to see who can do the most activity before time runs out. Get moving!

Bingo. Complete different activity goals to flip your tiles and be the first to hit Bingo.

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