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Success Stories

“Smaller Clothes Are My Reward!” says LaDon G.


LaDon G., a 51-year-old who works in an assisted living facility in Spokane Valley, WA, knows exactly how she got to almost 300 pounds. “My daughter died in a fire 20 years ago when she was just five years old,” she says. “And afterwards, I just kind of gave up on things.” LaDon used food to comfort herself. “My mom used to make cinnamon...

“My Disease Doesn’t Define Me,” says Abigail B.


The thyroid disease that Abigail B. suffers from is called Hashimoto’s Disease, and last year it was starting to bring down her physical and mental wellbeing. “It was getting really bad and as a result I had absolutely no energy—I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed,” says Abigail, a 21-year-old student in Logan, UT. “It also gave me...

“I Got the Whole Family Moving!” says Nicole T.


Four years ago, Nicole T., a 32 year old stay-at-home mom and psychology student in Denver, CO, should have been feeling great. She had just lost 115 pounds by joining a gym and counting calories with a notepad and pen, but she was having a hard time with her new body. “I had a lot of loose skin from losing so much weight and it really got to me...

This Mom Found Her Fit When Life Got Crazy—You Can, Too!


Moms are busy people. But when Tyler W., 31, a director of a non-profit in High Point, NC, decided to add grad school into her already packed routine of full-time work and parenting her (now) 2-year-old daughter, she realized something had to give if she wanted to stick with her weight loss goal. “I knew with my schedule I wouldn’t have time...