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Notice anything different in the Fitbit app lately? If you’re an iOS, Android, or Windows user, the most likely answer to that question is yes—there’s a whole new dashboard experience!

When dashboard suggestions from Fitbit users started popping up recently, our designers listened. They took a hard look at what you loved and what you didn’t, and decided to reimagine what you can see on your screen—and how the information is displayed. Creating a new experience that allows you to easily view more of the data that’s important to you.

Why is the new design so cool? It gives you more control over the information you want to see on your screen. During early research Fitbit learned you wanted a better visual representation of the dashboard—you wanted to be able to view as much of your data as possible at a glance. The new dashboard delivers!

By taking advantage of your entire screen, the new dashboard presents information in a more dynamic way. And with the help of new progress-meter graphics, now you can instantly see how close you are to reaching your daily health and fitness goals. Having a better view of your data and your daily progress could ultimately help you make more informed health choices—setting you up to nail your health and fitness goals!

Here are all the features you’ll find in the new dashboard:

The new Daily Stats tile highlights your progress towards your daily activity goals. On the new dashboard you can see more stats at one time—giving you a more complete view of your health without having to do much scrolling. Tapping on each stat allows you to see more detail and history.

NEW TILES All of your tiles have a new look! Thanks to the new square shape, tiles can now display more detailed information and have their own individual style. The new sleep tile is a great example—it allows you to see more of your sleep data on the dashboard without having to click in. But when you do tap on a tile, you’re able to access more features.

MORE PERSONALIZATION Hold your finger down on any tile or scroll down and click “Edit” to choose and rearrange the stats you see in your dashboard.

QUICK LOGGING The new dashboard also makes it easier for you to start an exercise, log food or water, and set alarms. That way you can quickly track your activities and input your data more easily throughout your busy day.

The new dashboard is now available for iOS, Android, and Windows users. 

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  • My husband and I have the Fitbit HR. On the dashboard under the sleep tracking, you used to be able to check a timeline that told you how long each sleep vs restless or awake time lasted. you have changed that and we are wondering if you will be going back to showing the time breakdowns again. We really liked this function and miss it. Thanks

    • Hi Barbara. You can still see asleep, restless and awake times. If you click on the sleep tile. The graph will display. Expand the graph to full view and press and hold down on the graph to see specific sleep data times along the timeline. Let us know how it goes!

      • I am pressing and holding on the graph and nothing changes.
        I also really liked knowing the restless/ awake times (not duration) but actual time awake or restless. Since new dashboard, how can I see that?

      • Well, I agree very strongly that I would like this function returned. Although I see that her email was from September and I just lost it after the most recent “improvement”. I am guessing the “Android” update finally was put into place. Do NOT like it. These instructions do not work for me. I only get the start and end times of sleep, not the individual awake or restless times.

        • I agree. With the new update, I lost heart rate, water, cals in, exercise, and sleep tiles. Makes the fitbit an extremely overpriced pedometer!

  • This Flex fitbit is a bad, bad investment! This piece of equipment is less than 1.5 years old, and the battery doesn’t want to hold a full charge! I am not liking the new dashboard display, it’s not user friendly at all!

    Spoke worker and now on hold for manager to investigate to see what he can do! Not satisfied at all with services at this point. It’s time for companies to be responsible for products they sell to us!

    Can we get Americans to start back making products again?

    • I agree! Ever since the new dashboard was introduced, my battery rarely holds a charge past 3 days, not like the 5-6 it used to. Also, I rarely get notifications that the battery life is low! What the heck is going on? I have lost so much data lately that this doesn’t seem worth it. I certainly can’t depend on it. I even cleaned the battery thoroughly as instructed in the article to extend the battery life.

  • Still not out on android? You know android has the bigger market share right? Especially when you look at the demographics of your users I bet?

  • I would like to know the number of steps for the total year (12 months) and year to date (YTD).

    Is this information available? If so where is it.

  • I hate the new Android dashbiard and have opted out but left with red bar at top (annoying!!!!!!!) telling me to use!

    Scrolling back to previous days it still shows current day’s sleep, food, etc i.e. big tiles don’t mive from current data view.

    Its bloody awful and I actually prefer the previous bar version that when scrolling through days shows all data for that particular day.

    Please remive the red preview bar from my dashboard and fix this new dashboard to be more user friendly, or I will be forced to buy a non Fitbit product when you force the bloody thing onto my phone!! NOT happy!!!!!

  • Can’t get to dashboard to change date and time says my phone date and time is wrong so far worst Christmas gift ever got

  • I’m liking the new Fitbit app for Android. I think it looks cleaner and more streamlined. I say this is an improvement.

  • Actually, I Mesa able to view LESS at a glance/scroll with the new format.

    Logging squares allow me to move them under edit, but otherwise, I cannot actually access them to log new data.

  • When is Fitbit going to implement a work-around so that Android users do not need to enable location tracking to sync with their phone? I disable my GPS for both privacy/security and battery reasons. I understand that this was originally an Android change, but it’s been a couple of years since Fitbit technical support promised me that a work-around was under development. Where is it?

  • I am taking classes at the gym as in Booty Barre, zumba, step, three days a week how do I count my time/miles for these clases. I also do machines one day a week. Thanks in advance

  • I don’t really like the new dashboard!! It seems more difficult to work. I liked looking at my watch and see the time with the steps!!! PLUS.. YOU TOOK OUT WEIGHTS!!! I TEACH A PUMP CLASS.. I wanted to see how much I burned doing the class and so do my girls who have Fitbit.. HOW CAN I GET WEIGHTS BACK????

  • I do alot of challenges with friends, how can I see their progress if I decide to be a spectator one week. Would be nice to join a challenge with an option to compete or be a fan. Injuries do occur.

  • I liked the old dashboard!! You took out weights I teach a pump CLASS.. This is a Les Mills class, wanted to see how much I burned!!! I wanted to let my class know what they were burning.. Calories!!! HELP!!!!

  • Android? What good is updating the app is over 1/2 your users cant use it? Not to mention, mine came missing the piece you needed to in the inital set up process. Had to use my husbands. So far failing to be impressed.

  • I have th Fitbit Charge 2. I love all but the wide band. I think it looks like a mans. I have the new Alta HR on order because it does everything mine does but it has the more narrow band. I dont go anywhere without it. I am passing my old one down to my husband when I get the Alta HR, so he can stsrt tracking yoo. Thanks Fitbit!!!

  • I am thrilled with my Fitbit HR. I use it religiously. This is my second one. When I had a problem with my first Fitbit not holding it’s charge, I went to and reviewed the hints. Still unsuccessful, I contacted the “help” department. We tried a few other things and eventually without a harsh word by either sides’ account, they replaced my Fitbit with a brand new one. I was VERY impressed with their service. No problems now.
    Thanks Fitbit.

  • I can’t find my alarms on the new dashboard. How do I see my previously set alarms, edit current alarms or add new alarms with the new settings?

  • My fitbit doesn’t show my daily steps on the app.. It shows on my fitbit ok but I can’t see my daily steps on the app.. Any information would be helpful. it was showing fine on the old dashboard layout. I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it and since then I am having this problem.

  • Why am I getting this ‘new’ e-mail that has commends starting in2016 and the last comment was 2 months ago?

  • Is there anyway you could get MyfitnessPal or something similar for calorie or food intake? It has more restaurants and is easier to use. Thank you

  • The new dashboard came with the latest update on my Android Motorola X Pure. I also have Under Armour My Fitness Pal. Now the two app do not communicate after the latest FitBit update and new dashboard. I have tried in installing and re installing both apps with no success. The food logging function on the Fitbit app is very very unuseful compared to My Fitness Pal. Not every food that that one eats has a bar code. If I have to look up the calorie value on another app just to input it into Fitbit I’ll just get rid of my Fitbit and get another compatible tracker. Not a fan of the functionality of the new app. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!

  • I absolutely hate the new dashboard. How can I keep the old one which I really like? If I can’t keep the dashboard I like, how can I rearrange the crappy new dashboard to put the items I want at the top?

  • Love my fitbit! I have been a user for several years and have slowly moved from the flexbit, to the charger HR and now I am enjoying the Blaze. Had one issue with my charger HR, which your support team resolved easily. Thanks for such an amazing device. It keeps me moving and at 62, I need the constant reminder to get going!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Loving all the new updates and changes!!!!

  • With the old dashboard it showed how long you exercised in fat burning, cardiovascular and peak zones. I see you have it marked on a graph that shows 5,10 and 15 or 6,12 and 18 (not sure about top number) I prefer the fat burning, cardiovascular and peak zones. Am I missing something?

  • When I used to log in on my android phone showed my steps. The new app shows my calories and exercise etc but NO where does it show my steps. It doesn’t give me that option under edit. I do not like this new platform. How do I get it to show my daily steps????

  • The dashboard tells me how many minutes I walked or ran, but I would like to know the distance I went during those sessions. Is this possible?

  • Nothing has changed on my app. When will the update? The app has been updated but not showing these features.

  • I would love to log meditation. Fitbit had beef great for meeting my exercises and water goals and I’d like to do the same with meditating.

  • I mostly like the new design. However, the sleep tracking does not display the hours correctly. For example, when I know that I’ve slept from about 11pm to 0600 the next day, it will show some time such as 7:15am to 12:25pm.
    Is there a fix for this?

  • The only problem I have is it jacks up the steps when I ride my motorcycle. Do you have any suggestions for that?

  • I want the old set up for the fit bit, you ought to give people a choice! I do not like the new one at all!

  • I do not like the new set up for the fit bit, you ought to give people a choice to keep the old one! I liked the old one a lot better!

  • I can’t see how much battery is left from my fitbit bracelet. I have to sync on my smartphone to see my battery level. It would be helpful to see it on the bracelet or am I missing something.

  • My calories burned is way off. I wish it wasn’t, but I can’t possibly burn 300 calories, just from getting out of bed.

  • My Fitbit no longer shows me anything. All I have us a circle with a dot and a dash. I have tried everything to reset it and nothing has worked.

  • I love my fitbit. I haven’t downloaded the new one yet but happy with what I have. I love that I can put an alarm on my watch too. Wakes me up every morning right on time.

  • Fitbit One on Samsung tablet. Can’t get sleep tile on opening window. Want only steps and sleep. Seems functionality reduces. Previously, could add/delete/edit individual sleep sessions for when the button got held down accidentally or wasn’t pressed at the correct times.

  • My fitbit is not syncing for the last one month. Reinstalled the app, made my mobile off and on, Bluetooth disabled and enabled, fitbit tracker was also reset adopting the process by pinning in the hole back side for about 5 seconds. Still not syncing with the mobile. Pl any one suggest me to resolve the issue.

  • My Android doesn’t show the steps, floors, miles, etc unless I touch edit. After I look, I touch done, and the screen goes back to a pink What’s New and Edit. How can I see my information without pushing edit all the time??

  • I got the email that the new dashboard is available for android but I don’t see how to update my device. How can that be done?

  • I have not been able to sync my Fitbit since Feb 8. It used to work so well with MyFitnessPal app. I’ve tried logging off and back on but it doesn’t work.

  • You know exactly what I like. I don’t have to do anymore extra reading. Lol. Hasnt been a storybook read! Let’s do this right like we were destined. We made it honey! Just take that extra step and let’s date and do whatever. Just us. I need this and please remove the control. You know I am a liberal with conservative values. I am going to the movies and going to that art place. Come and get me 🙂

  • So as I understand it, as of right now the new dashboard is not available for android. When it is available, will it just be an upgrade to my current dashboard so that I don’t lose my data?

  • I still have the old dash board on my app how do I get the new one?there is a message that ask me to view the new dashboard.However view it is all I can do. Thanks Dixie Brown

  • I bought my fitbit last year it took me a while to start using it. I wear it everyday and it helps me to reach my goals l especially like the notifications I get when I reach a goal it’s like l have my own trainer to help me kudos to you guys

  • My Android doesn’t show any information of my daily results. I have it synced with my watch, and since Jan. 1, ’17, the only information I get is a Fit Bit template, that shows no activity. For the entire 2016 my phone got daily up dates, even showing sleep information. Can you repair this for me? I’ve taken it in to Kohl’s Department where it was purchased for me as a gift in 2015 Dec., and they could not sync it to the phone-I was told to check with Fit Bit. They gave me a address, and after 2 letters, no response. I find this very frustrating, because it was a great gift and motivates me to take the stairs, calorie count etc. HELP!

  • Hi
    I have fit bit charge 2 & for the last week a so it’s recording exercise (elliptical), sometimes during the night when I’m sleeping & during waking hours. This drives me mad as it tells me I’m overachieveing.
    How can I fix this.
    Other than that love my fitbit

  • how do you remove tiles from the screen? I’m trying to remove the replace it with the heart monitor and I’m not even sure of how to do that

  • I’m loving the new dashboard and don’t mind changes it’s all for the better! Actually it matches the website, if you use the Fitbit website (like I do) it’s tiles also.

    I’m liking how fast things sync on the Fitbit app and really enjoying my Fitbit Charge 2. When I first got it I had some problems keeping it connected but 3 restarts and some adjustments and now it’s staying connected without having to have “stay connected all day” turned on.

    I have 2 suggestions I’d love to see. Graphs show info when tapped in certain places. Fingertips are fat. On the Jawbone UP app, you can drag across the graphs and the info shows up. That would be simple to change and I bet your customers would love it. It makes viewing more friendly and informative. You could learn from that app, too bad the UP is so limited.

    Floors for instance can’t be deleted or edited and some other data is the same. Why can’t we change them? It skews our data and that bothers me. I got the Fitdrive app and it works but all of the data should be adjustable not just sleep. Your algorithms can certainly keep up with this so why can’t we delete or edit data it’s a basic function? Then we wouldn’t need another app and more.

    I just got my Fitbit Charge 2 but it’s an awesome health tool, one of the best! The new dashboard is an improvement and I’m all for that!

  • You need to take HR out of the name. The average heart rate fluctuates between 100 and 160 for the same one hour workout. The workout is the same, so obviously the heart rate function is bogus. The technology needs to be improved or just leave it off the description – certainly quit bragging about it at least.

  • I HATE the new dash board. I never see anyone asking for these changes like you claim.. And from what I see, others don’t like it either. No reason to have a Fitbit if you are forced to use this new dashboard that is NOT user friendly and quite frankly looks very generic. I think I will start looking for another brand of tracker.. Fitbits battery is crappy anyway.. There has to be a tracker it there that you don’t have to charge every two days.

    • I agree. HATE the new Android update. Every time I try to join a challenge, it directs me to the app store to install the update (even now, after I updated). After switching, I no longer have heart rate, water, cals in, exercise, sleep icons, and there is no edit button. Burns throught the battery quicker also. Basically, my NEW HR Charge 2 is the most expensive pedometer I ever owned. Considering replacing with Garmin or MisFit…

  • I have an android tablet and I am getting the new dashboard! Can’t say I am crazy about it but am getting used to it. Like the speed when it registers. Sorry you are getting so many complaints. I am very happy with my fitbit flex!! It does just what I wanted and I’ve had it way over a year.

  • I much prefer the old dashboard. I’m having a hats time getting used to this new one. The new one looks like something for kids!

  • As we are changing the clocks in The Eastern Standard Time Zone…Spring Ahead 1 hour…does the clock adjust automatically?

  • I don’t get home from work until after midnight. I was able to page back to the previous day to see how I had done for the day with the old dashboard. Is thar possible on the new dashboard?

  • I just purchased the charge HR. It shows on the screen to “Try a preview of the new dashboard” How do I get the new dashboard on my phone? It’s a LG Sunset android. Thanks

  • Did you guys do anything to improve the bands on the HR? I have the second one now and just got off the phone with you guys about the last one. I had this one just over a year [ the first one not even a year } and the band gets a bubble on it and seperate’s. They both did the same thing, now you gave be a choice to get a discount or a new one just like I got. I will get the new one and we will see if the band is any better. I can not sink since you went to the NEW dashboard !!!!

  • I use a galaxy tablet. I am not able to edit my dashboard to see the derails I want. The red edit button at the bottom dissappears. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it still dissappear. The old dashboard was better for me. If I need to use the new one, please advise on how I can edit the board. Thanjs.

    • I am having a similar issue, only see the top half of the screen on android. I went back to the old dashboard for now. Hoping this will be corrected soon…

  • Can somebody tell me what “Wool 250/250” means? I know it’s having stepped my 250 in an hour, but “Wool”?

  • I don’t like the new dashboard at all. It skimps on sleep information and does not show the 250 steps per hour. I keep using the old dashboard because it works great for me. I hope users won’t be forced to use the new dashboard exclusively.

  • By the way, has FitBit ever thought about making a clock option in military time (24-hour clock)? People who work in the medical field and lots of factories need to see the time as 14:00, not 2:00 pm.

  • I’ve a Charge 2. I received an email about the new dashboard. I tried going on the app on my phone and computer and have had no success in seeing the new dashboard and options to change? Please help.

  • New version sucks. Harder to understand. Liked what you had better. Stop screwing up a good thing. Is this just job security on the part of the it department. Not as user friendly. Typical.

  • Regarding Peter C.’s comments of 11-19-16. I agree completely. With the new dashboard you are unable to see all your data without having to scroll. I hate it! People should have a choice which version they want. The “new and improved” app is a piece of…junk (I’ll be nice).

  • Hello,

    I have few questions:
    1. Why when I doing bike activity he count also my steps?
    2. Why there is no counts of altitude?
    3. There is option to connect Fitbit to Strava app.?

    Best Regards

  • The new dashboard application started on my android phone on March 11, 2017. Big disappointment for me. I run daily and I can find my run stats/results anymore. My old dashboard provided my run information I needed. What the heck? Is there a run tile on this new dashboard or am I sh** out of luck?

  • i wish there was a tile showing a days calories consumed along side the days calories burned. it is the differential that makes for weight loss and that’s why for the most part I am wearing the tracker. These two numbers are my motivation for exercise and appetite control. A daily 1000 calorie differential equates to two pounds a week. Less then that, my weight loss slows, but I don’t get discouraged because I am able to see why I didn’t lose, then do something about it. What do you say.

  • I hate the new format. I love that on the old one I can have the six things I want to see the most are all on the screen as soon as I turn it on. On the new format they are just a jumble and much harder to see the information you want. I sure hope I won’t have to change to the new format.

  • Received My fitbit flex 2 in December but it has now stopped syncing with my phone. Is there a fix for this? Otherwise it is just an overpriced odometer.

  • Message disappeared. Hope I’m not repeating myself. Wanted to know if it was possible for sleep to show up on Fitbit? I know it does on the computer, but there are days that I don’t have time to log on to it, to see how many hours I slept.

  • Worst thing I ever bought – EVER. I am stuck with a brand new $99 Fitbit HR that I can’t use. It won’t sync to my “old” Samsung galaxy prime. I spent a month deciding whether to return it or buy a new phone that it would sync to. A new phone was too expensive so I decided to return it only to find out it can’t be returned because 42 days had passed and 30 days was the limit. Tried to sell it – no one wants it.

  • This new dash theres bo icon for alarm which is impoetant for me..ya you can personalize by rearranging and feleting whats on there but theres bo alarm or barcode and such… How can I add it on..??

  • I have a Fitbit Charge and LOVE IT also have the Dashboard on my phone however for last week it will not sync. Indicates cannot reach Everything appears as usual except it will not sync my steps to my phone??
    Help! I love all the data it gives me on my phone however don’t know what to do…..

  • The new app is great. I do have a problem with the food part. I cannot delete some of the items I put down as a one timer. I also cannot add new food that I eat mostly. I do have an android so that may be the problem.

  • I need to know what can. I do to.get my fit bit HR to track the stairs climbed on the stair master at the gym. It does count the actual physical stairs that I climb

  • Hi I have a charge 2 that has been waterproofed by Waterfi. They said that the altimeter would be not functioning correctly because of this. Can I turn that function off on the app? Also where can I get the upgraded dashboard since I already have the old version? Thank you.

  • I have a fitbit that it does not record what i do daily. I text this problen before and the problem till exist. It will be a year old in april and i am not happy about this product. The othet day it register that i walk up 27 flights of stairs. I only did 2. So that means
    The rest of the fitbit cant be accurate too. What can i do?

  • I am enjoying my fitbit. I am curious, however, about how to track my calories. I have set-up a food plan and entered how many calories I want to eat per day. But the fitbit does not simply count my calories. It shows calories in vs calories out and will tell me I’ve had over 1500 calories when by my count I’m under 1400. Can you clear this mystery up for me?

  • I am not a fan of the new dashboard. The old one let me put the modules I like in any order. For me to like the new dashboard, you need to let me put any tile in the Daily Stats tile. Particularly, I want to see the instant heart rate and water consumption. To me, the steps and miles are redundant and the calories is a significant overlap as well.

  • Since Daylight Savings time my times are messed up my hours for steps were 7 am to 8 pm can’t get that back and when I do my 250 steps an hour it skips hours like recording 3 for 2 and I know see how to get the updated app

  • I still find it ridiculous that Fitbit won’t add snow shoveling to the activities list. That’s a high intensity activity that should get credit and is performed by most users.

  • I use it on Windows and android. This is nice information but it should include links to get the latest and greatest! Why waste my time to find it somewhere?

  • I have an android phone and my fit bit app says it updating but I don’t have the same colors on my food calories that the iPhone users in my family have is it supposed to be different if not can you tell me why I can’t get this update

  • More then sure dash board is cool mind has not up dated yet. Hope will have more challeges and avable to do with more then 10 people. Thank you.

  • hi I have a Fitbit HR when I get a call on my cell it shows unknown caller. Can that be changed to display the name of the person calling like my phone?. Also can I have text messages on my Fitbit? Please and thank you.

  • I have the Fitbit Blaze it doesn’t hold a charge and that is real disappointing. Plus you can’t tell how charged it is it doesn’t give a percentage of charge. Can this be fixed. I like to know the percentage of charge I have on my Blaze.

  • When will this new dashboard be available for Android users? See no way to update nor even check the version I have.

  • When trying to edit the new dashboard, the tiles won’t stay where I move them. They bounce right back to where they were. I hate this!

  • I have a Fitbit HR and an LG G3 phone. The new dash board won’t sync.
    It keeps showing – tracker not found.
    March 6th is the last day my phone would sync.

  • the new dash is cool, flashy I suppose. I would rather see more work on the graphs on heartbeat and so on. the y axis shows random numbers like 82 and 137 rather than intervals of 5 or 10. Also the band on the watch wears out. had to glue it back to the watch. Whats up there?

  • You folks are pretty funny,,, you would not post my comments because I hate the new dashboard. Way to go…i will never buy another product from you and will tell as many people I can about the piece of $150 junk you sell.

  • I like that you can personalize by clicking on edit. However, I would like to switch my sleep to the top, but it won’t let me go beyond the square.

  • Is it possible to add a Notes category to the daily listing or dashboard? I keep finding that I want to make note of how, let say, my health effected my walking or my sleep that day. Also, if you could tell me what to do to get my Fitbit Ch2 to read when I go up and down stairs? For some reason it is not registering the stairs, and stairs are hard for me so I definitely want credit for it when I do it. Thanks so much for your help.

  • I was disappointed that the Track my Workout category is no longer available. Or am I just not seeing it.

  • Since the new dashboard has updated I am unable to track my runs and see my split time. Before all I had to do was tap the “run” on my fitbit Charge and have my phone with me. After my run I was able to see the GPS ( map) of where all I ran and my splits per mile. Now I can only see a snap shot. date, miles, avg bpm, total time and pace but not my the map nor the split. Am I over looking something? I really like the old way, very simple and only one touch to make all that happen.

  • Since the update I can not find or view steps on my smart phone. Steps are on on my fitbit. When I tried to edit on my smart phone, Steps was not an option. Also it shows not exercise, no history…. Not sure what happened after I updated. And, the elliptical time & calories on my fitbit are not the same as the machine at the gym.

  • I’very lost everything on my dashboard except the number of steps. How do I get the oth r r stats back. I would prefer to go back to the old format. I hate the new one.

  • How do I reset my fitbit. It’s not tracking my steps online. It shows on the fitbit but that’s it.

  • On the old dashboard, I would see a tile appear showing a recent activity and summary of time and calories burned. On the new dashboard, I only see an overall summary of all daily activity. Is there a setting to get those tiles to appear for specific activities on a daily basis?

  • I wonder why it takes so long to sync my fitbit to my android. I do it every evening when I go to bed and it buffers for at least 3 plus min.

  • I purchased the Blaze for my birthday. Love it. I would like to see a charge percentage on my Android Phone’s dashboard. Does not seem to show up, or I don’t know how to do it. Suggestions?

  • My fit bit is NOW inaccurately documenting my steps… as of this new UPDATE…. How did I manage to get over 23,000 steps by 11am… NOT POSSIBLE!

  • I bought a FitBit and it doesn’t seem to communicate at all with the Google Pixel – all I want right now is it to work with the phone function (let me know when a call is coming in) – can it not do that????

  • I have been trying to rearrange the tiles on the dashboard and there seems to be a pre-configuration. When I move certain tiles other tiles move with it so I am not able to truly customize. My center box tiles calories in vs out, weight, food plan and water consumption are not in the order I want. Every time I try and move water and food plan to the top all the tiles on the dashboard get rearranged, please advise.

  • For the first day and half my phone and sync, couldn’t get it to sync. Had a hard time connecting to my Fitbit to my phone. Finally got it connected and the phone dropped my Fitbit after a few hours. It’s been connected for a day, but is that temporary?

  • How can I get the new Dashboard for my Android phone? Is it available yet? Also, I think when I first got my Fitbit, I would get an e-mail notifying me that the battery was getting low. I can’t find a way to activate that notification (assuming it’s available).


  • I don’t like the new dashboard for Android either, I want the old one back.I paid alot of money for this and it doesn’t even work right anymore.

  • How do I get my Fitbit Charge to show the date? It used to and I can’t figure out why it’s not doing it now.

  • why doesn’t the food tile show when you are under or over budget? I really liked the over and under color change easy to tell where you are as far as exercise now I have to go to another page to check over under.

  • My Fitbit is not syncing to my phone this has been happening since the new dashboard. It worked for 1 1/2 days 4 days l tried pairing it to my phone. It’s worked for almost 2 days now it’s not syncing says there is an error try again. What’s the problem the old format worked!

  • My Fitbit is not syncing to my phone this has been happening since the new dashboard. It worked for 1 1/2 days 4 days l tried pairing it to my phone. It’s worked for almost 2 days now it’s not syncing says there is an error try again. What’s the problem the old format worked! Maybe a duplicate report when’s it going to be corrected!

  • My band has fallen apart. This was gifted to me. How do you recommend that I get it repaired. I have enjoyed it up to now. The battery only lasts about two days.

  • I have the Fitbit Alta and LOVE IT!

    Only downfall….it doesn’t track floors. It would be great if the APP would allow you to manually add your floors like you can add how much water you drink.

  • The hourly alert on my Fitbit Charger has quit working. I am recovering with a bout with cancer and was relying on it to keep me moving. What should I do? Also very briefly I received notifications that I was receiving a phone call or message. That, also, no longer works, which is disappointing. What to do?

  • I hate the new dashboard. It takes forever to load the data. Sure wish I could have my old dashboard back!

  • How do I get the floors to come onto my dashboard? I currently only have steps, cals, miles, and minutes. Also how do I get it to count my biking.

  • How do I get the new dashboard? It hasn’t updated or anything! Plus,, how do you add exercises? Mine currently says running, hiking and one other thing. I’m pretty sure there are more exercises than that!

  • Since the new dashboard was installed, I cannot sync my phone. The message comes up that the tracker is not found. I have uninstalled the app and installed it, I have turned off the tracker and back on and have turned my phone off and when the phone comes on that is the only time it will sync. Any ideas. I had no problems with the previous dashboard.

  • Since the new dashboard was installed, I cannot sync my phone. The message comes up that the tracker is not found. I have uninstalled the app and installed it, I have turned off the tracker and back on and have turned my phone off and when the phone comes on that is the only time it will sync. Any ideas. I had no problems with the previous dashboard.

  • Dash board is fine. My problem is I get credited for only .70 to a mile. Tried adjusting stride but results are the same. How do you adjust it?

  • When I turn my wrist to see the screen on my Charge 2, there is no display anymore – blank screen. I’ve tried turning and flipping my wrist dozens of ways. I have it set to show the time, date, and steps on the first screen and now need to push the side button to see them. I bought my Fitbit three months ago. Anyone else have this problem? Is it fixable or do I need to return it?

  • Just curious…my husband & I bought our Charge 2 FitBits at the same time. We keep them on. My FitBit updated with the new Dashboard but his FitBit did not receive the new one. I am wondering why not?

  • Since the change my Fitbit will not connect to my Bluetooth on my phone only when I click on to my sleep log.

  • Heart Rate is one of the most important features to me. Heart Rate Icon does not move up to second level with miles and calories. How can this be accomplished?

  • What happened to the old dashboard option? It disappeared this morning and left the new dashboard. Bring back the option. I prefer the old dashboard.

  • I prefer the old dashboard. Is it still available? The option button is now missing on the new dashboard. Is it there?

  • i hate the new dashboard. it DOES NOT show more does not show your goal number.i hate those ridiculous circles and chunky boxes. i like the bar chart better. Please bring it back.

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