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These Students Used Fitbit to Win MIT’s Biggest Hackathon

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(Image of BeaverDash via Zoe Sheinkopf, Technique) Over the first weekend in October, MIT held its biggest hackathon yet. Hundreds of undergraduates set up camp for HackMIT with a shot at a potential prize of up to $4,000. Fitbit—along with other services including Uber, Google Places, and DirecTV—provided its API for participants to create...

Hack Night at Fitbit

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Each month all San Francisco Fitbit employees are invited to join in a hack night project. This casual event is an opportunity for employees to tinker and participate in various fun projects. The first few hack nights focused on learning to solder using various kits from Adafruit and Sparkfun — some favorites were TV-B-Gone, MiniPOV and...