5 Workspace To-Dos Before Checking Out for the Holidays


The new year is all about making fresh starts and healthy resolutions in your personal life, so why not apply that to your work life, too? Imagine returning back to the office after the holiday break with a clean, calm workstation. Sounds pretty appealing, right? Follow these tips and you’re sure to get the new year off to a fresh and healthy start at work!

1. Clear Away the Clutter

Although it can seem daunting to tackle the pile of files, memos, and more on your desk, there’s no better time to do a workspace-refresh than the end of the year. Not only will your desk be more pleasant to look at when you get back in January, but a clean work area will set you up to be more motivated and productive. Evaluate what you have on your desk and in your drawers, and only keep what you use. Papers can be filed or recycled, and loose pens and other office supplies can be tidied up or returned to the supply closet.

2. Upgrade Your Lunch Bag

You might already know bringing your lunch is an effective way to eat healthy and save money, but if you’re not already doing it, treating yourself to a new lunch bag or container might be just the nudge you need. Similar to the way wearing a new workout outfit can get you pumped up for a fitness class, a brand new lunch bag (or a fun, retro lunchbox) can make you all the more motivated to pack a lunch.

3. Get Organized

Ditch your not-always-reliable mental to-do list for a digital task management system, like Wunderlist. The helpful tool can store your reminders, lists, deadlines, notes, and more all in one place—so you never have to scratch your head again trying to remember what that brilliant idea was, or if you need to grab milk on your way home tonight.

4. Clean Up Your Email Inbox

Getting your email inbox to zero may be unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little more manageable. Clearing away low-priority and junk messages will make it easier for you to find the ones that urgently need your attention. Create folders to help you file away important info and must-dos, and try to head into the new year with an empty inbox.

5. Rethink Your Commute

Re-routing your commute could be just what you need to help you reach your activity goals in the new year. And planning it out now will take the anxiety out of getting to work on the first day back from the holidays. If you commute by bus or subway, consider getting off a stop or two earlier than your usual one. Drive in? You can get more steps by parking farther away from the building. This is something some organizations are really encouraging staffers to try. For example, the wellness team at Kimberly-Clark, a company that participates in the Fitbit Wellness program, recently painted red, yellow, and green markers in their lot to encourage parkers to take advantage of the extra activity. Green markers indicate greater distance and more steps.


Want to bring more great health tips to the office? Learn how Fitbit Wellness can help your company develop a successful wellness program, create engaging challenges, and improve employee health.

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