4 Ways to Sweat Your Next Birthday Party

I love spending time with my friends and family—especially when there’s a major moment to celebrate, like an engagement or birthday! Sometimes those gatherings are all about having fun, but other times I want to do something active.

That’s what I lean towards when it comes to birthday celebrations. I love when my friends don’t just have another party, but instead do something that gets everyone moving. If that sounds like you, too, here are some ways to sweat your next birthday with your favorite people:

4 Ways to Bring Fitness to the Party

Get out in nature. I love hiking—there’s just something about being outside, surrounded by beauty, and breathing in fresh air. And luckily, hiking is the perfect thing to do with a group of friends. Pick a park nearby, find a route that matches the fitness levels of your crew (you want people to enjoy themselves!), and pack some yummy treats to enjoy along the way.

Sign up for a lesson. Whether you’ve always wanted to try surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or rock climbing, use your birthday as a chance to finally give it a shot. I feel like it’s good to do something outside of your normal comfort zone every now and then, and being surrounded by your friends can make it a lot less terrifying. You never know, you and your friends might discover a love for something new!

Have some friendly competition. Split up your crew into teams and put on a little “Birthday Battle.” Come up with a set number of tasks—maybe everyone needs to take turns swimming 10 laps, then jogging around the pool, then doing 20 sit-ups—and see which team finishes first. The best part: Everyone wins by getting in a great workout!

Take a dance class. I know, I know, I always go dancing. But here’s the thing: Whenever you dance, it automatically makes the moment feel like a party. That’s why it’s the perfect thing to do for your birthday. There are so many different kinds of classes you can take: ballet, salsa, Zumba, whatever fits your mood! Then take those same moves out on the town that night—the club won’t know what hit it.

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