Celebrating Black History Month With an Exciting New Fitness Series

It’s Black History Month, and Fitbit is celebrating by featuring Black voices in health and wellness all month long. We’re excited to roll out some insightful new content featuring health, history, and moments relevant to the Black experience, like the Black History EmPowerment walk, an audio guided walk honoring Black excellence throughout history, found in the Fitbit app. 

One of the things we’re most excited about this month is an upcoming series of video workouts hosted by Black wellness experts Nicole Steen, Paul Wright, and Koya Webb on Instagram Live and IGTV. 

From cardio dance and bodyweight exercises to yoga and mindfulness, these workouts have a little something for everyone—both physically and mentally. Each will consist of an engaging 20-minute workout, followed by a 10- to 15-minute conversation meant to stimulate personal, historical, and educational reflection on Black history. We can’t wait to hear what they have to share with us! 

Join us every Wednesday morning at 9 AM PT, starting on February 10: 

February 10: 20-minute Black History Cardio Dance Class with Nicole Steen, followed by a thought-provoking conversation

Nicole tells us, “This class will celebrate the rich history of dance in the African Diaspora with Latin, Caribbean, African, and Hip-Hop rhythms that will get you shaking your hips, shimmying your shoulders, and bouncing to the beat! So, get ready to have fun, burn tons of calories, and celebrate the significant and immeasurable impact of Black dance artists throughout history!”

February 17: 20-minute Black History Month Full Body Mix with Paul Wright, followed by conversation 

Paul explains, “Black History Month is always a time for me to reflect on how far Black people have come in America. These thoughts always fuel me to work harder and motivate me to be my best. I use this for motivation during the month of February, and as momentum to carry me through the year.” 

“I come from an athletic background so I’m always going to try and bring out the inner athlete in you during my classes,” he shares. “I am personally inspired by the success of athletes such as Jackie Joyner Kersee on the track, Jackie Robinson on the baseball diamond, and Simone Manuel in the pool. I use their triumphs to fuel my athletic fire and remind me that impossible is nothing!

Training like an athlete and with an athletic mindset requires much more focus than just ‘working out’, but we always get so more out of our movements when they are intentional, and it with intention that we must approach Black History Month. A goal to learn more, do more, and be involved in celebrating the Black heroes of today and yesterday.”  

This circuit training class will inspire you and push you as you work through functional movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, and twisting. In every set of this workout we will progress each movement and find new ways to challenge your strength, control, and focus. Expect to spend a lot of time under tension in isometric movements and quickly move into athletic exercises that will increase your heart-rate and your strength. 

February 24: 20-minute Meditation + Movement with Koya Webb, followed by conversation

Koya shares, “Black excellence is resilience despite all odds. When we take care of our mental, spiritual, and physical health we empower ourselves with the confidence and fortitude needed to overcome adversity. 

Breath is spirit. Linking the breath with movement, poses and awareness is yoga. Yoga connects us mentally and physically to spirit through breathwork and mindfulness. Especially in the Black community, we need an outlet to process our collective pain as humanity heals itself by addressing past and present abuse. 

Every movement in yoga is assisted with an inhale or an exhale that can calm or energize your nervous system while increasing blood flow, strength, and flexibility. Marginalized people and people taking a stand against oppression need time to rest and recover as we all progress difficult emotions while also holding space for change and evolution.” 

With stress and anxiety at an all-time high this meditation + movement class by Koya Webb will meet people where they are and guide them through a deeper connection to inner peace, stress relief, and liberation they can feel and duplicate daily to empower themselves.

Can’t tune in live? No problem. Find these workouts on Fitbit’s Instagram account, and even more in the Discover tab of the Fitbit app. 

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