Fitbit Charge HR & Fitbit Surge Now Available! (Plus, New Colors for Fitbit Charge)

New Fitbit products: Charge, ChargeHR, and Surge

Last October, we alerted the world that Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge were coming in early 2015. Today, we’re excited to announce that they’ve arrived just in time for your New Year’s resolutions! You can order either product at the Fitbit online store today, and both will be widely available in major North American retailers, including Best Buy, Brookstone, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, REI, The Sports Authority and Target, by the end of January. Availability in select countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America will come shortly after.

If you’re a Fitbit Charge fan, we have good news for you too! You can now order the Charge in either blue or burgundy, to complement the already-available colors of black and slate.

Fitbit is always working to enhance our full line of award-winning trackers to deliver even more advanced, game-changing features designed to make tracking more intuitive and efficient, so on top of new products we’re also offering two new features coming soon to all Fitbit users:

  • Multi-device support: enables up to 5 Fitbit devices to sync to one account, giving you all your stats at any time, no matter which tracker you’re wearing
  • Exercise summaries on display: shows all your exercise stats directly on the Charge HR display, so you can see how well you performed during and after your workout, providing quick access to stats

We’re always working to improve our products, so keep checking back for new announcements. Here’s to an active 2015!

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  • yippy! I’m so excited! I could have had the surge earlier when you all did the early release of it, but I wanted to wait for the blue one ( I’m a KC royals fan and I wear mostly blue.) Any news on when other colours my be available?

    • My friend has a blue fitbit, but I have a purple one. They are so cool they tell the time, how many steps you take, how many miles you walk,how many calories you burn,how many floors you’ve walked,and how many times you run. And you can time yourself on things you do but they won’t time for a day,and plus you would be an idiot anyway if you didn’t know there are 24 hours in a day,and you can time how long you sleep at night! I am in love with my Fitbit and if you want to buy one buy one at Target they have the best ones but just don’t buy the flex Fitbit those are just plain stupid!

  • Are any of these versions compatible with Endomondo Sports Tracker app? Will real-time heart rate monitoring display through the app similar to Mio Global HRM?

  • Why is it a 6-8 week pre-order just to purchase the plum Charge HR? Why were all the colors not made available at once. I really wanted to get going in tracking my data ever since losing my One back in October and have been waiting, but I didn’t want a generic black one so that it was something I noticed and didn’t lose easily.

  • On the Charge HR screen, it is available in four colors. However in the store, it is only available in two.

    I was excited to hear this is available for purchase; I’ve been waiting on this particular product but am only interested in the blue. Can you tell me when I can expect the blue to be available?


  • The online store says ships in 8-10 weeks… are they really available now? I’d love to order one but if it’s another 2 months until I receive it, I’ll wait for it to come out in stores.

  • When I went to the Fitbit store to order the Surge, there was a ‘note’ in the order form that they were shipping in 1-2 weeks….so is the Surge available to ship today, making it worth my while to pay for next day shipping, or will it ship in potentially a couple of weeks, which means it isn’t worth it to pay for next day shipping?

  • I just pre-ordered the Fitbit Charge HR for myself and one for my husband. I got mine in Plum (LG) and it will be in 4-6 weeks. I ordered him a Black one (XLG) and his will be in 6-8 weeks. Looking forward to trying them out.

  • I don’t understand — I can order it now, but when does it actually ship? 3-5 days or 4-5 weeks? I’ve seen both on the order page. Big difference!

  • I’m a bit confused about the readiness of the Fitbit Charge HR. You indicate here that it is available for purchase, and your website says “Buy Now,” but once it’s in my cart, it indicates that it’s only a pre-order, and the Fitbit won’t ship for 6-8 weeks. If it’s going to be available at local retailers at the end of the month, it sounds like I’d get it several weeks earlier that way…

  • Hi,

    Is there any update as to when the Charge HR will be released on general sale in the UK?

    Very keen to get one and have put off buying the Charge as I am waiting for the Charge HR to be released..

  • I am an 82 year old woman who is struggling with spinal stenosis – it is so easy to sit and get comfortable – I got a fitbit to keep myself moving as much as possible to stay out of a nursing home. I try to push 1500 steps a day, which to you might seem silly I would imagine – to me it is monumental. Am wanting to secure your scale to shed about 15 pounds which just might make my steps get to 2000 per day. Also own an RV I don’t want to part with – and it is just me as I just lost my husband. Suggestion – I have to get the pliers to secure the fitbit each week. It takes a lot of pressure for an old lady to get that closure down secure. Thanks for a great product.

  • The fitbit website shows the new chargeHR coming in tangerine, yet now that it is released it is only available in black and plum. Will fitbit be releasing more colors soon?

  • I am sorely disappointed over the release of the charge HR less than 2 weeks after Christmas. I purchased the charge as a holiday Gift and would have waited if the release date of the charge hr was known.

  • This is what I have been waiting for. I love my Fitbit Flex which was just recently replaced, but I’ve been waiting for the Charge HR and I’m getting it.
    One thing that a lot of us are asking, please let my Fitbit data sync with Google Fit. Thanks.

  • When will other colors be available in the SURGE? It shows in description blue and tangerine but only black is available for purchase.


  • I will stay with Fitbit and buy one of these devices as soon as you integrate with Apples Health Kit and also better integrate with Runkeeper.

  • I have the Fitbit flex, I have only had it 2 weeks. I am having a problem with the Fitbit flex not tracking all the steps. I walked 6 miles and the app as well as the flex only show 2.9 miles.

  • Any word on a date for the UK been dying to get a surge since before Xmas I love my Flex but been waiting ages to update it as i just missed out on the Force would be nice to know when i can get it?

  • fitbit is not for everyone….. I have been waiting years for someone to design a product for those of us who are much larger than average. My wrist measures 10″ and you new xlarge product only fits up to 9.1″

    Someday someone will care about us XXL and our disposable incomes.

  • High five for allowing sync with multiple devices! I love my One because I can wear it hidden when I’m dressed up and it’s a little easier to wear with boxing gloves for my kickboxing classes, but I’d also like to wear a bracelet version sometimes too and take advantage of the benefits of some of those devices. Now I just need to decide which one to get. Thanks for listening to your customers!

  • Got all excited. Went to the Fitbit online store to order. Haven’t hit the order button because it is showing “Ships in 3 months.” Here, it is saying in some stores by the end of the month. I would have thought you could get it faster from Fitbit. Am I missing something?

  • I received the email announcing the arrival of the Surge and placed my order at the Fitbit store. At the end of the ordering process, I learned it would ship in 6 to 8 weeks. I would have been better off waiting to purchase it in a store.

  • i bought a fitbit flex for christmas and would like to know if there are any other persons who have contacted you that were sight impaired? non 24 diagnosis? I bought htis to get it diagnosed. Hopefully it wiill let my doctor see that I sleeep from 3 am to 10 am or 11am. Please email me .

  • Dangit! I just left Canada to come home to New Zealand and missed my Fitbit Surge window of opportunity. Any chance of finding out what the release date for NZ will be?

  • That’s interesting. On the UK website it sayings coming soon and by the looks of things hasn’t been released. Can I ask, when will it actually be released it the UK? Both the charge HR and Surge?

  • Thank you so much for these amazing products. I’ve waited with anticipation for the charge hr. I was so excited and then found out it’s only in black or plum when with the blue be available?

  • I received an email saying the HR was available. I went to Dick’s sporting goods and they said they have not received any shipments for either of the HR or the Surge. When do you anticipate they will be available in stores for purchase?

  • It’s great that there are new products out. I think you should have a trade in program for older items. I have a fit bit flex but I’d love to upgrade. I can upgrade a working cell phone why not a fit bit? I’m sure there would be a market for refurbished items.

  • I went to your website and the charge HR says “available for preorder” , so have they actually come out or are they still not released?

  • too I hope? I have been checking that site everyday waiting for them to show up so I can use my gift cards from the holidays.

  • Hi!

    I’m very excited about Fitbit Charge HR. Will it be available in Portugal? If so, when?
    Thank you for your attention!


  • I was hoping you could expand a little more on the multi-device support? Does this mean if I own two Fitbit devices (I currently have a One and have pre-ordered a Surge) I can swap between the two? I’m really excited about the Surge, but there are some instances where I don’t think I’ll want to wear the watch and would prefer to be able to wear my One instead. Is this the capability being introduced?

    • That’s exactly what it will be! So you can wear your One throughout the day, and just wear a Surge when you’re exercising/want to.

  • Just installed the Fitbit wireless wristband and a am using the small wristband. However I cannot get it to snap or hook together…the prongs do not seem to be long enough to hook on to the band…help!

    What is the secret to securing the band on my wrist?

  • I am in the gym daily for two hours, on weights and running an hour each day. Im down 50lbs and looking toward 50 more? May be to much weight loss but will wait till cross that bridge. I stopped all processed sugar and am vegetarian, so no meat also. Many salads and do need more recipes, which I see on this site. I would love to own Fitbit that tracks cals, etc. but going to the gym each day gets spendy, I could never afford high cost! A bit bummed cuz have looked at for sometime, with disabilities your cost is to high for me! Maybe someday they will go down some? I do love them! Thanks for great product. Kallie

  • I just received the fit bit product ordered from QVC. One promise that was made in their show was that the product they were offering could also keep up with your heart rate.
    The product I was sent doesn’t have that feature. That was one of the main reasons I ordered it.
    You should make QVC apologize to all who ordered the product and they should have to make good on what they advertise.
    I was sent the Fit bit Flex.

  • When will you release the new colors for Fitbit Surge? I can hardly wait to purchase one but I don’t like black. Please release new colors soon!

  • Can I ask for a estimated time of sale in the UK please, as I am holding on for the Surge and would really like my January enthusiasm to be supplemented by it. I fear that Fitbit may miss the boat if you are to wait much longer.

  • I just purchased for myself the Fitbit Flex for Christmas. Can I return it and upgrade it to the new
    Fitbit Surge and ChargeHR.
    I probably will have to do the exchange where I purchased it or can I do it via the Internet.

  • When I clicked add to cart for the chargeHR there was a line at the bottom that said pre-order- ships in 8-10 weeks. Is this product available to ship right away or is this really something I’d need to wait 2 months for when it will be available in store by the end of this current month?

  • had my fitbit since October 2014, talked 7 people into getting one and mine died this morning, 10th January 2015, what do I do? Am I able to send it direct to you?

  • My wife would like to buy the Surge. You carry a Small and a Large. My wife has a wrist size of 6.5 inches which is at the top of Small and bottom of Large. Does not leave much room if she needs to increase or decrease size depending on the choice. Will you be coming out with a medium? Medium is what would suit her the best assuming it is in between the small and the large.


  • I love my fitbit flex.I am tracking my sleep so what does 3 mins awake (2x) and 15 mins restless (6x) mean? where do i find this information?

    many thanks ruby alonso

  • I started with the One. I now have the Charge and just wanted to comment on the wearability. Most of the time having it on the wrist works, except when wearing bulky coats and big mitts. When doing chores outdoors in the cold the wrist band can be a little uncomfortable. So I just put it in my pocket. When dressing up to go out for supper, it doesn’t make a fashion statement. Therefore I have a suggestion; it would be nice to have the option to wear it 3 different ways wrist,pocket and neck. Having it come off the strap and putting it in your pocket. On the back you could have some sort of an eye to thread a cord through to wear it as a necklace. As for the improvements to the technology I love it.

  • After receiving notification that they were available, placed my order for a Charge HR. When can I expect delivery? Thanks…………………..jss

  • We should be able to trade up! And is there a different fastener on it than the regular fitbit? Mine keeps coming off and I don’t want to lose $99

  • When I put a plum Charge HR in my cart on the FitBit site it still shows to ship in 8-10 weeks. Is that the case or has the online store just not been updated?

  • When do you plan on releasing more colors for the Charge HR? Black and Plum just are not an option for me!

    I love your products and can’t wait to get a new Charge HR!

  • I can’t find Fitbit Surge anywhere in Hong Kong. Neither can I seem to be able to order it online for delivery in HK (for Free delivery). Please help.

  • I registered a new Fitbit Charge on my laptop. I also want to register my Fitbit Charge on my mobile phone. I have downloaded the app to my phone. I am repeatedly told that I cannot register my Fitbit Charge on my phone as my email address is already in use.

    Please tell me how to register with the same personal information on my mobile app that I used on my computer.

  • I’ve been waiting for the new Charge HR. It’s going to be my third fitbit product. I got an email from fitbit the other day announcing the new products were available. Of course this was several weeks after they were available in stores and they are all backordered… As a customer for over two year and signed up for updates I was dissapointed to be the last to hear.

  • Can you tell me when the Charge HR comes to germany? I need a fitness tracker and can’t wait to long. Thank you for your effort.

  • So when are all of the colors going to be available for the Charge HR and Surge? Are they going to have replacement bands like the flex?

  • When can we expect a release DATE on the surge colors? I have a Christmas present of charge, but really want the orange surge! Saying very soon isn’t a big help. Thanks.

  • Can you give a better idea when the large plum charge hr will ship I have ordered one but nothing has been said as to when it will ship?

  • I see that Bed Bath and Beyond carries fitbit all fitbit products except the charge HR and the Surge. When will these two products become availabe at Bed Bath and Beyond?

  • Does the surge time and date display stay on or does it have to be activated? Hopefully it stays on so it can be easily used as a watch as well.

  • So excited about the multi-device support! Like a couple other folks I’ve seen here, I have a Surge but there are some circumstances (especially work-related) where I can’t wear a large watch and would need to wear a One or another device instead for a while. Multi-device support is exactly what would make things perfect for me.

    Do you have any timeframe for when that will roll out?

  • I’ve had my fitbit for 10 months now and it has completetly died on me. I charged it everytime it advised me of low battery and now nothing. No lights and won’t even sinc to my phone. I read this week that there was a total recall on it. Is this true? For what we pay, I sure hope that warranty is still available. I loved my fitbit.

  • I just want to say that I really like the new blue color of the Charge, which was released at the same time (or perhaps it just got restocked at my local BestBuy). I didn’t particularly like the Slate color I had on a Flex not long ago, because it didn’t look very much like a “girl” color. The blue Charge is a good color for both sexes, I think. The fact that it is a little brighter seems to make it more gender neutral. Thanks!

  • My Charge HR isn’t counting stair steps. I am recovering from knee replacement and am still doing stairs one at a time. Is that why? I thought it was supposed to sense air pressure change.

    • Your Charge HR will count one floor each time it detects continuous motion combined with an elevation gain of about 10 feet. For more information, click here. If you have any additional questions, let us know!

  • They seem to be amazing products! But to my huge disappointment on mobile app for Windows phone all new features are not supported. I hope that Windows phone users will not be forgotten and can benefit from using Surge and Charge HR as well.

  • I bought the Surge for my husband, he loves it. Surge has really great features. I want one for myself but it’s just too big, the small is just a shorter band, not difference in the device size. How about making a smaller version that will lay flat on a womans wrist? Then add the purple color & count me in!!

  • Hi Dan,

    Do you mind me asking when you ordered yours and when you received it? I ordered mine on the 6th and can’t wait for it to get here!!! Thanks!

  • Just got my Charge Hr today and enjoying it. However, disappointed with the sizing. My wrist is 6″ so I decided to go for the small. I tried on the large at the store and it seemed too big. Now the small seems too small. Should have gotten the large.

  • I am a female with a 6″ wrist. The small is okay, a little small for my liking. Got the small because of the measurements provided by The large should fit your wife just right, especially since recommends not wearing it too tight. Hope this helps.

  • I am so looking forward to the muliple devices syncing to one account – any predicted dates for this please – I have a brand new One waiting in its package and need to return to Amazon if this is not for a while….

  • Is there a place that we can track future developments for these devices? They have a lot of potential and it would be cool to see what might be coming up.

  • Doe anyone know when fitbit will allow the multiple-device support listed above? My Charge should be arriving soon and I will want to go back and forth between that and my flex.

  • Oh my so excited to get my Charge HR which says it’s on back order. Does anybody have a time line of how long it took from order to receiving?

  • Can’t wait to get my surge! I ordered one several weeks ago, but no news yet when it’s actually going to be mailed. A little frustrating, with no response yet from customer service and no estimated time for when it might ship. Can’t wait, though!

  • Got the Charge HR a month ago. Been great and seems very accurate for heart rate, walks, workout time and floors climbed. Have given up my watch and now rely on my HR for everything. Thanks Fitbit.

  • I see that this article says this is a feature coming soon: Multi-device support: enables up to 5 Fitbit devices to sync to one account, giving you all your stats at any time, no matter which tracker you’re wearing.

    Do you have a timeline on this? I actually purchased a Surge a few weeks ago and I am loving it but I can’t wear it all the time in a professional setting. I actually purchased the Flex tonight after learning you can camouflage it with more professional looking bracelets thinking I would wear the Surge when I am working out and the Flex for everyday wear. Now I just realized I can’t sync two devices to my account…I may need to return the Flex if I can’t use it.

  • That’s great! Any idea when multiple device support will be enabled? I just got a new Fitbit Charge today but I still love my Flex. Should I set up two separate accounts for now?

  • Can’t wait for multi-device support! I have a Zip and a Charge HR, would love to be able to use them both on one account, how soon will this feature be available?

  • I just purchased a Fitbit charge and it is a no return policy because the store is closing.

    I own a flex and thought you could buy larger wristbands if necessary but find out now that you can’t.

    Is there anyway I can exchange this somewhere for a Large from a small? The box is unopened.

    Please let me know. I love my flex but would really like to use the charge.


    • Hi Mike, let our support team know. They may be able to help you exchange your Charge for a larger size:

  • I’d really like to get a Charge HR. I already own a FitBit One (love it) and want them to work together as I’d only wear the Charge for strenuous exercise for the HR function. Most of the time I prefer a more discreet device. Any update on when the multi device support will be available? I wont buy a Charge HR till it is.

  • Will we need to buy a new devices in order to use the multi-device features? I already have a Flex and purchased a Charge HR last week. I was going to take the HR back because it wouldn’t allow me to use both. If this is going to be available soon and the devices I already have will work, I will keep both. Please advise.

    • Hi Miranda, you don’t need to buy a new device to use Mulit-Tracker. You can simply set up your Charge HR alongside your Flex and wear whichever one you like!

  • Bought a large HR in March for me and have since lost 12 pounds!! Over the moon as it’s given me the incentive and push I need. However, my husband requires an XL so we’ve requested an email notification from FitBit when it becomes available for shipping to the UK. We’re looking forward to competing with each other!! Does anyone know the approximate release date yet or the quickest time it will take to ship to the UK? Fab bit of equipment!!

  • Big respect to you!! It doesn’t seem silly at all, I know alot of young people who move less. I wish you all the best. My condolences about your husband, but you sound like a lovely person who is staying positive. Nothing can stop you!! Good luck with your 2000 step goal!!

    • Hi Shelby! – Thanks for your interest! While we don’t have a set ETA, we hope to make the release soon. As soon as we have an update, we’ll be sure to make an announcement. Thanks for staying tuned!

    • Thank you for asking the question when will the other colors of the surge be available. Very frustrating that it is on the website and in the gallery in blue and tangerine however, not available yet.

  • Would like to order the Charge HR in TANGERINE. Do you have any idea as to when this final color will be released. A lot of people are looking forward to getting a straight answer….please provide one. Thanking you in advance!:)

    • Frances – Thanks for your interest in the Charge HR Tangerine! While we don’t have a set date, we hope to make the release soon. Once we have an update, we’ll be sure to make an announcement. Thanks for staying tuned!

  • I’ve read various comments about a fit bit HR XL waiting list. Is there an XL HR version? If so what is the official release date?

  • I’m ready to buy a Surge watch…but need a size XL…..but you don’t make that color in that size…..why not? When will you offer it.

    The Surge watch is ugly in black!

  • How far in advance do you make customers aware of new products? I just bought a Charge HR in December 2015 because of the great features and now you are introducing the “Blaze” which is exactly what I’m looking for but I don’t want the rubber wristband and it’s a too expensive to switch. If I do switch, are you planning on coming out with a wristband in metal for ladies like the men’s style?

If you have questions about a Fitbit tracker, product availability, or the status of your order, contact our Support Team or search the Fitbit Community for answers.

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