Chic New Ways to Hit Your Step Goal in Style

Designer_Collections_Announcement_Blog_730x485Looking for a new way to wear your favorite Fitbit tracker this season? Whether you’re heading out for a workout or a night out, now you have more options than ever to accessorize your look. Fitbit continues to embrace strategic partnerships with leading fashion designers and brands that allow you to express your personal style while leading a healthy and active life—without having to choose between your fitness and your style. Here are all the details on the fashion-forward, fitness-minded accessories coming soon:


Designer_Collections_Announcement_Blog_In-Line_PS_300x370Debuted at New York Fashion Week in February 2016, the PUBLIC SCHOOL for Fitbit collection blends aspirational runway fashion with edgy, urban street-style in approachable luxury pieces. Accessories for Fitbit Alta include:

  • Axis Accessory Band ($295): A hand-polished stainless steel tapered link watchband inspired by speed, power and motion offers an untraditional take on a classic timepiece.
  • Type III Paracord Bracelet ($175): Braided, black nylon bracelet features custom gunmetal hardware for a military-inspired accessory blending athletic and rugged aesthetics.
  • WNL Print Band ($39.95): A sleek monotone black band embossed with PUBLIC SCHOOL’s inspirational brand mantra “When Nobody’s Looking” to keep motivation one look away.  
  • Quill Print Band ($39.95): Featuring PUBLIC SCHOOL’s iconic feather print in olive for a bold yet low-key look perfect for a workout or a night out.

The highly-anticipated PUBLIC SCHOOL premium designs will be available in October 2016 for pre-order at and in November 2016 at select retailers, with printed bands available in 2017.  

Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl’s

Designer_Collections_Announcement_Blog_In-Line_SVVW_300x370New to the Fitbit lineup, the Simply Vera Vera Wang for Fitbit Alta collection is inspired by Vera Wang’s signature design philosophy to create classic everyday accessories balancing modern design with sophisticated elegance. Available in October 2016 exclusively at Kohl’s stores nationwide and, the collection includes:

  • Simply Vera Vera Wang for Fitbit Alta Metal Bracelet ($79.99): Silver-tone metal links with a fold-over clasp offers a casual, classic chain link style bracelet option for versatile wear.
  • Simply Vera Vera Wang for Fitbit Alta Double Wrap Leather Bracelet ($79.99): Featuring smooth, black or navy genuine leather with silver stone pyramid flanking the tracker and a buckle closure, this style is lightweight for everyday wear.
  • Simply Vera Vera Wang for Fitbit Alta Double Wrap Leather & Metal Bracelet ($79.99): Incorporating silver-tone metal links and smooth, black or navy genuine leather with a buckle closure, this double wrap bracelet is both feminine and edgy.

Tory Burch

Designer_Collections_Announcement_Blog_In-Line_TB_300x370In 2017, Tory Burch and Fitbit will build on the success of their partnership with unique new styles for Fitbit Alta. Reflecting the elegant and classic sensibility that is a Tory Burch signature, the versatile pieces transform Fitbit Alta into a super-chic accessory for work or weekend, day or evening. Since revolutionizing the wearables market with the Fitbit Flex collection in 2014, the Tory Burch for Fitbit collection has received a tremendous response for its striking balance of fitness and fashion.

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  • I have Flex bands in every color and can no longer wear any of them because they cause a skin reaction! I’m looking forward to seeing more leather or metal band options so I can use a Fitbit again!

  • I am still waiting for the Surge to have a feature that allows device to vibrate when heart rate gets too high or to low.

    • That would be an excellent feature for me. I have ankylosing spondylitis and in the past some of the meds prescribed for me have played havoc with my heart rate and landed me in the E.R. A warning sign from my FitBit would clue me in before that happens.

  • I’m a nurse, so I wear my Fitbit Charge on my ankle. My other Fitbit I wore on my non dominant wrist and because I wash my handles so frequently it stopped working after 6 months, and the app wouldn’t work, and I had to replace it. I choose the Fitbit Charge. I haven’t had any issues with my Fitbit Charge since I have been wearing it on my ankle. It is over a year old. I do get comments though asking me if I’m wearing a house arrest anklet though and I explain it’s my Fitbit. Maybe, you could design an ankle Fitbit.

  • I like the fitbit alta cord band, but for $175 I will most certainly pass. That’s almost double what I paid for the alta by itself. nonsense.

  • I love my One but it only comes in black and maroon…is there any plans to incorporate accessories for this model?

  • Does the Fitbit Charge HR have a warranty and what is the length of that warranty? Purchased a Charge HR last year in early December and it no longer is working (about two months ago).

  • Hi, I’ll be travelling to London & Paris from Australia in a few weeks & love knowing I’ll be constantly on the move. I currently have a Purple HR But I’d love to be able to buy more colours/styles, all that being said though am I able to easily swap them about on any given day but still have them read all my information & automatically give me the days statistics when I sync? Cheers!

    • Thanks for your question, Hiedi! You can setup up more than one tracker under a single account as long as it’s not the same tracker type. For more info on managing multiple trackers, check out this help article for more info. Hope this helps!

  • Why are the Luxe accessories just as expensive as buying a brand new tracker? Why the need to sell them so expensive, when we are just purchasing the interchangeable bracelet part. If they were cheaper I would even consider buying 3 kinds but for the price of them, I might as well just upgrade to s whole new tracker, Please consider making these more affordable.

  • It sure would’ve been nice to know that a designer collection was on the Horizon before I purchased my silver bracelet which by the way hasn’t even arrived yet.

  • Will the Vera Wang collection for the Alta be available on this website? Kohls does not deliver to Canada and I am very interested in purchasing the bands

    • Hi Lee. The Vera Wang collection is sold exclusively at Kohl’s. If you know someone in the North American region, you can order the band and have it sent to your friend or family member located in that region. They can then send you the band via a delivery service that ships to Canada.

  • I’m on my second fitbit charge HR and this one is starting to separate at the plugin just like the first one did. I work in an office all day and my form of excercise is walking so it’s not like I’m breaking it by doing extreme sports or anything like that. Would a different style be better built and last longer? I can’t believe for the price they only last for under a year. Anyone else having these issues?

  • The Type III Paracord Bracelet is a complete piece of crap. Was excited to receive one regardless of the $175 price. Clipped it onto my ALTA and it has so much play in the connections. The of it is just horrible for a $175 price tag.

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