How Counting Macros Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Macronutrients, or “macros,” are the building blocks of nutrition. You probably know them better as carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Macros are the nutrients you need in large amounts, as they provide your body with the calories it needs to function. (Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals, and although they’re essential for good health, they don’t provide any calories and only trace amounts are needed.)

It can get a little confusing, because people often refer to foods as macros: saying bread and pasta are “carbs,” and talking about meat as “protein.” Those foods contain more of that specific macronutrient than the others. But macros are just the individual elements, and most foods are made up of a blend of all three—pasta actually contains a little protein, and meat definitely has fat!  Understanding macros can help you lay a solid foundation for a balanced diet.

Carbohydrate + Protein + Fat = Total Calories

Carbohydrate: Provides fuel, the energy for your body and brain. It’s found in all plant foods, like grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and also milk and yogurt.

Protein: Helps to build and repair your muscles, organs, skin, blood, and different chemicals, like hormones, in your body. It’s found in large amounts in meat, poultry, fish, legumes, dairy, tofu, and eggs, and in smaller amounts in nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Fat: Insulates and protects your bones and organs, acts as backup fuel for energy, and helps in brain development. Healthy, unsaturated fats are found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish, like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Unhealthy saturated fats are found in high-fat beef, pork, butter, full-fat dairy, and processed foods, like cookies and donuts.

How Much of Each Macro Do You Need?

The numbers aren’t set in stone, but you do need to consume a certain amount of each macro within a range. The flexibility allows you to pick a style of eating that suits your needs, food preferences, and health goals. The USDA recommends the following healthy ranges.

Carbohydrate:          45 to 65 percent

Protein:                     10 to 35 percent

Fat:                           20 to 35 percent

Not sure where your eating habits put you? The food logging feature in the Fitbit app can estimate your macronutrients when you log items from the food database! At the end of each day, you can view an estimate of daily totals as percentages, as well as in grams. Which makes aiming for a particular ratio of carbs to protein to fat to build a balanced diet a lot easier.

Balance Your Macros to Reach Your Health Goals

If you’ve ever cut back on carbs to try to lose weight, carbo loaded before a marathon, or upped your protein intake to put on muscle, you’ve been playing with your macros. Working within the recommended ranges above, there’s room to maneuver your macros for different outcomes. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, eating fewer carbs and more protein may help—you could try aiming for the lower end of the range for carbohydrate, with 45 percent carbs, 25 percent protein, and 30 percent healthy fats, for example. Or, if you’re an athlete and need to fuel up for an intense training schedule, you can shoot for a higher percentage of carbs, making the ratio look more like 55 percent carbs, 20 percent protein, and 25 percent healthy fats. Just remember, these numbers don’t reflect the space each food takes up on your plate, but rather the numbers you’ll see when you log your meals.

Again, because most foods contain a mix of carbs, protein, and fat, you can’t completely cut one macro from your diet. That would impossible, not to mention unhealthy—sorry, zero-carb followers!

Quality Trumps Quantity When It Comes to Macros

Bodybuilders in particular are known for counting their macros, relying on eating trends, like If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) or Flexible Dieting, which focus on manipulating macronutrients to achieve weight loss or gain muscle. But people following those diets often lose sight of what’s healthy and what’s not. Your macronutrient distribution could look the same, whether you’re eating pizza, burgers, and donuts, or minimally processed veggies stir-fries and grain bowls. Quality wins over quantity when it comes to your health, so don’t get so caught up when measuring your macros that you miss out on the foods your body really needs.

Even if you’re not signing up for a powerlifting competition or an endurance race, and you don’t want to micro-manage your macros, it’s still smart to see where your numbers fall. Getting colorful fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein on your plate is the most important thing, and balancing macronutrients is just one more way to think about sticking to a healthy eating plan. So try food logging for a few days to see how your macros measure up.  

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  • Great article. Can you advise on % of each for my specific circumstances? I’m a vegetarian on the FODMAP diet and am trying to ‘maintain’ my current weight after losing almost 4 stone due to digestive issues.

    • When I put in a custom food with the associated nutrition I noticed potassium was listed as G instead of MCG. Please fix.

        • I have intergestion feeling at night usually needing renies. Doctor gave ke some drugs but i reaply want to get to bottom of why.

          • Try a slice of dry toast preferably low carb. Cut
            it into quarters then each quarter into quarters 16 pieces in all. Eat 1 piece every 15 mins.
            The idea is that it soaks up any acid in the stomach and carries it away. I have found it really works.

          • Apple cider vinegar is a great cheap remedy. 2 ta lespoons in a large glass of water 1/2 hr before eating…. best of luck!

          • I suffer the same but found that this can be caused by a lack of acid in your stomach. The bacteri that should of been killed ferment and cause pressure to the sphincter muscle releasing acid into the throat. This causes heartburn etc. The answer is to take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a 8 ounce glass of water twice a day. Try it see if it works. If not and it’s too much acid then try half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate twice a day. Easily found in supermarkets, but make sure it’s not got any rising agent in it. I found it in ASDA. Worked for me.

          • Try apple cider vinegar with a little ginger. About 2 TBS. 2 times a day. Really helps. Plus take girls natural. 2 a day. Mine is totally gone.

      • My stomach problems are horrible. I have been to three doctors. No help. I have to wear depends, spend a lot of time holding my stomach. Today I had slim fast for breakfast. So far so good.

      • I have had acid reflux for years and was diagnosed with ‘Barrets’ I now eat two figs first thing in the morning and two last thing at night and have not suffered since.

      • I did too I found that eating smaller meals , lots of water and less fatty foods help but more than anything when I got a personal trainer and s exercised regularly it gave me metabolism the boost it needed and all that bloating went away. Good luck

    • I have heard that we should reduce the consumption of protein when we do not exercise. A lot protein when you have a sedentary life, make us being fatter or like swelling. Is it true?

    • I just eat small amounts at home
      My husband is home and has small amounts of this & that. It is hard to eat balanced mess, he stays up very late and might eat
      A little piece of pie. He might have a little bite of a sandwich
      chips, and who knows?
      He has bad eating habits.
      How can I change this?
      He is 77, I am 70 years old.

    • The new app is great when I can get it to work, I’ve just about given up entering my food intake. PLEASE get the bugs out or go back to the old setup

      • I can’t get into the app. Do you not tell us what is the average healthy diet n caloric intake for ppl of my age and activity? Can u calculate the intake n advise what is over and what is under the limit?

        • You can also do it on your computer, go to & log in into your account. Then input your info if you haven’t already done so. Then you will be able to see your personalized recommendations based on your info. Till issues with app can be worked out. Hope that helps.

        • The app should show u right away, it keeps track of the amount of calories your burning based on the info you put in, height, weight, age plus uses ur heart rate to figure out how active u are to know how many calories your burning. Then when u enter items in food log it deducts those calories from the total amount your expected to burn daily. In my case FOR EXAMPLE – I try to burn at least 350 calories before I eat my 333 calorie breakfast so the app once I input my breakfast in food log it says I’m “I’m In The Zone”. Once I start burning more calories it will start saying “I’m Under Budget” I don’t worry bout. Just wait till morning snack or lunch then “In The Zone” again. And it starts all over.

    • I’m a type 2 ,under control. No meds I’ve been on a HFLC diet lost 60 lb. ketones 2.4 currently . is there any support for this approach?

      • What is HFLC diet? My husband is type 2 and needs to lose weight but I am at a loss as to how to help him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      • Atkins or Zone diet is PERFECT for type 2. PLEASE read past induction phase of Atkins diet to the “maintenance” part. South Beach and Zone Diet are both Atkins based diets- giving you a 30/30/40 split. That is 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs. So far, so good, right?
        I’m not certain what kind of issues you are having with the Fitbit app. I also don’t know which Fitbit you wear. I do know that everything is easier with a tracker which measures heart rate and using the complete app with all its features.
        Assuming you have a tracker with heart rate monitor and you have already set up an account on your smart phone with the app. We will also assume that you successfully paired your tracker to mobile device. Now on the app, Set tracker on All Day sync.
        Then go to your account settings – it looks like lined notepaper.
        If you click on that, on the drop down, there is a “goals.” Under goals go to nutrition and weight. Enter current weight, your goal weight and select that you want the app to figure it out for you. Next you select if you want to do it easy (slowly), average or “hard” (fastest)..
        The faster or hard method involves a 1000 calorie per day deficit. This means that you have to burn off 1000 calories more than you ingest. The reason I like the trackers with HR is because it gives you a real time caloric consumption. Simply put, the higher the heart rate, the more calories you burn.
        If you are faithful about entering everything you put in your mouth at the time you put it in your mouth, the app will keep track of how many calories you need to burn to achieve your deficit- or how many more you are still allowed to eat.
        It’s that simple. Let’s say I’m at my caloric intake limit for the day but I want to eat a Zone Bar for dessert which will put me 210 calories over. I can literally pop my phone on a table and jump-march on my rebounder while I watch TV and keep an eye on the app as that 210 “over” goes down to “Inthe Zone.” You don’t have to manually figure anything out. It’s all done for you. You don’t have to ever be hungry but you do have to commit to moving long enough and hard enough to sustain that elevated heart rate long enough to get you enough cardio to jump start your body into far burn. And because you aren’t starving yourself your metabolism will start letting go of those calories more freely. It knows that there will be plenty more where the fuel came from.
        Remember the 30/30/40 is a guideline and you will find your perfect “tweak”. I am not a vegetarian and I am the queen of lazy. I like easy. I love to nuke. I eat fish or eggs every day, so it’s a lot easier to keep track of my food. The app “remembers” what I eat with my food so when I enter Oro wheat, it automatically pulls up my 3 0z. of smoked Salmon and 2 slices of Ultra thin provolone cheese. I only entered it the first time. It knows I have a Premier Protein shake EVERY morning IN MY COFFEE. (Told you I was lazy.) I love using the app to scan UPC codes on foods. Anyway-point is, I eat what I like within reason and step until I’ve burned it off.
        I used to suffer from a lot of acid reflux until I finally realized that breads, rice, pastas and white potatoes were not my friends. It was really hard to give up the “white” carbs.
        Tomato sauces weren’t my friends either although interestingly enough, I could eat raw tomatoes w/o any ill effects.
        Quinoa is my friend- with fried eggs, with spinach- with broccoli and cauliflower. As long as it’s garlicky I can eat erasers and my hubs doesn’t mind that I always smell like salad or pizza.
        I’ve been using the app since January 2014. I tried MFP but it wasn’t as good for me because it only moved total calories and not my percentages. My body loves protein and fat. I actually perform my best at 25% carbs and 37% (ish) each protein and fat. In fact, my diet is super high in fat because I eat eggs and salmon every day. In case you wondered my total cholesterol stays around 170 with an HDL staying around 78 -80. My blood sugar is low and so are my triglycerides. No statins or blood pressure drugs.
        If you bite it, you write it. Try to play with your macros and see how low you can get those carbs and still feel at your optimum good.
        And I’m sure I don’t have to say alcohol is the enemy. Sadly, those “uncategorized carbs” are converted to fat immediately- when our bodies don’t recognize substances, they get stored as fat. (And remember alcohol is practically predigested sugar) and it WILL make you crave MORE sugar.

  • If you’re using a dieting app to track your intake of calories like my fitness pal or something with weight watchers can you sync that to your Fitbit app to get micro nutrients

  • I have been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I have met with a nutritionist and I can only have 21 carbohydrates at each meal, no fruit for breakfast, I can not eat dinner after 7 PM, I take two 500 mg tab Metformin with dinner every day, I am trying to exercise as much as possible (I need to set up a schedule for exercising so as to become more disciplned about exercising). I am 5’9″ tall and weigh 202. I am wanting to get down to weight 195. I weighef 222 6 months ago. I eat some seafood (no shell fish), a little bit of chicken now and again. I do not eat any meat. I love veggies. Any thoughts, advice is much appreciated.

    • Do not avoid saturated fat as advised by this article. Read books like good calories, bad calories and the big fat lie to learn how our grain based high carb diet caused our obesity and diabetes problems. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes were rare when we ate whole, unprocessed foods, which contained lots of saturated fats from animal products.

      • I totally agree! I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for the past year & feel better than I ever have! Low carb/moderate protein/high fat all the way!

      • Try the Keto diet! Low Carb. High Fat. Medium to High Protien. I love it. I lost 6 pounds in a month. Do a lot research on the diet before you start.

      • I agree.
        We need to eat lots more plant based proteins -like beans, nuts, and seeds- and tons more fruits and veggies daily. No deadly white breads, pasta, or potatoes, but whole grains. And there is much, much more to micronutrients and their relation to our health than just vitamins and minerals.
        Look up Dr. Joel Furhman.

      • Jane, THANK YOU! Agree 100%. Also highly recommend The Primal Blueprint. When will so-called nutritionists stop touting high carb/low fat/low protein??? God help us.

      • Bang on! This nutritional info is so outdated and plain incorrect. Good fats are healthy and you need much more than recommended above. Read Deep Nutrition by Dr Shanahan, any Mark Sisson book, Perfect health Diet by Drs Jaminet etc

      • Most of the carbs that people eat now a days are not whole grains but processed refined crap. I also don’t believe at all that eating whole foods involves eating a lot of saturated fat. People need to learn how to eat the right type of foods whether it’s a carb, protein or fat and learn what the right size a portion is. Eating too much of any food & not doing anything to burn it off will result in excess weight, health issues like chronic disease regardless which food. It’s not just overeating wrong food, it’s bad lifestyle habits that add insult to injury. Not exercising, not enough sleep, smoking, excessive drinking, stressing too much that can also result in chronic diseases. So please don’t make it sound so simple when it is a lot more complex.

    • Hey Jeff — definitely check out the ketogenic lifestyle. I can’t count the number of stories I’ve read by people who have used a keto diet to get off of metformin. There are so many good websites out there that offer both free and pay programs. Check out Healthful Pursuit, the KetoDietApp,, and more simply by googling “ketogenic diet”. With keto, expect to drop a large amount of water weight, followed by a short stall, and then just watch your body transform. There are also several interesting blogs about how to get into ketosis and the difference between being in ketosis and fat-adapted. Ideally, you’ll become fat adapted by following a ketogenic diet. Check out this blog to learn more about the difference:

      Hope this helps and good luck on your journey!

      • Oh, and btw, I’m doing the keto diet vegetarian-style. Lots of eggs, cheese, butter, mct oil, avocado, asparagus, bok choy, lettuce, berries, broccoli, and more. To see a free two week vegetarian keto plan, check out the KetoDietBlog: This plan had so much food I couldn’t eat it all! With you eating chicken and a bit of seafood, I don’t think transitioning to a keto diet would be especially difficult. Just keep an eye on your carbs! When you’re living the keto life, you do the exact opposite of what this article recommends in terms of percentage of consumption for each of your macros!

    • Diabetes sucks… all i can say is, its all in the exercise. Im 6’3″, 290… overweight. However, when i begin to exercise, blood sugars get under control. Plus, eating salads with no dressing and salmon/chicken helps.

      • Look into the research done by Dr Ellington Darden. He worked for years in R&D at Nautilus and trained a Mr Universe. His book “The Bodyfat Breakthrough” literally saved my life. I have gone from 276 lbs to 185 lbs I had out of control Type II diabetes and high cholesterol and hypertension. I no longer suffer from any of these and my doctor recently took me off all medications since I no longer need them. He has debunked the low carb diet and advocates a more sensible distribution of macronutrients at 50% carbs 25% protein and 25% fats (calorie intake). The complete diet is in the book as well as the research backing it. I’m a believer

    • Read comments above from Plant-Based Nutrition. Eating a whole foods, plant-based, no added oil diet will cure your type 2 diabetes, without medication. Read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book ” The end of diabetes” or “Dr. Neal Barnard’s program for reversing diabetes” this is by far the healthiest way, and it works. Good luck!

    • Jeff, I have been studying “The Plant Paradox”, a book which explains how the body processes the food we eat. The big message is we are eating lots of things that are NOT good for us (no surprise but the extent of it is). We are what we eat. There is some evidence that diabetes can be reversed by a proper diet

  • I love the new addition. Everything is working perfectly and I can tell at a glance where I am calorie wise and have a good feel of intake without having to physically count the number of carbs as I am in a weight loss journey with my doctor’s supervision.

  • I do not like the new addition to the food entries because everyone always had the option of entering that info IF they wanted to do so. I prefer the old one, especially because this new addition is slowing down the time it takes to make my entries.

  • I am 68 female who takes 1hr water aerobics followed by 1hr recline bike avg 14.5 MI 1hr weight machines. Wt 121 from 132 in 8mos. Do not need to lose wt need advice on my nutrient needs

    • Use My Fitness Pal app and link to fitbit app. It has the average you should be eating of each category. And from these comments about entering food on fitbit being so difficult, you’ll see the other app is extremely easy to use.

  • Hi im 50 and i go to work at 4 am and sometimes finish at 3.. i have my own cleaning business with my friend who is a few years older.. could you tell us when to eat as we find it hard to lose weight… we usually work mon to thu and thursday nite.. im 5ft 2 and 10.5 stone and i want to lose a stone ..our job is very physical ..thanks

  • as a type 2 diabetic who counts carbs as part of controlling this with diet, this new change has rendered by fitbit food log no longer fit for purpose. is it possible to revert back to the old way ?

  • I would love it to go further and give approximate calcium (told need 1000-1500mg a day) and vitamins, and then suggestions on good sources of food for any lacking nutrition.

  • trying to understand macronutrients, with the circle , the colors green, blue, and red, does one represent the carbs one the fat and one the protein, or is my goal to have the circle all green,,,a bit lost here

  • Please update your article on the statement that “Unhealthy saturated fats are found in high-fat beef, pork, butter, and full-fat dairy”. This is outdated information, and eating natural saturated fats is an important part of building and maintaining a healthy body. By eating the grass fed organic versions of these foods, we directly give our bodies the nutrients we need – and this saturated fat is important in hormonal health and balance as well as an important energy source. Please update your article.

    • Well-said, Melissa! So glad someone spoke up!

      I’m following the high-fat keto way of eating and I look and feel amazing! 5’6″ and 121lb, lotsa energy, happy, walking everywhere, working out with progressively heavier weights.

      Thank you to the saturated fats I eat and good riddance to the starches and carbs that ruin health… wishing the Fitbit app and ppl would get with the times!!

    • No Linda it’s just giving you each percentage of Carbs Fats and Proteins that you’ve consumed in each meal or snack..

    • The FitBit app give represents your macronutrients through a pie chart. Look at the key to see which color corresponds to the macronutrient listed. At the end of the day you should never have just one color fill the entire ring, because that means you’re diet consists of 100% carbs, protein or fat.

      As stated in the article every food you eat has trace amounts of each macronutrient because they are the building blocks for energy and growth. Though diets differ, she also has some information from the FDA which recommends their daily percentages. There are many diets out there that manipulate these procentages to meet a certain goal.

      In short, the Keto(genic) diet requires a high fat, very low carbs and moderate protein diet because it switches the way your body processes/produce energy by making healthy fats the main source for energy. This process is called ketosis and is often hard to get into due to diet restrictions and a thing called the “keto-flu”. Despite theses challenges many people swear by this diet and see terrific results in weight loss.

      In the end, your diet is all about what works for you and your lifestyle. I think this article was a great beginners guide, despite some outdated information. If you read the comments, you can get some good advice.

      So no Linda, do not fill your ring with all protine. Find your balance.

  • I love the new set up it’s great to see calorie intake at a glance and carb fat and protein percentages​, and simple enough for me to manage.

  • I love that I can track Macros now. I’ve been doing the low carb and keto diets. I just wish it would track how many grams I’m getting instead of percentages. Or at least have total net carbs be an option. I would love to delete my other apps and just use Fitbit!

  • I also love the new set up as I was tracking my carbs separately. I don’t find logging food any slower. Great update!

  • I noticed the fit bit dies not measure sugars. I am working on sugar free. I would like to know how many grams of sugar I am getting. Is there something on the app I am not seeing.

  • How do we calculate calories on mixed diet like cereals and bread as breakfast and Indian lunch n dinner

  • Working out isn’t the issue. For me it’s the emotional eating that I have the challenge with. Not to mention the convenience and comfort of certain foods. Menopause doesn’t help the cause either. Help any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Love this feature. Just received my Fitbit Blaze and this is the accountability that I needed!! When I have to write it down, I won’t eat as much crap lmao

  • How should I adjust my macros depending on the intensity of my workouts throughout the week? ie. Going to intense bootcamp 3-4 days per week

  • Food logging is still disappointing to me on Fitbit. I cook a lot of my own meals, and it is not easy to log each ingredient separately from a recipe, especially as I cook for 4 people. This only seems conducive if you eat all of your food from a restaurant or it comes from a package. I still is My Fitness Pal because you can log and save your own recipes, and you also get more detailed information about what you are eating.

    • Try the free app “My Fitness Pal”. It can communicate with your Fitbit. It’s easy to create your own recipes in the app, then add them to your food diary. My Fitness Pal also has a HUGE food database to choose from. I successfully lost 40 lbs using the app along with my Fitbit.

  • I am currently in a military class that just gave me this same information. To know that this is fact checked and on with multiple sources is great and assuring.

    • Hi I’m a 56 Year old women i need any suggestions you can give me I need to lose 50 in order to been put on a lung transplant list. I have a hard time exercising I am on oxygen and I don’t breath very well I am trying to stick with the diet I do my food schedule and here I was just wondering if you can come up with another thing or anything that can help me try to get this way. Thank you i weight 230 lbs i need to get down to 180 lbs

  • I’m having trouble loosing weight.I need to do a low sodium diet.Do you know anything about Steve Gundry’s diet? Would you recommend it?

  • I find the numbers on this way off. I follow a keto diet and this flies in the face of what is healthy. High carbs spike your blood sugar, and don’t keep you satisfied. I eat plenary of healthy foods. I choose healthy fats, and quality proteins. I don’t snack like I did on a low fat diet.

    Carbs 5%
    Fat 70%
    Protein 20%

  • This will definitely save me a step. I usually log into the website to get this information. I wish it included all nutrients.

  • taking a bar code reading off a loaf of bread, a dozen carton of eggs, a two pound of cheese does not produce useful information. my breakfast runs to one slice of bread, one scrambled egg, one slice of cheese, and I have had good results with a kitchen scale, set of measuring spoons, and a detailed spread sheet analysis.

    • I use barcode or type in product. Then you choose the portion or measure most useful. My bread came up saying 1 portion but did not specify size. Packet said 1 slice so I’ve modified it in app to that. Once you have done each product it’s stored, ready for next use.

  • lost 50 lbs in about 1 year. first 20 lbs under a nurse practioner at St Charles major medical center. She switched me to this fitbit program last memorial day for the next 30 lbs. Everything works great with one exception trying to log in food choices here. Still using two other food monitoring choices elsewhere.

  • It would be good for the app to actually say how many grams of each has been eaten instead of just the percentage.

  • Hi I am a 56 year old woman who is in need of a lung transplant I have tried everything I possibly can to lose weight my daughter got me the Fitbit and I’ve been using it the problem I’m having is I’m on oxygen and I don’t exercise as often or as much as I think I should be I was wondering if there’s any suggestions that you could help me with even as far as the eating what I’m doing logging everything and I’m staying under the calories and everything it’s just that the weight is not coming or I weigh 230 pounds and I need to get down to 180 any suggestions I would appreciate it thank you

  • Hi how are u?
    Im going through menopausa ive had my hair break off due to bleach which was never a problem b4 snd i had panic attacks anxiety im controlling those now but missed 3 months of gym an healthy eating as from 60kgs i went to 72kgs while going through my mental break down so now all around my middle im chubby with the back fat wings lol im back at the gym and usig my fit bit for food intake 2000 calories a day? 3 litres of water a day an a protein shake with water b4 gym in the mornings i had bad gastric had colonostcopy both ends i stopped smoking for 9 months an started for 3 months im now in my second week of quitting again i just want to fit in to my clothes again an breath better an to feel normal menopause is the worse im 52 yrs old

  • my hospital based nurse practitioner, said keeping my weight off for the next six months to a year begins the hard part to avoid regaining it. starting with getting rid of my now oversize fat clothes. Ditch em, out of the closet, out of the house. salvation army, related thrift shops, yard sales, go begging with your church circle, etc etc. and gave me a one week deadline to do it. I am on an XXXL clothes diet!

  • I am working out for 1 hr n 20 minutes 7 days a week without fail, n taking 2 indian wheat breads, two bowls of cooked vegie, two cucumbers, one cup milk, one bowl wheat flakes a fruit n 1/2 cup tea on daily basis with very lil changes.
    I m following this routine for last 2 months but could manage to loose only two kgs. Isn’t the rate of loosing weight too slow.
    How can I change my diet or lifestyle to loose ayleast 3 kgs a month.
    Yes I m having thyroid problem n taking thyronorm 50 mcg.

  • Hi just got my fit bit and was hoping to get some ideas for eating healthy. I had a heart attack 1year ago so I am still struggling to eat healthy.

  • Please add in micronutrients. I am more interested in getting enough vitamins and minerals in my diet than my calorie-fat-protein ratio.

  • I’m a77 year young women and I am pretty active. I am trying too lose weight and ask I’m told is
    “eat less”. I feel if I eat less I won’t be eating at all. Do you have any recommendations?

  • I’m 37 mother of 5
    Weigh 250 . I do alot of walking yesterday was a big day 12 miles normally I do 6-7 I want to lose 70-80
    Around what range of calories carbs and days should I aim for. This is confusing to me. I don’t know if you can help but hope so thank you shelly

  • This was extremely informative! Once again it proves I don’t know everything and to learn more. Thanks again.

  • Thanks Tracy, good information. I found out the hard way to know the difference from a registered dietitian and a nutritionist.

  • Thank you great article. Have tried a few different diets and WW 3 times was doing well on last until surgery combined with closure of meeting. Have now decided to calorie count using Fitbit to help. Found this very useful

  • I currently am weighing 115 pounds and am looking to put on muscle weight. What percentage of carbs, fats, and proteins should I be taking in?

  • Hi
    I am a woman 64 in great health.
    I lost 7 kilos 2 yrs agi.
    But have put almost all of them back again because I gave up smoking.
    Not too much of a problem.
    I run with my dog. I power walk I work out everyday.
    My problem is that each time I eat I bloat. Perhaps it’s the wheat in my diet.
    Do you know what I can do.
    By the way I weigh 49 kilos and I sm 174cm.

  • Love the macros function, but very very annoyed that it doesn’t tell you what foods that you logged add on to fats, proteins, carbs… really frustrating as would help me see what foods to cut down on and why the foods that I logged gave a ridiculously high fat intake, even when I didn’t eat many fatty foods!

  • Just last week with fit bit it’s great tells u what to do but the food side .what are easy make and eat not rabbit food .thanks jack.v

  • Macronutrients don’t seem to change when I change the serving of food I ate. Not much use if it doesn’t track based on the portion I eat

  • Why doesn’t my Fitbit track my running route anymore? Can’t tell my miles run apart from my regular walking steps. Help!

  • I love the Fitbit UI. I do have an ask. I have a ketogenic lifestyle so I need to keep my carbohydrates below 20 grams so I can stay in ketosis. Having the macros only available as a percentage of calorie intake is useless. We should be able to select % or what ever measure such as grams or ounces for display.

  • I never realized how closed minded I was to my eating habits. Fitbit has allowed me to not be so hard on my self and remain constant with my routin. Knowledge is power.

  • I am 64 yrs old & know I need to loose weight but have no motivation. 10 yrs ago my life entered a series of very stressful events that went on fir about 10 yrs.My body reacted with huge breakouts of eczema, psoriasis & discovered tons of food allergies, blood infections caused from chronic strept infections. I was put on a very restrictive diet by a naturopath & list a ton of weight. I am 5′ tall $ small framed. I list so much weight I looked starved. I was out on tons of medications too firniver 20 yrs from a ruptured disk in my neck until surgery 3 yrs ago, a tri-level fusion with plates, screws, cadaver bones etc. I gained over 40 lbs from the antidepressants. I have become addicted to sugar again, don’t sleep well & cant even think about dieting. I don’t even know how or where to begin cause I am so messed up. Please tell me how to start? I don’t want to weigh & measure my food or go to meetings. I just can’t go there again. I need help. Thanks.

  • Very nice article, I really like this feature I’m training for figure and I like having this to keep track of my macros. I’m used to seeing them in gram, how can I switch from % to grams?

  • So I’m trying to lose some weight – while lifting and running as usual. Which method is best? Should I eat more veggies and protein or is it better to balance?

  • I’m not thrilled with the app when it comes to tracking my food. I use MyFitnessPal instead. Is there any way that I can get it to sync to my Fitbit? I haven’t been able to figure it out

  • Loved the article..great info. I’m trying to lose a few pounds but also time up and add a little muscle. I’m guessing I need to limit carbs and take in more protein

  • Hi? I am following a ketogenic diet, so protein and fat with some nuts, leafy greens , and some yogurtmy diet… it is super healthy … I wish there was a way to log this o Fitbit app… that is what works for me and many others… any help fro Fitbit on this? Also for Paleo and Low carb? Can it be added? Thx

  • Hello my name is Gale … I have been using my Fitbit for tracking steps but i am not making any progress on weight loss … pls let me know what I can do more of to jump start my metabolism

  • The only way I was able to do the food log was from another app My Fitness buddy the linked to my Fitbit 2. ??????

  • I’m 10 weeks post pregnancy and was just cleared 2 weeks ago for excersize. I’m trying to get my body back to being healthy and drop some lbs whike doing it. Trying a high protein diet for the next 10 days (have a college gathering). Any recommendations to help me reach my goals?

  • I’m trying to count carbs on the Fitbit , I don’t know exactly how to do this , it keeps taking me to calories.

  • Please make the macronutrients display user controllable. I neither need it nor want it and it takes up a chunk of space on an iPhone.

  • Tracy: Any nutrition suggestions for someone with and only an illeostomy(12′ ft of small bowel) – no large bowel, etc. ?
    I had two heart attacks and a right side CVA in March, despite being a runner and eating a renal diet (renal failure – stage 5) and never smoking or drinking.
    My weight is 133, I am 5’10; I would like to lose down to 125.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Does the app calculate anything beyond the carbs, fats, and proteins? This is a great feature in and of itself. I’m just curious if the app has a dashboard to show if I am getting all my necessary vitamins and nutrients. All the data is available for each food, but it only looks like carbs, fats, and proteins are added and presented.

  • Thanks for your excellent great efforts work and contributions through fitbit nutrition tracking. I appreciate the work you do. So helpful to me and my health. May God bless you in all.

  • I am trying desperately to get my blood glucose under better control. Had my fit bit for a while and not really used it. Very happy to see all the new sections on it. Will use it more now.

  • Im really fed up.. I go gym five days a wk. I eat good my BMI says im over weight. Im 11st im 5’4. Im really trying to lose 2stone.. But my weight hasn’t shifted at all. I spose im building muscle as I don’t look over weight. My legs are solid. But im eating good food n drinking water. Sometimes not enough. My cal in take is roughly 1,000.. Im scared of eating more as don’t want to get bigger.

  • Can you track your macronutrients by grams in the FitBit tracking interface? I know you can on MyFitnessPal, but I like the FitBit interface so much better. It’s easier to use and less ads and clutter. I’d like to be able to track micronutrients by grams both daily and by meals. Maybe goals or badges for hitting you macro goals. Thanks!

  • As a heart patient my two most important benefits from Fitbit is my Heart rate and the sodium levels in my daily diet. I record everything I eat everyday an can see how I am doing with my sodium level. Important information for everyone, not just Heart Patients. What has worked wonderfully for a year is now worthless as far as recording sodium. Before the “upgrade” I knew with every food entry what the sodium level was for that item and how it fit with the other foods for the day. Now I only see the “Macros”. Good information that I use but not all the information I need. What you had before was better.

  • So if I’m trying to loose weight exactly how much carbs, protein, and fat should I be eating in each meal and for the total at the end of the day.
    Thanks in advance

  • I am trying to lose the last 5 pounds. So i am cutting back on carbs. And up the protein and more walking …not really sure about the marco..yestetday. My numbers were 33 carb 39 f 28 p that good fir healthy weight loss.and walk 21000 steps…thanks.

  • The article states that at the end of the day you can view your macronutrients as grams, not just percentages. How? I see no way of changing it to grams. I am pre-diabetic so this would be really helpful.

  • Hi I am a mother of 1 child little girl and I weigh about 135 and I am trying to get back to weighing about 100 and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what I need to eat what all things do I need to do.. cause I am a stay at home mom..

  • Really enjoy the breakout of nutrients from my FitBit log. As a lifetime weight watcher, it’s a great tool.

  • I’m trying to get the weight off only I’ve had injuries, so I’m limmited, so I’m relying on my diet, I can’t seem to keep food ideas going where I don’t get board.

  • Login your food and then having Fitbit tell you what range you fall in really helps maintain a healthy diet. And you have plenty of energy

  • There is a writing error “That would impossible”. It should “That would be impossible”. I really like the article otherwise.

  • Can someone please explain the calories in versus calories out of the fit tracker? It says I have 352 calories left but when I click on it if says I’m over budget

  • Your generalization of bodybuilders is very off key. I am a bodybuilder and I know thousands of others and we care VERY much about and quality. Any serious bodybuilder that actually cares about body composition doesn’t fit the mold that you lump us into in the article.

  • Hi, I’m 66 years old, just been diagnosed with Giant Cell Artheritis (Temporal Arteritis) having had Rheumatoid arthritis since age 34. Hence getting a Fitbit charge 2 to help monitor things! I find the food input really hard to use! It keeps putting items like roasted mini New potatoes as zero calories which is ridiculous! Also I need dairy for calcium requirements, always aim for low or fat free but having Benecol yogurt and yogurt drink each day often puts me slightly over. I eat chicken, small Amoy of red meat and substitute Quorn in many of my meals as lighter in fat. What else can I do to help myself and where can I find detailed instructions on how to use the food intake calculator correctly please? Thanks in advance

  • I am pre diabetic. I was curious about what my ratio should be for macro nutrients. The article was helpful. Thank you.

  • Great article! My friend started a cut for a competition, and dropped to 8% body fat. Then I realized if I implemented some of these life style changes I should see similar results. This supports my theory. Thaks!

  • Is that a tuna or chicken pasta salad above?
    I stay away from fatty food as to bacon; sausage, fried foods; I love lemon water hot or cold; gym has riddicule no Steroids intelligent chick that has a soccer ball stomach & black out donation of blood; they think it is okay to force people to go weak because they cannot lift after cxworx; & they think it is okay to injure someone & nursing the injury while working out as to completing Physical therapy wearing ankle sleeve; elevated & ice & took non steroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever!!! No one is allowed to cook nor make dinner after 8pm.

  • This all seems like good advice if you truly believe in the standard american diet. I follow a ketogenic way of eating, low carb, high fat, and moderate protein and have been using my fitness pal. Is there an option to change my macros for my personal needs?

  • Hi. I have been loving my Fitbit Alta HR. I bought it May 2,2017. I’m exercising daily(walking) and am motivated to become healthier. I watched the program that discusses wheat. It is called “What Is Wheat?”. It is very interesting and after watching the show I’ve decided to try going gluten free. My sister has had great success with weight loss of 70 pounds by going gluten free. She has kept it off for 2 years now. She feels better and has less joint pain. Very interesting! I thought other people would be interested in watching this program. Here is the link.
    Thanks. Sincerely, Geraldine

  • Fitbit app should show weekly & monthly averages pf Macros. Currently its not showing so. Pnly daily averages can be interpreted

  • You need to fix the Australian food data base so we can actually log and scan new foods as its so frustrating having to input everything manually.
    Also in the mean time you need to remove the tab that says we can help by scanning etc until we actually can.

  • For all the information most of you want and ease of use, switch to MyFitnessPal app.So easy to enter foods and links easily to the Fitbit app. Macros, grams, and the other breakdowns you all seem to want are on there and auto sync to Fitbit.

  • I always eat less calories than I burn and can’t lose weight. Do I have to eat more? Protein, carbs and fat are in range.

  • Need to lose weight. My calories burned are always higher than my food intake. Do I need to eat more? The carbs, fat and protein are within range. Thank you

  • I’ve had my fit bit for a week and I love how it tracks the sleep cycle. The body needs repair each day for the stress it’s under daily. Not to mention the nutrition component, I’m working on getting down 10 more pounds. This article is right on point because it’s about quality macros not quantity because you can look good outside but if you don’t on the inside it doesn’t matter.

  • You mention, “At the end of each day, you can view an estimate of daily totals as percentages, as well as in grams.” Where is the setting to display macros in grams versus percentage?

  • I have low thyroid no matter what I can not loos weight I gain about a pound a day my normal weight was 100 lbs until my thyroid was removed I’m trying to walk and bike but even though I eat very little I gain if I eat 3 meals a day l gain about 5 lbs a day. I’m tired

  • not sure why this mentions weight loss by counting macros…

    I mean sure carbs and proteins have 4 calories per gram and fats have 9 but you lose weight due to a calorie deficit…macros are for health and nutrition and body composition.

    I follow IIFYM/Flexible dieting but I count my macros to ensure I am getting in the protein I need to help repair my muscles from weight lifting…I count calories for weight loss.

  • What is the difference between being In the Zone and being Under Target? Is it bad to be ynder target? Am I missing good calories?

  • Okay I’m very frustrated. In this blog is clearly states that you can view your macros entered in percentages or in GRAMS. I can not view it on my app in anything but percentages. I want to know the exact grams so any help would be appreciated.

  • I eat a plant based diet and noticed that most plant proteins are considered carbs…how can I go about getting those counted as protein

  • I’m on juice Plus and it’s not in the listed food but every day I have to make a new custom one because the one from day before always says 2280 calories when I enter 228. It’s multiply it every day so it’s quite annoying having to redo it every day. Please fix

  • I would like my FB app to keep track of macros. I don’t follow calories as much as specific macros.
    How can I do that?
    Macros come up but they do not show me the break down so I can track it

  • Hi Tracey – I follow Tim Noakes Banting way of eating where the macro breakdown is much different to what you recommend – what are your thoughts?

  • I would love to log my food, but once again my Charge HR is not snycing (since June 16, 2017). I turned off my phone and back on still didn’t work. Also would like my Steps to be recorded since I’m in a contest with others. Can someone HELP? Please, Thank you! Great article!

  • I have been struggling to regain my lost weight but all in vain, am 62kgs but I look bony, please advise. my target is 75kgs

  • Through some research I believe we are better suited to exchange carbs for fats. More of a Paleo aspect, but above all, reduce sugar in our diet to less than 25 g per day.

  • I did not know how to calculate the cal everyday. For example, if I eat in a restaurant where there is no explanation of how much cal, how can I record that? Thank you!

  • I am confused i thought a low carb high fat diet was a way to get your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy and keep you blood sugar low. I am aware that too much protein turns I to glucose if not used for energy insulin and also carbs have a similar effect. It’s just I have been told I am wrong and now I. Confused. I thought low carb healthy fats and proteins good for you. I was told yesterday this makes your body store fat. Can you explain please

  • I am curious as to why when I figured my meals and I added watermelon, my protein dropped from 17% to 12%?!

  • I’m starting a keto based diet so my macros are very different from what is in he app.
    Net Carbs < 20g
    Protein ~ 130g
    Fat ~ 160

    Can I change the macro percentage in the Fitbit app?

  • Clearly the macro for protein,fat and carbs isn’t working correctly. It’s always giving me a high % fat. Today only fat I had was in the ham 5%. Giving me 34% fat for days food. Makes you wonder what else is incorrect in the calculations!

  • New to fitbit, but want to lose weight. Plant based Vegan & gluten free. Any suggestions on protein carb sources? Thanks

  • Hi, I just started Keto for last 2 days. Feeling great. My weight was 79 kgs, I achieved 67 kgs by duet control and gym in last 2 years. Now I left gym and adopted new Keto lifestyle. I am yet to have long experience. Anybody else on Keto may advise me on the more veg recipe

  • I’m so disappointed that Fitbit promotes the “fat is bad…eat carbs for fuel” nonsense. I wish the food tracking would include low carb options. Get with the science, folks.

  • I am hearing a lot of talk about saturated fats being “not so bad for you.” Certainly not as bad as previously thought for the heart. Cholesterol is taking a back seat to “inflammation” in the arteries, caused by processed foods and sugars. What is your take on this?

  • Hi i have just started to try and to lose some weight its very confuseing i am been yold not to eat sweet potato because its bad for diabetic is this true

  • Not sure I agree with this program. Carbs are what turn into sugars when they are not the proper carbs, that is what is making us fat. Fat does not make us fat and that is the lowest on this program you have. We need to count sugars instead of carbs. I would appreciate if your program learned how to turn the carbs into a sugar amount

  • What is the app displaying? % calories by macro or % macros? Also, can I change display to # of macros vs. percentage?

  • What if you’re following the IPA, ideal protein alternative 1 protocol. My carbs would be super low, protein12-20gm/meal, & fat. Drink upward of 64 oz water daily

  • Thank you for the good article. I just wish FitBit had included fiber as a category, or at least made the category display more flexible. As it is, the display takes up precious screen space and gives insufficient info to be useful to me, although of course others will find it useful.

  • Having a few issues with my heart having angiogram done next month cholestoral is pretty high any tips in what foods to eat that can lower it please best regard jimb

  • I’m on a 5% Carb 25% protein and 70% fat 1200 calories
    I’m 156lbs 5’5” female. I want to loose 20 more lbs. it seems if I watch the percentage of macros it’s less than the nutritional information call me tonight be watching the percentage of macros will be over while the nutritional grams or under. I thought there’s supposed to both equal percentage. Can’t figure it out

  • I just read this article, he percentage breakup for macro nutrient is talking about the RDA of a person, but how do we calculate for a person who plays a high intensity sport in the morning and then hits the gym in the evening?? It is obvious more the physical activity more you need to fuel it, my question is how much and how do we calculate ?

  • Try the whole30 diet. It is an elimination diet to “reset” your body. Google it. All resources are free on the website.

  • I’m new to logging my meals, and in about 1 1/2 months will have bariatric sleeve surgery. I’m wanting to get a firm handle on logging ahead of time. Do you have any suggestions to help me thru this before and after surgery process.

  • Interesting. I just had blood tests and my glucose was 113 and my triglycerides were 242. Never been out of range before. I don’t eat a lot of sweets. My son says it’s the carbohydrates! How many grams is recommended for a 70 year old who’s 6’2 and weighs 232. Been this weight for years.

  • I just had blood tests and results were glucose 113, and triglycerides were 242. Never been or of range before. I’m 70 years old, 6’2, and 232lbs. Been that weight for years. Don’t eat a lot of sweets. Son says it carbs. How many grams am I allowed?

  • Can this app help me put my own carb goals for the day or is everything predetermined based on the usda numbers?

  • I work a very physically demanding job and burn a lot of calories in a day and then work out. I burn a lot of calories throughout the day but I struggle to bring in more than a 1k. I’m just not hungry. Any advice or tips.

  • I am 60 years old! I walk 5 to 10 miles a day 7 days a week!! The only thing I need to know how many calories should I have each day?? Is scramble eggs and 2 piece of bacon and piece of whole grain toast ok in the mornings?!

    • Also I lost 36 pounds since last June to now so I really don’t need to loose anymore but going to keep my walking up!’

  • Hi how are you? I work nights 8p.m. to 5:30a.m. I’m struggling with my eating idk when is a good time to eat.

  • Just read the comments,I have only just started the course so I need as much information has possible,to what to eat and what not to eat.

  • Trying had to work right balance to lose weight and lower my blood sugar leaves. Which are at top of risking. Type two diabetes following. The slimming world plan but any advice welcome I’m disabled and in lots of pain reduced mobility and hart rate issues .but with the help from my Fitbit I hope to improve my suffering

  • This was very helpful, I also like to keep my carbs low, simply because it’s hard for me to digest heavy carbs. Getting pass my weakness for ice cream treats is my big issue. I’ll give up dinner if I want a scoop of ice cream. This had only been going on since my thyroid slowed. The fit bit has helped tremendously, by keeping me moving, focused on my steps, drinking my water, and exercising. The best thing I’ve done for myself since I got sick. Now if I could get rid of the sweet tooth!

  • Hi! I gained about seven pounds around last years holidays and cannot seem to get back to my old weight. I am now considered overweight for my height and age. I excerise everyday by walking and using a total gym. Almost every other night I run for about 15-20 minutes too. I can’t get the weight off! I eat mostly vegetarian, am I overeating? Any suggestions?

  • For work I’m living in a hotel. It’s. Dry hard to eat healthy. Can you suggest a good healthy way to eat when living in a hotel?

  • Please advise how to view the macros in grams rather than just % as the article indicates can be done. I have looked in all the settings and I cannot find it. Thank you

  • I wish there was a way to set your daily goals for intake. I have had weight loss surgery so my protein, fat and carbs look different then some one who has not had this surgery. LOVE FITBIT and my WHOLE family is on this journey to get and STAY healthy with me. Looking forward to the continued improvements and innovations.

  • I’m starting my weight loss program as of yesterday, July 26, 2017! I know I need to cut back on sugar but what else?

  • Hi there.
    Very interesting article to read, my biggest issue is I’m a vegetarian and I feel I need to lose approx 2.5 stone. I am a member of a gym and do classes as well as use the gym facilities. I would like to lose the weight and gain a small amount of muscle. With regards to food what’s the best ideas for breakfast and lunch that will work alongside the classes etc.
    Thank you.

  • When I started using Fitbit to track my meals, I was on 1200 cals a day. The total cals per day goes up some days and now it is over 2000 cals a day. Why?

  • I had gastric bypass surgery 2 yrs ago and up until recently, I have been up and down in weight, fluctuating about 10lbs. I went on vacation and gained 10lbs and now I can lose it. Which is the fastest way to lose weight?

  • I’m 213 lbs. Weights and cardio 4 to 5 days a week. Trying to get to 200 lbs. What should my macro ratio be ? Currently, it’s 40/40/20. Thanks.

  • Hi
    Is Mixing a chia seed with flax seed and quinia seed in the morning fruit smoothie good for high blood pressure patient or not

  • Those who track macros sure don’t do it in percentages. I wish the app could display actual numbers in grams or else I have to go out of the app and online to the dashboard to be able to see the actual numbers. It’s too time consuming since I have to do this several times a day. Needs to be something in settings to choose displays of either percentage or actual number in grams.

  • As a cancer survivor those of us that have been given the death sentence by traditional western medicine doctors have come to learn intimately the value of a well balanced diet. Unfortunately organizations like the USDA and the FDA have not always been doing the US population a favor with the standard daily allowances. Cancer loves sugar and carbohydrates. This is why many ‘low carb’ diets are so popular these days. Cancer cells have 23 receptors for sugar/glucose. Cancer cells can not live without glucose. Normal cells have only 2 receptors for the same. Since cancer cells have more receptors they hoard sugars, burn them for energy differently than normal cells and in the process produce acidic toxins that kill adjacent healthy cells and turn them into cancerous cells. This is how tumors grow. To cure or prevent cancer it is important to understand this relationship of sugar/carb intake and how the body processes these foods differently between healthy cells and precancerous cells and full on cancer cells that have formed colonies called tumors. I hope this helps fellow Fitbit users seek out low carb and lower yet sugar diets and see a nutritionist that has cancer patient experience. Check out ketogenic diets and cancer healing through healthy lifestyle choices. Theoretically, I shouldn’t have been able to write this message as western traditional medicine suggested I should have been dead by now. Who knew that eliminating a handful of foods could cause cancer to go into remission. Well come to find out lots of people do. I see cancer survivors every other week where we all go to get our treatments to keep us alive using primarily nutritional supplements that are allowing us to combat cancer and regain our natural homeostasis. Beware what the mainstream media tells you in advertisements. Read your food labels. If you can’t pronounce it and it doesn’t sound like food or sounds like something that might not taste good you should think twice about digesting it.

  • Hello. Trying to learn to eat healthier. What should be on a grocery list for my week day schedule. what kind of food to prep for meals that are not processed?

  • Hello folks. Can anyone help me. I have been logging all of my food on fitbit and I am consistently eating only 2150 calories through reasonably healthy foods. I havnt lost a single bit of weight.

    I was previously suffering arthritis but have been healed through diet is raw vegetables. I am now on no medication and declared well by NHS

    I am 47 year old male and very active is gardening swimming and walking loads

  • I’m a diabetic and confused on if I count the carbs and how many to have. I’m trying to lose weight and joined the gym too.

  • For years I did a low carb diet trying eliminate all things people generally think about when they think of carbs – bread, pasta, chips. That sort of thing. But I’m falling low on my carb percentage. What is a good way to get healthy carbs? I’m ranging around 25% carbs per day.

  • Is the percentage of carbs “net carbs” when looking at the small pie chart for macronutrients on the Fitbit app? I’m doing the Ketogenic diet and they measure in net carbs, and I want to be sure I’m doing right! Thanks!

  • My current diet I’m having more carbs then I am protein. This is for fat loss, is that the correct way around? I’m eating around 2900 calories but burning more than 3000. Any advice if this is the wrong type of diet

  • I’m currently around 105-107 pounds and I wanna be at least 115 or 120. I’m 5’2 and I just think I look unhealthy and I want to improve. Do you have any tips or anything ?

  • I am having a hard time getting this weight off i cant seem to eat the right things and i have tried and spend to much money on things that do not work i am currently 209 lb not happy about it what can i do to help me decrease some weight and clean up??

  • I haven’t been as active in the last 3 years due to grief and other things. My right knee needs to be replaced I plan to the end of October I have pain in right knee so sit more, I need to go back to lifting weights again.
    How can I gain more stamina?

  • I’m a 67 year old female. I’m 5’6.5″. I weight 273 lbs. As, I’m sure you’ve heard before, I’ve struggled with my weight and tried evey diet out there. I have chronic gastritis, so I have a lot of stomach issues. I would very much to at least get down to the 200 mark. I’m limited on my exercise right now because of a severely strained tendon and I’m wearing a boot. I have spinal stenosis in the moderate stages, and my knees are not good. Is it too late for me to loose weight?

  • hi this is rajneesh..i m enjoying my new fitbit blaze smart watch and wants to track my activity everyday.
    lost 32 kgs weight in 16 months time last year and still focus on maintaining the same

  • How do I see my daily sugar intake on my fitbit page I see fat carbs but not sugar I think that is important to keep track of

  • With the Samsung health app, it calculated daily salt , vitamin intake etc. Is this something they may add eventually to the nutrient calculator?

  • Hi, I’m a 65yrs man, wanting to improve my health, possibly loose some weight! 5’10” @ 188lb. I’ve become a vegetarian for only about 6wks now! I get all my meals from “Hello Fresh. With the hope of being more successful in my goal! Am I doing the right thing? What more can I do? Being healthy and flooding weight, my main goals! Can you advise? Thanks!

  • Hi,
    Fitbit’ fab

    A great incentive, I’d had a Fitbit for my 66th birthday a month into joining a iron pumping gym
    It’s great how it’s opening my eyes to all aspects of get fit and lean.
    Certainly a must for all who want to control their body and life

    Live long and prosper

  • Is there anyway to add sugars?
    I’m diabetic and I would love one spot to record my food intake and see how many grams of sugars are in the foods (as well as carbs and protein) maybe Fitbit could include a tab to enter blood sugar readings… Just sayin… I WOULD USE IT!

  • I can’t eat lots of protein due to my kidney disease and have GERD so a lot of fruit is out. What is the best diet for me. I am 30 lbs. Overweight. I walk 3-5miles 3-5 days a week. I kayak 1 x a week and bike 1 x a week. I have 1 cup of honey bunches of oats,2 tbs. Flaxseed ,1/4 cup blueberries and about 1cup milk for breakfast. Eat 1 cup frozen yogurt at 7:30 at night. These are daily foods, then Healthy lunch and dinner. Can’t loose the 30 lbs. Any suggestions.

  • So help me.. I’m wanting to lose weight and then tone and maintain. I’m 5’1, cw 130, goal weight 120. What % should I keep my macros at? (Fat%, protein% & carb%)?

  • Hi, beening a shift worker, how can one stay on track, because of the different times, during the night your craving are a little more intense. If you know what mean Tim

  • I was really pleased to see the precentage of the the macros in the new update. It would be nice if I can see a total of the each macronutrients that I consume so I can see if I hit my numbers oppose to logging on the website to see breakdown. Overall, i do like the addition of the macronutrients breakdown.

  • Hi, Tom Ferris advocates as do others 30g of protein for breakfast 30 mins after you wake (30/30) how can you guide yourself to this using macros and the Fitbit app?

  • I’ve been walking 13,000 steps average for last 3 weeks. 1100 calories intake for food. But not losing any weight. Its really discouraging. I do wotkout 2x a week core strenthning witj trainer. I m 55 yrs old Asian female. 150 pds, 5’5″ tall. Any advise?

  • Is there a way to change the macros in my Fitbit app I am on the Xyngular diet and need them to be 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs

  • I’ve recently decided to become a vegetarian. I am probably knowledgeable enough about nutrition to be dangerous, but don’t consider myself an expert 🙂 I am a Type II diabetic. I’m having trouble figuring out how to keep the carbs low and the protein high. I’m happy to do the legwork, but there’s so much information out there. Would you have a recommendation of a website or a book that has accurate information about what I’m trying to do. Thank you for any help you can give me!

  • How can I cut carbs and count calories and still loose weight? I started counting calories and writing everything down about 4 years ago. I lost 50 ponds and have kept it off but I would like to loose 10 more pounds but I can’t seem to loose them. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  • Hi well my name is pat. I just found out. I have high blood pressure. Im looking for some good healthy eating tips can you advice.

  • What would be the best macronutrients ratio to maintain my current weight but drop body fat percentage? (Losing a few lbs of body weight would not be bad but, id like to maintain as much as i can)

  • Great article but I’d love to see more detail on complex vs simple carbs and recommended percentages of each within the overall carb percentage. Especially how it applies to weight loss.

  • Going to Mexican today for lunch and I’m going to have a grilled chicken salad how do I go about putting this in my fit but app

  • Is anyone available to assist with meal planning??!!……how do you balance your meals so your stats show “on target” at the end of the day??

  • I was used to counting points on Weight Watchers and am finding it a little confusing how to identify and track food. For example, I’ve had rye read for breakfast and tuna sandwich for lunch. I don’t see the option to count the bread for each meal. How is everyone doing this ?

  • My doctor wants me to try the cornerstone wellness program to lose weight, but it’s $175 a month?
    I want to if this really works even after I stop the program?

  • Why does the fit bit not give us the sodium count that’s very important. It only deals with fat protein and carbs. It also does not differentiate between starches either. As a diabetic I love these tools because it really helps me gauge my food intake and my exercise. Thanks

  • Thanks that was info I tried to get from a nutrionist with my current health care plan. I will pay attention to the macros. Any know about know ways to speed up metabolism. That is my biggest issue at my age.

  • Thanks I have been looking for information on the percentages and how to work with it. Also I help on speeding up my metabolism. I was following weight watchers. Which I had previously lost 120 pounds on. But now 10 years later it doesn’t seem to help. I have gained 15 pounds single the holidays and can’t get it off.

  • Hi i want to build muscle and at the same time need to lose fat around lower abdomen. What would u suggest. Should i continue same micros. Thanks.

  • I really don’t like the way you describe the macro nutrients. You describe fat as a back up energy source and saturated fat such as beef fat as unhealthy. Myself I am living on a ketogenic diet for over two years and my main source of energy is that not carbohydrates. My body is healing and my energy is growing from using fat specifically saturated fat as my energy. Many people believe what they read without checking the facts. Carbohydrates are totally unnecessary for healthy living.

  • I have cholesterol issues high. I also have kidney issues. Hard to mesh foods to not contribute to one or both problems. What %s should I try for macronutrients ?

  • Goodday, can you please tel me how many calories I must consume per day, I am 54y old woman, gym 3x a week and powerwalk 4x per week for 7km.

  • I do not want to know the % of carbs, etc. I want to know how many grams, etc. can you change it so it is better to track. I hate to use more apps if I can use one and I love my Fitbit app.

  • Hi I have two autoimmune disorders coeliacs and Hashimotos I cut out gluten as I had to. Just wondering about exercising with Hashimotos as it can cause weight gain and I’d prefer to stay thin

  • Hi Tracy, Thx for the article. Good insights. Can you help me out? How much must I eat? Most of the Time I don’t reach above the 1100 and 1400 calories. In the morning FitBit starts with my goal to eat 1200 calories. Most of the Time I’ll get that in but in the end of the Day it says I’ve burned 3400 calories. I’ve been eating 1400 calories and it says 1400 calories to eat left.
    I’m always under target!
    Must I eat more or less to lise weight

  • Can you please help me with a food plan I’m diabetic but I’m also now on coumadin for the rest of my life due to metallic heart valve and brain stent. So all the healthy veggies I use to be able to eat are now off limits due to them being high in vitamin K. Struggling here any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a blessed day

  • WOW! I have SO MANY issues with this article. You make a lot of speculation but you leave nothing for the reader to back up your claims. Also, it’s been proven time and again that the “USDA recommendations” are a JOKE and NOT based on health or performance. You absolutely CAN eliminate a single macro from your diet, and that’s CARBS. CARBS = FAT STORAGE! If you want to be obese like all the other Americans, then follow that food pyramid, it’s a sure fire way to disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, cancer etc. Do your own research.

    • Absolutely true… The USDA food pyramid needs restructuring… They are in cohorts with the agricultural lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies.

    • I agree entirely This article echoes the current flawed food guidelines! the majority would benefit greatly by going Low Carb Good High Fat! Unless as you say ‘you want to be Obese and ill’

  • I’m on Keto and would like to know how to adjust the macros in Fitbit so it doesn’t tell me I’m over. I’m logging my food in lose it and they’re synced.

  • When is fitbit going to allow us to enter our own goals. I had my macros profressionally calculated but can’t tell on the fitbit app what you have it calculated at. I also want to add in my own corresponding calorie goal.

  • There is a fourth source of calories. ALCOHOL. It’d be nice if there was a column for that. I like to have a few drinks each week, but it’s hard to log accurately.

  • Great article as well. Do we eat those ratios if we want to lose?? I try to eat a balance of carbs, protein and fat. My goal is to lose 5 pounds and achieve lean muscle

  • What are your recommendation for precentices fir me- i’m 71 and do powerlifting 3 time’s a week with cardio 1-2 times as well

  • Hi,
    Recently I observed Fitbit app doesn’t count Macros correctly? For example, my protein intake till evening was 24% and when I added 1 scoop of whey that is 24g of protein… App calculated it as only 4% instead of 48% in total.? I’m confused. Please advise.

  • I love your article and give so much information about how we should eat and how we can stay healthy thank you for adding this it’s very inspiring to get me moving and start being healthy.

  • Hi. I am logging my food and the macronutrients were in the range until i added mt olive dill bany dill pickles..20 calories. Now i have 93 % fat in my carbs and protein went way down for a few pickles. Help

  • How do I see the number of carbs I’ve eaten, not the percentage?
    I read that I could change it but haven’t figured it out.

  • Hi! I am curious about the food logging system on Fitbit. Since there is already a deficit on my calorie intake, is it harmful to be under budget most nights? I feel like I cannot eat anymore, but I may still be 400 under budget. Any advice?

  • Ok.. so I am trying to figure out the whole intake and out take graph on here. It doesn’t make sense either I am over or under.9

  • Hey!! My name is Shilpy.I am from India.I am overweight.My age is 39 and height is 5’4″ and my weight is 96.Please suggest me regular diet plan and workout.

  • I need help with figuring out what I need to eat each day I am starting to work out 4 days a week, I do about 8000 steps at work and burn about 2600 calories daily Mon- Fri but trying to loose 60 pounds

  • I’m a diabetic, and I’m having problems finding something different for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, lunch snack , dinner…

    I drink feel good ice coffee have stopped drinking Coke Zero…

    Just need some food ideas.

    Will be great to hear back.

    Regards Jenise

  • I am an American Council on Exercise , Advanced Health and fitness specialist. Studied what the big authorities advocated. Big revelation when I found out about ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. At the age of 51 I was dumbfounded how we’ve been cheated by the authorities about macros and the human physiological needs for weight management. Please consider getting empowered with knowledge from Dr
    Eric Berg, Dr Darren Schmidt and Thomas De Lauer. See what fits you I’ll guarantee you will see results that you’ve been wanting.

  • I’ve just been diagnosed with fatty liver. What fats should I be eating to reduce my weight which is part of the problem (obesity)? I’m doing the exercise.

  • I am on a paleo Diet which I started the last of June.. we do not count anything for this diet… up until today I have already lost 63 pound… I started walking… this why I purchased the fit bit Blaze…I will be joining a fitness center in the next few weeks…how do I follow the calorie count if I do not keep track of what I eat? I still want to loose 30 more pounds…

  • Can you change this app to actual get total amount of carbs per meal. I am diabetic and limited to 30 carbs a meal and this would help simplify my diet plan

  • Is this an accurate statement? “Our bodies will not burn fats to release energy before they burn carbohydrates. Furthermore, they will not metabolize proteins to release energy before they metabolize fats.” If so, does the second part include our body fat or just the fat we eat?

  • Wish it were possible to automatically chart Calories In v Calories Out on the App on a daily, monthly, quarterly basis. Should also be available on the Dashboard – Calories In is very poorly represented

  • Im just cagoing to get my self out of this rut. i was doing some out side labor last and hot real down because the shape i am in. its hard to het motivated but im going to do it.

    It is hard for me since i work as an independent adjuster and always on the goal.

    I have made better choice over the last week and already feel better. i am walking bit about to start a little jogging. im yried of walking up steps and being out of breath.

    • No adult should consume more that 1,050 grams of carbs per week (don’t count dietary fiber as carbs). Split that 1,050 how ever way you want it over the week.

  • I am an uncontrollable diabetic. I am trying to count carbs, proteins and fat using grams instead of percentages. How do I do that with the fitbit app. I can only track by percentages.

  • Hi there, what would a typical macro split look like for a person who weight trains and does a bit of cardio and yoga in between ? 30 carbs, 20 fats, 50 protein ? TIA

  • I too have tummy issues and what I’ve found to help tremendously is drinking kombucha. I drink about 1/2 a cup in the am and again before bed. Hope this helps:)

  • It’s sad to see an educated nutritionist still pushing guidelines the FDA themselves admitted caused a diabetes, cancer, and heart disease epidemic in America. Her recommendations, the old FDA recommendations, or build upon way too many carbohydrates!

  • Hi, could you please mention your comments about low carb diet. Since it’s low carb you have to increase fat and a little bit of protein in your diet. According to major governments suggestions, apart from recently revised England’s one, this is not advised to you health!

  • I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux & IBSD. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in wAterhas helped alot for reflux & inflammation. IBSD meds didn’t help much so gluten free seems to work really well for the pain and inflammation of the stomach. I’ve also tried CBD oil & that was an instant pain relief for the pain in my stomach, arthritis in my back & other joint pain along with migraines.Those are my alternative to prescription meds & ive felt much better over the last 4-5 months! Always looking for other suggestions if anyone else has any to share!

  • Tracy, I am new to fitbit and excited for the increased health awareness. Thanks for your blogs and education! This sentence from the above blog caught my attention: “Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals, and although they’re essential for good health, they don’t provide any calories and only trace amounts are needed.” Where has our dietician community learned that micronutrients are only needed in trace amounts? Can you help explain or point me to a valid source? Are trace amounts all that is needed to survive or are we thinking to thrive as well only takes trace amounts? Joe Cross, Phil Staples, and many more have seen diseases cured from micro intake only. I don’t understand the chasm. As an expert, what are your thoughts?

  • I wish Fitbit would explain why sometimes it goes in the “red” when I’m under my calories. It would be nice it it explained when I was in the green, blue, or red

  • I’m going through the menopause and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m trying to exercise and eat healthy but my efforts are fruitless the issue is I just can seem to maintain any consistentency. I’m really good for about two weeks and sometimes have lost 7lbs in that time and then I loose the will to continue and put it all back on. Any recommendationswould be so appreciated.

  • Is it possible, maybe for some future software update, for this to also show you how many net carbs you have eaten? Or have the option to show net carbs per day? For Keto diet.

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