Explore the Scenic SF Bay at the Fitbit Tiburon 1/2 Marathon & 5K


Fitbit Tiburon 5K Course Map

Training for the Fitbit Tiburon Half Marathon or 5K? Prepare yourself for some amazing views. Here are the detailed course maps for both the half marathon and 5K, along with a breakdown of each mile of the half marathon to help you get familiar with the course.

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Fitbit Tiburon Half Marathon Course Map

Start to Mile 1
Your incredible 13.1 mile journey begins by starting at Juanita Lane and heading southeast. You will make a LEFT onto Tiburon Blvd, then another LEFT onto Beach Avenue past the start area. Take a LEFT onto Main Street for a quick tour of the chique downtown Tiburon stores and restaurants. Then you head through downtown.
Mile 1 to Mile 2
With a cruising first mile done, you will march onto Tiburon Blvd. and head out of town, past Town Hall and onto the Tiburon Bike Path. This portion is all flat but don’t go out too fast. Make sure to stay to your RIGHT on the path. The first Aid Station will be by the Tennis courts.

Mile 2 to Mile 3
Following along the bike path as you will head out of the canopied trees and emerge along the scenic waterfront for another flat mile.

Mile 3 to Mile 4
This portion of the course takes you through the famed Blackie’s Pasture and past the Lululemon Cheer Station and Steel Drummers for the first time. Be prepared for some high fives and a jolt of energy but hold the sails back a bit for the next set of miles.
Mile 4 to Mile 5
Here you will climb out of Blackie’s Pasture and experience the first climb of the run. Stay to the right alongside of Greenwood Beach Road.

Mile 5 to Mile 6
You will cross the road and onto the curvy walking path crossing the footbridges over the water to another Aid Station. Be ready to drop your arms and put your head down for the short but very steep climb up Harbor Cove Way hill. Turn right onto Strawberry Drive and then left onto Belvedere Drive past Strawberry Park.

Mile 6 to Mile 7
This portion includes a nice out and back along Belvedere Drive to see the old town beauty of the Strawberry community. On the way back though, you turn right and head up the major climb of the day, the famed “Shark Fin Hill” up Ricardo Road. Your quads and lungs will burn, stay steady and strong though, you’ve trained for this and a journey needs a challenge.
Mile 7 to Mile 8
You will continue down the Ricardo Hill and then turn left onto Seminary Drive and another aid station. This portion of the course you get it all – stunning views of Mt. Tam, San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, and the Bay. Likely the most breathtaking mile of the course along the Strawberry Peninsula, you won’t even notice the rolling hills.

Mile 8 to Mile 9
You will continue along the Strawberry Peninsula and then turn right onto Great Circle Drive for a quick neighborhood loop downhill. Open the stride and cruise through this portion.

Mile 9 to Mile 10
This is your final climb up of the day which will take you out of Great Circle Drive, past the Aid Station and then turn Right onto Strawberry Drive. Make sure to wave to those working out at the Tiburon Peninsula Club.
Mile 10 to Mile 11
You know that steep downhill you went up, well you get to go back down this time but be careful as you turn right onto Harbor Cove Way. Then you will follow along the footbridges and the waterfront.

Mile 11 to Mile 12
The Lululemon Cheer Station and Steel Drummers will get your spirits up and going again for the home stretch and final miles as you run down through Blackie’s Pasture. You worked hard and know you can do it now.

Mile 12 to Mile 13.1
This is all along the bike path, flat, fast, as you run from tree to tree. You will emerge onto Tiburon Blvd. and be rewarded with a spectacular one of a kind finish, with Maserati cars on each side. Smile and show off your medal with extreme pride. You did it.

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