Welcoming Fit in Focus, a New Podcast from Fitbit Focusing on All Things Health

Have you ever wondered exactly what resting heart rate is? Or why you have such vivid dreams? Or how Fitbit builds an algorithm? To help answer those questions and many more, Fitbit is launching its first-ever podcast—Fit in Focus.

Hosted by Eric Friedman, Fitbit co-founder and CTO, and Andrea Holing from the Fitbit communications team, Fit in Focus will bring together experts and industry leaders to have insightful conversations on everything from heart health to fitness to sleep. You’ll also hear from the people behind Fitbit—from Research to Design to Marketing—as they share more about some of our greatest innovations, like our 24/7 heart rate tracking and Fitbit Flow.

The first episode launches on June 30 and will be available on YouTube, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Check out the trailer for Fit in Focus on YouTube here and make sure to tune in next week!

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