Presenting the Official List of Fitbit Badges. How Many Do You Have?

Fitbit Badges

When you’re as determined as so many Fitbit users are, it can be easy to get laser focused on your end goal. But while high aspirations are commendable, experts also say having smaller specific, measurable, and attainable goals can help keep you motivated. Another key factor? Rewards.

That’s why Fitbit designed more than 100 badges to recognize a variety of achievements. From steps taken to floors climbed to weight loss, these virtual awards are designed to recognize and help you celebrate even the smallest of victories along your health journey.

But you can’t achieve what you can’t see, right? So with that in mind, here are all 101 Fitbit Badges and what you need to do to earn them.


Boat Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Boat ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 5,000 steps in one day.


Fitbit Badges: SneakersAccomplishment: You’ve walked 10,000 steps in one day.

Urban Boots

Fitbit Badge: Urban ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 15,000 steps in one day.

High Tops

Fitbit Badges: High TopsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 20,000 steps in one day.


Fitbit Badges: ClassicsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 25,000 steps in one day.

Trail Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Trail ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 30,000 steps in one day.

Hiking Boots

Fitbit Badges: Hiking ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 35,000 steps in one day.


Fitbit Badges: CleatsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 40,000 steps in one day.

Snow Boots

Fitbit Badges: Snow BootsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 45,000 steps in one day.

Cowboy Boots

Fitbit Badges: Cowboy BootsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 50,000 steps in one day.

Blue Suede Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Blue Suede ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 55,000 steps in one day.

Platform Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Platform ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 60,000 steps in one day.

Ruby Slippers

Fitbit Badges: Ruby SlippersAccomplishment: You’ve walked 65,000 steps in one day.

Spring Loaders

Fitbit Badges: Spring LoadersAccomplishment: You’ve walked 70,000 steps in one day.

Genie Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Genie ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 75,000 steps in one day.

Futuristic Kicks

Fitbit Badges: Futuristic KicksAccomplishment: You’ve walked 80,000 steps in one day.

Rocket Boots

Fitbit Badges: Rocket BootsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 90,000 steps in one day.

Olympian Sandals

Fitbit Badges: Olympian SandalsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 100,000 steps in one day.



Fitbit Badges: MarathonAccomplishment: You’ve walked 26 miles since joining Fitbit.

March of Penguins

Fitbit Badges: March of PenguinsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 70 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: LondonAccomplishment: You’ve walked 250 miles since joining Fitbit.

Hawaiian Islands

Fitbit Badges: Hawaiian IslandsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 350 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SerengetiAccomplishment: You’ve walked 500 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: ItalyAccomplishment: You’ve walked 736 miles since joining Fitbit.

New Zealand

Fitbit Badges: New ZealandAccomplishment: You’ve walked 990 miles since joining Fitbit.

Great Barrier Reef

Fitbit Badges: Great Barrier ReefAccomplishment: You’ve walked 1,600 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: JapanAccomplishment: You’ve walked 1,869 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: IndiaAccomplishment: You’ve walked 1,997 miles since joining Fitbit.

Monarch Migration

Fitbit Badges: Monarch MigrationAccomplishment: You’ve walked 2,500 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SaharaAccomplishment: You’ve walked 2,983 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: NileAccomplishment: You’ve walked 4,132 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: Africa

Accomplishment: You’ve walked 5,000 miles since joining Fitbit.

Great Wall

Fitbit Badges: Great WallAccomplishment: You’ve walked 5,500 miles since joining Fitbit.

Russian Railway

Fitbit Badges: Russian RailwayAccomplishment: You’ve walked 5,772 miles since joining Fitbit.

Earth Diameter

Fitbit Badges: Earth DiameterAccomplishment: You’ve walked 7,900 miles since joining Fitbit.

Pole to Pole

Fitbit Badge: Pole to PoleAccomplishment: You’ve walked 12,430 miles since joining Fitbit.


Happy Hill

Fitbit Badges: Happy HillAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 10 floors in one day.

Redwood Forest

Fitbit Badges: Redwood ForestAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 25 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: LighthouseAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 50 floors in one day,

Ferris Wheel

Fitbit Badges: Ferris WheelAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 75 floors in one day.


Fitbit-badges-skyscraperAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 100 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: RollercoasterAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 125 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: StadiumAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 150 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: BridgeAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 175 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: CastleAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 200 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: WaterfallAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 300 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: CanyonAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 400 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: VolcanoAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 500 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: MountainAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 600 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: RainbowAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 700 floors in one day.



Fitbit Badges: HelicopterAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 500 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SkydiverAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 1,000 floors since joining Fitbit.

Hot Air Balloon

Fitbit Badges: Hot Air BalloonAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 2,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: 747Accomplishment: You’ve climbed 4,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: CloudAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 8,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: UFOAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 12,000 floors since joining Fitbit.

Shooting Star

Fitbit Badges: Shooting StarAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 20,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: AstronautAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 28,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SatelliteAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 35,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Weight Goal SetFitbit Badges: Goal SetAccomplishment: You set a new goal.

Weight Goal MetFitbit Badges: Weight Goal MetAccomplishment: Weight goal achieved.

5-Pound Weight Loss

Accomplishment: You’ve lost 5 pounds since setting a weight goal.

10-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 10 poundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 10 pounds since setting a weight goal.

15-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 15 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 15 pounds since setting a weight goal.

20-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 20 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 20 pounds since setting a weight goal.

25-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 25 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 25 pounds since setting a weight goal.

30-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 30 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 30 pounds since setting a weight goal.

35-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 35 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 35 pounds since setting a weight goal.

40-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 40 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 40 pounds since setting a weight goal.

45-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 45 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 45 pounds since setting a weight goal.

50-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 50 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 50 pounds since setting a weight goal.

55-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 55 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 55 pounds since setting a weight goal.

60-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 60 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 60 pounds since setting a weight goal.

65-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 65 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 65 pounds since setting a weight goal.

70-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 70 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 70 pounds since setting a weight goal.

75-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 75 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 75 pounds since setting a weight goal.

80-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 80 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 80 pounds since setting a weight goal.

85-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 85 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 85 pounds since setting a weight goal.

90-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 90 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 90 pounds since setting a weight goal.

95-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 95 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 30 pounds since setting a weight goal.

100-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 100 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 100 pounds since setting a weight goal.

105-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 105 poundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 105 pounds since setting a weight goal.

110-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 110 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 110 pounds since setting a weight goal.

115-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: Fitbit BadgesAccomplishment: You’ve lost 115 pounds since setting a weight goal.

120-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 120 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 120 pounds since setting a weight goal.

125-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 125 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 125 pounds since setting a weight goal.

130-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 130 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 130 pounds since setting a weight goal.

135-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 135 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 135 pounds since setting a weight goal.

140-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 140 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 140 pounds since setting a weight goal.

145-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badge: 145 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 145 pounds since setting a weight goal.

150-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 150 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 150 pounds since setting a weight goal.

155-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 155 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 155 pounds since setting a weight goal.

160-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 160 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 160 pounds since setting a weight goal.

165-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 165 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 165 pounds since setting a weight goal.

170-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 170 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 170 pounds since setting a weight goal.

175-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 175 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 175 pounds since setting a weight goal.

180-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 180 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 180 pounds since setting a weight goal.

185-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 185 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 185 pounds since setting a weight goal.

190-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 190 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 190 pounds since setting a weight goal.

195-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 195 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 195 pounds since setting a weight goal.

200-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 200 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 200 pounds since setting a weight goal.

Can’t find the badges you’ve already earned? Want to learn how to share them on social media? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Your Fitbit Badges.

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  • Weird. I don’t have Hawaiian Islands, but I have a bunch of badges that come after that. Was that one added retroactively? Also, why didn’t I receive a badge for setting my weight goal? Interested in how to earn these.

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