Fitbit Dashboard Updated with Weekly Activity and More

new dash 1

The new updated look of the online dashboard is now live, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show off what’s new.

For starters, everything has been updated with a fresh coat of paint and new colors. Completely new to the dashboard is “This Week’s Activity,” a detailed tile that displays a summary of your week at a glance. Once you manually add the tile to your dashboard, you can switch between steps, floors, and calories on the upper-right corner of the tile, and you’ve got a handy bar that displays your progress toward your weekly goal. You can also hover over a specific day of the week to show your step count (or selected stat) for that day.

Fitbit_Dashboard this week with hover small border

There’s also a bit more detail in some of the expanded views of existing tiles. For example, below is the expanded view for the “Steps” tile. In addition to your week’s total count, daily average, and goal progress, you’ve also got a helpful summary of each week’s data over the course of the past month. It’s a quick and easy way to see trends in your data over recurring days/weeks.

Fitbit_Dashboard steps expanded small

So if you haven’t already, we encourage you to log in to your dashboard and play around with the new views and features. Be sure to let us know what you think of the dashboard improvements in our community!

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