Fitbit Dashboard Updated with Weekly Activity and More

new dash 1

The new updated look of the online dashboard is now live, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show off what’s new.

For starters, everything has been updated with a fresh coat of paint and new colors. Completely new to the dashboard is “This Week’s Activity,” a detailed tile that displays a summary of your week at a glance. Once you manually add the tile to your dashboard, you can switch between steps, floors, and calories on the upper-right corner of the tile, and you’ve got a handy bar that displays your progress toward your weekly goal. You can also hover over a specific day of the week to show your step count (or selected stat) for that day.

Fitbit_Dashboard this week with hover small border

There’s also a bit more detail in some of the expanded views of existing tiles. For example, below is the expanded view for the “Steps” tile. In addition to your week’s total count, daily average, and goal progress, you’ve also got a helpful summary of each week’s data over the course of the past month. It’s a quick and easy way to see trends in your data over recurring days/weeks.

Fitbit_Dashboard steps expanded small

So if you haven’t already, we encourage you to log in to your dashboard and play around with the new views and features. Be sure to let us know what you think of the dashboard improvements in our community!

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  • I don’t do well with changes, I remember last year when the old dashboard shifted to these tiles. This isn’t THAT different. I really like the look of the sleep tile, and the circular graphs. The line graphs … not as crazy about those. They are very blocky looking. Friends are now circles instead of squares.

    One thing I REALLY miss from the original dashboard was SEDENTARY time being shown. Loved the pie chart showing the hours of the day in sedentary, lightly, moderate, very active time). You show the “active” times on the 30-day graph, but not the sedentary time. Seeing how much sedentary time is just as important! Also, as long as you’re making changes, PLEASE update the colors on the 30-day intake vs burn graph! The key shows blue and pink, yet the lines are two shades of green. I drives me absolutely crazy!

  • I adore the new look! It’s so clean and easy to follow!
    I see another comment had sedentary time tracked. I would love to see that reimplemented!

  • Also I don’t have the option to add the new “This Week’s Activity” tile. Shame because it’s exactly what I’d like.

    • If you click on the little grid icon all the way over on the left-hand side of your dashboard, you can select which tiles you’d like to add.

    • I was able to manually add it by going to the upper left-hand side of the screen. There is an icon that is a 6-square grid inside a circle. Click on that and it allows you to add this weekly tile to your dashboard. Good luck.

  • I like the new look – but would love it if the level of battery was shown in a percentage it would be easier to now what low really means.

  • Nope. totally dislike the new colour scheme. Too bright and glaring, becomes indistinct and fuzzy on my low-tech pc.

    Seriously – please return to the previous colour format, or at least give me the option to choose the previous palette rather than being forced into this garrish muck..

    Not at all impressed or happy about the new look.

    • agree — I think the new colors aren’t as easy to read, and I liked the separate bars for the 15 minute spots for activity. now they are blended together. wish there was an option for the previous view.

    • I don’t understand why you are so negative………….not FB’s problem you have an old PC………most of us find it clean and fresh:))

  • I thought it looked really crisp and clean yesterday, but dont really like it today, the fonts are too big, the graph for weekly progress harder to see and it looks like its been done with crayons that don’t quite fit the boxes – hope its just teething trouble and doesnt stay this way

  • Outstanding job!

    Saw it yesterday morning and did double take. Fresh. Crisp. Clean. Flat.

    Conveys information more quickly. Your UI team did a great job.

    Please continue to add functionality. This is a strong baseline to work from. And the already-existing tiles work seamlessly on all my machines and browsers.

    Well done Fitbit. Keep up the good work.

  • I agree that the font and icons are much too large. I shouldn’t have to scroll or resize my view to see all the tiles that used to be visible in one screen shot.

  • Don’t much like the new font, and the graph is too blocked – earlier comment about crayons about sums the look. A sharper [line, rather than block] graph would be better in my view. It would be useful to have the option to choose styles.

  • I have to admit that I preferred the old look ‘n’ feel, but I also like the new levels of detail. By the way, thanks for doing a Windows Phone app 🙂

  • For me mixed +ves and -ves . Most of the positives are around the new features, weekly tile is good . New tiles are good . The negatives are mostly around the display changed . Far too many roll overs instead of just displaying the information there as is . (Like the weight tile . why hide the ACTUAL weight until you hover over .. makes no sense when there is plenty of page real estate to show it .I also agree with others the font once the novelty wears off is not as clean and easy on the eye as the previous one . Similarly the color scheme is not to my taste and not standard in its color “scale” . I also think some simple display requirement have been needlessly sacrificed on the altar of style . Why make friends pictures a circle when we have clearly uploaded them as squared . pointless . Bottom line is go easy on the design fluff and concentrate on functionality and features , no one will complain about new tiles and perhaps rather than just trash the old design why not for next revision allow users to choose from the various page styles and schemes that they would like . That gives your designers something to do but wont alienate anyone as they will be adding features not removing them .

    Also the sedentary tile that I have never seen +1 for re-adding that . Sounds a nice one.

    Also the friends list . be nice to have more than just ranking by steps . Ranking by active levels and distance too would be nice . (Sort of like the group list thing)>

      • That’s because they removed a while back, when the Flex first came out. It was a great motivator for those of us at desk jobs, and though there were MANY users who said that it was one of the reasons they bought the Fitbit–it showed how long you spent sitting–Fitbit decided that the voices of those many users wasn’t important enough for their ‘cool’, ‘web 2.0’, and in my opinion, kindergarten-esque look of the new dash. Luckily I was an early enough adopter so that I’m still allowed to use the old dash.

        Those of us who do remember it are still vaguely annoyed by the fact that it’s not here. That lack of response to a sizable chunk of the userbase also caused me to stop using my Fitbit for a while so that I could find a device that not only logs sedentary time, but has an alarm so tell you to get up off your butt and do some moving. I like what I use now much more, but still check back in to see if anything has changed on that front.

  • Looks great and doesn’t use Flash!
    I wish I could say the same for the log pages. Please get rid of Flash on the log pages.
    Thank you for listening.

  • I’m new to my “One” and the dashboard works big time for me – started July 3 and have lost 8lbs ! Yes, change is hard to accept and at first glance I liked the new background color which made the tiles pop a bit more. But, I have to agree with a number of comments I have read in the forum. It “is” hard to see the graph bars as the pale color is simply too pale. Yes, the font can be read but it would be much easier if the font was heavier (thicker) or bold.

    Now I will see if your FitBit guru’s “do” read the comments and will you act on what you hear (read) or sit back and sit back saying “ahhh, they will get used to it…give it time”. That type of “group-think” or congruence bias is a dangerous position for a company to take when the real product is not the device, but the people using the device.

  • I was kind of not that happy with the changes but now after you told me how to add more features and move around tiles in my dashboard I love it.

  • I am LOVING the new Fitbit facelift! It’s clean, larger than life, and easier to read. It’s appealing to the eye and I could not be happier! Keep up the great job.

  • Love you guys!!! Just REALLY wish I could get my Fitbit One to sync on my Android tablet. Quite frustrating as I have to abandon my tablet and get onto my netbook using Windows to sync my progress. Any help would definitely be appreciated!!! My tablet is an Acer A200 with Android version 4.0.3

  • New to fitbit – feel fine about the new look, love all the information available and the Hoorays from the smiley faces. . . Wonder how to see floors. Only have icons for steps and calories in the corner of my weekly activity chart, and no floors on any other tiles either. . .

  • Loved my force, replaced it with a flex. It wasn’t as accurate so I bought a one. It is GREAT. does everything perfect. I have even figured that I can hook it on to my watch band and wear it on my wrist. ( Makes sure you have a good tight fit)So far so good. Just love your products, keep them coming.

  • The changes to the dasboard look great- just one question- did you change the way you counted flights of stairs? I bought the fit one because it has the altimeter to count the flights of steps or hills climbed in a day

  • I like to see actual steps or mileage, not percentages (of something I have to figure out what I set!!). Is there a way I can get that?

  • Thank you very much. It’s good to keep thinking about sprucing up the cosmetics. I would really appreciate seeing a “tile” with distances achieved, in addition to steps, calories, and stairs. Perhaps I inadvertently turned that off or missed that option.

  • I really like the detailed information and how you can look at the data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The new look is clean and neat. I just got my Fitbit about a month ago and am still playing around with the website, but I definitely think it is an improvement. Thanks!

  • Fitbit platform is great but all it lacks is a white wristband for the Flex and the ability to track weightlifting

  • How did you get the 4 tile wide X 3 tile high layout shown above? I can only get the tiles to be 3 tiles wide no matter how I drag them around.

  • Love the new look. Interesting how many different opinions there are in the community. Takes all kinds, as they say. The dashboard has lots of good information, especially showing the trends and I like the colours and crispness. Would also like to know about the battery percentage. Would help me decide how much longer I can wear it. I prefer to charge overnight, so as to not miss out on steps.

  • I don’t understand why yellow and orange were switched on the “Today’s Activity” pane. The colors made more sense to me with orange being the least strenuous activity, yellow more, and green the best.

    I like the weekly pane. Other than that, I am neutral about the new look.

  • I wish there was a way to see cumulative calorie deficit for the week (or for a specified time period). This would allow you to see for that time period if you’ve made up for a bad day by having really good days.

  • Suggested addition: Add grams of sugar to the ‘Daily Totals’ section of the food log. It would be great to track how much sugar is in my daily diet!

  • Hi! Looks great (though I liked the previous color set better, it might be mostly getting used to something). I appreciate that the Sleep expanded view now has some readable colors in graphs. But the bars got smaller too, right? I’m looking at it several times a week to detect a pattern when I start to go to bed past usual time. I can tell you, it’s not that easy to to do it, when you need to look from bottom to top.
    Please, please, please, work hard over full sleep stats redesign, not to lose any valuable info available now for Fitbit fans with current views (don’t hesitate to make them even more useful). For example, now that the graphs are squeezed in bars in fast view in dash, I can’t see any spikes and learn about dynamics.

    You can already tell, I love your new monthly progress for steps.

    Any of the team work being shared on Dribbble or elsewhere? I’d love to have a peek!

    Best, Alice

  • Just read the comments above, looked again at the dash and I think I get it, why most don’t find the newly chosen color schemes nice.
    The green is a bright one, orange looks heavier in comparison. They look like secondary complemenary colors and don’t flow naturally into each other. Indeed, they have the same brightness value in LAB color space, but doesn’t mean the contrast is pleasant for eyes.

    Might help to pick a shade next on the color circle! I bet people will hank you for that playing with Kuler. (
    Keep the good things coming!

  • I like the new look and would love to have that new this week tile, unfortunately my dashboard doesn’t have it and there’s no option to add it when I go to add new tiles

  • Looks fine, but can it be propogated to the rest of the site for consistency? The log page still looks like it’s from 1998. 🙂

  • I just started using Fitbit two months ago, so I don’t see the difference. But I have a suggestion.

    I acquired a standup desk, which I use 2-3 hours a day at a fair amount of physical energy expended to do so, but there is nothing in the “activity” section regarding standing. The difference between standing and sitting at a desk uses somewhere around 20% more calories.

    Love to see “standing” at desk in the “activity” section. Thank you.

  • love it!!!! so does my aerobic classes………love how I can see my progress daily, weekly and monthly……..only wish it could track and count your sugar intake……. .that’s a hard one for a lot people to keep track of. great product

  • I like all the changes.

    However I do wish there was a way to change to see just this weeks totals. instead of the last 7 consecutive days. That way it will match up with the weekly emails.

  • I like the new look and features. Thanks to the tracking features of Fitbit, I met my goal and lost 15 lbs last month.

    Now, my only complaint is that since I am in maintenance mode, I wish there were a way to set the weight tile default to the graph view. Every time I refresh the dashboard, it goes back to the weight goal view and I need to reset it to graph view to see how my weight fluctuates.

  • I too don’t have the weekly activity tile and my weight log does not show any weight loss. I don’t even see where I am suppose to put my goal weight. Please help.

  • I love the bright colors! I do wish the bur would like to see the level of the battery when you go to the site. I think it looks great and gives a cheerful, positive image.

  • Nice a fresh and clean looking.
    More detail is useful although I like the quick reference to check on my daily progress

  • Love the new format. Easier to see with the larger font. Only wish the colors were changed the orange & yellow are a bit muddy for my tastes, but the green is nice.

    • I have exited, resynched, signed in again and it still has not changed. Is this change for everybody, or is there a setting I need to chang?

      • Dan, you may have opted in to be a legacy user. Try this: on your dashboard, go to the dropdown menu on the top right and find your settings. You should see an option to change to Dashboard – Beta. Let me know if that works.

        • Chris, Does that work in reverse? Can I opt in to being a legacy user? I don’t see any options for the dashboard in my settings. Thanks.

          • Susan, go to your profile settings dropdown menu from the dashboard on the upper right. You should see an option to switch to the new dashboard version.

  • Would be nice if the announcement included instructions on how to “add the tile manually”. It’s not intuitive. How do you do it?

  • The new layout is harder for old eyes to read because the font is so much thinner. Yes, we older people use Fitbit, too. Would like to have had the choice to stay with the previous style.

  • Wow really love the new look, I really like the weekly stat but I would like to see that it be upgraded so we can choose our start day of the week to include all days and not just Sunday and Monday. I have joined a walking group and we started our week on Friday to Thursday it would be easier to calculated your steps for week.

  • The ‘This Weeks Activity’ title looks great and would be perfect if steps and calories could be shown together. Maybe calories on right axis as a line graph?

    Keep up the good work!

  • I’ll accept the changes if we go back to the old color scheme! The new format looks outdated. It’s kind of hard to see differences in the step graph too. I’m a fan of having the option to return to the old format!!

  • I agree with above statement about battery percentage. My phone does that and it helps to stay on top of keeping it charged. Otherwise I am a happy camper.

  • Unfortunately this update is a step backwards. The previous dashboard had more at-a-glance information – after all the purpose of a ‘dashboard’ is to provide a graphical summary of important information. In addition to providing a better summary, the previous dashboard was more legible on both my retina MacBook Pro and 24″ monitor.

  • Love my fitbit. I have a glitch in my stair counter. Shows 500+ for the day. Not even close. Is it the altimeter in the fitbit or is it a glitch in the new page?

  • I’m not a big fan either. Some stuff seems to be missing. My water tab doesn’t have the cup visual anymore. I miss the outline details on the weight tab.

  • I like the new features. One thing you should consider on the food tracker is to have it consider net carbs so that it factors out the amount of fiber one takes in a day.

  • I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, but my fitbit one stop syncing with my iphone & computer today for the first time. I’ve reset my bluetooth, deleted the app and re installed it. reset my phone & computer and still it just keeps looking for my fitbit one but can not find it to sync with it.

    • My fitbit stopped syncing today too. Last night the battery was low so I placed in on my computer to charge but now it says the battery with a red x as no charge at all. Both my iPad and my iPhone have different amounts for steps taken and it doesn’t sync at all now. Very disappointed. Seems like a $100 paperweight now.

  • Love the new look!!!!! Improvements are always appreciated…:) The only dilema I have is that I don’t know how to get my bike riding ( cycling ) tracked properly…despite the fact that I wear my fitbit zip in my runner attached to my sock or shoe….I can cycle 10 kms and it only shows a portion of the activity that I did for some strange reason…Any suggestions…??? 🙂 Linda

  • I really Do Not like the new color scheme! It’s dark & dreary, and the fonts are too big. I would have preferred to have had a choice. Even if you only gave us the original and the new as options. I LOVE my fitbit, but having to look at this color scheme just annoys me.

  • I see no change in the dashboard. Do I need to be a premium member to see the new dashboard? Nothing has changed for my dashboard in months.

  • With the new dashboard, how do you get to the sleep chart? I’m clicking on it and nothing’s happening. I’ve tried for a while thinking something wasn’t working, but it’s still not working.

  • Hi,

    I really like the new look and I credit FitBit for getting me active again. I love the data that is provided. My only criticism is that the body measurement tool is so inadequate that I still keep this info written down on a piece of paper. Ugh. I’d love to be able to see my measurement history as a log (like the weight is) rather than on a graph which is, frankly, confusing. I think measurements can be far more motivational than scale weight though, happily, I am showing progress in both. Thank you for this great tool. I just love it!

  • Being a very visual person, I really miss the zones on many of the tiles. The variation in colour showing me I was progressing around the semi-circle was extremely helpful. Didn’t discover the sedentary time, or maybe I did but do not recognize it from the description in one of the comments, but would find it very helpful to get/keep me moving.

    Change is always hard but the font is partiuclarly annoying. Thin especially is difficult to read. A balanced approach between the text and graphics: smaller, darker font with more colour on the graph is something I respond to better than the new design. That’s what pulled me into using the fitbit.

  • I am not a fan of the new dashboard.
    It’s harder to read not as clear or bold.
    Fonts are thinner, graphs take more time to decipher.
    A step backwards in design.

  • It also appears that the Fitbit is registering “very active activity” very differently. For example, in the past, when I took a four mile walk, which took around one hour and 10 minutes, it would register the entire time for this activity as “very active activity.” This morning, it only registered 10 minutes of my walk time as “very active activity.” What’s the deal with that?

    • Audrey,

      Because the Weekly Activity Tile was already available to prior to the updated dashboard launch, you most likely already have the tile added.

  • I prefer the way it was: columns instead of lines. Why did you change a neat, clear, easy to read display to this? Don’t like it.

  • how do I add a tile to my dashboard? I’d like to see my totals by month, year and how long I’ve had it. I get a bonus at work when I hit 1,000,000 steps.

  • Mmmmm, I’m not persuaded it is an improvement! I like the expanded views when you click on the tiles.
    However, that’s about all I like!
    Fonts are too big, graphics too small and thin… and dark background is definitely a no-no!
    I don’t find this new dashboard visually agreeable as the old one.

  • Personally, I like the looks of the new and improved page. Been with Fit bit for over 5 years now and loving every minute of it. I wear my One 24 – 7 and would be lost without it. Go Fitbit!!!

  • I do not like the new color scheme. Can you set it up so we have a choice as to the color scheme we use individually?

  • Am I going crazy??? Why does my dashboard essentially look the same other than everything being bigger and brighter? I don’t have this week’s activity on my dashboard and still have the names of friends on the side.

  • I like the new dashboard. I do wish I could add my water consumption without having to click the water tile and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Question more than comment. Since dashboard change there have been 2 or 3 days when activity/steps are not registering at all despite the Fitbit being fully charged and worn. Additionally, the smaller size band broke apart and I’ve resorted to wearing the larger size band. Could that be the issue? Stumped. Or do Fitbits have a shelf life and die? I’ve gotten two “low battery” messages and recharge the Fitbit each evening overnight without exception. I’ve had mine since Christmas. Still love the product, but it’s been unreliable recently. Thanks, Chris.

  • I agree with Robyn and Tim-don’t like the new color scheme at all. Made my goal today and can barely see the bit of green at the top of the bar. I also would like a choice to go back to the clearer, cheerier colors.

  • Logging features do not work from your new dashboard on my PC (log activity), only on my MAC. Neither firefox nor IE work. It looks nice but if you can’t actually use the dashboard it is annoying,

  • Some folks may prefer that the tile “Week’s Activity” (and others) shows only 3 days on a Tuesday (depending on the day you prefer for the start of the week, but personally, I think you should always show 7 days, including today. As a matter of fact, with only a small software change, you can probably include the option of choosing one or the other.

  • There needs to be a “go back to today” button. when you go back in time, and then want the expanded view you have to click all the way back to today manually.

    The bar charts are harder to read because instead of looking like a line graph with the area under the line “coloured in”, they have this jagged line at the top of each bar which is all you can really see.

    Also would love to see a month/quarter/year chart on the dashboard so i can see how i am doing over a longer period. summer vs winter for example. The “log” view of this doesn’t look very good, and when you do annual you get just a few averaged lines, instead of a proper chart.

  • I like the new functions available on the dashboard but do not like the look of the tiles. These tiles look like an old dos based system and remind me of old and out dated, not fresh and new. My first reaction when I saw the design of the new tiles was irritated.

  • I can’t get my Flex tracker to sync with this new dashboard. Have tried all the old tricks (restarting the tracker, logging off, and so on) but it hasn’t synced since last Wed. Have never been able to force the sync. Until I can sync, I won’t really know whether or not I like this new look. Thanks.

  • I like it! It would be really nice to have an easy way to access total steps/miles for the month and year as well as the week.

  • I find the new dash board a backward step. The colour combinations particularly the use of the dark background and in the sleep tile draw your eyes away from the other data. The activity summary is very unclear and blurred. I also do not like the way access to further data covers the tile below. The weight dial is also not as helpful as previously as it does not give the segments and to get the percentage you need to hover over the dial. I would love the old format back as after trying to like the new version I find the dark and blurred format depressing. Please, please can we have a choice and do not change the app to this format.

  • Light gray on white is a really bad idea for displaying option icons. I couldn’t see the options to switch between steps, calories, and stairs until I accidently moused over it. Please consider older users who might not have the reading glasses handy.

  • The new dashboard — colors — reminds me of the line about “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”. Big deal. FIX things… I don’t like being told “synch 5 minutes ago”. That’s only meaningful if you know when the page/site refreshed. Just give the actual clock time! Now, sometimes I see clock time and sometimes, “5 minutes ago”. Geez. And frankly, I don’t like the “auto synch”. Again, if the page doesn’t refresh, and the synch doesn’t, then there’s no way to force it.

  • Your new Dashboard is a big improvement. I especially like how the “See more” hot spot gets me to the Sleep Log screen where I can edit my sleep record. (I forget to start, stop, or both my Flex sleep tracking often.)

  • Form over functionality. Useless upgrade.

    Now I have to wait a couple seconds after hovering over a tile to click “see more”. You are making me waste time on purpose for a stupid little visual effect.

    This hover timer is beyond stupid. I really wish Fitbit made it easier to get my own data so I didn’t have to rely on their crappy software.

  • Really Like – Dark Background. The significant decrease of brightness on the page is noticably less fatiguing on my eyes. Also, the bright contrast of the tiles helps to naturally draw the eyes to the tiles. Please change the other “More Details” screens so that the background is darker and less fatigueing!
    Like – Totals are now displayed below the smiley face, so you don’t have to wait 4+ seconds for that to go away before seing the number.
    Dislike (still) – I understand that you want the page to look cool with some animations, but those smiley faces are Huge and distracting for a full 4 seconds.
    Distracting (still) – Numbers count up to your total over the course of a second. What is the point of of making me wait forcing my eyes to watch the moving image when I just visited the page to see that total?

  • I have tried to like the new look but just can’t get into it. It is harder to read and the information does not seem as accurate. If you offer the old look as an option, I will definitely choose that. Otherwise, I love my fitbit! Have lost almost 20 pounds so far—thanks!

  • I never used the old one, but I hate the bar graphs. The lines are way to thin to read. Might as well not even have the graphs if you can’t read them!

    • Try going to your profile settings on the top right of your dashboard, then select the Beta version of the dashboard.

  • I have eight friends on my dashboard. I cannot see # 1 on my list. It goes from # 2 to # 8. I would like the list to start at #1. How can I change this?

  • I have been away for 2 month. I went to Chile and Argentina.
    I forgot my charger, so I could not record any of my steps. I kept my weight, I was proud of this.
    I am anxious to learn about your new look.

  • I hate it! No more stairs… my main form of exercise and the sleep recording shown nothing useful. I’m only using the one on my iPhone, since this one is totally useless to me.
    Thanks for nothin’ guys.

  • I do like the new look except I don’t like that the colors are yellow-red-green. I react to red as ‘bad’. Please go back to red-yellow-green.
    Also, can you change the way goals are recorded? I don’t like that whenever I increase my goal then my ‘success’ for all previous weeks is judged against my new goal. The goal should start when I change it and not be retroactive.

  • why have the stupid message showing the new features if half the people can’t see them – it is irritating seeing it every day with no explanation of when it is going to be rolled out yet some people already have it

  • I have a new FitBit for my 69th birthday. Met my goal yesterday, yea. I am still showing as 68 on my stats. That’s okay ha. My question is whether my device will synch without the dongle in the computer. It looks like it is?? New dashboard…..I’m all for change if people are complaining, but if they are not and the change is for change sake, why do it. Fluff and complexity are not appreciated, generally with me.

  • I love the new GPS feature for tracking the distance of my hikes. It’s much more accurate than any of the trail guides. It uses LOTS of phone battery so sometimes I can only track part of the hike even if I’ve turned off all of the other apps. But, the pluses definitely outweigh the negatives by a lot!

  • i don’t like the new version 🙁 what used to be active minutes is now “Very” active minutes. i am trying to increase my activity, but due to physical issues i will probably not ever have very active inutes. i was workinng on a goal for active minutes, now i see nothing at all after 45 minutes on my treadmill 🙁

  • My dashboard IS NOT showing my steps, the graph or floors. It’s only showing calories. According to MY setting I haven’t synced in 6 days, when I know I synced on Tuesday 5/8/2014 and this morning 10/8/2014

  • I’m loving the new dashboard. All the tiles are visible at a glance. The graphics are some of the best I’ve seen on a web page. Clean, crisp and nothing hard on the eyes. Great job.

  • I have not been able to receive any updates since Aug. 4 – about the time you changed to make things “better”! Please help so I can get my updates on a regular bases. sm

  • Would really like to have a “My Groups” added to the dashboard on the android app so I can see my progress with overtaking people in the group without waiting to come home and see it on my PC.

  • I HATE the new look. This is another attempt to have lots of flashy colors and white space, and not much easily readable information. Make this an option, like you have done with the earlier beta. Then folks can choose.

  • Found the new design and colors supersized and glaring. I’m used to it now but still don’t care for the steps graph at all. It seems to have lost its detail and is much harder to read. Like the others, I wouldn’t mind seeing a battery percentage because I check my stats every evening and at least I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to charge the battery before going to bed. My battery seems to only make it four to five days at most and if I don’t catch the low batter reminder on my email in time, (thanks for that, by the way) then I have to recharge in the middle of the most active part of my day and lose the activity count for that period of time.

  • I just noticed that sleep tile does not work correctly with interupted sleep record. It’s displaying only first part of the night sleep.

  • I’m glad to start with fitbit only with calories first. In another week I will be able to start with exercise.

    • Thank you for reminding me I need to get to exercise.
      I too have been recording calories in and ignoring the out until the new tiles and you started reminding me that exercise is part of being fit.

  • Love almost everything about the design.
    I really love Fitbit as a brand and product. But I’m having troubles with the bracelet after 2 months use. I use a small size and the place where we put in the ship device is far too large now … that’s a pity, since I really never put it out, but it’s not very nice to wear now.

  • going to send it back !!! can not can not figure it out no directions how to work the web page !! don’t even know where to call someone for help ,I got it log in and downloaded but that was as far as I got .I thought I did it right and went on vacation to block island rhode island and wore it everywhere and now don’t know how much I walked 🙁 so if any one can help me great if not ill just return it no big deal just get something a little easer to work 🙂

    • Kym – Like others, you may have opted in to the legacy dash. Go to your profile settings on the top right of the dashboard. From there you can switch.

  • The new look hurts my eyes. Why not give a few themes to choose from? Also, the math seems to be off on my calories remaining.

    • George – You also may have opted in to the legacy dash. Go to your profile settings on the top right of the dashboard. From there you can switch.

  • I don’t really like it – would be better to allow user to define “width” and able to “pin” tiles in order. I found it difficult to understand at first. Perhaps some user-defined options in the various tiles, and possibly a user defined tile that allows the user to include the various reporting items all on one tile.

    I didn’t see what it looked like before.

    Also, should have the control panel as landing page.

    Overall, I find your site not very useful at all. And I am not willing to pay $49 to see more. The only thing I like is that there IS a record of my walking.

    Need ability to print text record for Excel input – unless it already exists – in which case it goes back to hard-to-understand navigation.

    3 on a 10 scale.

  • Everything with the update is fine, except for the weekly chart. It’s super difficult to see. That one needs to be revised.

  • I still have the old fitbit dashboard??!! I had it on my old pc and with a brand new one its not there. Any ideas how to get the new look??

    • Hi Linda – You may have opted in to the legacy dash. Go to your profile settings on the top right of the dashboard. From there you can switch.

  • The old interface was cleaner and brighter. I do like the ability to select and move tiles. Unfortunately, the new colors selected for the drill-down looks don’t resolve on the screen and I can’t get a quick read on whether or not I’ve hit my goal for active minutes, total miles, etc. at the weekly/monthly levels. Overall, the most important aspect is readability and that’s been reduced with the redesign. Not a fan. Hope Fitbit will make further adjustments for better usability.

  • Don’t care for the new look at all. The older I get, the harder it is to read some things. I preferred the full lines on the graph instead of these little blocks of green with an extremely light gray under them. I miss the old way of seeing your active minutes throughout the day and I don’t care for the sleep log as it is now which is one of the features I use most. Guess you can’t please everyone, but would love the opportunity to go back to the old version.

    • I strongly prefer the old graphics –the new bars are so hard to see with the tiny green top and an almost blank space below it. Please fill in the bars !!! They also looked better with thinner lines –this looks clunky.

  • I am missing the pie chart with sedentary time, fairly active, very active, etc. It was very Motivating to keep that sedentary time low. Please bring that feature back in some form.

  • Don’t have time to read all the other comments so apologies if this is a repeat. I was on vacation last week so missed the big change – well, actually I didn’t even realize something changed except for the banner message. My device was also out of commission for 2 weeks – didn’t realize how much I depended on this little thing!

    Would like to add AGAIN that I would appreciate it if the math could be done to convert my logged swim and bike time (and perhaps lifting) to steps and miles or at least give the option to see them together.

    The graphs are useless to multi-sport individuals unless they cover everything.

    Another +1 for sedentary time – found something on the profile page, but the line wasn’t there representing was is displayed in the key. You may want to check all of the profile page keys – the colors are off for at least one other in that page.

  • At 67, I appreciate that you have simplified logging in the foods. I don’t believe we were able to delete mistaken entries before. At least I couldn’t figure out how to do it and now I can.
    Learning curve for logging has been flattened I am sure for new fitbit users.
    I like the new dashboard but the logging simplifications outshine even the new color tiles in my usage!

  • Am I the only one REALLY confused on the fact that orange is now more active than yellow? I see yellow and I’m excited until I realize it’s switched.

    • Sunny, You also may have opted in to be a legacy user. On your dashboard, go to the dropdown menu on the top right and find your settings. You should see an option to change to Dashboard – Beta.

    • Like others, you may have opted in to be a legacy user. On your dashboard, go to the dropdown menu on the top right and find your settings. You should see an option to change to Dashboard – Beta. Let me know if that works.

    • Brenda – Like others, you may have opted in to be a legacy user. Try this: on your dashboard, go to the dropdown menu on the top right and find your settings. You should see an option to change to Dashboard – Beta. Let me know if that works.

  • Can I only add sleep if I have a premium account? I cannot see how to monitor my sleep patterns. I do not see an option to add that tile.

  • How can I set specific reminders to tell me to drink more water or get moving vs just the alarm. In withings you can set specific reminders.

  • Unless my computer is messing up the new look is HORRIBLE!!!!!! I cannot see anything but huge circles that have nothing in them and nothing else. I miss the old layout at least there I could see my details.

  • I just saw the photos and read the notice about your new live Dashboard format… looks great, by the way! But when I log into my Fitbit account on my MacBook Pro, I still see the old Dashboard page format. Is this new format only for the mobile apps for my iPhone and iPad, or should I be able to see it on my laptop also? Thanks for your assistance! Barb

  • I am not good with these big changes. So far I have not been able to find my lifetime stats. I really love my lifetime stats. Maybe I will find it. Can I go back to the old dashboard ?

    • You may have opted in to the legacy dash a while back. Click your settings on the top right and switch to the new dashboard.

  • If I’m going to cycle, how does it know how far I’m going or how many calories? Do I have to add the cycling manually or is that “double-dipping”?

  • Help! I not very tech-wavy. My grandson usually has to show me how to set these things up. I would like to invite my friends up in Washington State to ‘compete’ with me, but when I tried to link up via Facebook, it linked to my grandson’s account. Then when I took it off and tried to link again, it automatically used his account. I think I would rather just ‘invite’ people via the other method. Do I just send them an email?

  • Since downloading the new FITBIT App it no longer shows steps or mileage on my I-Phone which I do not like…Can anyone tell me how to get the steps and mileage back on my phone so that I do not have to look at my Fitbit One?

  • I love my fitbit but it plays up, sometimes wont charge properly and is very sporadic and frustrating with the power stuff, i would like to get it fixed

  • I’ve tried several days (about 10) to get the sleep mode to work. I’ve only been successful twice. I tap the device several times. It vibrates. It does not go into sleep mode. What am I doing wrong?


  • still don’t like the new “tiles” still using the original dashboard, long live the original, until you kill it. 🙁

    • Hey there – You may have opted in to the legacy dashbord. Go to your settings on the top right of your dash, then click on the Dashboard Beta option to switch.

  • Site seems OK; but for some reason my steps were not automatically recorded for today… and cannot get them to log into the dashboard as they occur. I usually check throughout the day to see if I’m meeting my goal.. please help with this dilemma.

  • Just got a Fitbit for the first time and today I cycled for nearly 4 hours approximately 45 km across my city and I still have not reached my goal of 10,000 steps after burning near 1500 calories. Is this how you do it, Fitbit? Should you be called walk-bit, or do other fitness activities count?

  • My calories allowed for the day are messed up example: it shows 1880 instead of 880 and I don’t know how to fix it. It has for this past week and messes up my overall count too.

  • How do I know how many calories burned on my biking trip? This used to be calculated for me with time/distance. Now I have to add it whereas before it was optional. Don’t like this at all. Don’t make things more difficult.

  • I like the ability to pick activity and/or data presented on dashboard. I would also like to have the ability to display heart pressure and rate. It would great to be able to print various data and graphs as well. Good job overall !

  • How do I et a new wrist band for my Flex. It broke again at the point where band meets housing for the flex module

  • I dislike this as well. I walk for about 45 minutes every morning (with a target of 40 minutes) and today it says I only have 5 “very active minutes”. I cannot jog, so I’m never going to get 40 very active minutes, but I do walk at a fairly good pace. By the way, it recorded my active minutes correctly yesterday, so I’m guessing this is a new update.

  • Love my new Fitbit. It picks up activity much better than my last year’s Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit does not register stairs. I live in a two story house and I take my stairs at least 25-30 times a day.

  • I just got mpy fitbit zip. I have searched the website, and still don’t understand some of the basic things on the zip. (1) On the time of day, it is posted in?? It is now 7:39 here, and it says16:41.
    I just got it yesterday, and it must be recording my steps from yesterday, as it says 1701???
    Guess I just need to have someone guide me through on FITBIT for dummies. THe instruction manual that came with it is non informative. THanks for the help.

  • I like the new dashboard, however I wish I could export any of the data on the site into .CSV files so that I could do some of my own pivots and charts and map out trend lines. Maybe in a future revision. Good job so far.

  • I’m not able to locate the new weekly tile to add to my dashboard. Where is it located. Why don’t you add it automatically?

    Please give more precise instructions.

    • Al, you may be a legacy user. Go to the gear icon on your dashboard. There should be an option to change to the Beta dashboard.

  • Why the change of sedentary from orange to yellow?

    Aside from not making sense orange being closer to the red end of the spectrum and yellow being closer to green the change was arbitrary and capricious. Plus there is inconsistency between the displays. Having gotten use to the original I see little need for the change. Go back to orange for sedentary and yellow for moderate activity it makes more sense.

  • I don’t show a weekly total square, either an I am on the Beta setting. Between that and my Flex constantly having charging problems I am getting very frustrated.

  • i can’t log in water & food today …what’s with the negative red symbol & the 3 grey horizontal bars?!?!?!?! help. i liked the old format just fine

  • hello,

    Im new to fitbit flex. I did put it in sleep mode to try it out last night. when I went to the dash board to check. It went to the activity tile but not the sleep tile. Is that what is suppose to happen?


    • Sherri, you may have opted in to be a legacy user a while back. Try this: go to the gear icon on your dashboard on the upper right. If you see an option to click on the Beta Dashboard, do it. That should make the switch.

  • The other day I walked very briskly, swinging my arms as I walked. I walked for a total of 31 minutes (2.3 miles) but my very active grid says I only walked for 10 min. Why?

  • Hi,

    I am new to Fitbit. I started using my device at the beginning of the month and loved it. All of a sudden yesterday, my devices are not finding my fitbit. I tried charging it up, and shutting down my devieces but have had no luck. Can anyone help?


  • Need to be able to edit sleep. Sometimes forget to turn on or add and make an error. Editing does not seem possible or at least I do not see it. Thanks

  • Just had a thought about making the fitbit a little better. Two things: One I can not add weight lifting in to it. I understand the point of the fitbit and enjoy mine but would like to be able to add all activity. I may just be missing it?

    Second, my numbers are sometimes off for calories burned as I have a heart rate monitor as well. Any chance of getting the bit to sync with a heart rate monitor? I like to know all day activity so I will not wear my monitor all day but if I could connect to it when I run I could be more accurate on my totals. Thanks for any consideration and help. I do enjoy the current features though by the way. Not complaining just asking to try to make it better?

    • On the left side of your dashbaord, you’ll see a circle. Click it and it’ll open up a menu of all the tiles you can add.

  • I have a Fitbit Flex, 3rd day today and I’m one of the older generations learning as I go, I did have a Jawbone UP which I loved very much but I had to have it replaced twice which was very sad so now I have FBF. The one thing I loved about the JB/UP was……In my Sleep and Step Goal I was able to put a comment to why steps or sleep where not up to scratch or very good. for example bad steps due to rainy weather or bad sleep due to being sick, I’m sure you get my drift. Am I able to do this with my FBF? Also I would love to rearrange my Tiles or Icons on my Dashboard to what I like to see first, can this be done?

    Kind Regards

  • I love the new exercise feature. But, when it first came out, everything worked perfectly. Now, every time I use it — it gives me a warning that I have a poor GPS connection and, during my exercise, it often shows gaps where it seemingly “loses” me. Why is this? I’ve gone to your technical notes and made sure my i-Phone has all the right settings turned on. Cell service in my area is good so its not due to poor cell signals. What causes this?

  • Hate the new look. Why did you “fix” something that wasn’t broken? Colors are glaring and tiles are blocky. I wore both my fit bit and my old pedometer today and fit bit recorded far fewer steps. They used to be pretty much bang on. Any chance of getting the old look and accuracy back?

  • I am new to fitbit, only a couple days…. On my dashboard it always shows 0 active minutes. I have over 5,000 steps a day and log exercises such as biking, etc. What makes up active minutes??

  • Hi Chris,
    If you are reading this. I installed the dashboard in July, does that mean that I automatically have the “new” Dashboard that everyone is talking about? Is there a tab for sedentary time as well? If so I can’t find it anywhere?

    • Randal, yes you should unless you opted in to be a legacy user a while back. Did you try clicking on the gear icon and seeing if there’s an option to switch to the Beta dashboard?

  • Can anyone tell me how to set the sleep mode. I don’t understand why there is no small “hidden” explanation on how to set it. What does it mean “create a new sleep record” – do you have to enter a time every night?

  • I like the clear overview provided with the new look, although like some of the others I very much miss having the Activity time delineated into moderate, as well as very active times (as well as sedentary and possibly light). For those of us who like walking more than jogging or running, I think it is important to reveal and validate both moderate and very active minutes. I have been fortunate to keep a rather high level of exercise during the 2+ years that I have had Fitbit, although I am not able to maintain long periods of very active minutes due to poor knees and hips. Please allow Fitbit users a chance to see their number of minutes for several levels of activity (e.g., very active, moderate, light, & sedentary) if they choose. Thanks in advance.

  • I love the dashboard and use it everyday. One suggestion. On the long list of weight measurements it shows the day of the week the month and the day of the month but it does not show the year. When I scroll back through my journey it is not helpful to see the day of the week, but it would be nice to be able to tell the YEAR. That way we can see if we are looking at 2014 info or 2013 info. It happens when we are on this page and when we look at the Measurement History at the bottom of the page. I don’t weigh too often so if I scroll back through the information I need to see which year I am looking at.

  • I would like to see a log of sorts, or space where I can enter the date that I changed my battery. I like to have a spare on hand so I can change it once I get the low-battery email notice, but don’t want to buy it too far in advance. If I can see when it was changed I can make note of when to buy….the battery indicator quickly jumps from high to low so I can’t really rely on that.

  • The new updates are terrible. Nothing works! I had to reset my fitbit to get it to sync and now it won’t let me drill down on any of the activities on the dashboard. It was great before you made the changes, now it is useless!

  • Gentlemen,

    My total miles no longer appear on the Koko site. I was one of the August leaders for miles and now I am no longer there. Also, the miles totals for August appears with extra numbers. Steps and active minutes are OK.

    Thank you,

    Mark Paul

    PS The fitbit is great. It helped me lose 30 lbs in 4 months.

  • Love the new dashboard and reports. As a user, I would like to see a tab about goals, where you can easily set and change your goal. The current interface is not intuitive in this regard. Otherwise, it’s great!

  • I am a new FitBit user. On my dashboard–Recent Exercise–it states “FitBit can’t wait to get up and running”. I played Xbox Tennis last night, logged it and figured it would show there.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance.

    Love, Peace and Hugs!

  • My firm requires me to report average number of steps per day per month. There isn’t any easy way for me to do this any more.

  • SJV28–on iPhone app, you select the moon icon, hit the plus button and manually log or start sleep now. I’ve been hitting the “sleep now” and “I’m awake” because I’m so new to FitBit and trying to get the “taps” down.
    So far my sleep has been tracked showing how many times I woke up, restless etc. Things I really needed to know. Not to mention it’s showing me I average 6.5 hours of sleep per night.
    Hope this helps until a more seasoned user can offer some suggestions.

  • why are you changing and not improving…the comments should mean that you need to give option and do a better job of pre testing a new look. Having a clock for time is huge as is readability….you have baby boomers that need good colors to choose from…geez…please take care of this or you will lose many of us!

  • I am relatively new to fitbit but wear it daily – I am hard to motivate, but I would love to see sedentary time and times- know I have way to much but to see it would motivate doing some things standing or get up more often when reading etc.

  • I agree with the %. My display goes from battery half charged to critically low in one day. Seeing the percent tells me when I need to charge the battery. Sometimes are inconvenient because I am up and about. I would rather wait until I know I will not be moving around so I don’t miss any activity while charging

  • I agree – it seems like it just changed in the last few days. I had been getting 30+ active minutes in every day for the past several months and for the last few days I have barely had any – but my routine hasn’t changed.

  • There should be a way to input homemade recipes and servings per recipe to get calorie counts without separating items. It is not a good way to input for people who actually cook. Can you please update that?

  • Love the new weekly tile! Previously you had to drill really deep to get to the weekly view and then had to fiddle with the dates so that it showed current week only… Plus manual arithmetic needed to see how much left to do for weekly goal…

  • my dashboard does not look like the “updated” version and I have not been able to see my sleep patterns for a while now. I am so over FitBit it is not funny!!!! Pretty irritated with it now.

  • You say there are new tiles? Where? I am unable to load the Weekly Activity tile or any other new choices. I see no “checkerboard” to the left on the Dashboard or any other choice that would allow this. Please help.

  • I love the new look too but it still is inaccurate as I had 247 steps and burned 1600 calories and the next day did 11000 steps and only burned 300 calories. UH?

  • I like that there is more info, but the visual display keeps getting more faded and the lines are finer, which I see other sites doing. It is hard to make out the tables, graphs, bars etc. I will the look was more defined and easier to view. I am young and have pretty good eyesight so I don’t know how someone like my mother would even be able to see the screen, if I am struggling, straining my eyes. This is disappointing, especially since this site is based being able to see your progress.

  • I used to be able to see my macros on my mobile iPhone and with the update now I can’t. Is there something I can do to see the macros again on my phone at a glance?

  • Mine is doing the same and my dashboard doesn’t look much different than it used to. I feel like I’m missing something :/

  • HI!
    Can anyone tell me if it makes a difference if you wear your Fitbit on your dominant or non-dominant wrist, if you set it up to wear it on your dominant wrist? Thanks!

  • How can I adjust stride? Im walking over 10000 steps but its registering under 4.5 miles. It used to show approx 1 mile per 2000 steps.

  • I do water aerobics three times a week. It would be nice to credit me with not only calories but steps for my work out.

    Thank you,


  • I want to print out my food consumption to take to my Naturopath. How do I do it or is there any other way I can show her what I have eaten each day.

  • I should be reflecting well over 80K but its not tracking right, last week it show I had over 73K now its went back to a number that’s lower

  • I recently started using the track exercise mode on my force. When I workout I use my digifit and Scosche heart rate monitor apps in conjunction with my fitbit. Since I’ve added the fitbit my steps have sky rocketed. I wondering if double dipping?

  • With the release of the Apple watch immanent, anyone else wondering if Fitbit has finally been lapped in the fitness game?
    I won’t buy the apple watch because I don’t need everything it houses on there, the reliance on my iphone, and the price tag. But it would be nice to have a wrist or pendent based activity monitor that was able to tell you the time, your heart rate, and floors climbed to enable a more accurate calorie burn reading… and to avoid the clunky look of both a watch and a fitbit…. Just a thought.

  • There’s no info on my dashboard. Why? Because my tracker hasn’t worked for about a month. Customer support is abysmal. There is no phone number to call (believe me I hunted around the website for hours looking for one). An email response form is all that is available. And, the company thinks that it is appropriate to ask customers to allow up to two days for a response. Well, two days turned into a week. And the response, it asked me to take steps that earlier in the email it had thanked me for already having taken. So 8 days after asking for help I have received no help at all.

    Oh and by the way, everyone that I know that has a Fitbit has had to have it replaced.

    Don’t waste your money or your time, buy a Jawbone Up instead.

  • When will the MobileRun feature be available for Android? I find it hard to believe that the developers can’t make it work for Android. GPS is more accurate than iPhone’s. Plus I just HATE Apple products. I will switch exercise tracking devices before I switch phones. Just ridiculous.

  • I like the new dashboard but I wish there was an easy way to see my total activity for a given period of time. I work a 12 hour night shift and it would be nice to be able to check on the dashboard and see my total steps from say 5pm tuesday to 6 am wednesday.

    It would also be nice to be able to add in a guesstimate for a day that say- you forgot your fitbit before leaving for work. Even if it didn’t count towards badges etc…. I know that in a given 12 hr shift I walk at least 17,000 to 23,000 steps. It would be nice to be able to fill in the gap.

    I’m sure everybody has one little request or another, but adding those two things would make my fitbit just about PERFECT~~~

    Thanks for considering,

  • I’m entering my water in the fitbit app (for my flex); the person is almost full but on my dashboard it says I’ve only logged 71ml…I’ve actually logged about two liters…please help!

  • I bought a Fitbit yesterday and it recorded and 12400 steps BUT I hadn’t left the house.not particularly happy with this device.

  • Maybe I’m missing something but for Food Tracking, how do I add HALF a cup of milk or HALF a serving? Also, would love to be able to simply click on Breakfast and add food there instead of scrolling up and down… see Lose It! for good model.

  • I am a beginner with this and just purchased a fitbit one. On opening the new sealed pack the fitbit is saying hi Sam ????? Does this mean it has belonged to “Sam” previously??? Also if I use my computer to register with fitbit can I then change computer to access my dashboard? Am going to need to use different computers from time to time. Many thanks

  • Is there an age limit on this because my son wants to do Fitbit (he is ten years old) but it says he’s ineligible. I think they should let every age be able to have an account.

  • I heard great things about the fitbit however the 2nd step in setting up my fitbit charge has me at a standstill. I try to put in my height and weight and it say that it is invalid. Why is this so frustrating to get set up?????? Very annoying!!!!!

  • I’ve had my flex for a few weeks now, it has given me a lot of incentive. I try to log over 6 miles five days a week. Today I spent just over 2 hours on the elliptical, normally that’s enough to get at least 5.5 miles logged, but today it only logged half that, approximately 2.6 miles. Was really disappointing. According to the elliptical I did 22 miles which is is normal for a 2 hour stint.

  • I have a question. I’m new to Fitbit and like it very much. I want to add my activity, hiking for example. However, when I do this, the activity is immediately added to my steps. of course, my hiking steps have already been added, because they’re steps after all.

    So, do I just not add my hike in? Kinda looks like I don’t exercise if I do that.


  • Every week my tracking and tallies have been correct.
    This past week, my weekly report was showing only one days activity for the entire week, & I wore the Charge all week long.
    What changed to make this erroneous report occur?

  • I was traveling this week and landed on a plane in a new time zone pretty close to midnight. Now, my fit bit shows the steps I took yesterday even though it is a new day. The time has updated, but the steps are still accumulating from yesterday in the earlier time zone. How can I reset it?

    • Sorry to hear this, Christina! Please verify if the timezone is correct in your profile settings. If the timezone is incorrect, change it to the correct one and hit save. Remember to sync your tracker so the changes can be reflected on your tracker. To remove the steps that carried over from the previous day, please check out this help article. Hope this info helps!

  • new look is great but I can’t find the ‘save’ button so it won’t keep my entries for food/weight, etc. works on my i-pad/phone but not on my pc….suggestions?

    • Hi! Log your food here. When you’ve entered in the food item, hit the “Log Food” button and it will appear in your food log. Once you’ve logged your food, your dashboard tiles will update with the new information. Hope this helps!

  • My iPhone 5S with the loaded Fitbit App has just dropped the steps walked and and the distance from the dashboard. I can not view them. What’s up?

  • They show up on my iPad. Also, while the calories urned still shows up, the #s do not match! I am afraid to reload the app on my phone because I will loose all of my data if I delete the app and reload. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks for your question, Trudy! Your tracker shouldn’t really count steps when you are rocking back and forth, unless you are moving your arms in a way that mimics walking or running motions. To better understand how accurate our trackers are click here to find out more. We hope this helps!

  • dashboard font size is suddenly way too small (maybe 8). How do I reset size so I can read it? Other web sites, same browser, font size is just fine.

    • Thanks for pointing this out, Vickie? What web browser are you using? Have you tried other web browsers and experienced the same issue? If your font size is too small to read, you can zoom in to the page to enlarge font size.

      The shortcut keys are as follows:
      On Windows: Hold Control+Plus Sign(+)
      On Mac: Command+Plus Sign(+)

      We hope this helps!

  • Anybody having trouble with sync of older fit bit 1? Mine is worthless and I am not very happy. I have an older $20. model that beats the fitbit completely.

  • every since new dash board my icon to log activity is missing, there are time when I am charging or can do and activity wearing the fitbit surge but can’t log the activity in please bring that back

    • Hi Ann. That’s odd. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So that we can better assist you, please reach out to our other support channels and provide us with a screenshot and as much info as possible. We’d like to take a closer look. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • In the Log Food, when I search for a food item, the type face underneath the searched item is in gray. It would be better if this was black. When searching for a certain one, it is too difficult to see. This is on my iPhone. I was using My Fitness Pal, and it is much easier to see. I have to put on reading glasses to see the subscript.

  • Is it possible to add your food daily totals to the dashboard? I’d love to be able to quickly see how many calories, carbs, and protein grams that I’ve consumed for the day. I’m most concerned with my protein grams as I am trying to add muscle. Thanks!

    • Hey Tony! With the food tile, you can check out the current days caloric in/out totals and for the entire week within the Fitbit app. However, to see more comprehensive data, it can only be viewed when logging into your account via If you don’t have the food tile added to your dashboard, check out the help articles on adding it via or mobile app. Let us know if you have any other questions!

If you have questions about a Fitbit tracker, product availability, or the status of your order, contact our Support Team or search the Fitbit Community for answers.

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