Fitbit Motivation: Kristy Swanson

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Kristy Swanson is an actor and co-creator of aDRESSitGOLF. She played Buffy in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Life is crazy in my household. I’m a working actress and co-creator/designer of aDRESSitGOLF. My husband (and former Olympian) works endless hours as the GM of the LA Kings Valley Ice Center and our 7-year-old son is as active as any kid can be with hockey practice, school and various other activities. We are a busy family and I’m always trying to squeeze in some time to work out.

A month ago, I joined a gym with a very hardcore training program. I met a woman there wearing a Fitbit Flex and she started to tell me all about it. I was so impressed that within the hour, I was in line at Best Buy purchasing my own Flex.

This activity tracker has changed my life!

I am the kinfitbit photo copyd of person who likes to be organized, and Fibit helps keep me even more organized when it comes to my fitness, food intake, calorie counting, sleep, weight, and body fat. It does everything I need. Just shy of my fist two weeks of owning my Flex and doing regular workouts, I shed seven pounds!

I set a goal for 1,200 Calories per day and my Flex kept me completely on track. It held me accountable and allowed me to visually see how I was progressing in terms of caloric intake, all by way of a very simple app.

I am on a roll now. I look forward to using it every day, and even my son likes to browse the app and see how I’m doing. Now that I’m hooked on my Flex and fabulous array of colors and comfort, I can’t wait to start pairing it with styles from my new line of women’s golf wear. They really compliment each other—it’s a perfect fit!

I highly recommend Fitbit to everyone. It will change your life in such a positive way!

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