Get a Clear Snapshot of Your Fitness with the New Fitbit Cardio Fitness Level


Anyone who has ever set a goal to “get fit” knows the road is filled with small changes and hurdles. Understanding how all of those little steps and climbs add up can be part of the challenge. Maybe you start hitting your daily step goal more regularly, clocking more activity time at the gym, and making more mindful choices at the dinner table, but you never see the numbers on the scale move. Now there’s a new way to know where you stand and track your improvement, by taking your cardiovascular fitness into account.

Fitbit_CardioFitnessScoreIntroducing Cardio Fitness Level, a new feature on Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 that allows you to see a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalized Cardio Fitness Score. Viewable in the heart rate section of the Fitbit app, your score is an estimation of your VO2 Max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use when you’re working out at your hardest)—widely accepted as the gold standard measurement of cardiovascular fitness.

Fitbit automatically provides you with a Cardio Fitness Level in the app using your resting heart rate and user profile. You can obtain a more precise Cardio Fitness Score & Level by going for a run of at least 10 minutes on flat terrain at a comfortable pace with Connected GPS enabled. The higher your Cardio Fitness Score, the better your cardiovascular fitness.

Using your Cardio Fitness Score, Fitbit provides an easier way to understand where you stand with a fitness level rating based on your age range and gender (from poor to excellent). This allows you to know where you stand as you make changes to improve over time.

Want to improve your Cardio Fitness Score? The app experience shows how making changes in your fitness routine can help improve your cardio fitness. By increasing your exercise frequency and intensity, and by reaching a healthier weight, you may see your score go up in the Fitbit app over time.Fitbit_CardioFitnes_Improve

Now with the Cardio Fitness Level feature from Fitbit, you will have a clear snapshot of where you are when you start a fitness journey. And you’ll get a better understanding of the impact your workouts or weight loss have on your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Cardio Fitness Level is available on Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2.


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      • Because of decisions like this I am seriously considering Garmin or the Apple Watch. You’re withholding a feature for the sole purpose of pushing people to buy your new tracker. No other reason. Add this to the incompatibility with other apps (like Apple Health for example…) and the inability to sync activities to other platforms and you’re left with a company that doesn’t appear to be very confident in their products competing head to head. Or possibly only concerned about sales and not loyal customers. Either way the outcome isn’t very good.

        • agree with you! i’m getting very disapointed in fitbit for things like that. and im considering buying from another brand even though i have a charge hr and a blaze already. am i gonna buy a charge 2 only for this feature? no! am i having a big disapointment feeling? yes!

          • This isn’t the only new feature. I invite you to do some research. #stillbetterthannoheadphonejack

          • So true. To sell a product that assures you that the accuracy is second to none, when we all know VO2 max is the most accurate and effective way of determining calorie expenditure and fitness combines. So with out this feature the blaze is next to useless for this purpose

        • I think you are overthinking it. FitBit is a great product. There’s a vast array of products, pick the one that suits you best. Yeah, I wish my Charge HR gave me reminders to move but it doesn’t, so okay. Cool that the HR2 does this. When I retire my original HR, I will likely go for the CHarge 2. Mostly because FitBit truly stands behind their product, and if anything were to happen to yours? they send you a new one. Lovely!

          • I have had 3 HR’s in a year and a half. Mine quit working again yesterday. I have been on with customer service and now they will not send a replacement free only 25% off a new device. I had them to admit they had quality and design flaws in the Charge HR. I am going to have to seriously weigh options of changing to another tracker now that I have to buy one

        • Hey, if they were to release this feature to the older Charge’s then what and who would pay for the time and services of the person who developed the software and in app algorithm’s?

          Shame… You have to buy a new one, that must be tough.. 🙁
          But you were happy with your device before this feature came out..

          With each new device they release they have to upgrade things, and there is a lot more to upgrade regarding the software than there is for hardware.

          Don’t be hating just cause you feel left out.

          If you were a “loyal customer” then you would understand all these points that i’ve made, what keeps the company running?

          • 3 replacements in a year?!?!? You have to admit that “looks” a little questionable. I’ve had my Fitbit for YEARS with no problems whatsoever. You must have really bad luck.

        • Absolutely bang on. Disgusting the amount of money spent on the blaze which is supposed to be the daddy of the fitbits

      • Why on earth wouldn’t you have this feature on all your products – especially the more expensive ones like the blaze. Also interval workouts are missing from the blaze – surly its as simple as a firmware update. Please support you loyal customers who have invested in your higher end products, otherwise what the point of having one of your high-end range like blaze if its out performed by a cheaper model. Are you really suggesting to get these great software features we have to wear two bands on our wrists?? Please support and update the blaze!

        • Hi Chris. We appreciate your feedback. We’re happy to hear you’re interested in Cardio Fitness level. At this time, we don’t have plans to add the feature to our older trackers, but we’re always reevaluating our development priorities with our customers’ needs and interests in mind. We’ll share your feedback with our product team.

    • The Aug 2016 article says “Introducing Cardio Fitness Level, a new feature on Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2 that allows you to see a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalized Cardio Fitness Score.” I purchased a Blaze when it first came out and the feature is available on my smartwatch. Post Aug 2017.

  • ” Fitbit automatically provides you with a Cardio Fitness Level in the app using your resting heart rate and user profile. ”
    Seems to be a app algorithm but then you say:
    “Cardio Fitness Level is exclusively available on Fitbit Charge 2.”

    So is this exclusive for a time to the charge 2, I bought the blaze earlier this year and I would love this feature.

  • Hey, considering the essential hardware feature set of FitBit Charge 2 and the original Charge is the same, then why is this feature (Cardio Fitness Level) an exclusive only to Charge 2 ? Thanks 🙂

  • Why is this exclusive to Charge 2? I don’t see any components of the score calculation that require specific hardware above and beyond the HR sensor, so why not open this up for original Charge HR owners too in the app?

    I don’t want to be pressured into upgrading to a Charge HR 2 just because of a software-only feature that is added.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

  • Agreed. I have the Surge and the Charge HR, so until both of them stop working I’m not going to be buying a new Fitbit anytime soon, but it would be nice if these new features would be available for older HR trackers through an app update. It would go along way for Fitbit showing that it values it long time customers.

  • I really enjoy my blaze and have no intention of buying a new tracker soon. I would love it if this feature could become blaze compatible. It would be silly not to include a great new app addition to current fitbit users

  • I think it’s a real shame that this new feature isn’t going to be available to those who already have a charge. The hardware is there, so why not offer us an app update to reward us for our custom and to keep us motivated? I’d love this feature but don’t feel like I should have to spend 130 pounds on getting a brand new device, when this could be an app upgrade.

  • Pretty disappointed that this feature is not being brought out for the Charge HR despite having the same specs.. you’re not making me want to be a loyal customer..

    • Fitbit Charge 2 is next generation model of our most popular tracker and will be replacing Charge HR. Fitbit Charge HR users will still be able to use their devices with zero impact to their current experience. However we don’t have plans to integrate Cardio Fitness Level to Charge HR. We appreciate your feedback, Linda.

    • Thanks for reaching out to us, Joe. At this time, the Fitbit app doesn’t track blood sugar levels. However, another user has shared a similar idea on our Feature Request Board. Please help support this idea by voting! If an idea gets enough support from other users and our team feels that it would be essential to add, it can get implemented into an actual feature. Hope to see you there!

      • you got my vote on this, there is a vast number of people now that have to track their blood sugar. Just google the number 2012 there was 29.1 million diabetics

    • Superb option idea. Total body health includes glucose monitoring, especially nowadays. I think they should consider it.

  • Pretty disappointed this isn’t for any other devices and does seem like Fitbit are just pushing their new device onto existing users. Which makes me question my brand loyalty when next time I need to upgrade

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jess. At this time, we don’t have plans to add the Cardio Fitness Level feature to our older trackers, but we’re always reevaluating our development priorities with our customers’ needs and interests in mind. We’ll share your feedback with our product team.

      • This is the sole reason I have just replaced my charge HR with a garmin. I really wanted a Surge, but the reluctance to add the ‘cardio fitness level’ feature has pushed me away from fitbit. I don’t think you realise how annoyed many of your users are by the stance you have taken.

        • We appreciate your feedback, Jon. At this time, we don’t have plans to add the Cardio Fitness Level feature to our older trackers, but we’re always reevaluating our development priorities with our customers’ needs and interests in mind. We’ll share your feedback with our product team.

        • I love my Fitbit. I don’t understand everyone’s disgust. We all upgrade our smart phones, computers, etc.
          So why all the fuss ?

  • I find it a real shame that this isn’t being pushed out to the other FitBit trackers and echo the sentiments of all the posters so far. This is a pure drive to get us to purchase another FitBit purely for an application/software addition that could easily be offered to other FiBit’s that incorporate the use of heart rate monitoring. Further to this, please stand by your current customer base and offer this addition. I think you’ll find a majority of us will look else where once our current models break and buy another brand that offers continual software additions as a standard and not force us to purchase a new model. I have had my FitBit HR since Feb this year, I should not have to purchase another for a simple feature.
    Support and keep your current customers happy, this is a better business model than only appealing to new customers. Loyalty is a two way street! thanks

    • Hi Alice, thanks so much for reaching out. We have enabled our Cardio Fitness Level feature based on a unique combination of hardware and software technology that is found on our newest products. Cardio Fitness Level is currently available exclusively on Charge 2. We are planning to bring the experience to Fitbit Blaze in the future, but we don’t currently have a timeline for this.

      • It’s good to know that at least Blaze is being considered for the cardio fitness feature. Hope breathing session feature will also be incorporated.

  • Agree to all comments. Just bought the high end positioned Blaze. Now to figure out that evolutionary features do not make it in. Understand the strategy from sales perspective but it is not consistent for the product line and existing users, risking the trust in fitbit. Too bad, so far I was excited…

  • wish I had known about this before spending money on a new blaze recently. if the technology is there and its only a computation in the app it really should be made available on all new products.

  • I’m really disappointed! The fitbit charge HR has the same hardware! This is only a software algorithm!!! So why don’t you open this feature for the Charge HR??

    The Charge 2 is not really an improvement! I think the HR-Measurement will be just as inaccurate as the Measurement from the Charge HR!

    1. The cardio fitness level is good, but if the HR-Measurement is nor accurate this will not help a lot!
    2. I don’t think that the breathing sessions will be used often, but maybe this is useful
    3. The Reminders aren’t very useful for me because nobody is using SMS! Moreover most of the people don’t manage their calendar on the phone!
    So why isn’t there a Whatsapp-Support?

    And last but not least there is still the battery problem! 5 days is not true if you use it often! I think it will be like on the Charge HR and you will end up wir 3 days of usage!!

    So why couldn’t you improve the battery life, make it water proof and make the HR-Measurement more accurate?
    If the Charge 3 combines all these features I would think of buying it!

  • Wow! A lot of discontended and disappointed Fitbit owners here. I feel the same. I have a Surge and a Charge HR. Both are replacement units of defective devices that I had. Both have more defects than the ones they’ve replaced and Fitbit won’t talk to me anymore!

    I used to recommend Fitbit to people I know! I even helped some to choose which Fitbit tracker to buy. But with what I experience with my devices lately and the kind of customer support I’m getting, I tell people to ‘buy at their own risk’ or even tell them to find something else (eherm! GARMIN).

    This kind of decisions Fitbit take (exclusive to Fitbit Charge 2???) add more to my disappointment. Just like the other commenter here, I am just waiting for both my devices to die and until I buy a new one

    How hard is it to push Connected GPS and Cardio Fitness Level to some of their trackers? Come on, Fitbit! I know that you want to take more customers with the new trackers that you release but take some effort as well in keeping your current customers!

    I was happy with my very first Fitbit tracker, the One, that’s why I got myself the Surge when it came out and gave up the One. I was happy with my Surge and thought I want something that I can wear a smaller one with HR that’s why I got myself the Charge HR. Now I just hope that they don’t mess up with my data (what’s up with flatline ‘–‘ heart rate? smh).

    I challenge Fitbit to keep dissatisfied customers like me. I’m sure there’s plenty of us!

    • Hey there. Our Cardio Fitness Level feature is based on a unique combination of hardware + software technology that is found only on our newest products. Cardio Fitness Level is currently available exclusively on Charge 2. We are planning to bring the experience to Fitbit Blaze in the future, as it has the necessary hardware/software that’s compatible with Cardio Fitness Level. We’re sorry to hear about your issue with Charge HR, and would like to help out! Oftentimes, a few simple tests can help bring back the heart rate on your tracker. Please check out this article on HR troubleshoots. We hope these tips get you back on track soon!

  • Fitbit, this is infuriating. The Blaze is less than a year old. Do you really think withholding software updates will push people to upgrade? Not likely. Push them to switch to another watch with more features and regular improvements, maybe. Shame. (Ring) Shame. (Ring)

  • Can this be measured on treadmill? I read to use GPS for more accuracy but I’d think the treadmill will provide more consistent environment to measure, is it not true?

    • Hi there, the Cardio Fitness Level cannot be measured using a treadmill. Using GPS ensures that your pace and distance will be exact so that you can get a clear snapshot of your fitness. Thanks for your question!

  • I, too, am disappointed that fitbit wouldn’t roll out the Cardio Fitness Level to the app in general if you have a device that can support the information necessary to generate the number. I started out with a zip, then got a charge, and recently a Blaze. My wife ultimately got a charge and now a charge HR only a couple months ago. Why at this point would I go buy a new device for either of us when our current ones are so new. In reality, each device should last for a couple years at least. I’ve been a fitbit customer since January 2014. It seems shortsighted to long-standing customers to tease them with exclusive features on new (and in some cases, lower level) devices.

    • Hey Charles, we have enabled our Cardio Fitness Level feature based on a unique combination of hardware and software technology that is found on our newest products. Cardio Fitness Level is currently available exclusively on Charge 2, but we are always looking to improve our products so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Though the watch does not provide GPS, will I get an estimated results of my walking route? Just without exact route data? Like speed/km, km covered, burned kcal? I just hate running outside with my phone

    • Hi Teresa, thanks for reaching out. If your tracker does not have GPS functionality, a map will not be shown at all. Calories will be shown, but speed and distance will not. Thanks for your question!

  • Hi? I think on the blaze you should put cardio and breathing on their then people would love it even more . Also should put on their water proof .so you can go swimming with it .also put dancing on their .

  • I have been using Fitbit products for several years, starting with the One and more recently the Charge HR. I also use a Garmin Vivofit 2 for the “reminder to move” feature, but stick with the Charge HR because I don’t like to wear a chest strap to get heart rates. If Garmin comes out with a wrist sensor model, I will probably switch over to their product so I don’t need to wear two bands.

    I find Garmin’s current marketing strategy of emphasizing profits over customer service seems to be short sighted. When you make a minor software modification and only include is in a new model to generate more profits, rather than offering it to existing customers, you are assuming your customers are gullible and have money to spend on your questionable products. Wrong!! When your competition offers comparable features with a better customer service policy, you will lose the customers you are taking for granted. Good luck with that.

  • Just adding to a choir of voices here: disappointed in Fitbit marketing strategy where you guys decide to withhold application features from your existing customers. Don’t you know that getting new customers is easy, it’s making them stay that is difficult and brings most profits? There is no unique combination of hardware and software needed to calculate Cardio Fitness Level. Any fitbit device that measures heart rate has the necessary hardware, and software is in your full control since devices already send all the necessary data to fitbit servers. Gosh. Try to bullshit people who don’t work in software.

  • It has been mentioned earlier by the Support team that blaze is being considered for cardio fitness feature. Can you please confirm this and if possible share any progress for the development of this feature and expected timeline?

    • Thanks for asking! At this time, we don’t have anything to announce about Cardio fitness Level for Blaze. Cardio Fitness Level is exclusively available on Fitbit Charge 2. However, a user has shared the same idea to add the Cardio Fitness Level Feature to Blaze. You can vote and comment on this idea. The more votes and support an idea receives, gives it a better chance to be considered and possibly implemented as a feature.

      • You make the same statement repeatedly when asked this question. Do you believe you’re satisfying your customers with your proforma answers? No, you’re merely angering them by turning a deaf ear to what seems a simple request. Obviously you don’t care and the decision to not include this feature on the Blaze is about money. Admit it, don’t blow smoke up your customers’ hind ends.

  • hi, does the fitbit app manage your workouts too ? counting reps, timing and prompting next exercise etc.

    Looking to replace my MSFT Band 2.

  • Bit annoyed aligned with the other comments. My partner and kids all have had several devices over the years, an we all now have Charge HRs of which we where are pleased with. Frankly this Cardio fitness level would be awesome and SHAME ON FITBIT for not allowing their loyal customers to access this feature.

  • I bought a Fitbit because everyone on the internet said they regularly update their app and features. So, I purchased a blaze a week ago despite its higher price point compared to charge 2 because of its colour screen. I never knew the breathing and cardio fitness features were going to be exclusive to the models after Blaze. I’m very disappointed in your marketing strategy; it seems like you care more about revenue than building great products. I’m considering returning my blaze now. I hope things change soon!

    • We appreciate your feedback. In a future firmware release, there is a possibility that this feature could come to Blaze. Add your vote and comment to the guided breathing feature suggestion for Blaze when you get a chance. In regards to Cardio Fitness level for Blaze, help support the suggested idea posted in our suggestions board by voting and leaving your comments.

      • This is actually starting to tick me (and MANY other people) off. We should not have to ask for features to be added to a device that costs $50 more. That is just ridiculous. I can understand the logistics in not adding it to older model (ChargeHR) because it’s time to sell a new product. But the is no way it is a good business practice to not have the $200 Blaze carry ALL the features of the $150 Charge 2.

  • I had skin reactions to the Force. Has that problem been fixed with the Charge 2? I have a One because of my reaction, but would like to have the Charge 2. Please let me know.

    • Fitbit Charge 2’s wristband is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It also has a surgical-grade stainless steel buckle. We recommend consulting dermatologist or your physician before purchasing. Check out the Charge 2 product page.

  • When I first got my Charge 2 in September, my cardio score was good. I’ve been doing cardio almost daily since, trying to get in better shape. I checked my score today, and it has gone DOWN to 24 (which is very poor)!!! That makes no sense! I know that I’m in better shape as I can do an hour long cardio intensive workout without taking a break! What’s going on???? Is this a software malfunction?

  • Will Fitbit ever consider adding GPS to its future devices? I like Fitbit, but I don’t like running holding my cell phone in my hand. Thanks

    • Totally understandable, Al. We don’t have anything to announce at time time. However, we love hearing feedback from our users. A new Fitbit tracker with built-in GPS sound great. We will pass along your idea to our team! Thanks!

  • Good morning,
    I purchased my Fitbit2 about 3 weeks ago and I love it!!!

    Question: I went through the first step by syncing it to my phone. Do you have step by step instructions on how to use all of the features?
    I do high intense cycling classes 4/5 days a week. How would I record this ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  • I prefer the Blaze but seeing that it does not include the new Fitbit Cardio Fitness Level feature, I will not be moving over to Fitbit. I currently have a Garmin Vivosmart HR. It’s time for an upgrade and I don’t want another band style tracker. I get the fact that you want to drive revenue for the new Charge by adding an exclusive feature to it. But you’re alienating your install base while preventing prospective customers from switching over.

    I was willing to forego the lack of waterproofing to get the VO2 max level of data. If this feature is added to the Blaze, I’ll probably make the switch since $200 is about the max I’ll spend. For now, I’ll just keep my plastic-toy looking Garmin and use the poor man’s Resting Heart Rate to evaluate my fitness level. It shows me at 49 BPM avg which I don’t exactly believe, but I do train pretty hard. As someone who does train vigorously, I want a more robust tracker without spending $449 on the Fenix 3. The Blaze fits that bill, but it needs the VO2 max to get me to drop $200. It’s pretty amazing you have this advanced feature in a $149 device, so props for that. But keeping an advanced feature off the more expensive Blaze is mind boggling.

  • Hi, So I am in love with several of the features on the Charge 2 (Cardio level; Relax) but I like the style of the blaze best because it looks more like a watch that you can wear to any occasion. I also read that there isn’t plans at this time to move them to the Blaze. If you did make a new Blaze product or decided to move these items to the current Blaze, is there a way people can be notified? I just don’t want to purchase anything I don’t absolutely love. So my thought was to wait it out and see. I had a fitbit prior and loved the app and ease of use, so I really do not want any other brand either. Also any idea if any product will ever be water proof? I like to swim and that is the only factor that the Apple watch has that I wish fitbit did. But otherwise I think your product is amazing!

  • It is quite lame that a simple feature that is simply a software feature would not be available via updates to any device that has the data available. Makes you wonder about this companies way of treating their customers. Mind you, I just received a Charge 2 and have this feature on my device, but this is sad. Perhaps a bit of research would reveal the equation used to estimate v02 max from resting heart rate and it is a trivial calculation?

  • looking into buying first fitbit. (first tracker of anykind) reading comments. got tired of the whining about halfway thru. i’ll bet 9 out of 10 of you buy a new cell phone every year without any lamenting as to the lack of a new phone versus the one you just bought less than a year ago

  • How sophisticated is the heart rate tracker? I have an irregular heartbeat so “stupid algorithms” won’t do the job but fancier FT-based ones will. Have you tested your tracker on a variety of pulse patterns?

    • I’m curious about this as well. Was thinking about this for myself and my best friend who also has an irregular heartbeat that throws most other monitors absolutely bonkers (and confuses some nurses). IF it’s even picked up at all by the machine because of the arrhythmia.

  • Really disappointed that this isn’t available on the blaze! As my Fitbit was a gift there is nothing I can do about this now but definitely wouldn’t recommend Fitbit in future…features like this shouldn’t be make specific!

  • I have owned a Fitbit Charge HR for years, and my wife just bought me a Fitbit Surge for Christmas this year. I love my Fitbit and I would love to see this added to my fitbit dashboard as well. Any ideas why it isn’t there? or when it might be?


  • OK I have a charge 2, and love it. I wear it everyday, all DAY and sleep with it on. About my fitness level. I have gone for two runs of 11 min. each with GPS on and I still don”t see my actual Score, just a range. What am I doing wrong?

  • Mainly use my charge2 for spinning . Will the cardio level software pick up this data when calculating my vo2 max etc

  • It’s very obvious this feature is being held back to push people into buying new devices, but we all know this isn’t working. Your sales are down and layoffs are in the news. It’s time to rethink your current strategy.

  • Hi
    I have a forerunner 35 but like the look of fitbit charge 2 better.
    However, to consider buying it I would want to see when running on the display, live while running, after 1 km how many minutes I had for km 1; then after km 2 how many minutes I had for km 2. (Not total for 2 km) – Is this possible with fitbit charge 2? – Can you show me a screenshot?

  • Hi,
    I am using the Fitbit Charge 2 and I get a Cardiofitness value of 50-54. I never did the running test but do spinning and bike riding. Does the Charge 2 takes the values for calculation of VO2max out of that sport activities?
    Additionally I use to ride the horse; the Charge 2 stores that activity as running. As my horse has 4 legs and it is doing most of the work my heartrate is quite moderate on the horse. Could it be that this my be the reason for the excellent result for my fitness level?

  • any way to use an alternate method for getting the cardio fitness score? My doctor says no more running.

  • FitBit should offer the rights to this thread to business schools as a case study in product line positioning and marketing, revenue strategies, and how not to respond to customers on a support forum. It is absolutely rich.

    It didn’t take long for folks here to figure out what’s going on. As the person who replied above who works in SW said, the functionality needed to provide VO2Max capability is not in the watch, it’s in some combination of the back end and the app, both of which FitBit has control of. It may be as simple as activating a SW switch in the backend or app that activates code that is already there but had been intentionally “turned off” on all devices but the Charge2.

    It is completely FitBit’s right to decide whether to withhold a new feature from customers who recently bought a higher priced device for whatever reason they wish. Obviously they are targeting the Blaze at those whose buying decision is influenced more by style and looks and the Charge2 at those who want to keep $50 in their wallet. But it should not have been difficult to predict the reaction, as many buyers of products like this are not technically naive. And here’s the thing – what if they had activated the new feature on all HR watches…or even just the Blaze and Charge2? Would there not have been more sales of Blazes without cannibalizing Charge 2 sales? It’s a real head scratcher for me unless the Charge2 has much higher margins.

    The lesson for the support personnel is when a question is initially asked about something like this that you should know could cause dissent, don’t let the freaking cat out of the bag in your first response! Notice the replies started with “we have chosen not to release….” or similar words. Once the stuff hit the fan, it became “we are only able to offer this in our latest watch that has the necessary HW and SW, but may consider it as a new feature development for the Blaze.” I’m paraphrasing but you get the point. Not only did you let the cat out of the bag when you didn’t have to, you made it worse by being evasive and insincere by responding with canned answers. Not the way to keep loyal customers!

    BTW, I’m so annoyed by this that I’m probably going to give away the Charge2 I get for free as a health incentive from my insurance policy and buy a competitor’s product out of my own pocket.

  • I just started using the Charge 2. I’d been using a Polar HR monitor with chest strap. I used both this weekend on several runs, and the Charge 2 displayed a HR that was consistently different, in some cases dramatically different, from the Polar monitor. It makes me wonder how reliable the Charge 2 HR monitoring system is.
    Does anyone else have a similar experience?

  • Why is this not available for the Fitbit surge? The most expensive Fitbit and the only one that is gps enabled?

  • I had a fitbit, and the strap fell to pieces around the fitbit, I spoke to the company and they said they would replace it as it was in the warranty, they replaced this with a fitbit HR (which in the first instance I offered to pay for an upgrade and they said no – but then come back and offered it to me for no extra because they did not have stock of the original), they refused to give me a warranty on the new fitbit and the strap on that one has now also broken around the fitbit. I was thinking of going for the blaze this time but after reading all of this I think I am going to opt for something else perhaps look at an apple! Thanks everyone for leaving your thoughts this has made the decision for me.

  • Anyone else feels like this score is way off? I’m a 27 y/o female, 5’3″ 120lbs, workout 4-5 times a week, runs for 50 min once-twice a week. resting HR: 58-63. My score is 32 which is super low. Is it b/c I mostly run at the gym rather than outside?

    • Yep, I have the exact opposite experience. I am a 42 y/o male who has spent my career in a sedentary job. I started a regular exercise routine only 3 mo ago. Though I have made some improvements, I would still consider myself way out of shape. I just got my Blaze a week ago. My resting HR is mid 70’s and I just completed a grueling 1.47 mile “run” (half the time walking b/c I was constantly out of breath) in 17:29. This system calculates a ridiculous 56 well beyond the “excellent” value of 49.4 for my demographic! So, for now, this feature is totally worthless to me. I hope maybe it will at least show future incremental improvements accurately.

      FitBit: 1) Your algorithm definitely needs some improvement. 2) You should not post an exact value, but rather the range of error for your algorithm until it is reliable to +/- 0.5.

  • I think a little more credit should be given to Fitbit. I owned the original Zip, the first Charge HR and have just upgraded to a Charge 2. The Zip rubber case broke and a new one was provided; the Charge HR stopped working after more than a year and I received a new one and then the strap split and I was sent another one. The new Charge allows you to replace a broken strap, has better battery life, has more features and seems more accurate than the previous model and was cheaper to purchase. I have received excellent customer service and the products keep improving. For what they cost I really think some people should put things into perspective.

  • I accidently hit a button that closed out my cardio fitness score on my charge 2 fitbit. Can you tell me how to reinstall it without erasing all my other information?

  • Hey guys ! you can stop the whining, HR2 now 99$ to upgrade til 12/8 . my original is falling apart, not even super glue works anymore, but I wear 24/7 . .no complaints here !!

  • Just purchased a Charge 2 thinking it will measure blood pressure. So far doesn’t serm like it. Anyone know it it does.

  • I use FITBIT Charge2. I have been doping 5 days a week 1 hr zumba classes with High intensity workout since 2 months… my fitbit cardio score is good to very good for my age . Will it change or update after tracking my exercise updates.

  • I am currently doing long distance biking. The current Fitbit I have doesn’t track biking very well. Will the upgrade be more accurate?

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