Harley Pasternak’s #FitAtHome Workout

Most of us complain about working too much, but these days we’re complaining about being home too much. As we sit in our dining room chairs, lounge on our couches, and slumber in our beds, Americans are moving less now than we normally do. In fact, recent research shows that Americans are moving 24 percent less than this time last year, while our European friends are moving 38 percent less.

That said, it’s time we kick it up a notch and do some great at-home workouts. The following workout requires no equipment and will work just as well for a beginner as it would for an advanced athlete. 

I also suggest that people hit their daily step goals regardless of working out. If you can, try and do a nice warm-up walk around your block or up and down a set of stairs in your building or in your home. 

For our warm-up, we’re going to do five moves that are each one minute in length:

  1. Stationary march
  2. Stationary run
  3. Jumping jacks 
  4. Jumping with a phantom rope
  5. Shadowbox 

After these five minutes of elevating your heart rate and lubricating your joints, let’s jump right into today’s workout…

Reverse lunge. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, step backward with your right leg, dropping your right knee down towards the ground. Then go back to the beginning and do the other leg. This move will target your lower body.

Reverse flies. Hinge from the hips so that your upper body is almost parallel to the ground, with your arms hanging straight down. Flap your arms like a bird flaps its wings, squeeze your shoulder blades together, then return back to the beginning. If you’re more advanced, try doing this with large water bottles as weights in both hands. 

Spider plank. Start down on the ground in a push-up position with your palms flat on the ground, your arm straight, and your body rigid like a board. Next, bring your right knee up towards your right elbow then back, then bring your left knee to your left elbow and back. This spider plank is a great move for strengthening your midsection.

Beginners, try 10 repetitions of each one of these three moves and do the entire circuit three times. Intermediate, try 15 repetitions, and advanced can go ahead and try five circuits of 20 to 25 repetitions.

If you liked this workout, feel free to check out my Instagram page, @harleypasternak, for some more daily exercises you can try at home with no equipment. And don’t forget to share your step count, workouts, and workout selfies by using the #FitAtHome hashtag. Let’s all join together and stay active and healthy!

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