6 Healthy, Guilt-Free Pizza Options (Yes, Pizza!)

Healthy Pizza

Last night, I had a meeting with a fairly new nutrition client. I provided him with ways to make a healthier version of his beloved egg sandwich (omega-3-rich eggs, sprouted English muffin, avocado) and other sensible swaps. “This plan is so livable,” he remarked. Which is exactly the point—any eating plan you follow must be livable, even enjoyable. And for me, enjoyable means pizza and pasta. I’ve told you about our how I do healthy pastas, so now I’m turing my attention to pizza. Here are 10 ways to upgrade your pizza crust so you can fit a slice or two into your healthy-eating plan.

Upgrade Your Crust With…

1. Veggies

Try cauliflower crust—a concept has taken the internet (more specifically Pinterest) by storm, which really gives you the feeling of pizza crust.

2. Ancient Grains

My favorite, truly healthy pizza is Naked Pizza, because they include prebiotics and probiotics in their crust.

3. Almond Flour

You can also go grain-free by using Julian’s paleo pizza mix, which uses almond flour, arrowroot, pumpkin, and egg whites.

4. Chickpeas

Socca originated in Nice, France. It’s a flatbread made from chickpea flour, and it makes a great pizza base.

5. Eggs

More omelet than pizza, using an egg-base as your crust is a great way to pack in more protein. Plus, it’s a fun brunch item.

6. Sprouted English Muffins

A great lunch option! Sprouted English muffins have more protein and are less processed than your typical English muffin. But they’re still just as fun to use when building a personal-size pizza.

And Don’t Forget the Healthy Toppings

With any of these options use a lower sugar tomato sauce (or pesto sauce works well) or make your own. Cheese should be organic whenever possible.

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