Sport Your Love of Fitbit While Staying on Top of Your Hydration Needs

We’re excited to share that you can now sport your love of Fitbit while helping ensure you stay hydrated with the Fitbit branded HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle and available at  

We continuously strive to provide you with more tools and access to give you a deeper insight to your overall health and wellness, and hydration is a part of that. Research shows that proper hydration helps cardiovascular health, ensures proper muscle and joint function, aids in digestion, and increases energy levels. That’s where this new tool comes in—it makes it easy to remember to drink your H20, and adjusts to your needs no matter what you’re doing. 

Using HidrateSpark’s proprietary Hydration Equation, the HidrateSpark app and water bottle work in tandem with your synced Fitbit data to calculate a personalized daily hydration goal based on key physiological and biological factors, as well as other inputs such as elevation, weather, and activity. When connected, the smart water bottle automatically tracks your water intake and will also automatically sync your hydration data to the HidrateSpark and Fitbit app. 

To get started, connect your Fitbit account to your HidrateSpark STEEL bottle and app, and the bottle will glow when you need to take a sip! Devices that show you your daily hydration on your wrist like the new Fitbit SenseTM , Fitbit Versa 3TM, and Fitbit Inspire 2TM will also be able to see HidrateSpark’s real-time hydration data right on your wrist. 

Click here to check out the water bottle today.

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