Healthy Recipe: Kid-Friendly Nibble Platter

Recipe by Leandra Rouse | Photo by Samantha Emmons 

This kid-friendly recipe will satiate even the pickiest of eaters. The idea is to make a variety of interesting ingredients available to kids to explore on their own terms. The “recipe” itself is simple. It’s the presentation and availability that makes it special. 

Building a nibble platter is easy! Here are some tips to help get you started: 

  • Select 1 to 2 finger foods from each of the fruit and veggie, protein, snack, and dip options below. 
  • Always try to include 2 to 3 new food items that you don’t typically buy.
  • Think real food rather than packaged food.
  • Get creative with dips.
  • For kids younger than 3 years old, keep food pieces smaller than a pea. Cook or grate hard food like carrots or apples.


Fruit & Veggies

Cherry tomatoes, cut in half

Carrot sliced or grated

Cucumber slices

Red, yellow, and green bell peppers


Grapes, cut in half

Melon cut into shapes

Banana, cut into bite-sized chunks


Hard cheese

Cream cheese 

Vegan nut cheese 

Wrapped, small soft cheeses

String cheese


Baked tofu squares

Mini turkey meatballs

Boiled egg


Rice crackers 

Nori sheets 



Crispy baked chickpeas




Black bean dip

Plain Greek yogurt 

Thai peanut dipping sauce

Mild salsa


Peanut butter 


Using a cupcake pan, fill each well with a finger food. Make it a fun family affair by throwing down a picnic blanket and building your very own adult nibble platter to enjoy, too.  

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