Power Your Fitbit Smartwatch With These New Fitbit OS Apps!

Launching upgrade in 3… 2… 1… Fitbit is constantly expanding its App Gallery to bring world-class brands and experiences right to your wrist. After partnering with some amazing companies, we are excited to share the upcoming Fitbit OS releases!

These new apps and clock faces will provide Fitbit smartwatch users with more unique options to organize their everyday lives and streamline their health and fitness experiences. We strive to continue expanding our app offerings to help you stay motivated and achieve your optimal health goals. (As always, you choose whether you want to share your data with us, and can stop whenever you like.)  


This new app features guided workouts to coach you through quick and effective TRX Suspension Training® sessions. What makes these workouts so special? They track biometrics so if you choose to share your data,  the TRX app will incorporate your Fitbit data, which in turn can help you get stronger while reaching your maximum fitness goals. Available now.

achu health 

By downloading this clock face and agreeing to share your Fitbit data, the Achu Health clock face transfers your Fitbit data to achu’s illness prediction technology to help you evaluate potential illness, providing alerts when your body shows signs of sickness before it even happens. Pure magic? Absolutely. Available now.

Genius Wrist 

Features four apps (Gym Genius, Gym Time Pro, Workout Builder and Workout Genius) which provide structured on-device workouts, productivity and visualization tools, offering different ways for you to view your Fitbit data and workout anywhere, anytime. Available now.


This app will also incorporate your shared Fitbit data, including distance and calories burned, to provide you with insights and training programs for races ranging from 5K to a marathon. Available now.


MySwimPro offers custom-guided swim workouts, training plans, and video coaching for all levels, using heart rate info from your Fitbit Versa or Ionic to help you improve your swim performance. It also works with their mobile app (available on iOS or Android) in order to pull stats after your workout, track progress, and measure your improvement. Be sure to download both. Available now.

Home Connect

Connect your compatible home appliances and receive notifications (when your phone is nearby) on your Fitbit smartwatch to more seamlessly run your household and stay on top of daily activities. With the Home Connect app, you can easily monitor your appliances and get alerts when the laundry is finished. Guess what else? It can even remind you if you accidentally left the refrigerator door open. Available now.

Check these game-changing apps out on the new Fitbit App Gallery homepage. Available now.

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