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User Story: Sarah A.

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We love hearing from our community members who have found success working towards their goals. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we’ll be featuring stories from mothers balancing a healthy lifestyle with being a busy mom. Today’s story comes from Sarah A., who’s been using a Fitbit for over a year and is currently using a Charge HR. You can send us your Fitbit story by going here.

Read Fitbit user Sarah's story about how she stays active as a mom.

What is the greatest impact Fitbit has had on your life as a mother?

Fitbit has helped me in my journey to become a fit and healthy mother. In 2012 and 2013 I lost 18kg after being diagnosed with high cholesterol. High cholesterol comes with a risk of heart disease and stroke, and I knew I needed to make changes in my life. I got my diet under control and then started to exercise. I learned about the Fitbit Flex in 2013 and my husband surprised me with one for Christmas. I have now upgraded to a Fitbit Charge HR. My Fitbit helps keep me accountable and encourages me to get up and move as much as possible. We go for long walks as a family, have dance parties in the kitchen and I play with them at the park. They love having a more active Mum, and I love being able to keep up with them. They get excited when they see it buzz at 10,000 steps, and often tap it to see my progress.

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Fitbit Success Stories: Mark Sands


Fitbit Success Stories is a recurring feature on the Fitbit Blog. You’ll read inspirational and personal stories about Fitbit users who have achieved amazing things as a result of their Fitbit tracker, diet, exercise, and sheer ambition.

Today’s post is from Fitbit user Mark Sands.

I never really considered myself an athletic person. As a child, I regularly overindulged in sugary soft drinks and fatty foods. Portion control was nonexistent in my house. I tried to get into several different types of sports, but my weight held me back from truly enjoying them. I was teased by my peers. To make things worse, I saw little value in trying to do anything about it. I used food to comfort my overwhelming anxiety. As a freshman in high school, my weight was at its highest: 220 lbs. with a 42” waistline. I was 16 and officially obese.

Then a series of events occurred that changed my life forever. One of them was the loss of my father due to brain cancer. He wasn’t terribly out of shape, and he never did anything to get healthier. This motivated me to start improving my health.


Fast-forward to college graduation: I’d lost 40 pounds and 8” off my waist. I was stronger, faster and had more endurance than ever. I began to pursue a career in law enforcement and became even more focused on becoming fitter and healthier. I needed to be at the top of my game to combat the high stress of the profession, as well as the life threatening situations I might face on a daily basis. read more

Fitbit Success Stories: Adam Webber


Introducing Fitbit Success Stories, a recurring feature on the Fitbit Blog. You’ll read inspirational and personal stories about Fitbit users who have achieved amazing things as a result of their Fitbit tracker, diet, exercise, and sheer ambition. To continue with the momentum of American Heart Month, today’s post is from Adam Webber of the SF Bay area is especially timely. Read on for one amazing story.

My name is Adam Webber. I’m 33 years old and I live in Fairfield, CA in the San Francisco Bay area. In April of 2013, I set a goal to lose 100 pounds. This is my story of how I did it.

I had reached 255lbs. Like most people, life happened. I was eating cheap, easy-to-get food and never had the time or desire to exercise. I put on a lot of weight shortly after the birth of my son. He was born six weeks early and with two congenital heart defects. He spent 10 long weeks in the hospital before coming home.

Before & After 100lbs new

My wife and I commuted daily to the children’s hospital in San Francisco and often stayed overnight. There was a lot of comfort eating and even more sitting around. Several months later, we (my wife and I) made the decision that if he needed to eat a heart healthy diet and exercise regularly [when he’s older], we’d better be doing the same. In April, we purchased our Fitbit Ones and an Aria scale.

As a starting point, I saw my doctor for a physical. My cholesterol was 240. My blood pressure was 150/120. My body fat percentage was 50%. I started getting active. I started improving my diet. I began walking one mile per day. It was all I could do. I began doing something I had never done before: counting calories. I quickly learned that I needed to burn more calories than I take in. I set a daily calorie goal of 1,500 and was burning about 2,500. read more

Balancing Fitness with Work: An Inspirational Tale

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At Fitbit, we love to hear feedback from customers. Today we thought we’d pass on a particularly inspiring story from Chris, a businessman who found his busy lifestyle was taking a toll on his health and fitness. The Fitbit helped him so much, he even went out and bought a Fitbit Ultra! “I just saw the new ‘Floors Climbed’ feature in Fitbit Ultra and had to get it!  A key part of my getting back in shape earlier this year was to start by taking the stairs.”

Chris on the summit of Mt. Rainier

Chris on the summit of Mt. Rainier

Here’s his story:
“Last December, my health and fitness reached an all-time low. Four years ago, I moved to start FrontPoint Security. The business is doing fantastic, but it has been pretty ‘all consuming’ for the last four years. By December of last year, I had reached an all-time weight high, body fat high, and my energy level was noticeably the worst it had ever been.”

Chris decided he needed a change, and picked the Fitbit Tracker to help him on his path to get back in shape. He paid close attention to his Dashboard, invested in Fitbit’s Premium Subscription, and made it a point to reach his daily goals. He also made a long-term goal to climb Mt. Shasta by the summer of 2012, something he’d done ten years earlier with his dad.

“I ended up making so much progress that I climbed Mt. Shasta in July 2011 ­ about a year ahead of my plan. My weight had dropped almost 40 lbs., and my body fat dropped to around 10%. At the same time, my blood pressure got much better ­ and I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication. And, my resting heart rate dropped from around 67 to just 41, where it is today.”

He made so much progress, in fact, that he’s since climbed Mt. Rainier as well – ­an even harder mountain that had been a goal ten years ago!

“I can easily say now that I’ve never felt better or been in better shape.”

Chris shows us that with a little motivation and information, it’s never too late to reach our goals. Share your inspirational stories with us at