The Magic of 10,000 Steps


When you join Fitbit, the default goal we set for each member is the magical number of 10,000 steps a day (you can also choose to customize your goal).  And while this may not be the first time you’ve heard that goal, it might be more meaningful, and motivating, to understand its origins.

The Japanese first started using the 10,000 steps a day number, as part of a marketing campaign! (to help sell pedometers). Since that initial campaign however, medical authorities around the world have agreed that 10,000 is a healthy number for which to aim. The American Heart Association uses the 10,000 steps metric as a guideline to follow for improving health and decreasing risk of heart disease, the number one killer of men and women in America.

10,000 steps a day is a rough equivalent to the Surgeon General’s recommendation to accumulate 30 minutes of activity most days of the week. It should be enough to reduce your risk for disease and help you lead a longer, healthier life. The benefits are many:  lower BMI, reduced waist size, increased energy, and less risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease.  In fact, a study of the 10,000 steps a day method conducted in 2010 reported conclusive health benefits.

10,000 steps daily is approximately 5 miles. Unless you have a very active lifestyle or profession, you probably don’t reach 10,000 steps on a given day without putting some effort into your activity. This could be a lifestyle change such as walking to work, or the addition of an exercise routine to your day.

Another reason to do it? For most people, it’s convenient, free and simple to reach with just a little change to your daily routine. Working towards a 10,000 step a day goal? Good for you! Join the conversation below to help other get motivated, too!

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  • I have a pretty desk-bound job and find that I don’t get more than 3-4,000 steps in a day without effort. I have found that I need to augment my regular activity with two 30-minute walks a day to get to 10,000.

  • I work from home and still manage to log 6000-8000 through my normal routine… I guess having four kids helps! It doesn’t take too much effort to move that number up to 10 000. I like that fitbit has customizable goals. The last device I used kept putting my goal lower than my average, which is never going to help me lose weight.

    Looking forward to receiving my fitbit!

    • I just got mine yesterday and I have gotten used to all the features. I love that it presets the appropriate goals for you to work toward, and tracking sleep time is awesome. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since I heard the pop in my back all those years ago. This really is a great device. I think logging the food you eat will really help to lose weight. It did back in the 80s when a doctor recommended I do that to lose weight. I lost about 65 pounds and felt a lot better. Unfortunately a back injury and 30 years put me back in the same boat. Good luck!

    • The wife works from home, quite a lot of phone calls/conference calls involved – she walks around in & outside the house & outside deck, then longer walked with me when I’m home – 10K steps per day comes easy for her. As far as losing weight just remember, weight loss is dependent upon the “calories in / calories out process, regardless of the amount of exercise performed!

  • I love my Fitbit! I have had it since June 27th and have lost 16.5 lbs simply by making a few small changes. I love tracking my food, my activity and earning badges. It really is the easiest thing I have ever done! 🙂 Thank you thank you for making sometime that works so well for me!

  • I’m 69 and have not weighed in the 130’s since I was in my 30’s!
    The fitbit has really worked for me. My goal each day is 10,000 steps and now I am 22 lbs less.
    Once I loose another 8-10 lbs I will probably maintain on the fitbit forever…

    • wow. nice. Wish I could lose that weight. Guess thats what I am hoping for too. So far I havent really noticed anything. I am not gonna quit though.

      • It’s 70% diet. You’re not going to lose any weight no matter how many steps are taken if you’re not pairing fitbit with my fitness pal and logging everything you eat. I was having trouble losing weight even watching what I eat. I got my fitness pal and realized that the stuff I was eating wasnt as healthy as I thought and I was eating way too much. I’m down 8 lbs in 2 weeks since linking the 2 apps.

          • Sorry for the delay in responding to you. To help get you started using MyFitnessPal with your Fitbit tracker, check out this article to help guide you through the integration setup process. We hope this helps you get your Fitbit account synced up with MyFitnessPal!

        • That is so true I started with both on Jan 1
          I check all my foods now and have lost 5kgs in 3 weeks
          I also do a minimum of 10,000 steps per day
          I play golf 4 days a week which is 8,000 steps per game
          Did I mention I will be 64 in a few weeks
          Also been off the booze

          • I find it very helpful when I go shopping, park as far away from the store as you can, it helps get those steps in.

          • That’s great. The golf & staying away from booze. My dad is 75 & loves golf & his Harley! I’ve been doing an average of 9000 steps a day. I gotta get

      • That’s good that you’re not giving up. I started out walking about 5 years ago…started w/30 minutes and kept increasing in small increments. My goal now is 10,000+ steps. You will feel better. You might want to check your daily caloric intake. You may be taking in more calories than you use. Just a suggestion.

      • Me to! I really hope this helps. I just got it yesterday so I’m just trying to figure it out. Im already over 7000 steps. Dont think I will see 10000 steps today but theres always tomorrow. Good luck!

    • Congrats on your success. I am the same age. My daughter got me the Fitbit for Christmas. I’ve been walking and increasing each day. Yesterday I got to almost 13,000 steps. Any tips you can offer from your success would be greatly appreciated. I have arthritis in my knees which makes it more difficult but I’m determined.

  • I started with and learned the proper way to eat … then I found Steps To Good Health and learned how to walk my way healthy … then I bought the Fitbit Zip and linked it to my account at MyFitnessPal now the two work together to keep me on track and by the way … I’ve lost 54 pounds so far and want to lose about 10 more. You have all saved my life … Barb … age 62 … and YES I do walk a minimum of 10,000 steps each and every day.

        • Big breakfast. Medium lunch. Small dinner. Don’t eat after 6. If your starving, small can of soup. No fast food. Does not matter how many steps you do, if you eat late, or eat/drink dairy, you will not lose.

    • Barb. Congratulations on your big weight loss! I brought my Fitbit Charge HR in June of 2015. Like you I use MyFitnessPal with my Fitbit. I’m 63 but will not let my age stop me. I get between 10-15k a day, but if I’m challenged I will push it a little further (ok a lot further 22k). I feel great. I’m doing spinning, Zumba and total body conditioning. You name it, I will do it. Keep up the good work!

  • I find the notion of walking 10,000 steps a day quite funny in the way it is universally accepted in non-English speaking countries like Japan. The Japan Health Promotion and Fitness Foundation otherwise known as The Kenko Nippon 21 Group recommends between 8000 and 8500 steps a day depending on gender. Living and working in Japan, I’ve come to realize how hard it can be to achieve this ‘bottom line.’ For people without access to public transportation not including the bus, the amount of time spent walking throughout the day is very little to say the least.

    What do you say about taking the Kenko Nippon 21 “Walking Challenge?” Trying to take 8000 steps a day may be more realistic, don’t you think? (If only just a little)

  • I have a desk-bound job, so even though I exercise after work and do errands, I still don’t do more than 7,000 steps a day. So I found a solution. I now use a stepper under my desk while I work. This way I can add from 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day while at my desk.

    • Sam, I may not know what I am talking about; however, this is how it strikes me. When they suggest you should exercise 30 minutes a day I do not imagine that they then think you will sit in a chair without moving for the rest of the day. The 30 minutes would be in addition to all your normal walking activity during the day. Therefore the 30 minutes is not to equal 5 miles but instead completes your 5 miles. Just a thought, but I may be wrong.

      I just got my Fitbit today and I am going to aim at the 10,000 per day. We shall see how difficult or easy that will be for me.

      • Phil, you pegged it! The 30 minutes adds to the normal day to get you close to the 10,000. I think, however, for the average American it probably takes closer to 45 minutes.

      • I had mine since the middle of November and walk between 13,000 to 14,000 steps a day. I definitely feel better. My only concern is although I watch what I eat I have actually gained weight. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why

  • I’m a stay at home mom with 2 kids and live in a 2 story house. Yesterday I didn’t workout and achieved almost 16,000 steps as I was cleaning house. Not everyday is like like that but now that I’m aware of it I no longer seek the closest parking spot and instead park further out to get in extra steps. I’ve only had my fitbit for 2 weeks and I love it. Down 4 pounds and like others I have my eating in my fitness pal and it syncs into fitbit. I love it!

  • Hi everyone! Is there a way to make Fitness Pal and Fitbit to link up? I love my Fitbit, but it would be really nice if it could link up to My Fitness Pal as well.

    Thanks for any help!

    • If you open MyFitness Pal and click on settings (which is 3 horizontal bars) and then click on Apps and Devices, you will get a list of apps which includes Fitbit. Then there are a couple steps where you have to enter your Fitbit login info and connect. Pretty simple.

    • Go into MyFitnessPal and click on settings (3 horizontal bars on upper left) and then click on Apps and Devices. You will get a list of apps and select Fitbit. Then you will have to enter your Fitbit login info and connect. Pretty simple.

    • Accupedo links to myfitnesspal. That’s what I use.
      10k isn’t as bad as I thought it would be before I tried it. I’m actually doing about 15k daily now 🙂

  • I have been walking my behind off for the past three weeks that I got the fitbit zip. I feel great and have more energy and Ive been eating salads and raw veggies everyday for lunch instead of carbs, then a reasonable dinner. I have gained two pounds. I am not stopping, but I have to say im devastated and I dont understand. Im exhausteed and Ive been trying so hard. 🙁

  • I bought a Fit Bit several months back and weighed then around 168. I have a desk job but luckily I am able to also move around during the day as well. On my 15 min. breaks I walk. My daily goal now is set at 11,500 but rarely a day goes by that I’m not logging 12,500. Granted there are days when I need the steps I just start running in place until I’ve reached my goal. This little Fit Bit keeps me motivated on a daily basis. My weight now is 153. I’m 58 years old and feel better now than I have in years. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get moving and get healthy.

  • I have had my fitbit since march I work average 12 to 14000 steps a day have a personal trainer 3 times a week do a spin and abs class, have given up drinking for 3 months and haven’t lost a pound I am not overweight but a couple of pound off wouldbe nice for all the effort !

  • I’m a nurse and work in the OR. I easily get in over 17,000 on an average day, and that’s just at work.

  • I have three breaks a day, on my phone I have walking mate, each date it recalculates my steps, I walk around the building where I walk three times a day 2 breaks (15 minutes)and one lunch (3.4 hr), and I go over 10,000 steps a day. It takes discipline, I had several people doing it and they gave up, but I have continued for 6 weeks and have lost 9 lbs, I am 62 and steadfast. I have to lose 50 lbs, I weighed 207, 5’4″, I have to lose weight due to HBP and border line diabetic. No way will I take a needle, phoebia really bad. So I have no choice but to straighten up and fly right. I pray doing the time I walk and ask my Father for help, and He is true to strenghtening me. I pray you all for strenght in your endeavors.

  • I am 22 Years old, i have been very over weight for 3 years now currently sitting at ~270lbs.
    I got the FitBit Flex last Saturday and i have found the “friends list” to be very motivational. I have been competing with them and find it easy to reach 10k steps in a day. I work 9 hours a day, so i walk 30 minutes during my lunch break and 1 hour after work. I hope everyone else finds FB motivational in some way 🙂

  • On my treadmill, I can walk 1,000 steps in 15 minutes. Everyone is saying 10,000 steps a day. But for me that would take 4,000 steps per hour, thus 8,000 steps in two hours, and 10,000 steps would actually take me 2 1/2 hours. This sounds like a lot of time to put aside for exercise. And my estimates are different than others who said one hour for 10,000 steps. But I can try to work up to that amount of time, gradually.

  • Walking 10,000 steps a day seemed impossible at first for me. I work at a school, and since I have to walk around the campus several times a day to pick up my 4th graders off the playground, I average about 4,000 steps at work .Also, I walk on the treadmill at least 30-45 mins a day, and with that and my normal activities at work, I am still averaging about 8,000 steps a day. So what I do to get to my 10,000 step goal is using my Fitbit to help by doing some extra walking around my house even if that means walking up and down my stairs 20-40 times after walking on my treadmill to get in those 10,000 steps.

  • This does not mean that your exercise routine itself needs to be 10,000 steps in addition to other daily activities. The 10,000 steps they say to aim for means all of your walking throughout the entire day, too. I often reach around 12,000 steps daily without even “exercising,” per se. Those are just my numbers from normal life tasks of running errands and taking care of my kids. (I know it’s harder for those with desk jobs, but even on my most inactive days I usually reach about 8000 steps, according to my FitBit.) There’s definitely no way I could set aside 2.5 hours of time devoted purely to exercise, and if I did do that, I’d probably be at more like 25,000 steps daily.

  • Love the concept and the feeling of getting it done everyday. But a mile is 5280 feet. If 10,000 steps is 5 miles I want another pedometer. Just kidding. Thanks for promoting fitness in realistic goals and healthy lifestyles. Those are the things that make the difference.

  • Started using fitbit flex yesterday. Walked on treadmill today for 28 minutes and my steps recorded under 2500, that figure included walking and going up and down many steps. home has three levels and I use all levels. Curious, will hanging on side rails of treadmill now count steps? I’m in mid seventies with multiple back and leg issues. Foot and leg goes numb after seven minutes, sit for awhile and go again. I also lift weight and use a resistance machine that doesn’t bother back or legs.

    • Absolutely! ! Had the same exact issue – followed online tip and put a long sock on and wrapped my fitbit around my ankle – I registered over 3200 more steps – and it read my heart rate too !

  • Walking 5 miles is 10,000 steps, you can do that on a treadmill or just by finding a walking route. You can do it! Good luck

  • Right now in a deployed environment I do at least 10,000 steps a day, by the time yesterday was said and done I was over 17,000 steps… I normally have a desk job so I am intrested to see how I am able to maintain this in my normal day to day when I return home. I also do 30 min extra of cardio a day. Thus far I love my fitbit and can’t wait until I see more weight loss. I too find the sleep tracker helpful as I was always waking up still exhausted… I had no clue I was so restless throughout the night.

  • So I was gifted Fitbit by my sister and brother for my B-day/Christmas gift. I got it last Wednesday, and here a week and a day later I’ve lost over 4 lbs, lost a few inches, and became aware of my bad sleep habits. I LOVE THIS THING!!! I’m a little obsessed right now and that works for me. I don’t eat the same, and I’m not missing much. My stress level has greatly reduced and I can’t wait to see how I am a month from now. I’ve done over 10k steps all except one day when I had over 8k, and over 17k the day before that. Who knew it took Fitbit for me to check into my life. No more excuses, and no more sitting around waiting of life to pass me by. Thanks for the kick start. 🙂

  • I am not able to walk 10,000 lbs and would need to start slowly due to health issues. I weight 145 and am 5′-2″. I would like to weight 125 to 130 lbs by August 2015. How many steps do I need to walk a day to accomplish this?

    Thank you.

    • First you mean 10,000 steps not lbs? Walking for 10 minutes six times a day should get it for you in a month you will see a big difference in your health.

  • Keep it up, you’re doing great! Sometimes it takes a little while to figure things out. Also, I recommend as others state to link your fitbit to myfitnesspal and make sure that you’re burning more calories in a day than taking in. Also, veggies and fruits are mainly carbs, but they’re a good kind. They don’t have a lot of calories, so you’re going to feel empty if you don’t eat enough healthy fats and protein, which will help you feel fuller and sustain you throughout the day. One thing that has worked for me is the Nutribullet. It’s quick and healthy – you just blend together some green leafy veggies, fruit, seeds or nuts (fats), and I use almond milk and sometimes some protein powder. You get about 400-500 calories per shake but it definitely helps serve as a meal replacer for me.

  • I always either rest my hands on the treadmill bars or hold onto them and my fit bit works work I can easily smash 10k steps but on days off I spend an hour on the treadmill walking at 5 kilometers an hour to help get to my goal. Good luck with your walking. Have you seen a health care professional about the numbness you are experiencing? Might be worth a shot.

  • There isn’t a set # of steps to walk to hit a goal weight.
    You have to track how many calories you are eating, and then exercise enough to create a deficit of calories so that you can lose weight.

    Meaning if you are eating 2000 calories a day you need to burn MORE than 2000 calories to lose any kind of weight.

    When I do my 10,000 steps a day I burn over 2500 calories a day. That is calculated via fibit based upon my height and current weight and all, so that # can vary on many factors. it is a very personal calculation I guess you could say.
    Hope that helps you some. You have to watch your diet, while doing the steps and then you will see some weight come off

  • you are building muscle and that weighs more than fat…don’t get discouraged…consider how do your clothes fit now? better? go by that instead of the scale!!!

  • You might be building muscle at the same time as losing fat. Muscle weighs more. Don’t just look at the scale. You might see changes in your measurements, or clothes!

  • I have a desk job as well, but I take 5 minute breaks every now and then and go for a walk around the building or floor to get my steps up.

  • Get your thyroid checked. Yes muscle is heavier than fat, but that really has nothing to do with this, and you should still be dropping weight. Don’t accept a mere TSH in range- get checked for FT4, FT3, TGab and TPOab (the autoantibodies of Hashimoto’s). Take a look at thyroid Increasing steps should increase energy. If you are not responding well, get checked out! Thyroid hormone is required for every cell, for everything you do. If you have a problem with hypothyroidism you have a finite supply of hormone. As you use more in activity, your body will find ways to reserve energy elsewhere.

  • Just want to say we had our fit bit for 3 weeks and I love it even though my husband get like 22000 steps a day I getting like 11000 steps I love it it a big motivation for me I find my self checking it more than anything on my phone haven’t weighed since I got it but I feel good but I will be Feb 7 so we will see keep u up dated

  • Yesterday I received my Fitbit Charge HR. It gave a new boost, I really didn’t need it because Fitbit flex has bees the best activity motivator ever! Since I bought it in July I have lost 13 kg. Almost every day people ask me what I have done… I tell them about FitBit!, I have 20 of my work colleagues as competitors and we motivate each other. I’m really looking forward to get the Charge in real use. I’ve never been the person you see running, but to get my 10000 this is the fastest way, and I love love love the feeling afterwards. So, thank you FitBit team… You have changed my life!

  • I walk almost all day as a nurse. If I haven’t made my 10000 steps when finished work I walk my dog (usually about 3-4 miles). If I still haven’t met my target I walk briskly on the spot or dance around the living room whilst watching TV. That gets my steps boosted and also my active minutes. I have my fitbit linked to weight watchers and earn activity points. I average around 5 per day.

    • You don’t need to log your steps manually if you’re wearing your Fitbit on the treadmill. It will track everything automatically!

  • 10,000 is a lot. I was given one as a gift. I wore it to see what I normally do. My normal steps is about 250 To 400 a day. So getting to 10,000 will be hatd.

  • I just started today and I am already at 13, 662 steps and I have 5-8 hrs left in my day. I’m going for 20, 000 a day for the next week. Love my fibit!

  • I have had my Fitbit Charge 3 and a half weeks and love it. It has definetely brought out my competetive nature and I have a 15000 goal and have only missed it once. Treadmill 50 minutes each day or a 4km walk but don’t go to bed until I am there. Loving the challenge to beat my own goals.

  • I have been horrible at this, while I wake up daily and walk for an hour (past 3 months)…. there are times when due to family functions the walk ceases for a whole week…..correspondingly I do an average of 8K steps monthly….also how good is it to record the steps through samsung smart phones in your pocket.

  • I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and nothing has ever motivated me to lose the weight…until Fitbit! I’ve had it for two weeks, and I didn’t change anything I was doing for the first 2 days. I have a desk job and I just wanted to see how many, or rather how few, steps I take on an average day. I was only taking between 2,500-3,000 steps! I immediately set the alarm to buzz me once an hour and I walk around the office building twice which amounts to just over 500 steps. Sometimes I go three times around! I start my mornings on the treadmill at home and I walk 1/2 a mile, and most evenings when I get home, I do the same. I have definitley paired my fitbit with myfitnesspal and that is a wonderful tool.
    I had never really seen the benefit of exercising as a weight loss tool, but with myfitnesspal, every time I walk around the building, it shows me how many calories I’ve gained towards my daily intake…which, for me, is a great motivator!
    So, I’ve been really using this system for 12 days, and a few of those days weren’t great. I developed an ear infection, and was dizzy, plus, I just didn’t feel good. I still tried to keep moving, but didn’t do as well as other days. I have lost 4 pounds though; I have a LOT more to go, but for the first time in my life, I think this time…I’ll make it! 🙂

  • You might could put it on your ankle. My large bracelet fits my ankle. Or you could use a scrunch ie or tie it to your shoe laces while on the machines and holding unto the hand rails or heart rate monitors. I have wondered if putting it into a waterproof bag and taking it in the pool when I do my swimming laps would be ok.

    • My age is 90 years. My goal is 5000 steps, plus I go to three one hour exercise classes at the Y per week. Is the 5000 a reasonable and healthy goal?

  • The Fitbit is great. I picked up the Charge. With a little extra effort I’m reaching my daily goals, and the daily goal setting and goal making is an excellent motivator. My only gripe: I love watches, and now I can’t bring myself to remove my FB long enough to wear a watch. I’m compelled to log every step, stair, calorie and active minute. The water tracker is a great little tool for me too since I struggle with drinking water instead of flavored drinks. I’m looking forward to tech that makes the device very small, or able to be worn on a leg… I miss my watch collection.

  • In the grand scheme of things, 10,000 isnt very much. Our bodies are designed to be on the move all day. This is my first day with the fitbit. It’s 2 pm and I’m at 17,000. I haven’t gone for my run yet. for a truly healthy lifestyle, it should be upped to 15,000

  • I could copy and past your post. I increased my goal to 15k:) I also have 2 kids in a 2 story home. Very little effort to reach 10k. Its so fun to track!

  • I know what you mean. I just wore a watch like eight years ago. Why do you need a watch? Don’t you have a cell phone?

  • As an American living in Hungary for over a decade I can confidently say it’s more the American lifestyle that makes it difficult. The way US suburbs are set up, the dependence on cars and also the social norms and habits create a “normal” lifestyle that is anything but normal historically speaking. I logged 12,000 steps by noon today just getting around the city, taking kids to school and going to work, lunch etc. Average is between 14 and 20,000-but due to compact urban environment and good public transport in Budapest I use the car only on weekends. If I had to live back in the States I’d do my best to live within a spatial environment that makes incidental exercise necessary. Typical suburban lifestyle with office job really requires a lot of effort and focus to maintain decent physical health. Running in place and simple low tech and cheap step machine (the kind that fits under the bed) might be realistic solution for a lot of people.

  • I just got my fitbit surge yesterday and today was the first time I wore it to work. Does anyone know how it calculates steps? Because I work in a factory and stand in one confined area. I refuse to sit all day! Anyway I don’t really take more than a few steps one way and may lean one way and then the next to the rhythm of my pace and today it told me that I took 32,222 steps. While I was trying and working up a sweat. My heat rate never exceeded 110 bpm. Just curious how it works to know if I really managed to take that many steps or just bugged it out. Though I did stand completely flat footed for a couple parts and it didn’t count any steps. I doubt I burnt 3000+ calories in 8 hrs of work as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • All I can say is I am loving my fitbit. After charging it I have walked over 10,000 steps a day and I too have an office /desk job. But I keep it moving I drink water all day and when I see I am shy of my 10,000 after work I will walk home if I didn’t drive to work that morning and after taking care of my dog, I put on my tennis and away I go til I get my 10,000. But I also love a challenge.

  • Im also a massage therapist and I agree that it is hard to get the steps in at work. I find that during an hour treatment I only do about 70 steps. I book 15 minutes between each client to do payment/rebooking/sheet change and I usually have about 5 minutes of a ‘breather’. During that five minutes I jog on the spot, go up and down the office steps, or if Im nearing my step goal I switch over to squats and lunges. Im also lucky to have the ability to walk to and from work, so thats a bonus.

  • I am 62. I have a desk job. I have been using fitbit since June. Its been a great motivator. I dance every day to my high beats Haitian music for one hour in the morning. I also pay great attention to my food intake. I lost 18 lbs and raise my steps to 12000 daily, thus more dancing. I love it, plan to lose another 30 lbs.

  • When you gain muscle and lose fat along with proper diet and exercise, it can be common to gain a couple pounds. Drinking more water (especially if you are a female), can make all the difference. The recommended amount is usually something like 32oz three times a day. Try doubling that amount and drink one of the 32oz cups right before you eat a meal. It will aid in digestion, speed your metabolism, and flush your system helping your body to rid itself of toxins.

    Because I am a stay at home Mom, I had to add the water because having children under the age of 2 can limit the activity I do. When I noticed that there would be days that I gained and that I had stayed under 1000 calories (as well as breastfeeding), I asked my physician and he told me to double the water intake. After 4 days, I began losing weight daily. I lost 59 lbs in about 6 months.

    There would be times that I gained one or two lbs back, but it would be due to salt retention and not enough water intake or during my cycle. One more thing: Muscle weighs more than fat. When I lift weights or start building muscle, my weight slightly increases until I balance my caloric intake vs output.

  • I just can’t see how anyone, who is breathing and NOT in a wheelchair, would register 200 to 400 steps a day. Just in the morning getting out of bed and going to the bathroom, getting dressed, etc registers that many. Did you mean 2000-4000? Even then you’d have to be very sedentary. Sit down all the time, do not go from point A to point B. Without exercising or taking an extra walk, I get 8-10,000 just living my life, taking care of my kids, doing laundry, etc. So I’d check that.

    • I am 71 and am having a total knee replacement in 2 weeks time . I bought my Fitbit at end of January and was barely able to do 1,100 steps a day but in spite of the pain I am now managing around 3,500 steps a day ? It will be a hard slog but I hope to keep using Fitbit to help me get back to normal more quickly. Marion

      • Good luck Marion, and congratulations on not waiting to get started.

        I just turned 70 and am a 50-year smoker who finally quit at Thanksgiving. Over the last couple years I had reduced my daily activity to getting out of bed to walk to my computer. BP went up, cholesterol went up, heart rate went up with every simply move!

        This is day four on my Fitbit and I saw at day one why I’ve gained 15 lbs in 3 months! I set my goal to lose those 15 lbs in 3 months and, for the first time ever, have a clear plan to do it. Thank you, Fitbit!

  • I love the 10,000 steps a day goal. What I wish I could incorporate is the laps I swim in a day! I love to swim and have no way to measure into the rest of my fitbit activity. And am a bummed that I have to take off my fitbit when I do swim. Can’t wait for the waterproof fitbit that incorporates swimming some how!

  • I have had the same experience. You need to keep plugging away because weight fluctuates and is a difficult calculation. Something might have happened in the last three weeks to mess with your metabolism. Also, I have heard of a calorie hoarding your body does if it thinks you’re starving. There is an adjustment, but I think you are on the right track.

  • I’ve had my FitBit since February 14…I log food daily and track sleep patterns. Since starting a weight loss regimen the end of January, I’m down 19 pounds. I am no longer eating anything “white” (bread, pasta, rice) or pork. Salads are my new best friend! I will admit that if I go out to eat, I try to eat responsibly but if I desire a nice piece of bread or dessert, I indulge 🙂 The best inspiration has been participating in the Workweek Hustle with friends and colleagues. Not only is it fun, but has made us all accountable and conscientious of how much we can do if we have a reason to. The first week I came in last place…best believe I am leading they pack now!! We continue to add friends each week and we love the challenge!

  • I work for a large retail store and I find it super easy to walk 10,000 steps a day … So I assume that I should really up my goal if I plan to loose weight . I just started to really watch what I’m eating and the fitbit has opened my eyes to what I eat , how I sleep and what I put in my mouth ……. Looking forward to a healthier lifestyle…… ????

  • Hi, Deana!

    Muscles have more weight than fat. If you’re actually feeling fitter, then you are on the right track! Way to go!

  • I work on a poultry farm and usually have 10000 steps done by 1pm. Most weeks i have a done about 100,000 steps. On my days off though i have to work hard to get to 10,000!!

  • I decided to lose 20 kilograms in 3 months . I set a goal to lose 8 in the first month , 6 in second . 6 in third . With the aid of fitbit and myfinesspal I am in the day 33 and I lost around 10 kilos ????????????????

  • Last Summer, I weighed the same as you and am only an inch shorter. My goal weight is 125 as well (are we the same person?!)
    I took a lot of effort due to a knee issue to get up to 10,000 steps a day. I’m not averaging 15,000. I started with shorter, slower walks and did what I could. If that was 1,500 that was great. Then I’d try to increase that with 1,000 a day for that week. Before you know it, you’re doing 10,000. Eventually, I stuck with 10,000 and just tried to get my heart rate up by doing it faster. I’m not at the point where I try to achieve10,000 before noon. Anything else is bonus. The lbs and inches have gone and continue to go. It’s all about modifying the plan for you and constant modification.

  • I survey for a living and I average 7,100 steps a day. I find it very difficult to believe 10,000 steps a day is a goal for people with full time desk jobs. I walk a lot everyday for work and in 8 hours will achieve approx. 17,000 steps but this is an all day job. Anyone who claims 10,000 should be a daily average needs to check the published data from experts. I think the comment of 8,000 is more realistic.

    • It’s possible I work behind a desk.!i have reach the goal many times thru out the week. This is my secret every 20 to 30 min I get up and walk or run in the same spot for 5 minutes and I have reach my goal to do over 10,000 steps by 4 pm. Courage you can do it!

  • I have discovered that using the stair climber at the gym doesn’t give you the 10 floors that is recommended. Also, the floors only count when going upstairs. I gave to go up and down 10 times to get 10 floors. But at least it does add to my step count.

  • As far as the numbness you should ask your doctor.

    Holding onto the treadmill will cause you not to get an accurate step count. Fitbit is worn out the arm. It counts your steps based upon arm movement. It counts my steps well on the elyptical because my arms move. If on the treadmill I have to keep the arm with the fitbit free to move. Pushing a cart at the grocery store I won’t get any steps. Holding the rail going up steps I won’t get steps or floor.

  • Try logging everything you eat. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat. Pair fitbit with my fitness pal and set a goal to lose about two pounds per week.

  • That sounds like a reasonable goal, especially if you have a job that keeps you moving. I am a delivery driver, so I am loading and unloading my truck daily.

  • I can’t stay still with the fitbit… I LOVE IT!!!!!

    I step while doing the dishes… cooking… cleaning… and even when drying and straightening my hair. I get between 1000-1100 steps just when doing my hair… LOL

  • It sounds like you are eating to many calories a day or you have a thyroid problem. Too much salad dressing is bad with tons of calories. If you don’t have a thyroid problem it’s the foods you are eating. You need to watch your calorie, fat, and carbs intake. If that don’t work with the walking then you need to see a doctor. Good luck!

  • I look forward each day to my walking in the morning, it makes the rest of the day easy. it also helps to live in FL

  • My hubby only does 200-400 steps a day. He has heart issues, arthritis and is obese. He’s also 63 and retired with no hobby to speak of. He drove a truck for 30+ years. A good goal for him would be 450-500 steps a day.

    Still with all of this, I would never put him or anyone else down for trying to improve their health.

    Now I personally still work, am on my feet at least 8 hours a day, am severly anemic (my blood count Avg is 9.5), and have osteoarthritis resulting from a full ankle replacement 10 yrs ago. My average steps are about 4700-5000 on a work day.

    I really hope that everyone benifits from the device and doesn’t feel the need to embarrass anyone else. Kudos to everyone for whatever amount of steps and awareness they achieve!

  • I concur with Guy… You can exercise a ton and not lose, but eat healthfully and you can lose without exercise. Obviously doing both is best – so way to go keeping at it! And remember… Its not just calories, but the type of calories!!! Tools like myfitnessspal are awesome and tracking is key ~ imho

  • don’t give up hope. stay positive. make sure you are getting enough sleep and just roll with it. the hard work will pay off.

  • Absolutely love my fitbit!!! It has helped me understand how inactive my job as a jeweler really is! Great eye-opener on understanding why my diet had stalled. I have made a few small changes like only allowing myself to watch TV while on the treadmill. If the political news gets my blood pressure up, I amp up the pace. I am now setting a 20,000 daily step average. I love how easy it is to log and see how much water I have consumed. I love, love, love, my Charge HR and recommend it to everyone!!!

  • I got a fitbit zip for my wife who had lung surgery recently. She lost 6kg during the episodes and I wonder will fitbit help her recovery? For now she will not use it. I am trying to persuade her that the fitbit zip will help her stick to exercise/calorie regime that was prepared for her.

  • I bought a fitbit and didnt realize how much I actually walk. I break about 10,000 around 11 or noon each morning that I work. If I hit the park, go grocery shopping, or take my dog for a walk I’m well over 20,000– and if I mow my yard I’m over 25,000.
    I’m happy that I move so much, but gosh, I cant seem to shake the weight.

    @becky– My father, who also drove truck FOREVERRR is suffering from the profession now also. His sitting/smoking lifestyle caused him to be an amputee and he cannot work in his beloved profession. He barely walks (if he’s working on using his prosthesis) But, he prob walks 2- 20 steps at day. I look at him and as much as I love him, I do not want that for me. So please, please, encourage him.

    Good luck Y’all.

  • I am a nurse and 10K a day is a breeze to hit… go go go all day long! On my days off I struggle to hit 5k. Thankfully, I’m only off work 2 days a week. I love the fit it app because I can track my food, which is what I need help with!

  • Marvelous golf day, 11,000+ steps with a brand new total hip replacement on 2/10/15, it works real good all 18 holes.

  • Don’t forget muscle weighs twice as much as fat and walking will definitely be building muscle! Don’t loose motivation keep going 🙂 and maybe try measurements as well as kg. I do both once a week!

  • I received my Fitbit Charge HR on May 1st & already participated in 1 workweek challenge and 1 weekend challenge. I didn’t win but made a respectable showing. I love my Fitbit!

  • Bonjour,

    The same article in French will be appreciated !!!!

    Bon, OK : 10 000 pas, c’est bien, mais en France, les scientifiques nous disent que 6 000 pas sont suffisants pour être en bonne santé ! Alors, 6 000 ou 10 000 ???

    Merci à l’équipe de FITBIT pour son aide.

    Cordialement et bonjour de France !

  • Unfortunately, my first Fitbit died 🙁

    It only lasted less than a month so I was very upset that I couldn’t get motivated by myself as I had grown dependent on my Charge to get me back to getting fit again.

    Was sent a replacement under warranty so I’m happy again 😉

    Sometimes I do find it difficult to do the recommended 10 000 steps a day, so what I do is when I’m taking the washing off the line I take each individual piece of clothing off the line, fold it & put it away, one piece at a time. Same with ironing. Iron the shirt or whatever needs ironing & as I do each article I put them away. The steps soon add up.

    I also do a good walk down to my mailbox which is about 1.6 km. It has a good variant of hills, flats & downhill so for me it’s really beneficial as I live too far away to attend a gym regularly.

    Also, I give credit to the person who recommended jogging on the spot to get the steps up. I tried this tonight during the ad breaks on tv. I would jog for the duration of one advertisement then when the next ad was on I would take a break & then start again for the next ad break etc. This really does help burn those calories off after your evening meal or whenever you are watching the teev, so yes I highly recommend this for everyone who is finding it hard to reach your target steps for the day.

    I am also disappointed by the fact that I got down to my lowest ever weight 6 days ago which was 79.8kg. Today I weighed 82.3kg. It could be that I have gained a bit of muscle, but then again I haven’t really paid much attention to what I have been eating & inadvertantly piled back on again. I guess this is what has inspired me to do extra steps today.

    I wish fitness trackers were invented years ago.

  • I was given my Fitbit for Mothers day and just live it. I love competing against myself. I have been using it for a week now and average 13000 steps. What would I record strength training under?

  • For my fellow desk job people… I have found switching out my desk chair for a yoga ball, and biyncung in it while worming helpful in getting my daily step goal. It also is great for the buns 😉

  • In my line of work I do walk a lot but I do my 10,000 daily but I push myself to hit 13,00 to 15, or per day I love it so much I received it as a gift for Christmas every since then I always have it on I track my water intake too

  • I found it fairly easy to achieve atleast 20,000 steps easily. However I am also a sophomore in high school where I spend most of the beginning of my day sitting in 4 classes for 1 1/2 hours each. Before I get home from school I am still able to easily achieve 10,000 steps. All thanks to my Fitbit for support.

  • I am living with multiple sclerosis and I try everyday but I have yet to reach 10,000 steps. With what I have to deal with on a daily basis I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit and pray that with fit bit I will continue to walk even if it is not 10,000 steps every step for me is a bonus. Thank you fit bit for helping me see my goals come true.

  • I have had my fittbit for 5days didn’t think i was very active the first day 8800 every day after 10000 + i don’t understand why people think 10000 is unachievable. The only exercise i do is umpire 1game of netball a week and play 1. So if i can do it and i am overweight it can’t be that hard. Good luck

  • I am a teacher, so I easily get 8000 steps in each weekday before I take a walk at night. On weekends, I up my step count by doing things the long way, like putting away each piece of laundry after I fold it regardless of which room it goes to.

  • I got my Fitbit as a birthday/mother’s day gift. I am a doctor who does house calls and works at 2 hospice facilities. About 7000/day is average and it isn’t hard to add another 3000. Regarding the accuracy of the counting of steps – it isn’t 100% accurate. I get “steps” when I am sitting down folding laundry or knitting and the count is definitely off when I’m pushing the stroller. But it does somehow detect the movement even if your arm isn’t swinging. When we walk in the evening with the stroller, I also use mapmywalk on my phone. They are pretty close in distance walked and calories burned. I think you can safely hold a baby in your arms, the side rails on the treadmill, or push the stroller – the fitbit should capture most of your work out! If you do a lot of repetitive arm motion though, consider the clip on kind or try on your shoe.

  • Hi I’ve had my fit bit for 2 weeks now and was surprised at how user friendly it was to set up! It’s so motivating too!
    With a bit of effort from me and constant monitoring from my fit bit friend I’ve been managing most days to reach 1000 steps and beyond! ????
    I’ve also synced it with my weight Watchers app so it shows me how many points I’ve earned from any kind of physical activity during each day.
    I love it and would never be without it now!

  • I too have a desk job. I have set a goal that every 15-20 minutes I am up and walking around the office to help get my miles in. I have also learned instead of emailing someone I get up and go ask them in their office. At lunch time I take walks for 45 minutes to add to those miles. I also work in a three story building and instead of taking the elevator I take the stairs. Have found that by doing that I am actually getting my 10 flights of stairs in for the day. I have also learned to park the farthest away I can from the building. Just remember…….one day….one step at a time. You can do this….we can do this. I believe in you.

  • I absolutely love my FitBit. I was really unsure whether I’d ever hit 10k. But today day #2 I hit 10k. Woo hoo. This may be just what I need to jump start my activity.
    Especially while having fun with friends.

  • Everyone saying that muscle weighs more than fat is bugging me. A pound of muscle is exactly the same weight as a pound of fat.
    I am loving my Fitbit, only take it off to recharge it.

  • I use the Fitbit on my dominant wrist and still wear a watch on my regular watch hand. That way I don’t have to tap the Fitbit to see the time. It seems to be working fine. You just have to tell it that you are using it on your dominant hand so that tracking takes that into account.

  • Minor deviations in weight due to water retention are normal. Many how scales have an error margin of more than two pounds. Weigh at the same time of day every time and drink consistent quantities of water.

  • I got my fitbit 2 weeks ago…i weigh in at 283lbs…and I’m 40 years old…i am walking 15000 steps a day (I’m a hairdresser). Should I raise the steps up more..i have weighed the same for over ten years…

  • I’ve made my SECOND attempt at 100,000 Steps today. I only made it to 90,000, but the third time is the charm, and I WILL reach 100,000 Step in a single day!!! NEVER QUIT, resting then running out of time is okay though, and remember it’s as much method as it is conditioning. Good luck all.

  • I recently decided to buy the Fitbit Charge HR to monitor myself at work.
    The reason for this is that last year during hot weather rapidly lost weight and lnever eighte in a month which was concerning as no matter what I ate, no amount of food helped me to stabilise my weight. I had to resort to protein and weight gain shakes in the end.
    The results from the Fitbit have shocked me and at the same time amazing.
    I am 42 and own a fencing and landscaping business and on the tools and comfortably reach 25 – 32000 steps per day and over 4000 calories each day and would never have thought this.. Hoping the data from the Fitbit will help me with my diet and would recommend Fitbit to anyone.

  • I recently decided to buy the Fitbit Charge HR to monitor myself at work.
    The reason for this is that last year during hot weather rapidly lost weight in a month which was concerning as no matter what I ate, no amount of food helped me to stabilise my weight. I had to resort to protein and weight gain shakes in the end.
    The results from the Fitbit have shocked me and at the same time amazing.
    I am 42 and own a fencing and landscaping business, on the tools and comfortably reach
    25 – 32000 steps per day and over 4000 calories each day.
    Would never have thought this and hoping the data from the Fitbit will help me with my diet and would recommend Fitbit to anyone.

  • My first day with my fitbit I log over 13,000 steps just doing my job as a HVAC technion. I just love the technology that tracks a healthy way of life . Looking forward to reaching my weight goal by August.

  • Just under a week at 6 days I have done a total of 86k steps so around 35 miles under a week is this a good amount to lose weight at?

  • Re: a pound of muscle vs. a pound of fat.

    A pound is a pound and a pound of one type cannot weigh more than another type.

    A pound of feathers equals the same as a pound of nails. I think people are referring to density, not weight

  • I work at a daycare and average between 8-10k steps so the goal is pretty good for me!! I’m working on trying to get more active so I can increase that goal! 🙂

  • I had a doctor give me the math on weight loss, so I’ll pass it along to you. 1 pound is equal to burning or eating 3500 calories. So, to gain 2 pounds, your body has received 7000 calories more than what you burned.

    I have my fitness pal and fit bit linked and I’ve been logging everything that goes in my mouth. I work in a restaurant and I put on 30 pounds between January and June. In the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve lost 13.5 pounds. (To be fair, 5 of those were from water weight).

    Good luck in your journey! ????

  • Just got a fitbit and it is great…. Got a desk job and usually can avoid movement however the goal of 10,000 steps gets you up and about..

    Would like if you guys could include the various Indian meals in your options and also if you could do something on reminders for water consumption.

  • I love my fitbit flex. I have been using it almost 6 weeks now and have lost 30 pounds. I use it along with another work program and I love it.

  • You may actually need to eat more, not less. Try having protein, fat and vegetable at each meal and see if that helps. Fat, in particular, makes a big difference – olive oil, coconut or avocado oil, or butter. I’m getting this from the advice of the primal folk, particularly Mark Sisson at Marksdailyapple. I’ve found that eating too little causes me to gain or, at least, not lose weight.

    The other thing to check out is whether you are in better shape, clothes fitting better, etc. even without weight loss. Gaining muscle, as you probably know, can increase your weight.

  • Love my fitbit. Hesitated to buy it, but can’t do without it now. Bought 5 more for my relatives, my girl friend and her 2 sisters. They love it. Now we are in constant competition. It’s become a social network for us since we live in different cities. Because of the competition amongst us, I can easily do 20.000 steps a day without breaking down. The heart and sleep monitor are my best features. Fitbit is awesome. Recommend it to everyone.

  • Guy is right about linking myfitnesspal to fitbit to help log food. It’s amazing how much we eat without realizing it! I’m sure that you are getting your 10,000 steps most days by just adding a bit more when you get home because you are spending a great deal of time walking around a classroom. I have found that I needed to work on adding those “active minutes” – and I did it by keeping myself out of the lounge during free periods (you know, those magical times away from children, but without a meeting of some sort) and spending part of that time walking with a colleague. If we have things to discuss, we make it an active meeting time. We don’t munch on anything people decide to leave in the lounge, we get our steps in, and we have the added bonus of a few flights of stairs in our building! We have added the rule that anyone who wants to have a conversation with use during this twenty minutes joins the walk – and you know what? They do! Even the principal! It’s a way to take other people on the journey to fitness with you!

  • Wow !!!! I’m amazed with this Fitbit… I have a regular desk job and dnt do ever much walking in till now. This gives me Motivation to want to move around more now.

  • Something is wrong. My FitBit no longer syncs to my phone app. I’ve changed phones and gotten the new upgrade, still it won’t register my steps, sleep or track my exercise.
    Now what do I do from here?

    • Hi Leighanne! – Thanks for reaching out. Please kindly check if your new phone is a supported device here: If your phone is a supported device, please let us know which app you’re using (Android, IOS, or WP). Looking forward to your response!

  • I am glad to inform that I fixed target of 10000 steps per day. For last 3 days I reached my target without much effort. Morning 30 minutes and evening 30 minutes. I am 68 yrs old.

  • I am so grateful for these forums. I recently was gifted a fitbit and did not have to go through the trial and error of linking to MFP. I did that on day 2!

  • I purchased the fitbit one week ago today. It has made me so conscious of exercising and getting in my steps and focusing on calorie intake that I have lost 5 pounds in 6 days. This device is incredible.

  • I got my Fitbit Charge from Kohl’s, and I love it. I’ve been wearing every day since we started carrying it and it’s really gotten me to be more mobile. I find that all my Fitbit friends get mad at me though because I am a retail supervisor, so in my job I am constantly moving and hit 25-40k on a regular basis and no one accepts my Fitbit challenges anymore… I was wondering if the HR tracks steps more accurately in some way because I feel like my steps shouldn’t be this high when some people are having issues reaching 10k. Any suggestions?

    • Hi! Happy to hear you love the Charge! The Charge is designed specifically for your wrist. If you move your body a lot and not your arms (or vice versa), you may get a slight difference in activity than you would see on clip-based trackers. Since you’re constantly moving during your job, the tracker will pick up on your motion patterns and give you credit for it. For more info, please see: Hope this info helps!

  • Salads & veggies are good, but You need to eat lots of protein to help maintain your energy level, build new muscle & burn calories. Cut down on the carbs & eat more proteink you’ll see that weight loss.

  • i can receive my weekly total steps in my email on my Iphoo But how do i find my total history of steps? Ive do over one million and i need to screen shot it so that I can receive my reimbursement .HELP!…Iphone 6+.

  • I’m 68, and broke my femur in 3 places mid-May. I have just gotten a cane to help me walk. The fitbit is helping me work harder at walking as far as I can and exceeding the previous daily walk. I started out on Monday with 320 steps, Wednesday 1650 steps. This is a great enourager.

  • Just bought the bit and a treadmill desk for walking while o work. I’m hoping the combination will be transformative. Just joined the conversation hoping to give and get support. Have a great day.

  • What a day! I have walked 20,067 steps in one day wow. It’s amazing how much walking you do daily and I didn’t even exercise. ??????

  • I always figured counting steps was a bit silly but now I’m doing 20,000 a day and I feel great. 10,000 never did much for me but at 20 I have a larger supply of energy throughout the day. I never though I would talk like some advert on tv but I’m loving my fitbit and how it’s slowly changing my life.

  • I started using Fitbit July 9th this year. Each day I manage to accumulate 25,000 -30,000 steps/day. On Monday 10/12 I made 35,000 steps . I am a dog walker. And before I got the Fitbit I didn’t realize how well I was staying fit. My mileage is 12-15 miles a day, 40-50 floors and an average of 5,000 calories burned /day

  • Reached my all time fatness of 290# heavest I have ever been . Joints and knee issues. Bought my wife a fitbit for christmas that sat in a draw. Decided it was time. Charged it . Down loaded the app . And started using it monday. I can hit 10,000 steps by the end of my work day but decided to take the long way around every were . Even walking to the bath room . Instead of cutting straight through the center of the shop I walk around the outside of the building. 2 days and averaging 15,000 aday now cut my calorie count in half . Feet hurt ankles hurt but once I take off 60 to 70 lbs I know the acks and pains will go away.

  • This is the biggest encourager I ever had. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago. I decided that I have to walk hard because I wanted to bit this sickness. NOW, I am not a diabetic anymore, do not need to take medicine and this is just because the walk I do on a daily basis. The fitbit has helped me to achieve my daily goals. and I want to walk more and more every day!!!

  • It took me a year of owning a fitbit before I got really serious… I was *competing* with friends but not really – always at the bottom of the list no matter how long the list was. One day, I decided to give it 30 days of a sincere try – That was in June – I faltered, but was on my way – beginning in July and up till now (end of October), I have worked out every day – average 12 – 13 k, and have cut my calories. I feel great, have dropped 23#, and am committed to continuing this….btw, I am often at the top of the list these days…

  • I have been using my Fitbit for several days and although I’m not a very active person due to medical issues, I made the decision to commit and I have been getting over 10,000 steps per day so I don’t understand why it says my average is 5,000…help.

  • I just bought my fitbit and I used it last night, it has steps from then, now I just want to start my day off with 0, so I can start fresh. How can I do so , please help, I’m so ready to start and commit. Thanks

    • Hi, Gladys! Welcome to the Fitbit fun! Your step count will reset at midnight each day. If this is not the case, please double-check if your timezone is set correctly: visit, click the gear icon on the top right corner, select settings, and scroll down to “Time” to confirm your timezone. If the timezone is incorrect, choose the correct one and hit “Save.” Be sure to sync your tracker afterwards so the changes can take effect. Hope this helps!

  • Just received my fit but in October. My goal is set at 12000 steps. Easy for me to get 10000 by noon during the week but not even close on weekends. Really helps to have friends challenge during the weekend.

    • Hi, Tracy! Calorie calculation takes into account your BMR (basal metabolic rate) in addition to data tracked with your tracker and manually logged activities. To learn more about how your calories are calculated, view this help article. If you feel that your step count and calorie calculation is off, we recommend restarting your tracker. Hope this helps!

  • I average 15-20,000 steps a day I work from 7 am to 10 pm first job plumber second job server I’m hoping to see results soon haven’t weighed myself yet

  • I am finding 10,000 a day nearly impossible. I am walking 30-40 minutes and accumulating about 5,000 steps. That along with normal activity gets me somewhere around 6,500-7,000 steps. I am 73, active, healthy and will keep trying.

    • I am 71 years old. Had a stroke 3 years which affected my right side. Got this fitbit 3 months ago an am trying to hit the 10000 each day. I am successful about 70 percent of the time.


  • All these healthy people who hit 10,000 steps a day sound wonderful. The only trouble is that I am 88 yrs. old and had heart surgery 6 mos. ago. I wanted a fitbit just to give myself a push to do the 1/2 mile the people at heart rehab told me to do each day. Maybe I just haven’t found it yet, but it would be nice if I could set my own goals. I hate it that the goal given me is pretty much impossible.

  • The math doesn’t work: 10,000 steps correspond roughly to five miles, and no one walks (and I suspect no one runs, either) five miles in 30 min. So the recommendation of achieving 10,000 steps per day is equivalent to (more or less) doubling the recommendation of 30 minutes of physical activity per day. It’s a pretty tall order for people with sedentary jobs. While we were on a cruise these past two weeks, we managed to go over 10,000 steps every day, and neither one of us gained any weight despite the fact that we didn’t pay attention to what or how much we ate. With desk jobs, on normal days, it is a challenge to get to 5,000 steps. A goal (or at least an initial goal) of 5,000 steps seems more realistic.

  • I’m 70 years old. I quit smoking when i was 44 yo. I stated riding a bicycle at the time, then a road bike. Now with the 10k steps per day it is easily done by anyone as long as your in good condition. I started 10k per day and have done 10k everyday since 11/17. one day I did 20k and on several occasions been over 15k per day.

  • Just received my fitbit today for my birthday. Have been wanting one for 4 yeard. Still learning how to set and use it in different ways. None of my friends use them I do how ever have one in Alaska. But that wouldn’t help me here in Arkansas. So trying to find some on the fit bit online. Any ideas how I can do that or is there a sight that’s for fit bit users community sight?

  • I am in direct care in a state facility and most days I get 10,000 + steps a day, I have a fusion in my right foot, I have no range of motion, moving my foot from side to side, and very limited motion, when moving my foot up and down, so I am in a lot of pain at the end of the day. The unit I am in now, is a Monday through Friday position, which helps considerably, I use to work 8 days on, 2 days off, 7 days on, 4 days off, so I was in considerably more pain.

  • I need a suggestion I’m recovering from a non displaced fracture of the radial plateau and need to use a cane or crutches. I’m not good at being still. Help

  • I love my fitbit! I have an issue with my heart, my blood pressure and I’m overweight. By the fitbit monitoring my heart rate and my steps, it makes me want to do more to reach my goal! I work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day, and those are the times I bypass my daily go, but when I’m home, I just want to lay around all day. I need to learn of to be active, even on my off days. I also need to do better with my eating habits!!! This fitbit is the best present I could have ever given myself and I’m gonna do my best to get all my steps in daily!!!

  • Just received my fitbit for Christmas and I have noticed that my steps increase by just moving my arm up and down. This is not accurately recording steps. Anyone else have this problem.

  • Honestly I walk at least 5-6,000 steps a day when I do get out and do things. On other days I will get 3-4,000 steps a day when I stay inside. But i think it’s a great idea as to stride for 10,000 steps!

  • My fit bit registers MORE
    steps than i actually walk. I also use my. Moves App which I have been using for over a year and have driven the distance in my car . Any suggestions will help. Thanks!

  • First day with fitbit charge thought I was doing great with 9435 step however while sitting here looking at my results I noticed when I move justnmyarm I am adding steps. This should not happen correct

    • Hi, Vivian. Thanks for reaching out. All of our trackers use an algorithm designed to look for intensity and motion patterns. Since step counting is based on movement, moving your arm around can sometimes trigger your Charge to register extra steps. One thing we can recommend is wearing your tracker on your non-dominant arm to minimize extra movement that may give you extra steps.

      For more insight on accuracy, please check out this help article. We hope you find this useful.

  • I just got the fitbit for Christmas but had to take it back to get a bigger size. I will try to walk 10,000 steps a day. It will give me more incentive to do it.

  • I just set up my fitbit today and it seems that “steps” include arm movements. I watched my steps increase as I was sitting down. That doesn’t make sense and I’m trying to understand why that would hapen.

    • Hi. We’re sorry for the late response. To better understand how our trackers count steps, check out this article. Also, for more insight on how accurate our trackers are, click here. We hope this helps explain how step counting is calculated and the science behind our step counting algorithm!

  • I got my fitbit for xmas …. when I use the bike at the gym does it record a form of steps when I cycle? I usually cycle about 2K each time but haven’t figured out if does count my bike rides. Having a bit of trouble figuring out this new gadget.

  • I walk around 6km a day (5km of this is at altitude & up/down hills, simply to get to the station).. the other 1km, just when I get to work & walk from the station to my office & back, plus, I don’t have a garbage bin near my desk.

    I”m now in my 40’s, so for me, I need to stay mentally & physically active!

  • Can someone tell me how to work out your stride. I have had pedometers before. I have always had to put stride into pedom.I feel I am doing more steps than usual. ?

  • I got my Fitbit as an early Christmas present and it has been good for me:). I have to walk about 12250 before it will register 5 miles and I don’t understand that. I am trying real hard to stretch my gait but it is hard with short legs:(. I strive to get 5 or 6 miles daily which is 14,500 steps for me. I have also noticed that it doesn’t always record when I have climbed a flight of stairs. I still feel that this has been a great motivator for me!

  • If I know I’m not going to meet my goal for day. Ill walk in the house from bedroom to living room. I did that one night for 3,000 steps. To get my 10,000 + in lol.

  • I guess it doesn’t matter how old you are (to a point) for the 10,000 steps.
    I got 18,000 the other day, although it’s usually closer to 10,000. I am 67.

  • I have a desk job to but I have worked out a route that takes 10mins but is 1500 so a few of these a day plus a bit of a walk at night is great for my stress levels. The great thing is people at work want to join me and the kids at night are loving it! I’ve got at fitbit charge and Iam not sure how to log my good without manually working out the calories and the barcode thing never works. Has anyone got any tips please? X

  • I love my HR charge my husband bought me for Christmas in the beginning he wasn’t really pro fit bit but I used to be a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer and I had neck surgery 5 vertebrae s no cartridge s left 4 months of pain no driving and a neck brace no working out home every day not Me I Love My Fit Bit my Dr just gave me after 4 months release to drive to do cardio no weights I Am.Beyond Happy and my Fit Bit I ran around my house to get the last 1000 lol

  • Am totally sedentary and know its bad but motivation is hopeless cos of ancient habits and achy bits everywhere. Walking often hurts. This is first time using any computer app so here goes – hope modern gizmo helps push me along.

  • I have been wearing my Fitbit daily since the beginning of Jan. However, it I not syncing my steps on my Dashboard. What should I do. Thanks for your support.

  • Received this Fitbit from my daughter for Xmas.. It has motivated me to move prior to this I could really walk but now I been walking 10,000 steps on most days.. I love my fit bit, lost 7lbs..

  • I am on my second week of using fitbit and find it great apart from one small issue. If I run or walk for 5 km it is only calculating 2.7km. When I reach 10,000 steps my km are only reflecting approx 2.7km. Anyone know the reason for this?

  • I would love to move my goal to 10,00 steps on my iPad. I just can’t find out how to do it or get Fitbit support to respond to my request to them trying to find out how to do it.

  • Hi from New Zealand I set my Fitbit at 15000 steps but try to average 20000 daily every week . Have had a flex for 2yrs best walk in a day was 60000 steps I am 72 and lost 11 kg in that time

  • Does getting over 70k per week, even 80k sometimes, count – when some days are slightly below 10k and other days well over 10k?

  • I was one who didn’t get anymore then 3000 steps in a day cause of a desk job and my asthma from keeping from doing much! I am happy to say I now have a more active job and my asthma is under control! Now at the gym hour a day 5 days a week! Feeling the best I ever have!!!

  • I’m finding it pretty easy to reach 10k steps with combination of elliptical trainer and walking our two dogs. Guess it’s time to customize a 12,000 step goal?

  • I just star red with the for bit 3 Months ago. And lost 6kg even with the Cristmass season and a trip to east Europe really this device help keeping above the goals. I still have weight to lose but I know if keep it going it will be on target more months. It really keep you on.

  • I do at least 10,000 steps a day during the week and on weekends I log up to 18,000 just doing my normal routine with my 2 young sons.

  • I have some chronic illnesses which limit how much I can do daily. Bought my Fitbit in October & so far have only been monitoring how much I walk. I do work part time too. On a really good day when working I have gotten as much as 17,000, good days when not working 7-9,000, & bad days as low as 2-3,000. I also use MyFitnessPal & love that both apps work together! My goal is to drop another 15lbs (I lost 46lbs 2 yrs ago) & get healthier this year!

  • I’m disabled with a back and knee but I still manage to get 6,000 to 9,000 a week. Very difficult at times with a lot of pain.
    Just have to say I love my Fitbit!

  • I have enjoyed my fitbit since I got it for my birthday in May 2015. I try to reach my 10,000 step goal every day walking my 3 dogs. I keep moving unti I do reach it. This has kept me very motivated

  • Love my Fitbit…my sis lives far away and this makes us talk, laugh and just stay connected this was a Christmas gift from her and what a great gift! Love you Reg stay fit and let’s stay fit together no matter how far apart we are ??

  • I started using this fitbit last saturday and its pretty cool i made 16,946 steps and the next day i made 15,362. I can’t wait to see how many more steps im gonna make

  • It all started around 4 years back, used to be exhaustive doing 2kms per day a run or s jog…I thought every time I was dead!? And then motivation kicked in and with determined efforts I am now able to reach 9-10kms run a day…and I am able to make a total of minimum 80,000 steps a week even though I take one full day break!!

  • I very rarely manage 10,000 steps. Last week particularly bad but usually average 7 to 8.000 steps, however I excercise daily. From yoga, to swimming, to aqua aerobics as well as walking/jogging. I can’t seem to make my other exercise count towards steps. Is there away to do it

  • I find it very difficult to do 10.000 steps. Usually manage between 7.000 to 8,0000 steps. However I swim do aqua aerobics and yoga . How can I convert this exercise to steps

  • I work in a hospital and just got my fitbit, I hope to get to 10k steps first within two days, and maybe one day, we will see.

  • i sometimes walk 12000 steps which is what my wrist band says, but my computer has a different reading and is never as much, can you tell me the reason why

  • Got my Fitbit for Christmas, just now started the walk. Do you have any information or suggestions for an 88 year old with Two broken hips.? I’m a little discouraged that I can’t walk 10,000 steps! I’m still in the hundreds. Any ideas?

  • I just got my first Fitbit from my boyfriends sister and I love it!! Never before I knew how to do 10,000 steps in the day but now I find it pretty Easy!! I’ve lost 9lbs and 7 inches I’ve got myself walking twice daily and workout twice daily!! Good luck to everyone and there adventures getting fit!!

  • Efectivamente 10.000 pasos son fáciles de alcanzar y son unos 8km. Se recorren en cerca 45 minutos

    He reducido peso y abdomen y tengo mayor flexibilidad corporal

  • I just starting using my Fitbit am I suppose to just walk and get to 10,000.00 steps or can I jog in place and add excessive what is the correct way to use it to make my goals cirrect

  • When my husband and i hike we average 2 mph. At that rate it takes 2.5 hours to walk 5 miles. I’m having trouble understanding how that amounts to 30 minutes of “activity” as mentioned in this article.

  • Love fit bit Otis helping me feel stronger , healthier and get into my wedding dress for our June Wedding. I without fit bit I would not have any frame of reference for the exercise I am getting and how much I need to add. Thanks Fit bit

  • I’ve had my fitbit hr for week now, so far done 68,500 steps, so doing more than 10,000. I work in hotel so always on my feet. 🙂

  • I been wearing the Fitbit HR for four months now what I’ve notice when walking and carrying something in the arm that the Fitbit is on it does’nt register has anyone had similar experience

  • This is the second day in a row that I have passed the 10,000 mark. It shoes it on my fitbit but shows a different number on my phone. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi all! New to this. Love Fitbit! Running and walking like mad around the Welsh mountains. Did over 22,000 in one walk.
    Has really motivated me since I had my knee op!

  • I have an active job. I stand/walk all day and use my hands a lot. I was hitting 15000-18000 steps per day. Unfortunately that count was not accurate. My Fitbit was counting my arm movements as steps.? I tested this by sitting still and checking the step count. I closed the app, moved my arm back and forth several times, then opened the app back up. As I expected, the arm movement was counted as steps. I’m disappointed because now I know I’m not getting an accurate measure…

  • Just bought my first fit bit today I love it already I reached over 10,000 steps and I’m not even done with my day yet imagine I put way more into my day .i love this app hope too meet new people . Much love ???

  • Just got my Fitbit yesterday. So psyched! What if I’m trying to lose 20 lbs, vs maintaining weight? What’s the number of steps you should take daily for weight loss?

  • I have been with Fitbit since Dec.26 2016. On the days I work no problem putting on 10,000 miles. My biggest day so far has been 26,000 miles in one day.

  • Didn’t realize >10000 steps was hazardous. This was my 2nd day and I did 15000 steps.
    Starting tomorrow I’ll stick to the 10000 step limit.
    This definitely motivates me!

  • I have been going to the gym 6 times a day.I am 63 and just had a hart operation replacement valve. I found the Fitbit to be a great tool to monitor my recovery. After 5 weeks my surgeon gave me the all clear to return to normal duties I have just started walking for 2 hours and reach 15,000 steps I carnt wait to get back in the gym to really push the fitness up. One thing I have learned is fitness is the key to early recovery.

  • I have only hit 10,000 plus twice. I am around 7500 steps per day. However should an 81 year old also try to reach 10,000 steps per day? I am pretty healty but find it difficult to always reach my goal of 10,000 steps. Pat

  • Just completed my standard 4 mile walk which has been measured by both the car odometer and map my walk several times. Regardless how I adjust my new fitbit I only get credit for around 4200 steps and less than 2.5 miles. I’ll have to walk 10 miles a day to get to my 10000. Any suggestions for what the average stride should be.

  • The best way to get your steps up. Get up about half an hour or so earlier. Go for a walk and before you know it you have 3,500-4,000 steps done. This is a huge incentive for the rest of the day.

  • I’ve had my fitbit 5 weeks and lost 13lbs so far. you need to eat healthy and use the fitbit and hit the daily goals, it’s hard work but a combination of the above works!

  • 30 minutes of brisk walking is 2 miles. If 10,000 steps is 5 miles that’s more than twice as much. The Heart Association’s recommendations are inconsistent and confusing.

    I frankly don’t want to do more than the minimum to maintain health. I think that’s really somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 steps a day, not 10,000. I’m aiming at 40,000 steps a week.

  • I can’t see that 10000 steps should be the target for all people .iam 80 years old and have set my challenge at 7000 ,which I meet most days unless it is too hot or raining too hard . Occasionally I do the 10000 but not often

  • What about riding a bike ? My husband and i walk but we ride bikes too. The steps do not register when riding a bike for several miles ?

  • Five miles per day is ridiculous. This is a self serving blog for a fitness device. Unless you are a gym rat (you know who you are) or have a job that mandates physical activity as part of the job, you’d be hard pressed to even get one day per week in at that amount. Unrealistic. Let’s add drink 84 ozs of water and limit calories to 1200 per day and see how great you’ll feel. If you don’t pass out first, that is.

  • I will soon be 78. How many steps a day should I shoot for? I’m doing 35 – 40,000 a week now, though have done 8,000 a day now and then

  • I just got my fitbit yesterday. I’ve been trying to live a healthier life. My husband is very encouraging, he loves me just the way I am. He bought the fitbit for me for Valentine’s day. I am very excited to get started.

  • I am so disappointed in my Fitbit. I lost my old one that recorded my 3.8 miles a day on the treadmill. now my new one won,t record those miles. you told me that it doesn’t,t record treadmills. then why did my old one do it? It has taken all the motivation of having a Fitbit. I have told you this before with no response other than it doesn’t,t record that activity.

  • 10k steps ..hmmm well seems not a big target ,specially to moms.usually I cross 10k steps and sometimes I have reached to 18,000 steps a day as well.well all credits goes to my son who keeps me active all the day…yeah I haven’t loose but didn’t gain as well 🙂

  • Could anyone help me, I can synchronize my fitbit with my tablet so no matter how many steps I do it doesn’t register.
    PS I read all the instructions on line and couldn’t find anything.

  • Part of my job requires me working in a warehouse. I always wondered how far I walk in a day. Man was I in for a surprise. Today alone, I did 20,042 steps, and we didn’t open until 10 am due to snow and ice.

  • October 2015 diagnosed prostate met to bones hormone treatment now radiation. I do minimum of 10000 to keep weight down and fatigue away.thanks for the fit bit surge.

    • Hi! Fitbit trackers use an algorithm that looks for intensity and motion patterns most indicative of people walking and running. Although you are walking/running in place on a treadmill, if your resting your arms on the treadmill and not moving them, the step count and distance may be lower. Check out the help article, How accurate are Fitbit trackers, to learn more about step and distance accuracy. We hope this helps!

  • I walk a 4 mile loop frequently. My fitbit shows only 2.5 miles. This is extremely frustrating because I can’t figure out how to change it to be more accurate. Any help would be appreciated! I walked 1,300 some miles last year according to fitbit – but it was really considerably more!

  • Hi I just got my Fitbit Thursday and I’m super excited. Once I figure out the calories I can eat per day, I’m going to be okay.#lifechange

  • Because I have MS spasticity I find 10,000 steps leads to hip pain but I shoot for 7-8,500. Fitbit is a great way for me to monitor my steps and do the best I can.

  • I am 80 and I think there should be a reduced suggestion for certain ages ?i set the target of 7000 and get there most days and occasionally get the 10000 but find it a bit exhausting especially if it is very hot weather

  • Well i had my fitbit for nearly a year and didn’t know how to use it. When i went to my Dr to have diabetes health check I noticed he had fitbit on and I said I have ofb those but don’t know how to use it. Cut long story short he showed me what to do.
    It has really got me motivated i found it hard to get to the 10.000 but over the last few days no problem it’s about wanting to do it so i compete against my fitbit i have been doing over 11.000 over the last few days and now I want to do more. My sugar levels have come down so my aim is to reverse my diabetes or reduce my medication.

  • I have had my Fitbit now for three weeks, l love it, it has made me so much more aware of my daily exercise and eating routine, I have now uped the steps, and I am averaging between 15,000-20,000 steps a day, I have two very worn out dogs to say the least ???

  • I teach preschool and walk to and from work (2.2 miles round trip). I haven’t had any problems reaching 10,000 steps. I have increased the intensity of my walks to boost my cardio/fat burn. Don’t count my calories since I use weight watchers. Love the Fitbit. Best Valentine’s Day present.

  • Started walking the 4.5 miles to and again a second time after work. I’m so happy to have that time to just think, listen to good music, and exercise in a completely virtuous cycle. ??

  • I am 71 and have a whole host of health problems. In the last I have osteoarthritis is both hips my left one being the worst. I am in a lot of pain and found myself laying around a lot but with my surge I am motivated. In the last two days I did over 5000 steps a day. I am so proud of myself.

  • Hi. Pretty new to this having just got my fitbit charge. I am looking to lose 14kg and have completed 12600 steps today. I love it because it’s really motivating me to become healthier and fitter. Tx fitbit

  • I have been using Fitbit for over a year. I try for 10,000 steps daily but some days I have a busy schedule and don’t get my walk in. I have lost about 5 pounds, but I have been able to enjoy some delicious meals and not gain weight. The fastest way for me to lose weight is a very restricted diet like 1000 calories a day, but you can not keep that up for long. Your brain goes into tricky mode and finds ways to justify any food intake like Birthday cake and ice cream. I find it better to do the steps and have a little treat to eat and to make life more fun and still not gain weight.

  • I have to say very disappointed with my FitBitHR ….. I was driving and it was showing that I had walked 45 steps … this was impossible as I was driving there for all readings will be false …. I would like to send it back as feel it is failing on all aspects. ….. ?Very Disappointed user

    • Sorry to hear this, Bev. Your tracker is a smart device that has been designed not to pick up your steps in these activities. It has been tested against driving, buses, trains, and other public transportation and should not give you extra steps when you’re traveling. On bumpy roads you may get extra steps but these should not make a big difference in your overall stats. Please try restarting your tracker to see if that helps. If that doesn’t do the trick, please reach out to us via our other support channels so we can take a closer look.

  • I got my fitbit Dec 6 2015 I love it I always get my 10,000 steps and have lost 5 lbs but I was already at goal I lost 40 lbs at weight watchers 4yrs ago with fit bit I will keep it off and get healthier.

    • Thanks for bringing this to our attention, John. Your tracker is a smart device that has been designed not to pick up your steps in these activities. It has been tested against driving, buses, trains, and other public transportation and should not give you extra steps when you’re traveling. On bumpy roads you may get extra steps but these should not make a big difference in your overall stats. Please try restarting your tracker to see if that helps. If that doesn’t do the trick, please reach out to us via our other support channels so we can take a closer look.

  • Left my fitbit for recharging, while walking my 3 mile daily routine. Is there a way to manually enter this?
    Also when doing water activities – could this be manually recorded….

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one, 10,000 steps at my age of 74 after a life of little exercise is asking a lot. I walk at best 100 steps a minute. To walk 10000 steps will take 1 hour 40 minutes. but I would need to rest in between. I notice that 30 minutes a day of walking is recommended here in the Uk. For me that is more achievable as that is only 3000 steps.

    • I understand you. It takes me one hour to do 7500 straps. I did 8 months, with watching my diet and lost 12 pounds. I hurt my back last month and stopped using it , gained 4 pounds! BUTi will resume soon. . Be positive.

  • Does anybody else notice that the Fitbit doesn’t register Spinning classes or toning, I guess it’s only actual walking or running the it counts?

  • I cut backon eating and walk at least 1050000a day, and trying to loose 40 pounds, so far, i have lost 25 pounds, and the scale goes up and down, i worked out close to an hour every day i walk 1 hr but the scale goes nd down 4 pounds

  • Why is my fit bit not accurate on the steps woke up this morning and it said I done 200 steps went down stairs made a drink and now it says I done 500 steps how do I put it right

  • Its not difficult to achieve 10,000 steps a day, i found it difficult initially… I was touching 4000 steps during normal course… Then jumped on to treadmill.. And whao!!! Now i cross 10,000 every day… Infavt inching towards 12,000 ?

  • I do a lot of raking, sweeping and shoveling at my job. It’s counting all the arm movement, but I’m not taking a step. Is there a way to reprogram it?

  • I love Fitbit but most time people just shake and cheat to get 10,000 steps if you do get 10,000 steps most of it was your arm movement.

  • I used fitbit since sept. 2014, oh! I love it,
    My pre ordered my fitbit alta, can’t wait?, very excited to wear .
    I walk or run everyday 5miles ..
    I love exercise ???

  • I just got a Fitbit blaze yesterday, and I was talking to my dad and realized I’m not such an active person. I told myself that I needed to go slow and not work that hard on the first day. With that in mind, yesterday I got 6,568 steps so today I aim for about 7,600 steps increasing 1000 everyday till I’m at 10000( I might go on to 11000 and more). All I’m saying is take it one step at a time.

  • My average is above 25000 to 28000 steps per day and sometimes if I am lucky once or twice a week I will get over 30000 per day.

  • I will be 68 in April and I have done the 10,000 plus since last April. Hope to contenue for another year! Wish me good luck!!!

  • Hi. I love my fitbit but I would like to know to do while I’m driving because my steps keep adding. Somebody knows help me please. Thanks

  • I received my fitbit on Jan. 16, 2016. I am avering 15,000 steps a day and burning approximately 3350 calories a day. I manage my diet and take in approximately 1800 calories a day. I have lost 21 lbs with 14 more to hit my weight goal. I truly enjoy my fitbit.

  • I drive for a living and doing that lends to not much a fit bit was to help me conscientiously get out the truck and take a stroll every 2 hours…I drove 8 hours.had 4 stops.did my walks around the truck and I completed 28590 steps in that day..What a load of rubbish this thing is…I noticed it

  • I got a Fitbit for Christmas and set it up, but for some reason it will track my 10,000 + steps but the next day it show I did less. The other night I did over 16,000 steps and it only showed 9 thousand something the next day. What gives? I did over 10,000 for 5 days in a row and didn’t get the credit. It’s a bit aggravating. Does anyone else have that problem?

  • My partner and I have the same fitbit HR, and when we spend a day together and compare our results, her steps are always around one third more than mine. This means that she regularly hits the 10,000 target, and I don’t, yet we cover the same ground, so to speak… it must be that her shorter legs, and shorter stride, equate to more steps than my longer legs, and longer stride. And yet, we both cover the same distance! Does this mean that I have to walk one third further in distance to hit 10,000 steps and maintain an equivalent level of fitness, or is this simply an example of the exception to the rule? In which case, my target should be around 6-7,000 steps. The original Japanese idea of 10,000 steps perhaps made more sense when applied to a less multi-cultural population, and is not individually specific enough for an international guide… ?

  • Just got my One fitbit today!! Not sure how it works but diet is my goal. I’m working out plenty and not losing. Figured it’s got to be my diet:(

  • I just got Fitbit Charge HR
    It will not give me an accurate count of my steps??
    Am I using it incorrectly or is it faulty?
    Would love some advice or feedback from Fitbit

  • I have had my Fitbit for about two months. I have been getting between 10,000 and 13,000 each day except for four days…I have cut food intake about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I used to eat…have not lost a pound. I love walking now so I don’t want to stop but a little discouraged.

  • I just started trying to do 10,000 steps a day. This is very time consuming. I’m a realtor last Sunday I did an Open House. When clients were not looking at the house I walked in the house as much as I could. I did 5000 steps. Today I did over 6000 steps. When I go home I go to the gym and do the treadmill until I reach it. Of course every day I try to walk as much as possible but some days there aren’t enough hours in the day. Can anybody tell me if they have seen a difference in their weight or body?

    • Sorry to hear this, John. For help with syncing please, click here for troubleshooting tips to try. Additionally, you can delete your Fitbit device in the Bluetooth settings of your phone and setup your tracker to your account again. Click here for help with setting up your tracker to your existing account.

      If you continue to experience syncing issues, please reach out to us via our other support channels so we can take a closer look. We hope to get you back on track!

    • I had no trouble syncing on my trip to Hawaii. I even got steps walking the isla of the plan s few times. Sync’d without problem in Hawai

  • I have lost 55 lbs using my fitbit in combination with exercising at least 30 mins a day and using the app to update my food intake. The challenges are truly motivating. 6 mos ago I was told by my Dr I had to make changes…I had gained extra weight since starting a new job where I was at a desk sitting almost all day. I left the Dr office feeling so disappointed in myself. I had let myself go. I was nearing 200 lbs. So I bought the fitbit and decided to make changes. I tracked my mini walks at work during breaks and logged my food. 6 months later I am still motivated to lose the last 5 lbs to get to my healthy weight. It has changed how I look and feel but more importantly now I know I can be a healthier me. 🙂

  • I haven’t reach 10.000 steps yet but I can tell you this my fit bit keeps me going & my goal is to to reach 15.000 if I keep at it I know that I will succeed.

  • I got really excited about doing the 10,000 steps after visiting my brother for Christmas. He has a Micro-soft step counter.

    Eventually we started a website called and do challenges and have articles on getting 10K steps in.

    One challenge we did that was pretty easy and fun was 2K steps before 9am. It gets you moving early. We found that if you wait later in the day, you simply don’t get as many steps in.

  • I’d like to see/hear from women over 70. Aging joints and lower BMR make things difficult. Those of us who eat healthily and excersise but still either gain or stay same weight( usually about 25 lb over best weight) find life frustrating. Please don’t repeat everything we all know… White carbs , sweet drinks etc. who doesTHAT anymore?

  • I just got my Fitbit seem so hard to get those 10,000 steps I think the only two times I’ve done it was when I went to SeaWorld and when I went out to the zoo and I barely made it and I walked all day

  • It is an excellent goal for me. I have felt better and I lost weight since I started to do it 1 year ago. I keep moving forward and never give up. My next goal will be 15.000.

  • Lost 6 pounds in two weeks and still losing…Fitbit is keeping me motivated as I only have 58 more pounds to go! I will check back with you guys in a couple of months and let you know what my progress is…

  • It is a damn near struggle to lose weight. Fitbit does help in some way though. It’s also 80 percent you eat and at this point Team Carbs/sugar are winning

  • 10 000 steps a day is a breeze for me to achieve now!
    I haven’t seen a huge amount of weight loss but I guess that will eventually happen over time.
    I am one of these people that only loses a tiny amount of weight a week. My weight sometimes fluctuates overnight. Some days the scales don’t move so it becomes a bit frustrating.
    To boost things along a bit I have an Isowhey shake with a boiled egg or two every morning for breakfast. Really helps control those mid morning hunger pangs.
    I started at 85 kilograms in January this year. I am currently 77.9 kilos. My goal weight is anywhere between 60 & 75 kilograms.

  • I’ve only started using the charge hr fitbit. But really not happy with the inaccurate reading of how far I walk. I’ve been doing the same walk that I’ve walked for months and I know it’s 5.2 miles. The closest the fitbit reading has gotten to this is 4.4. Quite a big difference. ??

  • When watching TV, I get up and walk around the run instead of sitting. I’m amazed at how many steps this adds to my daily goal.

  • I’m 54 got a Fitbit for a Xmas present. It is totally awesome love it. I don’t need to loose weight I’m not over weight but it’s just great to be able to track steps calories intake workouts etc. I’m definitely fitter than before my resting heart rate has come down by about 20bpm over the 3 months since I started

  • I’m new to fitbit flex I’ve synced it to my Samsung phone and pc. But is there a tutorial I can watch please?

  • I am new to the fit bit world. I do not believe My steps are being calculated correctly. Is there anyway that I can adjust the set System

  • Help my iPad dash board is not keeping info for previous days. So for example all Dara from yesterday disappeared overnight. It was there last night. All was going well until about a week ago. Any idea what happened

  • Fitbit’s math is wrong somewhere. They say 10,000 steps = 30 minutes of walking = 5 miles per day. That’s the equivalent of walking miles per hour, which is 1 mile every six minutes which is very, very difficult to do even if you’re running.

  • I have had my Fitbit for 3 weeks now and am averaging 12000 steps a day. Burning 3000 calories and trying to keep to 1000 calories intake. I am starting to jog and hoping to lose at least 40lb. It is keeping me motivated and my sleep pattern has improved.
    How long will it take to lose I wonder ?

  • Just keeping my Fitbit in my pocket reminds me to walk more. Park farther away, or just walking short trips instead of driving. I never thought I would walk this much. In just one year I have walked India which is 1997 miles. And did cowboy boots which is 50 thousand steps in one day. Can not wait till I can beat it.

  • Does the 10,000 steps works for everyone? I think it should go according to weight and hight. What is your thoughts on this,

  • 10,000 steps for all ages? I’m 65 and my daughter is 35. I seem to be getting around 8,000. Now I feel like I’m not doing enough. At 35 it is easier!

    • I’m 64, and it starts in the mind. If I think I can, then I will do it. My daughter is 40 years old, and she rides her bike, however, in order to get her steps in she resorts to walking. I, on the other hand, have more opportunities to walk. We encourage and challenge each other, and in that way, we motivate each other to get the daily 10,000 steps. Competition is used in a good way.

  • I’m excited about reaching my goal of over 10,000 steps every single day for 1 one year on my 68th birthday on April 25, 2016!!!!!

  • I can’t seem to activate my Fitbit anymore on my iPhone. It worked before but now it won’t record my steps! Help!

  • How can 5 miles or 10,000 daily steps be equivalent to the surgeon generals suggested 30 minutes a week. 5 miles in 30 minutes would be 5 six minute miles. Most people can’t do that.

  • I have found that my fitbit has removed my all or nothing syndrome. I go on my cross trainer for 12 minutes – that’s do-able at 6.30am, I get to work a bit earlier a do three laps of the sports ground, not even sweaty yet. Then at lunch time I do four laps of the sports ground; and with all my running around at work – 10,000 steps seems easy

  • I have been hitting 15k steps every day just with my usual routine plus a few extra dog walks?. For some reason when I go out in my boat the Fitbit thinks I riding a bicycle. Ha, I guess it’s the wave action

  • I love my Flex! Not so much for losing weight, rather I like to set goals for myself and love when I meet them. I really, really like the sleep function. It’s pretty much dead on accurate.

  • 76 year old female size 8 with a paunchy tummy. Finally made 8300 steps in one day. Realize that I have to walk on purpose in order to reach 10,000 steps a day. That is very difficult to do from a sedentary lifestyle.

  • I been using my Fitbit for several weeks and I notices that when I regular my outcomes of the day it doesn’t keep or maintain that information on the app. Has anyone experience this? If so how to correct the problem.

    • That’s odd, Ruby. In order to transfer the data collected on your Fitbit tracker, you need to make sure you are syncing your tracker to your account. If you are syncing and your data is missing, there might be something else going on. If you’re using the Fitbit app, make sure the app is updated to the latest version (iOS phone / Android phone. If you continue to experience issues with data loss, please reach out to us via your other support channels, so that we can take a closer look,

  • Any suggestions on how to hit those 10,000 steps with plantar fascitis? It’s painful but I really push myself and I regret it the next morning. Any suggestions? I’ve tried so many relief methods, but I’m totally up for any suggestion!

  • Been using fitbit for 1 year now, lost 27 lbs eating better cut back on sugars which is hard to do as there is sugar in everything / after 1 year I just got my Monarch badge which is 2500 lifetime miles.

  • My Monday-Friday daily routine is 8 hours sleep, 1 hour commute, 7 hours desk-bound. So in total I am sedentary for the majority of my day. I realized being sedentary was not the life to live, so I have augmented my personnel time to include hours worth of exercise, from gradual walking to dynamic and isometric exercises. 10,000 steps seems a lot easier to achieve when I dedicate time to jogging exercises requiring distance – walking, jogging etc.).

  • I have lost 30 pounds already, and still need to lose more. I just purchased a Fitbit Surge. I have found that I am constantly checking my Fitbit to make sure I am on track for the day.

  • I do about 7k to 9k average per day. But, I also use a stationary bike 30 minutes each morning. However, my Fitbit HR charge does not count the bike.
    The instructions indicate the bike must be moving on pavement to count. It’s still very nice to know how many steps Intake each day, the hours of sleep and the pulse rate throughout the day.

  • I have always walked as a young child, adolescent, and now adult/senior citizen; and the benefits are phenomenal. The incidence of illnesses can be marginalized or kept at bay, and the choice is in our walking! Agreeing with the American Heart Association.

  • At 75 I think that 10000 steps is over the top . I worry that vibe density is being ignored. I do strength training and have 100% bone density .

  • Don’t feel that you have to do 30-60 minutes a day all together: I have a sit-down job and I try to get up and walk 10 minutes every hour, then go for an hour walk after work. If the weather is bad, I walk all around my house, up and downstairs. I can get in 20000 steps a day that way, most days. Have lost 35 pounds in 3 months and feel fitter already.

  • I took the Fitbit challenge of 250 steps every hour for 10 hours a day. I started at 6 AM during a commercial while watching the morning news. To my surprise I was able to walk more than 250 steps during a 3 minute commercial. My new goal is 1000 steps every hour. Week one I walked 77000 steps–week two 81000. Today was the 1st day of my 3rd week and I managed 15300. I do 75% of my walking inside my home doing figure 8s around my island and dining table. I can’t always walk every hour so I just lengthen 10 hours to 13 or 14. I just try to keep moving. I drink lots of water and no longer feel hungry all the time and have lost 3 lbs.

  • I have been using my fitbit and walking 10,000 to 17,000 steps per day since Christmas. Along with a app called loseit I have lost 17 lbs. my goal was to lose 15. I plan on losing more. I am 70 years old but now feel 50. I also have 19 year old artificial hips. Now if I can do this whats stopping you?

  • I just started using Fitbit and love it! I have synced it with “my fitness pal” app so I can watch my calories and nutrition too. I honestly believe this is a real life saver for me. Motivated by high blood pressure and recent weight gain from moving back to the USA from UK. Life in Europe is much more naturally active. In USA it must be scheduled and an effort made to get the activity in. I recommend syncing with an app that helps you monitor nutrition. The good thing is that with activity, it allows a few extra calories (just be careful of the calorie sources and make sure they’re healthy ones!).

  • I’m 4’11 160lbs. I had fitbit charge HR last year after 3 week’s of using it to track my steps i lost 16lbs. I just walk and sometimes jog and i make it sure that i reach my 10k or more than a day. But unfortunately i stopped using my fitbit because I’d got bad allergy. I returned mine to the store. I gained back my weight after, few days ago i decided to buy again because it keep me motivated. I know i can lose weight & reach my goal with fitbit because I done before. About the allergy i think i will remove every night so my skin can breath. I don’t mind my sleep trucking the most important is i will lost my extra weight. ? Good luck to all & God bless.

  • I just got a Fitbit and I use it every day. I’m still in school so my teacher and I try to beat each other by steps. I love my Fitbit!

  • I got a fit bit yesterday. I was surprised that my yoga routine did not register. I took a bike ride to get in the extra steps needed to reach 10000. Today it is raining so no bike ride. I’ll dance a bit but don’t think I’ll reach the goal. I still do daily yoga

  • At first I was very happy with my Fitbit but lately it does not register my actual streps! I have not even had it a year so sm dissapointed that I paid $150.00 for it and it isn’t keeping track of all my hard earned steps!

  • […] The Fit Bit Blog –  they have a whole blog about “The Magic of 10,000 Steps”. In this post, they have studies that support the 10,000 steps and also include links to other sites, as well as how using a FitBit may be a great way for accurately tracking how many steps you are getting. For more information regarding the FitBit, check out the website for more information regarding the best FitBit for you depending on your age or fitness level. […]

  • Hi all. I’m brand new to fit bit and like it so far. I have a heart condition and got the chargehr. I’ve been using an app on my phone that counts steps and have lost 72 pounds since last October. I do have to watch my diet but I’ve found these exercise tools like fit bit to be invaluable. I have 10 more to go and feel confident that I’ll get there soon. Good luck all!

  • I have no sense of balance apart from visually. I have heart failure and joint problems. There is no way I’ll ever walk 10000 steps my goal is 1000 . I got my Fitbit cos no one can tell me what a sensible excercise goal should be. I can now see for myself the effect of excercise,such as it is, on my heart beat. I thus feel more able to set myself achievable goals without undue strain on the engine room. I realise Fitbit is not designed for this. But to my mind it is a tool that gives me great comfort whilst trying to get up and go—- somewhat slowly.

  • I am almost 80 and have had my Fitbit since last September and have lost 9 kgs I walk mostly more than 13,000 steps most days and have become very fit

  • Just got my NEW Fitbit BLaZe and I LOVE IT! It’s my first tracker and honestly I thought 10,000 steps would be too hard to reach, at first. But now I’m averaging 20,000-30,000 steps daily! Staying active and exercise is really addicting, as well as motivating! Best money ever spent…. FITBIT FOR LIFE!

  • I recently picked up a Fitbit monitor due to my concern for my health. I am 64 years old and lost my wife a year ago after 36 years of marriage. She had cancer and we fought an almost 4 year battle before it finally took her. During that time I had stopped virtually all exercise due to being her caretaker and still had to work but my job consisted of sitting and working on my Lap Top. During this time I developed allergies which turned into Asthma which my Dr. said was due to stress and age. I had never been allergic to anything prior and had an active lifestyle. Due to the asthma condition it has been difficult to walk or doing any strenuous activity without loosing breath or triggering an attack. With the Fitbit I have noticed my sleep pattern are terrible and I am only getting an average of 200 steps per day. I have decided to take control of my health and set goals on my Fitbit to accomplish in an effort to improve and get my health back. I find this is a wonderful eye opening tool which I am grateful that was invented and I will take full advantage of it. Thank you for this tool.

  • “A” study of 56 participants using qualitative introspective data is hardly conclusive, so don’t expect any “magic” results.

  • I usually have 43 minute classes and one gym class out of seven, one recess and some walking days. Do I get much walking done?

  • I’m so happy I hit the 10 thousand goal this is my 3rd day tracking myself, I really love this 😉

  • My wife had a fitbit for over a year and i just never thought this could help in anyway. I got one a little over a month ago. I get almost 12,000 steps a day, about 90,000 a week (my weekly goal is 100,000) every week. It works, if nothing else it motivated me. I have lost about 12 lbs, if anyone finds the 12 lbs just leave it there.

  • I love my tracker and work on getting the 10,000 steps in everyday. It doesn’t always happen but it keeps me in check.

  • I got my fit-bit from my work and since then I have hit 10,000 steps 76 days in a row. The first 2 days I didn’t get it, but since then ibhavent missed it.

  • I am perplexed why Fitbit is encouraging me to set 10,000 steps per day when on the same page virtually- I am doing at least 10,000 steps per day because that’s what I set when I got my Fitbit!

  • Hi all, great job to all! It is not a easy exercise walking, climbing hills so kodo to all. Before I retired I commuted one hour into the city to my job, I would walk from the train station to my job (about 3 miles, if I had time to take the long route, otherwise, one mile) at the time I wore a iPod and for company I listen too my iPod music. Then I would go out for lunch and walk 30 minutes, not only did I did this every day, I also climbed eight flights of stairs three times a week to my office. After a while, I got other co-workers to go out at lunch for a walk and formed a “walking group”, that lasted every bit of three months, people started dropping out until I was down to one person until I retired. I would walk between 10 -15000 steps per day, the week ends was my rest days to do housekeeping, etc. I have been retired for just over a year, what a transformation. I am not walking as much as I was before retiring, but I do go to the gym at least three times a week. I was told if you are over 50 you need to pump it up, lol. In closing, I am blessed to have been able too walk and climb stairs for as long as I did, I feel great and I do not look my age at all, amazing. Good luck to all and keep stepping.

  • What works out well for me is that it is exactly 10,000 steps from my house to the wine store and there is a McDonald’s along the way.

  • I have a new Fitbit and really like it. However I’m a short person who takes more steps than an average height person in a given distance and notice it doesn’t accurately count my steps. Does anyone know if there is a way to set my stride?

  • I have been doing my Fitbit starting 5/3/16
    My 1st 4 days totaled 63,906
    Now I will have complete weeks wow didn’t realize we can do so many steps and encourages you to try and do better each day

  • I’ve also heard that if you do about 10,000 steps a day, you maintain the same body weight, so therefore if you do less than 10,000 steps a day, you gain weight, and if you do more than 10,000 steps a day, you lose weight.

  • I am confused because 10,000 steps doesn’t actually mean one has walked that many steps. I just finished some painting and barely walked but registered 24,000 steps. ???

  • I have to make an effort to reach my daily goal. It has been really great. I walk more and see and enjoy a lot more by walking.

  • I have been using Fitbit Blaze from the last one and a half months and as per my observation, it is in fact 11,220 rather than 10,000 (number of steps) that are required to reach the 5 miles goal and burn the default number of calories pre-defined by fitbit.

    It just depends from device to device, but the Blaze is quite accurate. Though not a 100%, it is still quite close.

    I am easily able to cross 10k, despite my desk job. I just try to get up and move around every 30 minutes while on my official phone/conference calls.

    It really helps, thanks to fitbit 🙂

  • Hi there with my line of work I do 10,000 steps pretty much everyday through the week! I love my fitbit and all the badges I hve Recieved IT certainly motivates me that’s for sure! Happy steps everyone!!??

  • Hi all, i bought a fitbit alta couple of days ago and I love it. With my job i can do a load more than 10,000 steps a day but on my days off i only reach 8,000 ish.
    My friend got me up to walk the ladt 125 steps yesterday to reach my fitbit goal yesterday and joined in with me.
    Makes a difference when you’ve great friends to encourage you. Im not to lose any weight or gain any as I’m 5’6, 9st 2lbs and 29 years old so just want to maintain it in a healthy way…and with the fitbit it helps me. I go to the gym adwell which sends my step count through the roof and i have a marathon end of this month and soooo can’t wait to get there. ?????

  • Today was my first full day with my fit bit. I logged over 13,000 steps. No hard since I am retired and have a dog. I am going to take a three day average and then decide on a daily target. My guess is that it will be right around the 10,000 mark to begin and hopefull I can increase the number a little each week.

  • I just got my Fitbit and already I love it! I’m a stay at home mum to an active 3 year old boy and a 7 month old daughter, I don’t get a chance to sit down until they’re in bed so I’m finding 10,000 steps per day not too hard to reach!!!!

  • I just got my Fitbit Alta for Mothers Day from my daughter. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight over the past 2 years while earning my BSN. Time to get back on track! What an inspiration!

  • Ever since I got Fitbit I tried to set my goal a little high and every day I average around 20,000-25,000 steps a day.

  • This Fitbit is incredibly inaccurate. The only steps I have taken this morning is from my bedroom to the kitchen to get coffee, twice. It says I have taken 499 steps. A little disappointed, to say the least.

  • Monitoring my daily activity and steps allowed me to evaluate my level of daily activity. I built up to 10,000 step I have painful joints and as a result of being overweight exercise is painful. In the past I have loved to keep fit in the gym, but when I tried to return to the gym I found many of gym users impatient when ever I was on a treadmill or bike as if I was hogging the equipment. So I took advice and have quit the gym having given my fellow gym feed back via its web site. I hold no malice as I now walk around my town which has some very beautiful walks. My kids walk with me and my aim is to exceed 10,000 steps a day. I’m great full for the feedback and advice from many blogs and statements of Fitbit users. Come rain or shine I’ll step up to getting fitter..

  • I have a rather large yard and I’ve recently discovered if I walk it 5 times I get in a little over a mile. Still working on figuring out how many steps it is. My yard has helped me to get in more steps toward my 10,000 per day and fresh air at the same time.

  • I live on a mountain-top with 10 treed acres. It’s very hilly and walking it daily provides a beautiful, and invigorating way to keep my weight down, my muscles toned, my heart rate up, and my mind clear. I enjoy the fresh air, wildflowers, deer, turkeys, and other wonders of nature. I am 66 years old and an truly blessed.

  • I would like to add, or like you to add, how important walking is to bone density also! Walking is one of the best things you can do. I have severe osteoporosis & have paid the price for not keeping my body healthy.
    I’m enjoying my FitBit to keep up with my goal of 10,000 steps!

    • You’re right Patricia! I, too, have osteoporosis and weight-bearing exercise like walking is just what the doctor ordered. I notice I sleep better as well. My 92 year-old mother still gets out and walks 5 days a week and claims it is the secret to a longer life. Who can argue?

  • I’m retired…my daughter Ann bought me a fitbit on my…and I love it …gave me a goal… to look forward to every day…..I really need this….thank you….

  • I average 26k steps a day by walking 2hrs every morning and going about my day! I love my fit bit, keeps me motivated and fit:)

  • I received a Fitbit from my husband for Mother’s Day. It’s been a game changer. I take my German Shepard for a 3 mile walk every morning. She loves it and so do I . I’ve lost 8 lbs. already and hit over 20,000 steps twice in the last week.

  • How is it that I frequently walk more than 10,000 steps 11 to 12,000 steps and still not have reached 5 miles?

  • Is 10,000 steps the magic number no matter your age? I am75 years (young) and wonder if I really need that amount to maintain or lose weight.

  • Just got my Fitbit flex this Thursday, I have so far gone well over the 10,000 steps! Well pleased. I did download to my iPad, and also my phone but next to picture of the Fitbit I have a red ! Saying it cannot connect, I do have the blue tooth on, I wonder if it it is because I have it on my iPad, any advise please! Still very new to this!!

  • I’m 29 years old and I’m ashamed to admit I don’t come close to 10,000 a day unless I put effort into it. I’ve always had a desk job and now I’m at home with my son so getting up and moving is a task. I got my fitbit for mothers day because my hubbs knows that I want to set a good example for our son; plus heart disease is a plague in my family. My sister in her 40s has already had a minor heart attack and is needing a heart valve replacement, so getting healthy and active is a requirement for me now because I do not want that to be my path. My son was born almost three years ago and we changed our lifestyle significantly due to a condition he was born with. So far I have lost 35 pounds and I’m 25 pounds away from my goal (pre baby weight). So happy that I have a fb now because before I had to carry my phone in my pocket all the time to track my steps. 😛

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