This Simple Trick Makes Waking Up for A.M. Workouts Easier

I love working out first thing in the morning—it guarantees I’ll get it done no matter how crazy the rest of my day goes! But look, I know that can be tough for a lot of people, especially if you aren’t naturally an early bird. So I wanted to share the secret way I motivate myself to exercise even if I don’t want to: I get up and put on the cute gym outfit that I laid out the night before.

When I’ve made the decision to get up and go the night before and I already have the clothes out, I’m a lot more excited to get dressed when that alarm clock goes off, go to the gym, and put in 110 percent.

Just knowing that I’ve already half the work—figuring out what to wear—makes it so much easier. Even if you don’t turn on the light to get dressed at o’dark thirty, you can confidently know your outfit works, it all matches, and you’re going to look awesome!

Ready for a few more sweat-style fashion tips? Here’s what I keep in mind when I’m planning my work out look:

Wear clothes that fit YOU. Everyone has a different body type so it’s hard to state one style that works for all. However, when you wear something that makes you feel confident and awesome, boom! Me personally, I love cute gym clothes so much that I designed my own athleisure line with MPG Sport. It’s full of stylish, stretchy, sweat-wicking workout clothes that move with me. And one other thing: Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors in your outfit—it’s the gym, anything goes!

Brighten things up. Black can be flattering, so I get it if you want to keep your pants on the dark side. But I love adding pops of color to show off my personality. Maybe it’s a fun sports bra or tank, or even shoes.

Perk up your ponytail. I can’t focus on my workout with hair falling in my face, so I love adding a headband to my ponytail. It keeps my ‘do perfect and makes a plain old pony look a lot cuter. I use one that is sweat wicking and has some grip, so it doesn’t move around when my head does.

Accessorize! Whether it’s a simple pair of studs or your favorite Fitbit Alta band, don’t forget to wear a piece or two of flair to complete your workout look.

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    • I wear mine on the strap of my sports bra when I walk/run on my treadmill, because I hold onto the bar with my hands. I also have discovered that to make all my steps count when shopping with a cart you can’t push the cart with your band on your arm. Attach it to your shoe or tank top, etc. Missed out on a lot of Costco steps credit before I realized this!! If your FitBit isn’t moving you don’t get credit for all your steps.

      • Not really as such I just do a heaps of power walking i have herniated discs plus I have had back surgery to have 1 disc completely removed i do manage my treadmill i bought my own i have anxiety so there is no way i could even attempt to join a gym i wish i could but that’s not a option

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