See How Will Smith Uses Fitbit in His Fitness and Wellness Journey on YouTube

We all know that the hardest part of regaining control of your health is the commitment to doing so. Over the past year, Fitbit ambassador Will Smith, like many of us, struggled with the lack of a regular routine. He even made a very public admission that he was in the “worst shape of (his) life.” To document his path to better health, Will partnered with YouTube Originals to create the new six-part unscripted series, “Best Shape of My Life,” which is available to watch for free now on his YouTube channel. The series chronicles his commitment to improving his health and reveals the powerful evolution Will underwent to build his mental and physical strength. 

Throughout the show, Will turns to his Fitbit tracker to help keep himself motivated, on track, and accountable as he redefines his health and wellness goals. He tracks everything from his calories burned, activity, and exercise to his daily step count, while also finding more time for mindfulness and improving his sleep.

In one episode, Will uses his Charge 4 to keep track of his calorie burn throughout the day as well as a monumental athletic feat—a 160-stair flight climb up the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Inspired by the memory of his father, and the motivation he passed on to Will to persist in the face of anything, Will is able to scale the Burj Khalifa all the way up to its spire, or the highest point within a man-made structure that a person can reach on the planet. 

In another episode, Will uses his Fitbit to push himself further and faster, both during his workouts and as part of a step competition he takes part in with his trainers. We watch as Will’s heart rate hits 152 BPM on the track, then discover just how competitive he really is—enough to go for a run at 2 AM to ensure he’ll beat his trainer. Plus, we find out that it’s not uncommon for him to hit over 34,000 steps a day! Step challenge unlocked.

But it’s about more than just physical strength. We’re given a special peek into Will’s psyche as he undergoes these tests of physical prowess, all while in the process of writing his upcoming memoir, Will by Will Smith—a feat of incredible endurance on its own. 

“I’ve really come to understand that strength is so much more than a physical ability, it’s mental and emotional too,” Will shares. “It’s not just about how many abs you have or how big your biceps are—but can you push yourself to try new things, get better at the work you’re already doing, and stick with it? That requires a different kind of strength.”

You can watch all six episodes of YouTube Originals docuseries, “Best Shape of My Life,” for free now on Will Smith’s YouTube Channel. To join in on his new health and fitness routine, check out  Will Smith: StrongWill, an exclusive collection of six sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness sessions found only in Fitbit Premium. Sign up for a free trial of Premium here.

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