6 Workout Rewards that Don’t Cost Calories

workout rewards that don't cost caloriesThere’s a reason why frozen yogurt shops and smoothie huts often pop up next to fitness centers—they capitalize on those who walk out sweaty, thinking they deserve a treat. If you reframe your thinking, those post-workout endorphins might be reward enough. But there are times when something more substantial is in order. Pick one of these tried-and-tested ideas from Fitbit users—you’ll feel satisfied, without gaining back all the calories you just worked so hard to burn off.

6 Calorie-Free Treats That Make Great Workout Rewards

Relax at the spa. Reward your body by pampering it with a massage to sooth sore muscles or a pedicure to thank your feet for all their hard work stepping. Don’t want to shell out cash for the spa? Dim the lights, draw a bath, put on some relaxing tunes, and indulge in an at-home soak.

Get a new ‘do. A mini-makeover can help boost your self-esteem and give you extra motivation to keep sweating. Swing by your salon for a fresh haircut or blowout. That’s how Fitbit user Natalie S. celebrated losing 70 pounds. “It was a way to embrace the new me,” she says.

Celebrate with Fitbit badges. Searching for a cost-free reward? Look no further than your Fitbit app! While Fitbit user Dave W. counts health and happiness among his most prized rewards, he loves getting new Fitbit badges when he hits new goals. “Who doesn’t do a little happy dance when they get a new lifetime badge!?” he asks.

Take a nap. Nothing feels more indulgent than slipping into bed in the middle of the day. It seems decadent, but booking time for a 20 minute power nap could also give your body a boost. “A brief nap in the early afternoon can reduce fatigue, improve brain function, and even improve physical performance,” says Michael Grandner, PhD, a Fitbit sleep advisor and director of the Sleep and Health Research Program in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson.

Hit the mall. If your clothes are fitting a little loose from all your hard work, refresh your wardrobe with that new pair of jeans you’ve had your eye on. New workout clothes are also a great idea to keep you feeling motivated (and looking good!) at the gym, studio, or wherever you rack up your steps.

Find what works for you. Fitbit user Haley S. lost more than 100 pounds and rewarded herself along the way with makeup, fitness programs, and a State Park Pass. Her advice to those looking for a post-workout treat:  “Start small,” she says. “But make sure to pick something that will work for you, something that will keep you motivated and feel like a real reward at the end.”

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  • Good diversions. New mindset to workouts. “I’m not messing this up! Whether it is spoiling myself or staying busy with anything that is when I realize it’s worth it.

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