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Sync Multiple Trackers to your Fitbit Account With Multi-Tracker Support!


Multi-Tracker Support is now available on Fitbit

You can now use multiple Fitbit devices with one account!We’re excited to announce that you can now connect multiple Fitbit trackers with the same account! It’s available today with Multi-Tracker Support.

Thanks to Multi-Tracker Support you can now have one tracker for daily wear and another for your workouts. Once multiple trackers are connected to an account, Fitbit does all the hard work for you. The app will automatically detect when you swap from one device to another, with no buttons to push on the tracker or the app. The ability to switch so easily makes it simple to use your favorite Fitbit device for any occasion so you never have to leave your tracker behind.

Accidentally leave your tracker at home but don’t want to lose that step challenge? Set up MobileTrack on your Fitbit app and Multi-Tracker Support will automatically switch over so you never have to miss a step again. Those of you with a compatible mobile device can now use MobileTrack even if you have a tracker paired. MobileTrack allows you to track the basics right through your smartphone, so that anytime you are without a tracker our app will automatically switch over to MobileTrack to keep tracking your steps.

To start using Multi-Tracker Support today, follow these easy steps:

  • Update your Fitbit app (if you haven’t already)
  • ‘Set Up a New Fitbit Device’ from the Account tab in the Fitbit mobile app or Fitbit Connect
  • Finish the setup instructions, and start swapping – we’ll take care of the rest!

How will you use this new feature? Let us know in the comments!

What Jobs Do Active People Have? [Infographic]


Standing stations, treadmill desks, regular movement and stretching routines… these are quickly becoming commonplace in wellness-focused office spaces. But what about people that work on their feet all day? Are they walking as much as the sitting-cognizant desk worker?

We wanted to get to the bottom of it. So we surveyed Fitbit users who walk an average of at least 10K steps per day to find out which occupations topped the list. Here’s what we found.

111214_Fitbit_Top5Jobs_Infographic (1)

Top 10 Healthy, Guilt-Free Pizza Options (yes!)


Today’s guest post comes from Lauren Slayton, the author of The Little Book of Thin and creator of the Foodtrainers blog.

Healthy Pizza


Last night, I had a meeting with a fairly new nutrition client. I’ve provided him with ways to make a healthier version of his beloved egg sandwich (omega 3 eggs, sprouted English muffin, avocado) and other sensible swaps. “This plan is so livable” he remarked. I laughed, “any eating regime you embark on must me livable even enjoyable.” For me, enjoyable means pizza and pasta. I’ve told you about our Foodtrainers’ favorite healthy pastas and now it’s pizza’s turn.

Here are our top 10 ways to eat more pizza while staying fit.

  1. Cauliflower Pizza: this concept has taken the internet (and Pinterest) by storm. It really gives you the feeling of pizza crust.
  1. Many chains have gluten free or whole grain option. My favorite truly healthy pizza (pre and probiotics in your crust) is Naked Pizza.
  1. Portobello Pizza: we make these often at our house. The mushrooms give pizza a meatiness (without meat). The recipe link uses low-fat cheese, I’m not a fan but feel free to use any cheese you like. Your pizza, your rules.
  1. Socca: I believe socca originated in Nice. It’s a flatbread made from chickpea flour. I use this recipe and while it’s delicious sans toppings it makes for a great pizza base.
  1. Against All Grain: this is the best frozen, already made, pizza. I love Against All Grain’s pesto pizza and this Vermont company takes ingredients seriously and makes a quality product.
  1. Paleo Pizza: Julian’s makes a paleo pizza mix with almond flour, arrowroot, pumpkin and egg whites.
  1. Breakfast (Egg) Pizza: there are different versions of this, it makes a great brunchy item. Some are more like omelet pizzas but this one fluffs up a bit.
  1. English Muffin Pizza: these are a great lunch option. Look for “sprouted” English muffins as they have more protein and are less processed.
  1. Paleo Bread: for a gluten or grain free lunchtime pizza here are two final ideas. Paleo bread can be kept frozen (and sliced) in the freezer. Add your sauce and toppings and it’s as easy as that.
  1. Mexican Pizza: you can use a tortilla as your pizza base too. These almond flour minis are delicious.

With any of these options use a lower sugar tomato sauce (or pesto sauce works well) or make your own. Cheese should be organic whenever possible.

Which of these options would you want to try? Any other healthier pizza ideas? Any pizza shops with interesting offerings in your area? What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had?

Lauren SlaytonLauren Slayton is the author of The Little Book of Thin and created the Foodtrainers blog. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and appeared in Allure, In Style, Cooking Light and more. She previously wrote about Healthy Game-Day Snacks. 

Score Some Steps While Watching Basketball


It’s tourney time! And rather than cheer for your team over beers and wings, we want to keep you active while you follow your bracket. Instead of staying sitting all tournament long, here’s some quick workouts you can do to score some steps:

Workout while watching basketball

Tech CEOs Marc Benioff and Michael Dell Share How They’re Staying Active

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Marc Benioff and Michael Dell Celebrity Challenge

We love hearing how Fitbit has helped people get more active, whether it’s someone who’s working their way up to a half-marathon or it’s the CEO of a global technology company. With this week’s #FitbitForAHA Celebrity Challenge underway, we asked Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, and Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, about how they use Fitbit to get active. Read on to learn about what inspires them, and how they think wearables will change how people view their personal health.

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Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak Shares His Tips for Losing Weight and Staying Fit

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Harley Pasternak offers his tips on losing weight and staying fit

Harley Pasternak has been training some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood for years. With the release of his latest book, 5 Pounds, we got the chance to ask him for a few of his top tips for losing weight and staying fit! We were also lucky enough to receive 20 copies of his new book that we’ll be giving away. Read on to learn what you can do to start getting fit today, and how to enter to win your copy!

What are a few things Fitbit users can start doing today to help kickstart their weight loss?

Don’t be afraid to get a little less efficient with your day. Park farther away from the entrance to the grocery store. Take your dog around the block rather than just letting her out in the back yard. Take your groceries inside in three trips instead of one. Shovel your walk instead of using a snowblower.

One thing I like to do is to make plans for walking coffees with my friends. And I have an earpiece for my phone so I can make my phone calls while I’m moving.

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How To Pack Your Lunch Like a Health Pro


Healthy lunch

When it comes to lunch, it can be all too easy to throw a bag of chips and a PB&J into a bag and call it a day. Or to run next door to grab an 800-calorie sub instead. In the mad dash to get out of the house in the morning, adding one more thing to the routine can seem like too much.

But eating a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be such a chore. Here are just a few nutritious substitutions you can make for a hearty, healthy lunch.

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Extreme Fitbit User: Carolyn S.


We’re constantly amazed by what Fitbit users can accomplish with their trackers. In our Extreme User series, we’ll be highlighting people who went above and beyond their usual goals to accomplish something great.

Carolyn S.: Extreme User

Carolyn became a Fitbit user in March of 2012. While she was already passionate about exercise, she wanted to measure how active she was outside of her workouts as well. Fitbit, she writes, “helps me to understand more so I don’t work out and then sit down… my minimum goal is 17,000 steps a day, which I rarely don’t meet.” 17,000 steps probably sounds like a lot, but Carolyn didn’t even start to consider herself to be athletic until her thirties. And she’s certainly an athlete these days: she runs three Spartan races a year, plus another six or so half-marathons! On top of it all she’s a mom to three young kids, and she thinks of them as she’s getting those steps in. “I want to be a good example for my kids,” she writes, “There’s never a point where you stop – there is never a time when you should stop.”

What really pushed Carolyn into “Extreme User” territory though, was the day she took 86,000 steps in one day. That’s 40 miles! Here’s what she did, in her own words:

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6 Ways to Stay Fit From 9–5


Fitbit Zip at work

We’ve recently written about ways to fit in your workout, whether you’re hitting the gym or prefer to stay fit from the comfort of home. But even if you’re working out on a regular basis, studies show that sitting for long periods of time can still hurt your health in the long run – and that’s exactly what many of us do five times a week at the office.

But there’s good news! All you have to do to counter-balance the sitting you do throughout the day is to get up every half hour or so. If you’re looking for tips on making standing up a habit, we’ve got you covered with these six tips:

  1. Email less, talk more: There are times when emails are necessary, but oftentimes a quick chat with someone will work just as well – if not better! So next time you’re tempted to shoot Jane in accounting a quick email, get up and go ask her in person instead. Your step count will thank you.
  2. Stand or walk during meetings: If you have willing participants, encourage them to stand up throughout the meeting. Or, if your meeting doesn’t require your computers, take things outside by going for a short walk.
  3. Stand up every 1/2 hour: Make sure you get up every thirty minutes, even if just to stretch or walk around for a few minutes. Walking to meetings or grabbing another cup of coffee totally counts.
  4. Practice stretching: Stretching can be a good way to wake yourself up if you’re in need of a boost but are done with coffee for the day. It’s also a good excuse to get up for a few minutes.
  5. Try our 5-minute yoga moves: Last summer we shared out 5-minute yoga moves you can do at your desk. It’s not standing, but it’s a great way to get a little more exercise in during your day, and you can always stand up before or after you try them!
  6. Find space to try your favorite exercises: Sometimes it can be hard to fit in a full workout at any point of your day, but that doesn’t mean the little things won’t add up. If you can, find a quiet spot at the office you can fit in a few squats or lunges – something that won’t disturb others – to help you take advantage of any small break.

How do you stay active at the office? Let us know in the comments!

Fitbit x FitStar: More Ways to Find Your Fit


Fitbit x FitStar

We’re thrilled to announce that Fitbit has acquired FitStar, one of the largest platforms for delivering personalized video-based exercise experiences on mobile devices! You may know of FitStar from their top-rated personal trainer and yoga apps, which offer tailored exercise program designed specifically for you. FitStar has also partnered with some spectacular fitness experts, such as football legend Tony Gonzalez and yoga expert Tara Stiles.

With this acquisition, FitStar members will be able to seamlessly publish their FitStar workouts into Fitbit to see how their personal training or yoga practice impacts their overall health. We’ll also soon be rolling out the ability for Fitbit users to set up a FitStar account using their Fitbit account login. Also coming soon, FitStar users who also use a Fitbit tracker equipped with PurePulse (such as the Charge HR or Surge) will be able to see their heart rate trends during FitStar logged workouts.

We’re excited to broaden our platform by adding new services that will provide even more motivation and encouragement. We hope you’ll check out FitStar‘s app if you’re looking for new workouts to try at home.