Fitbit’s Year in Review: Which Countries Took it Up a Notch in 2021?

2021 was a year that brought both uncertainty and hope in spades. Despite the unexpected challenges so many of us were met with, it’s good to know that we stepped up to the plate—in more ways than one. After all, on the most active day of the year in May, the Fitbit community took a total of 46 trillion steps! 

Spoiler alert: Our other stats, based on aggregated and anonymized data of Fitbit users over the past year, were just as impressive. Keep reading to find out which countries were the top contenders for highest step count, best rest, healthiest hearts, and more. 

Cumulative Global Stats

Despite much of the uncertainty that remained, 2021 saw a strong showing worldwide, with May 14 taking the lead as the most active day around the globe. There were 46 trillion total steps taken over the past year, and the Fitbit community clocked in at 22 billion total miles walked. No small feat! 

Who Stepped it Up in 2021?

Even though fluctuating routines meant continuously changing priorities, getting steps in was still as important as ever, especially in these top 5 countries! The number one contender for highest step count was Hong Kong, followed by Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden, respectively.  

Cumulative Sleep Stats 

In 2021, we knew just how important it is to establish a good sleep routine—and get better rest in the process, especially by using Fitbit’s advanced sleep tools. Globally, we saw that 6.5 hours was the average number of hours spent snoozing per night. The average bedtime meant that most of us were shutting our eyes at 11:18 pm, with an average wake time of 7:03 am. The average Sleep Score worldwide came in at 77. 

Who Got the Most Rest in 2021? 

But which country was the real MVP of snoozing? The winner is… Finland! Following closely were champions of shut-eye Ireland and Belgium. The Netherlands and New Zealand rounded out the top 5. 

Countries with the Healthiest Hearts

Resting heart rate, or RHR, is the number of times the heart beats per minute when still and well-rested. RHR can be an important indicator of fitness level and overall cardiovascular health. Though it can vary based on age and other factors, in general, the lower their RHR, the healthier the person is. 

The country that won out with healthiest hearts this year? None other than Italy! Next up were Finland and the Netherlands, and finally Norway and Sweden.

Top 5 Countries with the Most AZM 

Switzerland scored, with its users crushing the most Active Zone Minutes, or AZM—the heart-based metric that tracks the amount of time a user spends in heart-pumping activity. Coming in second and third place were Sweden and Ireland, with fourth and fifth taken by the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Well played! 

The 2021 Fitbit Year in Review is based on aggregated and anonymized data of global Fitbit users from January 1, 2021 – December 28, 2021.

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