6 Habits of Highly Successful Weight Loss Winners

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: All diets work! It doesn’t matter which one you choose. If you follow the rules, and cut back on what you eat, you’ll almost certainly lose weight. The problem is, most trendy diets are too extreme, so the results don’t last. The truth is that weight loss isn’t a short-term effort—it’s a lifelong journey toward better health and self discovery. Sure, it’s hard to hear you need to do something forever. Forever is a long time. But if you want to keep the weight off, it’s essential to develop healthy habits that go beyond 30 days, and help you live a healthy, enjoyable life (with room for the occasional treat!).

Are you ready to lose weight, and keep it off for a really long time? Then get inspiration from the people who have! The National Weight Control Registry monitors “successful losers,” people who have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for an average of 5.5 years. Here are six of their most common habits.

Habit 1: Sweat every day

The study finds that successful losers engage in high levels of physical activity, for approximately 1 hour a day. So find something you love doing, that gets your body moving and your heart pumping, and make it part of your daily routine.

Habit 2: Keep your calories down

You know you need to cut calories to lose weight, but if you want to successfully keep the weight off, you can’t go back to eating like you did before. Now that you’ve slimmed down, recalculate how many calories you really need, and keep tracking for a few weeks, to get used to your new normal.

Habit 3: Go easy on fat and oils

Keeping pepperoni pizza, french fries, and bacon burgers on the daily menu will not help you stay slim. High-fat foods pack lots of calories, so skip the deep-fried, cheese-smothered options, and choose to get your healthy fats from avocados, extra-virgin olive oil, and nuts instead. And remember: You only need about 5 teaspoons of fat a day, so be light handed—even with the good kind of fat.  

Habit 4: Eat a healthy breakfast

Eating early maximizes the benefits by working with your body’s natural circadian rhythm, but it can’t be just any breakfast. Shift when you eat, and dine like a king with protein and fiber, like a couple of boiled eggs and a few slices of avocado on 100 percent whole-grain toast. Then lighten up dinner, making it more of a snack.

Habit 5: Weigh in at least once a week

Regularly hopping on the scale helps you notice small weight gains before they become big ones. Keep your weigh-ins consistent, by picking a day and time, ideally first thing in the morning, before breakfast but after visiting the restroom.

Habit 6: Eat well on weekdays and weekends

Maintaining a consistent eating pattern is key. It’s amazing how many calories can be consumed in just a couple of days of relaxed eating. Avoid the weekend binge, and indulge in one cheat meal a week, not an entire cheat day (or days!).

If you’re still struggling to maintain weight loss, the next step is to get personalized advice. Nothing really beats nutrition and exercise wisdom that’s specific to you and your lifestyle. Seek help from a registered dietitian who can take a closer look at your eating habits and work out an individualized action plan tailored to your needs. That way, you can identify what’s holding you back, and start making healthy habits stick.

Above all, remember: Weight maintenance is a slow and steady marathon, not a speedy sprint. If you can stop the extreme yo-yo dieting, and embrace a healthy lifestyle, then forever won’t feel so bad.

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  • Please can someone mentor me. I am not young, I am 73, but certainly not ready for the scrapheap yet!!! I have just bought my first Fitbit, have completed three challenges and am having a respectable competition with some worldwide friends I have just made on FB however, i would love to lose at least 16lbs and make the most of my FB

  • This all sounds great however I am struggling to lose a few pounds I always used to be around 115 to 118 lbs being 5 ft tall. For more than one year I gained 10 lbs which I can’t shed. My family always eats healthy and never use caned or boxed food but cooking daily using fresh vegetables and meats. I am 48 year old and exercise on a daily basis, go skiing once or twice a year and use my backyard swimming pool during the spring to fall time frame. I am calculating calories and mostly eat below the normal intake with a few exceptions where I indulge on a slice of pizza or a slice of cake anyone has any ideas of what I am doing wrong ?

    • I’d make sure you’re not underestimating your caloric intake. Are you measuring/weighing to make sure you are using actual servings? You might also considering getting some tests done to make sure your body isn’t deficient in anything that could be throwing your metabolism/health off.

  • I am 50 years of age. I lost 72 pounds 4 years ago, and I have gain 10 pounds. Any suggestions on how to lose those 10 pounds.

  • I had a hysterectomy 4 months ago and have a hrt Patch. I have put on 6 llbs since my op and no amount of exercising and cutting down is shifting it. I exercise 5 times a week (spin, body pump and zumba). Is anyone having a similar problem. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?

  • This is very encouraging! I just had a scare with my health. I have had surgery to remove part of my colon due to diverticulitis. I’m doing well but dr said I have to lose the weight. I also learned I have a fatty liver. I have to get healthy and I really want to now. I’m eating lots of fruit and salads lean protein and some whole grains. I put Fitbit on today and I am motivated to walk I have walked a mile today. I just had surgery 2weeks ago.

  • Thank you for this very helpful and informative information. Since April 2016, I have lost almost 85 pounds. I am hoping to lose a few more and then maintain. Two of my best messages are contained in your article-1. No more splurge days-just maybe a glass of prosecco or a special dessert occasionally; and 2. This is not a sprint but a marathon and life time change to be healthy. In PEOPLE magazine Oprah was quoted as saying ” I can eat anything I want, I just can’t do it all at the same time!” So true and what a reminder. “Smart women eat well”
    Thanks to FitBit for all the positive information and messages. Love my Fitbit!

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