The Best Way to Tackle Work-Related Stress

With tight deadlines, endless meetings, presentations and more, it’s no wonder 65 percent of Americans are stressed about work. If you find yourself experiencing the all-too-common pangs of anxiety and stress, the trick to relieving those feeling is not to ignore them until they go away. But rather, to find calm-down tools, like exercise or deep breathing, that can help you deal with those high-pressure situations. Here’s how to beat back the stress of five at-work scenarios by getting active.

Stress Scenario #1: Meeting an Impossible Deadline

When hustling to submit an important project, it’s important to take a moment to recharge. You don’t have to leave your workstation if you’re in a major time crunch. You can stretch out everything from feet to tight shoulders with a few desk-friendly moves. After a little self-care, you’ll feel more awake, relaxed, and focused on hitting your deadline.

Stress Scenario #2: Presenting to the Higher Ups

Nothing causes stress-sweat quite like standing up with a Powerpoint in front of a room full of decision makers. Your calm-down solution? Bring on the zen with yoga. Research shows the series of poses combined with controlled breathing can help ease both anxiety and depression. Try fitting in a yoga class before work the morning of your presentation to hit a yoga class. Or put together a few Sun Salutations on your own at home. You’ll feel more relaxed and ready to crush that presentation.

Stress Scenario #3: Burning the Midnight Oil

More and more companies are encouraging employees to keep sane hours, but sometimes late nights can’t be avoided. To prevent burn out, be sure to slip exercise into your day. Take a break from your desk to get in some steps, or fit a workout into your lunch break, so you can return feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day… and night.

Stress Scenario #4: Living Out of a Carry-On

Hectic schedules, gnarly transportation issues, when you’re traveling for work, it can be hard to stick to your regular health and fitness routine. Set your alarm to get up 30 minutes earlier and do something good for yourself before your workday even starts! For a convenient and commute-free sweat sesh, hit the hotel gym. Or stay in your room and do a total-body workout designed for travelers by FitStar.

Stress Scenario #5: Being the Office Newbie

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking. But you can use exercise to help you adapt to your new normal. Try sweatworking to socialize with and get to know your new colleagues—a spin class or outdoor run is almost always better with company. Or invite a coworker to go on a walk, so you can chat and learn more about their role and experience with the company. You’ll de-stress and pick up some great insider info on your new place of work.


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  • Yes, stress at any place in life is harmful to health.there are ways to reduce the stress is on breathing exercises, called” pranayama”.
    One has to learn & practice it .which shall reduce all types of stress

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