Get 11 New Tracker Functions With This Fitbit Charge 2 Update

Blonde woman pausing her exercise on Fitbit Charge 2.

Whether you’re working through the holidays or already on vacation, chances are your schedule is packed. And while your Fitbit Charge 2 won’t be able to help you wrap presents, avoid airport delays, or roast that turkey, there are now 11 new ways it can help keep you on track and relaxed.

Below, all the features you’ll be getting when you update your Charge 2 firmware. Think of it as a holiday gift from the Fitbit engineers to you.

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Workout Pause Function: Stuck at a traffic light during your run? Just press the button on the side of your tracker to pause any multi-sport exercise mode. The screen will flash while your workout is on hold. When you’re ready to resume, simply press the button again.

Fitbit Charge Two Workout Pause Function

Guided Breathing Vibration Cues: While in Relax mode, you can now close your eyes or look away from your tracker; a light vibration will signal when you need to inhale and exhale during the stress-busting guided breathing sessions. Try it during one of these unnecessarily annoying situations.

Fitbit Charge 2 Guided Breathing
Do Not Disturb Option: You now have the ability to turn notifications (calls, text, calendar alerts, reminders to move) on or off directly from your Charge 2. There are two ways to do this. The first: While in the main clock face menu on your device, press and hold down the side button. The second: Click the side button until you come to the notification screen and then press and hold down that same button to turn notifications on or off.

Fitbit Charge 2 Do Not Disturb Function
Improved Heart Rate Zone Display: A new, more dynamic visualization makes it easier to identify which heart rate zone (fat burn, cardio, or peak) you’re in during an exercise session. This quick-glance gauge allows you to adjust your intensity on the fly so you can complete every workout with precision. New to heart rate training? Here’s a primer on how to work out with heart rate.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Zone Vizualization
On-Device Battery Life: You’re always on the go and Fitbit wants your tracker to be, too. That means no unexpectedly drained batteries. Now you can see the percentage of battery life you have left directly on your Charge 2 display. To add this screen to your device, go to the Fitbit app and select Account. Tap on Charge 2 and then Menu Items. You can then click the checkbox for Battery. You’ll need to sync your device before this change takes effect.

Fitbit Charge 2 Battery Life indicator
New Clock Face: If you want to make every second count, this new clock face—with the hour, minute, and seconds—will help. To add it to your device, open the account setting on your Fitbit app, select Charge 2, and then “Clock Face.” You’ll find the new Seconds Ring option there. Select it and then sync your device.

Fitbit Charge 2 Seconds Clock Face

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Intuitive Intervals: If you’ve set up and used your Charge 2 interval timer, you know that your devices vibrates when it’s time to transition between intervals. (If not, check out this interval timer primer.)  But now the dimmed display screen will also light up, making it even easier to follow along.

Workout Recaps That Last Longer. On-screen exercise summaries will now be available for one hour after your workout wraps up. You’ll still be able to view your complete exercise history on your dashboard whenever, wherever.

Smarter Notifications: To catch your eye when you’ve got more than one unread notification, you’ll now see a plus sign (+) indicator on your tracker display.

Unknown Caller ID: Callers are now identified as “unknown” if the number doesn’t match a name in your contact list.

Message Prioritization:  The sequence for text notifications has changed. Now the message scrolls first, then the sender’s name.

Have an idea for a new feature? Share your wishlist with the Fitbit Development Team via the Feature Suggestions Board.

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