One of Your Most Requested Features is Here! Introducing Female Health Tracking

Fitbit female health tracking

Ladies, it’s time to talk. According to a recent Fitbit survey*, 80 percent of you (80!) don’t know how many phases are in the menstrual cycle and more than 70 percent of you (70!) are unable to correctly identify the average length of a cycle.

Honestly, those stats are shocking but not all that surprising. After all, many women’s sexual health education stops after grade school, if they get one at all. That’s why Fitbit is excited to announce the launch of one of the company’s most requested features: female health tracking.

This new in-app experience (available to all Fitbit users age 13 and older**) and on-device experience (for Fitbit Charge 3Fitbit IonicFitbit Versa users) is designed to help you learn more about your menstrual cycle—and your body—so you can better understand how it affects other aspects of your health and fitness. And that’s just the beginning.

Below, what you can expect at launch—and beyond.

The Female Health Tracking Experience

In-app period tracking: Never get caught by surprise again. Log your period, record symptoms, and opt into receiving push notifications two days before and on the day of your predicted period start date. This allows you to have the opportunity to compare all your stats in one place.

Fitbit on-wrist integration: Track where you are in your cycle, view when your period is expected, and see your upcoming estimated fertile window in the Fitbit Today personalized health dashboard on Charge 3, Versa, or Ionic. 

News you can use: Learn about the menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility, and more with judgement-free content developed with Fitbit advisors Katharine White, MD, MPH, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University, and Larry Tiglao, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Stanford Healthcare’s Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group in Los Gatos, CA.

Community support: Join new Fitbit Community Groups focused on periods, birth control, trying to conceive, pregnancy, and perimenopause and menopause to ask questions, swap tips, or share advice.  

4 Awesome Benefits of Female Health Tracking

female health tracking on Fitbit Versa

Better body knowledge: See how your cycle and symptoms change month to month and uncover the impact your menstrual cycle has on your overall health. By having all of your health and fitness information in one place and looking at your data over time, you can better understand connections between your activity, sleep, and cycle symptoms.

More productive doctor visits: Simple tracking of your symptoms and menstrual cycle data in the Fitbit app allows you to be more informed for discussions with your doctor about the specific timing and details of your symptoms, giving your doctor a clearer picture of your menstrual cycle for more personalized care. Female health tracking will also chart your cycle trends over time which can help your doctor determine what is normal for you symptom-wise, versus what may warrant additional attention.

Personalized insights: The more consistently you log, the smarter the female-health-tracking algorithm gets. In the future, as the database of female-health metrics grows, this data may help enable Fitbit to deliver even more insights, such as how your cycle impacts your activity, sleep, weight and nutrition, and potentially how these things can affect your cycle.

Much-needed innovation: Female health is not an area that has garnered as much broad, population-level study as other areas in healthcare. By potentially creating one of the largest databases of anonymized female health metrics in the world, Fitbit has the opportunity to help drive positive health outcomes and could give Fitbit, healthcare, and research professionals an unprecedented ability to study menstrual cycles and women’s health with real-world data in the future.

Opt In!

Fitbit female health tracking calendar

All Fitbit users** who have identified themselves as female in their Fitbit profile will receive a notification that female health tracking is available. You can choose to opt-in and complete onboarding, or simply opt out.

Don’t identify as female but still want to use this feature? Tap “Edit” at the bottom of your Fitbit mobile dashboard (or press and hold a dashboard tile until they all start to wiggle) and then add the female health tracking tile.

*Fitbit Primary Research Study, February 2018

**Female health tracking is available to adults 13 and over in the U.S.; ages may vary by country.

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  • That is fantastic! As I begin the inevitable slide towards menopause, I look forward to having these tools to help quantify the changes.

    • @Debi: I can totally relate!!!! The app is so very helpful as it helps me know when and why I can be one heck of a devil to deal with when I am about to start my period.
      **Let the warning signs as my reign of terror begins – so that my “victims” understand why I am not so easy to deal with!!!** ✌

    • I have the same question; seem unfair to have to buy a new Fitbit to be able to access this feature :/

      • I think that it will be available as a tile on the app/dashboard for all female users 13 years old and up. From what I understand, push notifications will only be available for the new watches, but you can still track everything from the app.

      • You will see this feature in the app itself. Having a smartwatch is a bonus to add logs to this feature. Don’t need a smartwatch to actually use it.

    • It looks like it’s just for the smart watches ‍♀️ I would love if they made it for all Fitbit users I’m not upgrading just for that

      • I got a notification and could add the tile on my ipad, but I can’t add it on my phone (Samsung) and I can’t see it on the Web page.

  • I, too, am curious if this is going to be available to all users, as over on the forums, Moderator LizFitbit was pretty clear this is only for smart watch users.

    • “This new in-app experience (available to all Fitbit users age 13 and older**) and on-device experience (for Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa smartwatch users)”

      I read that as it will be available across the App for all users, but will only show up as a display on the new smart watches.

          • Yup mine freezes as well. Not the whole app, just that tile. Hope they fix that soon!

          • Same! It allowed me to fill everything out to start, but when I try to reaccess the tile, it freezes the whole app.

  • I too, am curious if this will be available for all users. Over on the forum, Moderator FitbitLiz was pretty clear this is only for smart watch users.

  • Will I able to start this app if I am pregnant? I faced apps that requires initial data and cannot be used in such cases.

    • I started it and then found out I was pregnant and now I can’t turn it off. I’ve contacted customer service so well see if they fix that feature.

      • I am wondering the same. A month after this feature came out I got pregnanct and now I can’t find a way to turn it off. I remember being able to log ‘pregnant” or “breastfeeding” on my blaze but I can’t find that option with my Versa and it is driving me insane.

  • Why is this only available to those 13 and older? Girls are now getting their periods at 10. Isn’t it important for them to have a healthy understanding of their cycle as well? Putting this age limit on the information only furthers the stigmatization of menstruation.

  • Brilliant, I have been looking for an app to use in conjunction with my fitbit – at 45 years old I reckon that I really need to finally get a grip on understanding my cycle and the way my emotions and body fluctuate with it. I know that this will greatly help me in the personal growth and self understanding I am already gaining through my ongoing Yoga practice and self development.
    Thank you!

  • I’m so excited about this! I think I left a suggestion to do this about a year ago and I’m so happy it’s happening! I hope this version will give tips like “during this part of your cycle, steer clear of these foods” or “eat these kinds of foods to avoid bloating, aid weight loss, or get essential vitamins you’re likely lacking,” or “during this time of your cycle, try to do this kind of exercise/activity.” It would even be nice if it would give little motivational messages when you’re on your period!

    • There are already apps which do that sort of thing. I think Flo does, and it can sync with Fitbit too, although it’s buggy. I didn’t want the motivational messages, and I didn’t like the way the data was displayed, so I moved to Clue instead, but there are several apps out there.

  • Why won’t this be available as an on device experience for Blaze owners? The interface posted in this article looks a lot like the Blaze screen.

  • I’m excited about this feature! I’ve been tracking my cycle in a different app (P Tracker Lite) for a few years now. Will I be able to import my data from another app, or at least enter my last few months’ cycles manually in the Fitbit app?

    • Great question! Would be nice to identify PCOS or endocrine disorder in an account. This would also be useful variable to know when analyzing the anonymized data

    • I agree with this, however, this product is in it’s early stages and just like most apps won’t truly be able to track our cycles… Give them some time to adapt it. It also, doesn’t let you track a lot of symptoms which hopefully will be updated in the future.

    • I’m curious about this as well. I have PCOS and I’m trying to figure out if I can tell the app that I’m not bleeding when it says I should be.

  • This is great!! The only thing that would make it better would be if we could input BBT as well (Basal Body Temperature) and generate charts. Think about it! 😉

    • Then they need to have good algorithms for calculating ovulation and such, and if they get it wrong, they get angry accidentally pregnant people suing them. I suspect they’ll be shy of doing it.

    • Yes, BBT is a must for this, because women’s cycles are NOT the same.

      Fitbit – you should consider trying to partner with another company like Kindara’s Wink that women can opt to have a bluetooth thermometer push their daily temp readings to help boost efficacy of cycle tracking.

      • Agreed. Even better if the Fitbit could take the temperature at the same time every morning before you wake and put that into a chart for you.

  • This is fantastic news. Mine seem to be all over the place and it would be great to have one place to track everything and see how it impacts fitness and sleep. I know that the couple of days prior to normal period, i feel pretty lame at the gym.

  • Why can’t this be an update to all Fitbit apps? Like I understand not being to update old Fitbit watches, but you can still add these features to the app (like charge 2 – it even almost like like the same ui as what is shown!)

  • I hope this will be available for the fitbit blaze. If not then this is just another tatic to get us to upgrade to the latest $$ fit bit model. I dont have money for that. Shame on you fit bit

    • I don’t work for FitBit, but please remember that some of their devices do not have the same technology – likely to keep initial costs down. Before shaming, please consider limitations that the actual device you own has – everyone has a price point. I would not be mad at an auto maker for including a bell or whistle in a model I can’t afford. Not preaching, just please be thoughtful.

      • That’s a thought, however my daughter and I both purchased ours this Christmas, I bought the blaze that cost more, she bought another one that was less… hers has the new app and my blaze does not.

  • I too want to know if it will be available in the Fitbit app. I have a blaze and love it, and have no plans to upgrade either. I’d love to be able to use this feature!

  • When exactly will we have access to it? It says that it’s been released but I didn’t get any notification

  • I updated to version 2.0 on the ionic but can’t see the feature as being available yet, when will it be available please!

  • It sounds great but what about the pregnancy period as well I know I am not alone when it comes to weight and calories are confusing when you pregnant and nursing. To further enhance this feature will you be adding settings for those that pregnant and nursing now we can track fertility it would be great to keep track of the additional things that follow for those that chose to expand there family and stay healthy.

  • Sounds like calendar method, unless it’s tracking basal body temps and cervicale mucus, this will be very unreliable at best, and more likely lots of surprise pregnancies on the horizon.

    • But not all women use period tracking for pregnancy/contraception purposes (a fact more and more of these apps are starting to recognize). This is the first time we will be able to track this information in the same program as the one tracking weight, sleep and food intake, things that are definitely affected by our cycles. at the opportunity for analyzing anononomized data is huge because it will now be grouped with so many other variables.

      Plus, some of us women just like having a reminder that we need to stack up on supplies.

  • Hi, it said available in US, but what about users outside US? Will we get it the feature as well? I was really looking forward to it!

  • This is fantastic news! I love Fitbit and this is great that you’ve centralized activity and women’s health within a centralized app.

  • Why is this not available on all Fitbit devices. I don’t need to see my period on a watch. News flash kinda know when it’s here, the joys, but I like tracking it. I have been using eve/glow for years and got excited to find I could finally track this in Fitbit. Disipointed that this only on 2 devices and not cross platform.

    • This new in-app experience (available to all Fitbit users age 13 and older**) and on-device experience (for Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa smartwatch users)

      please read carefully.. you will be able to use it on any app, just only onscreen for the new devices.

  • I hope this feature will soon be available for users outside the US. It was very disappointing to read about this restriction.

  • I thought this app was going to be available when the versa was available, I got my versa and this isn’t available yet! Is there an anticipated date?

  • Hi, I am very happy using Fitbit, and I am really looking forward to see this feature of menstruation tracking available in Europe.

    Thank you

  • When will fitbit put this into its app? I just had an update and was hoping it was the one with the period tracking.

  • I was not asked if I was female when installing and then I tried to add the app through the edit and it did not pop up either to add. I used to have the charge 2 but just synced the versa today and unsynced the charge 2. Would really like help in getting this on my versa.

  • I’m really glad to see the note that not all people who menstruate are women. I hope the tile will be called Cycle Tracking or similar, rather than Female Health.

    In general this sounds great and I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Thank you. And not all women menstruate. As a post-menopausal woman, I’d have appreciated that, too.

  • I don’t see it. How can i install it? Available in Canada? I saw the nite for users over 13 all over US…does this mean not Caada?

  • Everybody in here asking or wondering why it wont be available for old watches.. The article states that the app will update for everyone.. “This new in-app experience (available to all Fitbit users age 13 and older**) and on-device experience (for Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa smartwatch users)” please read the article before getting upset. you can use it too!

  • I love this! Is it possible to transfer your data to Fitbit if you’ve already been using another app for tracking?

  • Why is this limited to the US? Your app is used globally so all features should be available globally. We all paid for a device, we all deserve the same features.
    Also, I wonder if a reminder to take contraceptive pills could be integrated into the app. It would be more convenient than having a separate app for that. I’d also like to see information on how being on the pill affects your hormones.

  • Thanks Fitbit! This is really an improvement! Love it.

    And big *le Sigh* to everyone who cannot read or understand what they just read:
    – this feature will be available to ALL USERS IN THE APP
    – this feature will be available IN MAY (not in March, not in April, but May)

    So stop whining and just wait for it.

  • It seems no one is reading the article, it is available to all fitbit users in the app, just not on your fitbit unless you have the smart watch versions. It also says May 2018 as when it will be available.

  • Great start. Next double down on fertility using the stats you already collect (aka heart rate). Would also like to see the pregnancy setting brought back and allow for weight gain goals with suggested calories each day. There’s a TON of info out there on suggested healthy nutrition and activities for pregnant ladies, why not let us track effectively against it to stay healthy.

  • Now that it is “MAY” when will this feature be available? Do you have an exact date?

  • Is there an official release date for the app feature? The article just states May and we’re currently living May days. Thx

  • I have a blaze, woke up one morning last week and saw the new button in the app. Filled in all the information. When I went to school to tell my Fitbit friends it was gone! Frustrated that I wasted time filling in everything and now can’t use it. Why isn’t this available in the app for all women?

  • Has this feature been released to all Fitbits yet? I have identified as a female, but have not yet seen this feature on my Versa and it’s already May. Would love to start using this feature!

  • Suggestions for improving accessibility:
    “Menstrual Healthy Tracking” instead of “Female Health Tracking”,
    Don’t age restrict, because COPA obviously doesn’t apply to health tracking (or maybe Fitbit is admitting to selling its users menstruation data).

    • Seconding this. My initial reaction to seeing something marked ‘FEMALE’ in large letters was dismay and hope I could get rid of it.
      I’m nonbinary. I was coercively assigned female at birth. I do use a menstrual tracking app, but I am not going to use this more convenient one since seeing its title over and over pings my dysphoria.

  • I’m curious as to when this feature will be available. The blog post says May 2018, but I haven’t seen it in my dashboard yet.
    Also, I have the Versa and wonder if it will be able to track without my inputting symptoms. The birth control I’m on diminishes most symptoms, and the most obvious symptom is not present at all.

  • Hi I received the notice on the Fitbit app and answered all the questions and went back in to my app later and the tile dissapeared. I have the Ionic and IOS

  • It’s not helpful at all if you are experiencing peri menopausal symptoms. I have had cycles last longer than 10 days and this feature only allows you to log a max of a 10 day cycle. Lame. I will stick with the Life app and hide this feature on my Fitbit until they improve it to sync with Life.

  • This does not seem to be available on Android yet…….I can get it on my iPad but neither my wife or me can get it on our Samsung phones. Obviously I don’t need it, we were just trying to see the difference in the apps. Is it being released soon?

  • Many girls start their periods before 13 and could benefit from this feature. Why is it age restricted to over 13?

    Also, I’d like to see this feature expanded to include a reminder of when to insert my NuvaRing and also at least add some sort of mood indication. I have PMDD and tracking major depressive symptoms as they relate to my period is definitely a high priority for me. Pretty disappointed that I can’t add a mood indication in the symptoms notes.

    • I agree. I thought the symptom options were pretty small. Fatigue and moods are not on there. I would say they’re trying to be tactful but if people are willing to enter this most sensitive of information, I think they’d want the option to enter all the dirty details.

  • I just added this to my iPhone app today (I don’t have a smart watch) and it seems to work great. I was using a different app to track, but I like having health info together, so I added the last year of data to FitBit. Only thing is, my 13 yo daughter is not seeing this tool in her FitBit app. Wondering if maybe she’ll get it later in the month as the rollout continues?

  • I have identify that I’m female however I have not receive a notification for the female health tracking is available. Could some please help as to how I can get this app. I got my fitbit yesterday and I have no idea about technology.

  • Would you be able to add a feature to log when you take the pill? Similar to the SpotOn app (by Planned Parenthood). There have a been a couple times I have missed my pill for days straight and spot on accounted for that and let me know that my cycle had changed because of it and when my “fertile window” would now be. A reminder to take the pill would also be nice.

  • Why is this not available for Blaze users. I’d love this feature but not for the cost of a new watch. I’ve only had my blaze for a year.

  • Well there is this feature now, which is great but there is still no way to mark that I’m pregnant. it would be great if that could finally be added….

  • What firmware release was this with as i dont have it on mine and i had an update about 2 weeks ago 🙁

  • I have a charge 2 which can track my sleep cycles. So why can’t a charge 2 also track my menstrual cycles? I think it only fair they introduce a tile for all fitbit devices.

  • I really like this new section, but I’d find it even more useful if I could also track things like mood, headaches, tiredness and hunger within it.

  • How do I get this off of my fitbit app? I have no use for the female health thing. I was quite happy with what I had before.

  • I bought my fitbit tracker in US and now back to my home country. I still don’t see the app :/ I’m female, over 13 etc etc..
    Can someone clarify if the feature is available outside USA and for Android app?

  • I love the idea, BUT it’s missing some major symptoms: What about BLOATING and IRRITABILITY??? Aren’t these some of the top symptoms? Or other issues? I, for example, don’t sleep well the week before my period and I have issues with my ears, but never headaches. There is a slew of strange things women experience and it would be great to be able to easily log them.

  • I love the idea, BUT it’s missing some major symptoms: What about BLOATING and IRRITABILITY??? Aren’t these some of the top symptoms? Or other issues? I, for example, don’t sleep well the week before my period and I have issues with my ears, but never headaches. There is a slew of strange things women experience and it would be great to be able to easily log them.

    • Agreed. Seriously, I was completely baffled by the few options that they chose to add as symptoms. For a brief moment I wondered if my symptoms were really that odd.

      • The limited symptoms is disappointing to me as well. The Period Tracker app has a lot more. I would like to stop using the Period Tracker app and just use Fitbit, but need to track more than those 5 symptoms.

  • I am trying to remove it but it will not let me. I click edit and remove but when i am dine it is back again. I do not want or need it. I dont have periods and when i did have them they never followed any schedule. I just want to know how to remove it

  • I noticed I’m not able to change my status to pregnant. Will this end up saying something like, “It’s been 50 weeks since your last period.” or anything like that?

  • Would it be possible to add emotional to one of the conditions? About 2 weeks before my actual period I can start crying whenever the smallest thing goes wrong. I’d love to track that too, ‘cause sometimes I forget I’m causing drama because of my hormones..

  • I was surprised to see this tile added to my dashboard as my profile clearly shows that I am male…

  • I think this is great but I’m not really understanding the “sick” option w/ the little emoji w/ the thermometer? I have had my period for 26 years and don’t think “sick,” i.e. running a fever, would ever really come to mind as a frequent symptom of PMS. Personally I was really hoping for an option to track moods/emotions leading up to and during my period. Mood swings, depression, anxiety are all very real symptoms of PMS that many, many, MANY women suffer from, some more severely than others. Personally I’d rather be able to track my mood as it relates to my period than “fluids”…

    • I know, right? Is “sick” nausea? And I was completely baffled for a moment about “egg WHITE” fluids during my periods. Took a while to figure out (or assume) that they are referring to consistency… Though sticky isn’t a consistency I recognize so maybe that isn’t what that means either?

      • “Egg white” and “sticky” are common terms when referring to discharge throughout your cycle.

  • It’s great that this has now been integrated as this is exactly the type of thing I used while trying to conceive and it would be fab to have everything in one place, however now I’m pregnant it won’t really apply for the duration of my pregnancy. Can a pregnancy mode not be added? At the end of the day pregnancy plays a big part in women’s health.

  • I think this a great idea so don’t have to use multiply apps. Although compared to other period tracking apps, I think the only thing missing is tracking of if you’ve taken contraceptive pill. And a reminder would be helpful personally.

    • Same here! It’s a great a idea, but some additional improvements are needed with regards to taking a birth control pill.
      – If you take your pill correctly, there will be no ovulation, hence no fertile window. (This could be interesting to look into and adjust, especially for women who are using the pill and than decide they want to get pregnant: when will be the first fertile window when you stop using your contraception?)
      – There is no option to indicate or track when you take several pill strips after one another. For instance, I regularly take 3 strips, and by this skip 2 periods. Because of this, my predicted periods in the app will always be wrong.
      Possible solution: users should be able to mark the beginning and the end date of their pill strip(s), and will get a reminder every day to take their pill during this period (pun intended).
      After the end date of the strip, a period should be predicted.

      Looking forward to updates!

  • Why on earth is this only available in the US?! Women everywhere have periods, and Fitbit is used almost globally, so I don’t understand this decision.

  • That is awesome and needed badly as I begin the first stages of perimenopause, I look forward to being able to have a tool to help track a no longer regular monthly system.
    Please advise when it will be available for my brand new Versea???

  • My fitbit has the new section on female health. I am male. The computer sight agrees i am male. How do I get this off my Phone?

  • not happy to have this pop up as a firltbit tile without my request or concent. i cannot have kids a
    nd due ro health issues no longer get a period…not sure why this was pushed to me without request?

  • i’m pretty excited to us this feature as I have been manually tracking my cycles for a few years now. I started to input some of this previous data and came across a problem where it won’t allow me to log a period longer than 10days. and it also seems it doesn’t want to allow logging periods “too” close together.
    I understand this isn’t a ‘normal’ period length but that’s just the point: I’d like to be able to log all my data including instances when my cycle went haywire, these times are when it’s especially important to have long-term data.

  • Will the calendar be expanded so we can see our predicted period days past 3 months? I love looking ahead when booking vacations and such. Right now I would have to keep a separate app. Female health tracking was one reason I went with the Fitbit

  • I’m enjoying this functionality for now, but I’ll probably stop using it for reason of not being able to add my own custom “conditions”.
    Please add it as urgent feature.

  • I absolutely despise this new feature. I wish I never opted in. How can I opt out? Customer service was no help at all. They said I couldn’t. Who wants to see when their next period is due on their wrist? Not me. In the app sure but not my wrist.

  • This new update is amazing. I am able to prepare ahead of time and I always know exactly when I will start feeling crampy. I wish the updates weren’t just on the Ionic and Versa but, it still helps me plan ahead and figure out what all I need. 10/5

  • The period tracker was working fine but today it’s not showing the calendar and is freezing the app.

  • Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every
    day. It’s always helpful to read content from other authors and practice something from other web sites.

  • It would have been nice to have a feature for restless sleep as it’s one of the signs the night before normally starting a period.
    Also for those going through the menopause which does have many side effects.

  • This is a great addition! I’ll be testing it out to see how it compares to My Cycles.

    One thing Fitbit will need to add to be on par with existing menstrual cycle tracking apps is functionality for entering/tracking Ovulation Predictor Kit results for a much more accurate ovulation day prediction. I hope this is on the way with the next release!

  • This is a great feature and I don’t know if it’s already been suggested, but I’d really like to see this feature expanded to include those who are already going through menopause or have concluded, with a notes section to expand on symptoms and such. I suffer from many meno symptoms and it would be helpful to be able to track everything.

  • A pregnancy setting would be MUCH appreciated! Fitbit is telling me I’m now in the “Over” BMI Category with my (healthy) baby weight gain 🙁 🙁

  • Seriously??? Someone please tell the folks over there at fitbit that there is more to women’s health than just reproduction. I saw the email and was excited that fitbit made changes to gear their technology toward women… only to find out that this is just about tracking my period. My guess? Some dude over there in a suit thought this was a brilliant marketing plan. Try again!

  • So glad to see this feature in Fitbit. I got a separate app when I was trying to get pregnant to track all this stuff. There was no real data analysis or anything. It also wanted me to input my average cycle length and such, none of which I knew because I have PCOS.

    Hopefully they will add on to this for maternity and post partum. I really wanted to be able to add nursing sessions, but never figured out how to do that.

  • This is nice, and easier than how I have been tracking things in my calendar app, but I would suggest being able to add pregnancy and miscarriages though people hate to think about/talk about it. (I have had 4) The data is important because they throw off the cycle length for predictions if you have a large chunk of dates with no period (pregnant) or an extended period (for the post miscarriage bleeding).

  • Really cool feature, but having it just show up on my home screen the other day really sucked. Some of us can’t have kids and it’s a brutal reminder.

  • I would have loved this function when I was younger, but now I’m no longer having my period any longer. Perhaps you could add things related to menopause? I have had trouble sleeping because my body temperature keeps changing. Understanding more about when and how often this is a problem might help me figure out how to deal with it.

  • I’d love to use this but I cannot find the tile to add it. It is just not available in my list of available tiles and I never received an opt-in even though my profile has me as female. Not sure what Fitbit is doing. They make it seem like it is available to everyone but it doesn’t appear to be that way.

  • The tile popped up on my app just now and surprised there was no request to opt in. I’m glad to have it but I imagine there will be some folks who not want it. With this addition, I no longer have access to the button at the top left that let you change your silent alarms, showed your Fitbit syncing and generally noted battery life of my Fitbit. Any chance that is coming back so I can change my alarms?? Also would be great to add in intensity of cramps. Cramps for day 1 rarely equal cramps for day 3! Thanks!

  • Am I the only one that was slightly offended by the beginning of this article? It sounded like the writer was saying, “Ladies, let’s face it. You don’t know anything about your own body.”

    I’m currently using another app for cycle tracking called CLUE. This is very similar so I am pleased overall with the new feature! I do agree it would be helpful to have more options for symptoms because every woman is different.

    • No, I’m slightly offended that they chose to call it “Female Health Tracking,” instead of “reproductive health tracking” or maybe “Gyno-tracking.” Because apparently, according to Fitbit, we postmenopausal women aren’t female anymore. Or, more likely, we just don’t matter at all.

  • I absolutely love it!
    But it would be kind of nice to write/name your own symptoms or experiences so that you also can track good things- not just the negative ones.
    I have days I feel exceptionally strong and fit and I would like to have the opportunity to log that also to see if there is a pattern so that I can try to enhance these days.

  • I’m very pleased to see this feature has been added to the fitbit dashboard, however I really wish I could track my current pregnancy, rather than see that my period should be starting/ending soon.

  • I really appreciate Fitbit including Blaze users in the update with this new function. I also really wish they’d remember that some of us invested quite a bit of money on the Blaze and give us other enhancements along the way as well. For one … new watch faces. We’ve had these same few for years. I’m oh so tired of them. Some of the newer watch faces would be nice. Or update our software so we can download Android watch faces. Any slight change-up would be welcome. We don’t all have the funds to just go out and buy an Ionic or Versa just because they’re the latest and greatest. I bought a Blaze, I’ll use it until it can’t be used anymore. I’m sure that about six months after I do, they’ll come out with yet another new watch. How about supporting those of us who’ve been with FB for a while and include updates for what we’ve already spent money on? That would be greatly appreciated!

  • Are you going to add additional cycle tracking features such as basal body temperature and cervical position?
    Can you make the “morning after pill” section optional so it doesn’t have to be seen? This can be a sensitive/insulting topic to see for some.

  • Would love to see a birth control setting for this new feature. Having an IUD I don’t get periods, but would love to be able to track my cycles!

  • Why isn’t there an option in the fitbit app to report pregnancy and breastfeeding? I have a fitbit tracker and scale and was recently pregnant, which lead to my weight going up and then down dramatically right after the baby was born. Since I’m breastfeeding now, my weight is also fluctuating. The app should have some modifications for this.

  • I’m over 50, had a complete hysterectomy at the age 46. I was really excited about this until I read the article. Good all around 50+ health has needs that are not covered in the app
    I thinks it’s great for women of child bearing age!! Maybe this is just a start and plan to broaden the app.

    • I agree! Not all women are of child-bearing age, and there is very little available for us after that time of life.

  • This showed up on my app, I figured I’d try it to keep up with my cycle, mainly my symptoms around period time. I just had a hysterectomy, left both ovaries, in October. Since I have both ovaries, I still get pms symptoms, during my regular time of month. The only option I could find close to mine was “sterilization”. I chose it put in my last actual period (Sept 2017) and it kept telling me when my next period was and I needed to add more periods than the one in September. I decided to opt out of them predicting my next period, however it kept telling me I should track my periods. Ugh! I removed it from my app. I keep getting emails telling me I should opt back in!

  • I think it would be nice if the women’s health part of the app would be for all ages and include menopause and issues that we might need to track at that stage of life. 🙂

  • I have a fit bit versa and i dont have access to this app. Is this only for ios and not android?

  • That’s great for the younger generation. Now think about a tracker for the seniors.! With medication, blood sugar,….. etc.

  • Will the app for use on the Kindle Fire be updated to include this? It hasn’t been updated since December of 2017. 🙁

  • Will the Kindle Fire FitBit app be updated to include this feature? I usually sync my FitBit to the Fire while I cycle. The app hasn’t been updated since the end of 2017. I’d hate to miss out.

  • This is a GREAT feature!! Years ago I realized that my debilitating cramps were minimized by hydration. This new feature not only lends itself to schedules and self-awareness, it can help to monitor fluid intake at critical times of the month. Awesome!!

  • Hi, I’m in Canada and I use a Samsung phone and I can’t find where to add the female health app to my fitbit app. I received the email that it was now available and right away did an update but still nothing is there. Any ideas?

  • Hi! I have a FitBit Alta because I am highly active in ways that are not exactly compatible with a chunky watch (I’m a ballerina). I’m so sad I can’t get this particular feature! Anyone know when it will be open to those of us who can’t wear big watches?

  • Hi! I am very happy about this feature and I have in fact been hoping for it to be added to the fitbit app. However, I can’t seem to find this function anywhere in the app. Has anyone had the same experience?

  • I think that this is too controlling- as a doctor I spend ages explaining that imperfect cycles are not 1-2 days out but often see women who are distressed that they do not have an exact cycle or relate all their symptoms to their cycles when they have nothing to do with their periods. Self aware can all too easily turn into neurotic. My advice is that if at the moment you are not logging your periods then turn it off- clearly they are not bothering you.

  • This appeared on my dashboard a few days ago, just after a doctor’s visit to discuss irregularities in my cycle! If only I had had it earlier! So, so useful!

  • Great innovation, but as someone who’s heading into the murky, mysterious world of menopause I’m hoping there may be some enlightening help? It’s treated as a joke and no one seems to be able to give definitive help or advice about what lies ahead.

  • Mine doesn’t work!!! I cant add it to my dashboard. I press and hold the Edith button and it wont show the tile. I double checked to see if I added myself as a female and I did. So I don’t understand how I cant have it on my fitbit Versa….

  • I love that you’ve added this, but what about those of us who have entered peri-menopause? I need some serious help with the hot flashes, night sweats, etc; so I can have better conversations with my gyn. Help Fitbit!

  • I have entered perio-menopause and wish there was a way to track these god awful hot flashes and night sweats and maybe try to figure out what triggers them. Is Fitbit working on something for us older ladies?

  • How Hard Would It Be To Add A Prompt Asking If You’re Pregnant When You’ve entered Your Last Period Was Six Months Ago?

  • Earlier in the comments, someone mentioned measuring BBT – temperature.
    This could be really good for those of us going through the menopause as the symptoms (hot flushes) etc. come and go. We could monitor over time, check whether reducing alcohol / switching to soy etc. really reduces the symptoms.
    Its also possible that we could try feedback loops – seeing when a hot flush is coming on and whether we can reduce the intensity etc. by relaxation techniques etc.
    I really recommend to the company that they investigate this. I would upgrade in a second if it became available on a new smartwatch.

  • The new period tracker system doesn’t work of you are irregular.
    And that’s a missed chanse. I hope they build in the option to keep track yourself without the predictions. Maybe I just haven’t found the right way yet.

    • Same. I put in when I actually had my period and it keeps putting another one where it thinks it should be. According to the app, I’m basically menstruating all but 2-3 days a month…

  • An option to log progesterone and other hormonal shots should be included. I’d like to use this tile not too predict my periods as they are unpredictable. I want to track how long I bleed so I can share with my physicians. Should have considered those with reproductive disorders such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, or menometrorrhagia. These often cause periods and cycles that last well beyond the set limitations.

  • we are now nearly 2 wks into June and I still can’t get this feature – I am up to date with all my software and the app still does not show up on my device.
    Am I missing something?

  • This is a great feature. I am currently pregnant. There doesn’t seem to be any place to input this… will this be changed?

  • Hi, I am a 57 year old woman and long time ago since i had my period. Is it not possible for fitbit to checknmy age and stop telling me that i need to give information about my monthly cycle ? I can imagine you are targeting a specific young group, but for me it is absolutely useless to get these notifications .

  • I have been tracking for a few years on Kindara. Is there anyway to bring this information over without having to manually type it all in?

  • Australian user here with a Charge 2 and a Samsung phone. My app has the tile, and is working just fine! Loving this new feature.

    Would be nice to have more symptom options, but I imagine that’ll happen in the future. Completely agree there should be PCOS, endo options, etc. but again hopefully with future updates.

  • “Don’t identify as female but still want to use this feature?”

    …if you have a menstrual cycle, you’re female. Knock it off already.

  • Love the new feature, thank you! I was using another app before but this will be much nicer to keep everything in one place.
    Question — can we get more features for the “Log Details” section. Even just ability to make notes.. I want to track my energy levels and other things maybe like my mood.
    Thank you ❤

  • My tracker can’t tell I am pregnant. Is there a way to editit? It still thinks I am getting my period.

  • Dear FitBit, I was very excited about your newest feature… I have added all of my cycle information back to 2013. Okay, not all because you are missing a few key “Female Health” elements. PREGNANCY, lack of, and/or loss of, are major factors for many women. I hate to say this out loud, but after entering all the data I possibly could.. IS THIS AN ANTI-PREGNANCY FEATURE? That is the only (and very offensive) answer to why you would offer me the option of a morning after pill, why you give me the choice of logging protected or unprotected, but absolutely ZERO pregnancy options. With out updates this is a BIRTH CONTROL ASSISTANT not “FEMALE HEALTH”.

  • How arrogant are you. Reading this I would have sworn it was written by a man. Shocking but not suprizing? Learn how to relate to women not by shaming us but by educating us. There is no way I will buy a Fitbit! You need to tone down your superior mentality and relate to your customer. They way to brand loyalty is not by showing everyone how much smarter you are. Contact a PR firm before you post again about women’s issues. Did we learn nothing from the woman’s Doritos fiascago?

  • This feature is actually pretty limited especially in the “log details” section. It assumes we all have the same 5 “conditions”. Why can’t we customise any of this this?

  • Please incorporate a way to ADD SYMPTOMS to the female health tracker (ie – I tend to suffer insomnia during my cycle).

  • I have an AltaHR and iPhone. Female tracking worked for a few days. But now just freezes up my phone.

  • I love this idea, but unfortunately I can’t seem to use the tracker. Every time I try to update/edit information in the app it just freezes the entire Fitbit app. Is anyone else having this same problem?

  • The app is great.. After months of trying I am pregnant but my watch keeps telling me i am due my period

  • When I enter in all my information, it takes me to the calendar screen and then locks up. Anyone else have this issue? I have to force close the app on my phone and then when I got back into the female tracker it asks me to set up all my info again. Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

  • While this is awesome, there needs to be more symptom options to chose from. It doesn’t even include bloating or mood changes. My main ones are those two plus heartburn and pelvic pain other than cramps. I’ve been trying to track the effects of my birth control and adding these more symptoms would help SO much! Thank you 🙂

  • Why does the length of period max out at 10 days. My cycle is usually 14 days. This may not be typical, but it is typical for me. I can’t be the only one.

  • I have an app I have Used for tracking and I love It. I will Probably switch to Fitbit. I am Currently pregnant and in my other app it has a selection for pregnancy. Will Fitbit be able to do that so it’s not telling you that you are late or mess up your stats?

  • Will this measure my body temperature? It’s important to know your basil bod temperature if you are trying to get pregnant or if you are trying to avoid one too. I will only buy it if it call tell my temperature.

  • So my only thing with this new feature is there is no place to mark if you become pregnant. Currently expecting but it won’t let me delete when I didn’t have a period. I feel like being able to mark that so it’s not giving you unnecessary information would be useful.

  • I have used pink pad for a number of years. When i fell pregnant it was useful to me to have been able to mark when i had been intimate and also to tell the app I was pregnant so it wouldn’t tell me I was overdue my period for a year. These are features I would want to have to switch over to fitbit period tracking.

    It also seems that you can only track symptoms during periods… symptoms often come before and after and this is also useful for medical consultation. Maybe in my quick look though I missed where you could add symptoms on dates other than those during the period.

    If these features could be added i would happily use it.

  • I am currently pregnant, and can not figure out how to switch modes. Is there an option to? It keeps telling me when my period is supposed to start, which is obviously not relevant right now. Thanks.

  • I was just looking at the female health tracker. There is no option for me to put in post menopausal. They’re are done things I would like to track but it is not relevant for me.

  • Has anyone had trouble adding the first day of a cycle to their calendar? I just started used the tracker last month and when I tried to add the first day (because it was a couple days off from the prediction), it says: “Logging flow intensity will not add a period day. To add or edit a period, enter the edit mode from the calendar by touching and holding a day or tapping the pencil icon.” Well, holding the day does nothing, and there is no pencil icon. Would love to use the feature if I could get it to function!

  • Good idea in principle but should really incorporate temperature tracking and proper fertility charting to make sense. Predicting based on cycle length is not enough. Also very counterintuitive that logging a flow does not tell the app that a period has started!! So far, not very useful and not very user friendly. Looking forward to the next iteration.

  • Disgusted! Sent this addition I have had a hysterectomy and No children ! Don’t need it , traumatised

  • I had a hysterectomy at 35 can’t believe you’ve added this!
    I have no children and will have no children, don’t wish to discuss my ‘menstrual cycle’ as I don’t have one! Very very unhappy take it off stupid people

  • Is there a solution to the tile causing the whole app to freeze, app works great until I click on the female health tile to log symptoms but it freezes at the calendar. Once it starts working correctly I would like a “moody” symptom added so that I can see a trend in my moodiness and how long after that does my cycle start. That would be great for me, but first can we get it to work properly so I can start using it.

  • I have a Charge 2 & this causes my entire app to freeze up . Was really looking forward to using it

  • Great feature. Glad to have it. Please consider adding a feature to track moodiness – just a and we’re all set. It would be SO AWESOME to know that some super emotional days are just because hormones are churning and not because I’m nuts.

  • I need the app to have bloating as a condition. I start bloating almost two weeks before I start. I want to track that. And then I want to take it to a doctor. I want proof before I go in and they call me crazy.

  • This is a great feature but please allow an option to add a personal note to each cycle.
    Not all the symptoms are covered.
    For example:
    1- How to track if I’m late by a few days, didn’t get my period etc I would like to add a note saying I was late by x days.
    2- What about mood swings. How do I track them.
    3- Weight gain or food cravings.

  • This app is brilliant, when I was feeling emotional, useless and then randomly ragey… I realised I was a few days away from my period. It way a massive relief to know it was hormones not insanity!!

    ***Please add a MOOD TRACKER option, so women can track feelings and see patterns. Emojis that depict; grumpy, teary, loving, crazy, angry, happy, tired and confused would be great to cover the spectrum of my emotional responses to hormone fluctuations

  • Any chance that you’ll integrate the heart rate monitor or add basal temperature tracking to help sense different parts of the cycle??

  • I’m on birth control but a lot of the time I skip the placebo pills and start the next pack so I don’t get my period. Is there a way to input this in the app?

  • It would be nice if the app actually worked. The first month (June) I tracked and then the next month it deleted June so I had to start from scratch. Now I am in July but my period came early so technically I had my period twice this month and I can’t track again. The stupid app crashes each time I try to enter my new cycle.

  • great feature, but it need more symptom options. I am missing bloating and nausea, which occur way more often then acne for my part. Does anyone know where to send in a request for added features?

  • We need to have more options for symptoms, like bloating, nausea, mood swings etc. With the right symptom options (and option to add intensity) this app could help map out cases of endometriosis. Is there anywhere I could send in a formal request to the development team?

  • Is there an option to add breastfeeding or log it? I know it burns calories but it would also be way more convenient since I can time it on the watch.

  • It’s great to have this function, so many phones or other devices with a health tracker always missed this major aspect of a female’s body.

    However there are some big misses in the log section:

    – Conditions: bloating, constipation which many women testify having during their periods.
    – Fluids: watery

  • The symptom options are very limited (only 5) there is a whole world of PMS and there should/needs to be an option to create your symptoms

  • I can’t seem to add this tile to my dashboard (I have a Flex2) despite trying the edit directions above. I did not receive an invitation to opt in either (but am identified as female). Can anyone help? TIA.

  • I’m excited that this feature is available but on day 3 of using my versa, I realized that on the app it says my period was predicted to start yesterday ( it didn’t), but my watch doesn’t display that info. It keeps saying 4 days until period ends though it hasn’t even started yet. I made sure that it was marked as predicted and not logged in on the app. My PCOS makes my periods unpredictable at times.

    It’s a bit frustrating and such a minor glitch that can be easily fixed.

  • As a person with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I heavily rely on my period tracker. My old tracker aloud me to log however many days I needed. I have been on my period for weeks at a time, sometimes months. Unfortunately, this tracker doesn’t give me the liberty to add the true amount of days I have been menstruating. I am currently on day 15 of consistent menstruation, and I can only log 11 days straight. I understand this isn’t the “norm”, and I “shouldn’t” be menstruating this long, however I don’t control it. It would be nice to have it open for women with PCOS, or other conditions that give a ridiculously non-consistent cycles.

  • Why is the notifications automatically turned “on”? I can’t toggle it off. This is rediculius. Of all things to not want a notification for! Fix this now! Unacceptable!!

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