Say Hello to Fitbit Versa: Your New All-Day Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Special Edition

What’s smart, balanced, versatile, and gets stuff done? You wearing Fitbit Versa, Fitbit’s intuitive new smartwatch that’s packed with health and fitness features. From its beautiful design to its personalized guidance, Versa will help empower you to take action, make the most of every moment, and reach your goals.

Who’s you? Anyone who wants to live a more active, balanced life. See below.

7 Features That Make Fitbit Versa an Essential All-Day Companion

Universal Fit
Versa is the perfect mix of fit and function, starting with the the ultra-thin—yet durable—anodized aluminum case. The rounded square silhouette is slightly tapered and angled, so it sits flush against the wrist, while providing a 1:1 aspect ratio color touchscreen display—the ideal format for health and fitness information and smart experiences. Even the band was designed to easily fit both small and large wrists. The result? Fitbit’s lightest, most comfortable watch yet.Fitbit Versa side profileVersatile Style
Whether you want a smartwatch for night or day, work or play, Versa has you covered. It launches with four case colors and16 band options—more than any other Fitbit product. The classic watch case is made from aluminum and one of three elastomer bands—black, peach, or gray.

Versa Special Edition offers two looks in one with woven bands that are inspired by athleisure trends and an accompanying black Classic band in box. It’s available in lavender with a rose gold aluminum case or charcoal with a graphite aluminum case.

Fitbit Versa accessories

Additional accessories (sold separately) in the following materials round out your options: elastomer (peach, gray, black, periwinkle, white), Horween leather¹ (cognac brown, midnight blue, lavender, saddle stitch), stainless steel links (black, silver, tapered silver), and stainless steel mesh (black, silver).

Personalized Guidance
Versa comes equipped with all the Fitbit health and fitness features you’ve come to know and love, including guided workouts from Fitbit Coach², 24/7 heart-rate tracking, 15+ exercise modes, connected GPS, Cardio Fitness Level, swim tracking, Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights, Relax guided breathing, and Reminders to Move.Fitbit Coach on Fitbit VersaFitbit Today, an updated on-device dashboard, will also help keep you accountable and empowered. With just a swipe up on your clock face, you can easily access the dashboard and receive personalized and action-oriented content like daily and weekly health and fitness stats, a seven-day history of your steps and resting heart rate data, exercise summaries, and tips and tricks for using the Fitbit platform, plus female health tracking for women (available starting in May). Daily guidance and personalized insights based on your data are coming in late 2018³.Fitbit Today on Fitbit VersaSeriously Smart Features
Stay connected to the apps and information that make life easier with advanced smart features like phone-free music; wallet-free payments (only on Fitbit Versa Special Edition in the Americas); app, calendar, and text notifications; and quick replies to messages (Android only, coming soon).Apps on Fitbit VersaYou can also further personalize your device by choosing from more than 330 digital, analog, or interactive clock face styles for instant access to the stats that are most important to you. And don’t forget the Fitbit App Gallery. Store up to 90 apps on Versa at a time, including those from Fitbit Labs and top brands like The New York Times, United, Starbucks, Flipboard, and Hue Lights.

Water Readiness
Versa is water-resistant up to 50 meters and ready for anything life throws at you, so go ahead and take it in the shower or the pool. Plus, Versa comes equipped with a swim mode so you can track real-time laps, exercise duration, and calories burned on device.

Fitbit Versa is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Extended Battery Life
It wasn’t easy to fit a powerful battery into a smaller device, but the Fitbit engineers did it. Versa can last for 4+ days* on one charge, so you can effortlessly track your activity, exercise, and sleep without worrying about having to plug it in every night.

Broad Compatibility
Versa is compatible across Android, iOS, and Windows devices, so you can use almost any smartphone. See to check your specific model’s compatibility.

Reserve Your Fitbit Versa Today

Fitbit Versa is available for presale today on and select online retailers tomorrow for $199.95 in black with a black aluminum case, gray with a silver aluminum case, or peach with a rose gold aluminum case.

Accessories range from $29.95–$99.95, with the following being sold exclusively on lavender leather, saddle stitch leather, black metal link, silver metal link, silver tapered link, silver metal mesh, periwinkle elastomer.

The Fitbit Versa Special Edition, including Fitbit Pay in the Americas, is available for $229.95.

Versa will be available in stores worldwide beginning April 2018, including North American retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target, Verizon and Walmart.Fitbit Versa

¹Leather accessories are made of Horween leather and other leather materials.

²Additional content available with a subscription to Fitbit Coach.  

³Insights are based on your data added in 2018.

‡Requires Deezer paid subscription.

*Battery life varies with use and other factors.

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  • Hi! Loyal Fitbit customer here! I know it’s pretty early, given the Versa was just announced today, however, is there any word on if Iphone users will be able to access the “quick reply” text feature? I hope so! Thanks!

  • Why can’t I get it in black in the US with fitbit pay? Ita bad enough your going to charge me for a feature the rest of the world doesnt pay for but then you limit the colors to afd insult to injury. This is the sexual to pebble time I wanted but this is pretty shady fitbit

  • This new watch sounds great.

    I’m particularly pleased to read that it supports SpO2 (I don’t see that here, but saw it mentioned in an article in today’s news).

    I think that is an important health metric, particularly for sleep monitoring. I know several people (myself included) who have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, but don’t want to use a CPAP. If the Versa could wake the user up when their SpO2 goes too low (eg. because they start sleeping on their back) then it would be very useful.

    Is this sort of functionality on the horizon?

  • Does the Versa feature an Always-On screen?

    Can standard watch bands work with the Versa? If so, what size (20mm, 22mm)?

  • This looks very cool. Any chance you’ll support the Google Pixel 2? I’ve been really disappointed that it’s not supported for my Charge 2 even after it’s been out so long.

  • Fitbit pay on only the special edition, but included in the rest of the world? Huh? Who made that decision? AND I cannot get the black aluminum?

  • I broke out in an itchy open sore on my wrist where the skin is exposed to the electronics. It healed twice after trying to wear the Charge H2 a couple times. Is the back of the new watch enclosed? I would like to use SOMETHING

  • I just got the ugly Ionic for Christmas!! You could have let us know to wait for this one!! Not.happy.Jan!

  • Any idea if this will support the use of Bluetooth chest strap heart monitors? I hate working out using the watch as the heart rate sensor. Its never accurate on any watch.

  • 330 different watch faces… that is impressive, why doesn’t the blaze (that I own have 330?) It has what maybe 10 different faces?

  • I have a Flex 2 which counts my swim laps pretty accurately. I tried the Ionic and it was always WAY off, overcounting by half often. Others complained about the swim lap accuaracy on the Ionic as well. Have any improvements been made to the swim tracking accuracy for the Versa? It looks attractive, but if the lap counting is just as bad as the Ionic I will have to wait for a few more product iterations!

  • A smartwatch with horrible notification support, this is 2018, do better Fitbit. Needs proper notification support, which can be customized via filters (take a look at pebble notification center) and needs actionable notifications. #pebble

  • I have recently purchased the Fitbit verse and I love it except for the fact the battery charge is only for one day, it advertised as charged for at least 4. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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