Spring Clean Yourself Fit: 15 Calorie-Burning Chores

spring cleaning

When you think of spring cleaning, it’s hard not to feel conflicted. On one hand, you’re probably looking forward to ridding your house of clutter and refreshing your surroundings. On the other hand, you know it will demand hours upon hours that you you could be spending hiking, biking, or trail running with friends.

Although spending the afternoon in the great outdoors is hard to beat, don’t fret the lost active minutes. You can still burn some serious calories—and maybe even break a sweat—if you get in the spring cleaning spirit. Below, 15 chores that burn more 200 calories an hour*.

Spring Clean Your Way Fit

Indoor Chores Calories Burned
Carrying boxes 476
Moving furniture 408
Scrubbing floors 258
Mopping 238
Vacuuming 238
Packing/unpacking boxes 238
Sweeping 224
Outdoor Chores Calories Burned
Mowing the lawn    374
General yard work    340
Cleaning gutters 340
Excavating garage 340
Washing fence    306
Trimming shrubs 306
Washing windows 204
Taking out the trash 204

*based on a 150-pound person

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