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Wake Up or Wind Down with this FitStar Yoga Workout


Breaking out the sweaters and digging into comfort foods doesn’t have to mean packing on the pounds. Fight the Fall 15 and Fall into Fitness this month with Freestyle Fridays! Autumn brings great changes—earlier sunsets, colder weather, and an irrational affection for All. Things. Pumpkin. If you’ve been exercising outside all summer, it...

This Mom Found Her Fit When Life Got Crazy—You Can, Too!


Moms are busy people. But when Tyler W., 31, a director of a non-profit in High Point, NC, decided to add grad school into her already packed routine of full-time work and parenting her (now) 2-year-old daughter, she realized something had to give if she wanted to stick with her weight loss goal. “I knew with my schedule I wouldn’t have time...

Sharing Your Health & Fitness Goals Makes ‘Em Gettable


Working towards a health or fitness goal? Sharing your goals—and your progress!—with others can make a huge difference in how successful you are along the way. Research proves it. According to a study published in Translational Behavioral Medicine, strong social circles can be very effective in combatting obesity and helping individuals...

Study Shows Exercise Adds Years to Your Life


You may no longer be a spry 30-, 40-, or even 50-something, but that’s no excuse to slack off in the exercise department. New research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine finds older men who do just 30 minutes of physical activity, regardless of intensity, six days a week have a 40 percent lower risk of mortality.

How to Keep Your Summer Momentum Going into Fall


For many, the start of the new school year signals the end of summer. But just because the sunny season is winding down, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up the health and fitness goals you’ve been working on. It’s entirely possible to continue to make progress—even when you’d rather be spending the dwindling daylight doing something...