Make Healthy A Habit With Your New Fitbit Premium Membership

You can now get so much more from your Fitbit experience with Premium. Turn the stats on your wrist into personalized health and fitness guidance just for you: Leveraging over a decade of Fitbit data and expertise, Premium is a paid membership that goes above and beyond the current Fitbit app features that you know and love to help you move more, sleep better, and eat well. 

With customized programs, advanced sleep tools, personalized insights, thousands of workouts, and more, Premium ultimately helps you shape better habits and live an overall healthier life. So how can you make the most of your new Fitbit Premium membership? Keep reading to find out.  

Guided Programs  

Choose from a variety of guided programs, each of which lasts a few weeks, in order to walk you through how to build that healthy habit you’ve been wanting to form since New Years. Leveraging expertise from the Fitbit Advisory Panel and our own internal experts, these step-by-step programs are tailored to you based on your goals, fitness level, schedule, preferences, and unique stats.

For example, if you want to nail the basics of activity, nutrition and sleep . . . 

Intro to Healthy Habits: For the person who’s just starting out, the “Intro to Healthy Habits” program is a free, one-week program that gives you an idea of what Guided Programs within Fitbit Premium are like. What can you expect? A crash course on how to build healthy habits through educational information, as well as setting a baseline for your activity, nutrition, and sleep habits. 

Get Active: Newbies and those who want to up their steps can also try the two-week “Get Active” program that includes video workouts, stories, and tips to help you to move more and increase your daily step count and active minutes. (Active minutes goals are available in week two, after hitting your step goal for five days in the first week.) 

Understand Calories: Those wanting to learn healthy weight management techniques can tap into a wealth of nutrition info with “Understand Calories.” This two-week program is tailored for your weight goals, and will help you better understand the calories you take in using food logging and the calories you burn from your own unique device data. Additional support includes recipe suggestions and lessons on the science behind weight loss. 

Get More Zzz’s: Work toward hitting your sleep goals every night with this two-week program, aimed at helping you increase your sleep by 10 minutes or more each time you hit the hay. Cross off the bedtime checklist, set a sleep goal and schedule, and use relaxation tools (like soothing audio tracks) to help you get ready for bed and fall asleep.

And when you’re ready to take it up a notch . . . 

Beginner Running: Want to work your way up from walking to running? Try the three-week “Beginner Running” program to get guidance on how to pick up your pace and help transition from walking to a 30-minute run with a structured workout plan, recommended workouts, and daily tips and tricks.

Run Training: “Run Training” is a three-week program designed to help you pick up your running pace. It includes a structured workout plan, recommended workouts, and daily tips and tricks to make the coveted runner’s high that much more attainable. 

Habits for Restful Sleep: This two-week program is aimed at helping you improve the quality of your sleep by correcting counterproductive daytime habits—such as drinking alcohol or caffeine late at night, or taking evening naps—and helping you embrace healthy habits that aid in sleep, like sun exposure and aerobic exercise.

We have more programs for all levels, from beginners to advanced, in the works for the coming months.

Personalized Insights

While all Fitbit users get educational insights in the Fitbit app, Premium makes them personal. New Premium personalized insights surface trends in your unique Fitbit stats to show you when you’re on the right track with healthy behaviors and give you a gentle nudge when there’s an opportunity to improve. They also help connect the dots between different things you’re tracking—for example, showing you how the quality of your sleep improves when you have a more active day. We’re starting out by analyzing activity, sleep and heart rate stats, and over time, we’ll be adding more types of data points to the insights pool.

Advanced Sleep Features 

It’s time to step up your sleep game with Premium’s advanced sleep features. You can do so with the sleep programs and personalized sleep insights mentioned above, plus a more thorough analysis of your stats with a comprehensive Sleep Score breakdown. 

Sleep Score breakdown: With Premium, you can get a deeper analysis of your free daily Sleep Score—with a breakdown showing how it was calculated based on your time asleep, deep and REM sleep stages, and how restorative your sleep was. Learn more about Sleep Score here.

Sleep Restoration: Premium also gives you an all-new visualization of your sleeping heart rate plotted against your average daytime resting heart rate. The more time your sleeping HR is below your daytime resting HR, the more restorative your sleep is. As you tweak your nighttime routine, keep an eye out for changes in this graph to see how your body reacts.  

Dynamic Workouts

The personalized, dynamic workouts of Fitbit Coach are now included in Fitbit Premium. Your membership gives you access to thousands of workouts from certified personal trainers that will help you become stronger on your journey to optimal fitness! For now, Premium members will still play audio & video workouts from the Fitbit Coach app, but over time, more and more workouts will be available directly in the Fitbit app. 

Workouts include bicycling, bodyweight, elliptical, outdoor walks and runs, stair workouts, stretching, treadmill, total body, and rowing—and can be done anytime, anywhere with the Fitbit Coach app. Each workout is personalized and recommended to you based on your goals and feedback. How does it work? As you give feedback about how hard or easy each move or workout was, Premium learns and gets smarter, so each session is custom-built for you. 

Coming Soon: Games and Challenges

Premium will always be adding new features, so here’s a preview of what’s to come: Want a new way to stay active with your friends and family? Try our new Premium games and challenges. 

Later this year, we will be rolling out new adaptive, collaborative and customizable challenges and games. Premium members can access and initiate these new challenges with any family or friends they’re connected to on Fitbit, helping them to stay motivated. (Premium challenges and games must be started by Premium members; however, if invited, anyone on the Fitbit platform can participate without a membership.)  

All for One Challenge: Work together with friends and family to achieve a shared, customized goal, such as 50,000 steps, 750 active minutes or 50 miles within the timeframe you specify. By working together, participants of all activity levels can stay engaged and contribute to the team’s goal, whether they’re walking around the block or training for a marathon. 

Custom Challenge: Go beyond steps with customized challenges for the activity and duration of your choosing, such as the most active minutes in 5 hours or the farthest distance in 7 days.  

Get Fit Bingo: Compete with family and friends on a personalized health and fitness bingo board with different activities, such as meeting your step or active minutes goal for the day, or logging a workout. The bingo tiles are customized to your level so each participant gets just the right amount of challenge for them. The first one to complete a row wins.

Get Started for Free

Ready to check out Premium? Open up the Fitbit app to start your free trial.¹ And, pro tip: If you’re looking for a premium smartwatch to go with your Premium membership, get a Versa 2 Special Edition, which includes an extended 90-day Premium trial²—so you have plenty of time to try out all that Premium has to offer.

Upgrading to Premium unlocks so much more inside the Fitbit app—but all the features you already love will stay free at your fingertips either way. Not ready to go Premium? Don’t worry, all the Fitbit features you already love are still free for you to use.

¹Valid payment method required. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription charges. Offer valid for new Fitbit Premium users only.

²Free trial may only be activated with device activation. Valid payment method required. Free trial must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. See full terms & conditions here.

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