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Want to tell the world you just finished an epic sweat session? Good news: sharing your fitness achievements with friends couldn’t be easier. Thanks to Exercising Sharing in the Fitbit app, you can share a view or a selfie when you get your fit on.

Exercise Sharing allows you to tell your friends and followers about your workout on any social network you’ve got on your smartphone, such as Fitbit Community, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or via text or email. Your workout stats (think: mileage, steps taken, and even average heart rate, if you’re a Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Blaze, or Fitbit Surge user) will be overlayed onto the photo of your choice—and then it’s up to you to share, share, share!

Here’s how to share your exercise today:

  • Automatically record a workout with your Fitbit tracker, or log one manually.
  • At the end of your workout, open the Fitbit app on your phone.
  • Go to “Track Exercise” in your app dashboard.
  • Select the workout you’d like to share, and then tap the share icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Snap a picture, or choose one from your camera roll.
  • Follow the prompts to share your workout photo on the social network of your choice.

Fitbit Exercise Share
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  • I changed from a charge HR to the Blaze and I love it. But I wish I could share my actual run instead of a picture that I have to take. Similar to how a running app would post to your Facebook. Or both together would be cool!

  • Aint nobody wants to see my sweaty face after a workout. But I would like to share my runs onto social media. Please give an option to share without a picture.

  • How about sharing the actual GEO data / workout so someone can see speed/heartrate etc on a map just like I can when I look at the activity. Just sharing the averages for the workout is a little simplistic and not worth the effort of sharing.

  • Just got a new Blaze 2, did a great HIIT session and now can’t share the ‘Workout’ page with friends on Facebook, just some stats with my hot sweaty mug shot on it which is not a good look. Can the manufacturers of Fitbit read these items and act on them. Update the software to enable us to share that page and not what’s offered now…..

  • For some reason when I go to my logs, my runs don’t come up. Am I missing a step? I know they sync bc they’re on my logs when I look at them on the computer

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