The Perfect Music Playlist to Rev Up Your Workout

Imagine lacing up your sneakers, getting pumped to crush your workout, only to find you left your phone at home. Or your headphones. Or any other must-have tool to access the treasure trove of inspiration otherwise known as your playlist. Scary, right? Music is a major source of motivation for casual exercisers, world-class athletes, and everyone in between. And the magic isn’t just in the booty-shaking beats; research has shown that music can do everything from increase your speed to boost your mood.

“Music and movement go hand in hand,” says Minneapolis, MN Fitbit Local Ambassador, marathon runner, and certified yoga teacher, J.C. Lippold. “Music is breath. It’s a collection of lifts and lowers, of builds and falls, it gets intense and dissonant and then settles and resolves. Our workout, our sweat, our life follows the same pattern.”

If you’re ready to take your workout to the next level, consider applying some scientific strategy to your music library. According to experts, tempo (defined as beats per minute or bpm) is key, and songs that match your desired working heart rate will help amp up your speed, stamina, and performance. Since most people’s hearts beat about 120 times per minute during a light jog, songs between 120-140 bpms have been shown to have the biggest motivating effect (anything over 140 is fair game too, but you won’t achieve significantly better results beyond that tempo).

Ready to hit play? Fitbit Local Ambassadors gathered some of their favorite tunes to create an ultra-inspirational playlist that will rev up your energy and help propel you to the finish line. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill, the yoga mat, or the weight room, this hour-plus playlist will keep you going. Just don’t forget your headphones!

Warm Up:

Shape of You – Galantis Remix (Ed Sheeran)Mike Sherbakov, San Diego, CA

Duration: 3:15

BPM: 100

If I Were a Ship – (Hey Ocean!)J.C. Lippold, Minneapolis, MN

Duration: 3:40

BPM: 111

Pick Up The Pace:

Monster (Jacob Banks) Jeremy Walton, Chicago, IL

Duration: 3:53

BPM: 118

Run Run Run (Junge Junge, Kyle Pearce)Sheri Matthews, San Diego, CA

Duration: 3:31

BPM: 122

Welcome To The Jungle (Guns and Roses)Jess Martin, Austin, TX

Duration: 4:33

BPM: 123

23 Flavors (Gramatik)Samy Mattei, Denver, CO

Duration: 5:24

BPM: 124

Go All Out:

Run the World remix (Beyoncé, Kaskade)Caroline Jordan, San Francisco, CA

Duration: 5:02

BPM: 127

Toxic (Britney Spears)Buddy Macuha, San Francisco, CA

Duration: 3:18

BPM: 143

Rolex – Steve Aoki Remix (Ayo & Teo) Francesca Budesheim, Austin, TX

Duration: 4:05

BPM: 145

Gold (The Ivy)Jenny Finkel, Chicago, IL

Duration: 3:35

BPM: 150

Cool It Down:

Believer (Imagine Dragons)Kevin Ng, Seattle, WA

Duration: 3:24

BPM: 125

Stretch It Out:

Fast Car – Radio Edit (Jonas Blue Dakota)Cara Gilman, Boston, MA

Duration: 3:31


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